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  1. Yea they are. Similar to the Concord First Assembly and Cannon school. I think we will see more of this to come
  2. Beyond hope

    SPC 3A predictions

    Cox Mill might surprise With the new AD at Cox Mill - former Mallard Creek AD Phil Davanzo, guess it will depend on how deeply he gets involved into the football prgoram
  3. Beyond hope


    If the line cant open holes for the backfield it really doesnt matter
  4. Beyond hope

    Cannon /First Assembly Combined

    I think that we might start seeing more of this with the decline in enrollment into the smaller privates and the growth of the charter scbools
  5. Beyond hope

    Top 2A teams

    Wheatmore made a run last season I expect to see them in the mix again this year
  6. Beyond hope

    2A West: Brevard 20, Wheatmore 14

    4 turnovers in the Red zone cost Wheatmore that game. It was a very hard fought good game Congrats to both teams on their seasons
  7. Beyond hope

    2A West: Brevard 20, Wheatmore 14

    On paper Wheatmore and Brevard look equally matched. I know who I want to see win this one. This game will be won in the trenches Gonna go to the game and watch this play out. Weather is supposed to be decent and should have a good crowd Go Warriors!
  8. I do agree that the Wheatmore Brevard game will be close. With Wheatmore pulling it out And I do see Heritage getting over that hump by 3 Looking forward to a Friday night of some good football
  9. My thoughts on Wheatmore and why they win 1. They have the momentum of 2 playoff wins when the world wrote them off 2. They have won the right to play at home 3. The mythical Spector of Randleman is gone (Wheatmore has never beaten Randleman, they had a shot earlier if they were healthy and didn't have 4 turnovers could have had them) and don't have to face them in their house 4. They WANT this. They are loose having fun and enjoying this. Gonna be a good game. In paper these 2 team's are close. It's the intangible' s and emotion now
  10. Northeastern WRH Wheatmore Heritage
  11. Beyond hope

    2A West: Wheatmore 48, West Stanly 19

    Wheatmore went up 21-0 in the first quarter and put it on cruise control after that. Next week will be interesting with Brevard coming to Wheatmore
  12. Beyond hope

    2A West: Brevard 20, Wheatmore 14

    A lot of people on this board and others came out early about Wheatmore / West Stanly being a coin toss and that it would be close. Again Wheatmore silenced those doubters as Wheatmore went into cruise control after the 1st quarter last night Brevard will probably be a different story. They got by an ER team that was close. They had Randlemans number Wheatmore has just become a very dangerous team as they are in a place that they have never been before and they are hitting on ALL cylinders. I'm hoping for 50 degree dry conditions at game time next Friday night Maybe the Wheatmore "doubters" will be silenced or at least muffled if they get that 3rd round win against Brevard
  13. There is something special about playing after Thanksgiving! Remember this is about the kids. Some of them will never have this opportunity again. Some will play next week and beyond Cheer for your team and cheer for your player (s) Be safe and stay warm!
  14. Per Calpreps 2A PLAYOFFS East Rutherford (Forest City, NC) at Reidsville (NC), 7:30pm [projection: Reidsville (NC) 35-26] Hendersonville (NC) at Mountain Heritage (Burnsville, NC), 7:30pm [projection: Mountain Heritage (Burnsville, NC) 35-28] Brevard (NC) at Randleman (NC), 7:30pm [projection: Randleman (NC) 28-20] West Stanly (Oakboro, NC) at Wheatmore (Trinity, NC), 7:30pm [projection: Wheatmore (Trinity, NC) 28-14]
  15. Beyond hope

    2A West: Wheatmore 48, West Stanly 19

    I think Wheatmore takes this one. All depends on which West Stanly team shows up as to how close the score may be