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  1. This one could be a good game. Hendersonville was right in the mix with the conference top teams.
  2. PHS Bear

    Brevard at Pisgah

    The Brevard Blue Devils were plenty good. They gave us a great game. We won the turnover battle and that was a difference maker. Their coach has really brought them back into a competitive team, especially when compared to just a few years ago. Congratulations to the Pisgah players and coaches for getting another winning season, and conference championship, for both Varsity and JV.
  3. PHS Bear

    Brevard at Pisgah

    Pisgah beat Mountain Heritage who beat Brevard. Brevard beat Smoky who beat Pisgah. Both teams played a close game against Hendersonville. The only real difference I see against common opponents is Brevard struggled somewhat with Franklin for a half. Whereas we dominated the Panthers from the the time the Mill Whistle sounded. I think the top three teams from the Mountain six are pretty close. We have played really good at times this year. Our play against Mountain Heritage was nearly flawless, and last week we looked really good also. Can't wait. GO BEARS!
  4. PHS Bear

    Hendo @ Smoky Mountain

    Same here.
  5. Word will be out now. Everybody will give the 'stangs their best game. Being ranked high don't help a teams cause at this point as best I can tell. MH was ranked high and we beat them. We were ranked and Smoky beat us. Looks like a trend.
  6. That may have cost the game in my opinion Paul. Not that we were moving the ball at will but there was ample time to get into field goal range without that pass attempt. It looked an awful lot like the same play that we missed earlier. All your earlier points were correct. Smoky was bigger, we've played bigger than we are all year. Smoky came prepared and ready to play. The bye week is seldom our friend. I was more impressed by the smoky blocking than anything else they did. Obviously the game could have went either way until the final play.
  7. PHS Bear

    WNC Rankings Week 8

    Who would have thought a couple years back that Franklin would be next to last. What a drop off in a short time.
  8. Nothing like taking the high road and giving credit.
  9. PHS Bear

    WNC scores

    I suspected this would be a defensive battle. Bears made the stops on a couple of promising looking MH drives. Our D line forced the MH qb to make some hasty passes. We won the field position battle, and the game. GO Bears!
  10. Pisgah wins 9-0! Like another Bears fan said. No one gave us a chance except the Pisgah fans. We were the better team tonight.
  11. Like I said stating facts. I'm not conceding the game by any means.
  12. I don't know that home field is that big of a deal. I do think it will be a defensive battle. I'm glad to see this game finally happen. If the Bears play to their potential I would not count them out. Mistakes will hurt either team. Just a little dose of reality. Even if the Cougers get a win they'll be 1 and 4 against the Bears all time. 2001 0-49 Pisgah, 2002 14-62 Pisgah, 2003 12-55 Pisgah, 2004 27-42 Pisgah. All facts.
  13. PHS Bear

    Any JV scores

    East Rutherford 16 Pisgah 6
  14. PHS Bear

    WNC Rankings Week 5

    A few years back NB was on our schedule. On the season opener, in Canton, they beat us. We were struggling and they had it together. That year they were the better team. The next year, in Weaverville, we wanted to get even. NB's quarterback had the fastest release of any I've seen. I thought he was a real talent. They also has a couple of good receivers. We won that game, but i'd argue they were at least as good as us at that time. So while no one can take the home team out of their opinion. I will admit when a team is better.
  15. PHS Bear

    WNC Rankings Week 5

    Only if you've seen both teams play. If you haven't its all second hand information. if you have, then an educated opinion can be formed.