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  1. PHS Bear

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    Good luck to Brevard the rest of the way.
  2. PHS Bear

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    I remember the running back you guys had at that game. He was massive. The biggest I think I've ever seen. It was also the coldest game I think I've ever attended.
  3. PHS Bear

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

  4. PHS Bear

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    I really don't know. Neither does anyone else. I do know that our defense looks better than in 2014 when we beat Hibriten. Time will tell. Until then it's all speculation.
  5. PHS Bear

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    Or be just be smart enough to realize Pisgah has won all but one game The only loss was to a team that won their state championship last year, and still has not lost a game in going on 2 years now.
  6. PHS Bear

    Pisgah JV wins outright conference title

    Me too. I think it's a great game for both teams. Thanks for the clarification as to why the JV's did not play each other this year.
  7. Last night the Pisgah JV team secured the outright conference title. They are 9-0 on the season. This team has really been unchallenged this season. I've seen them play many time this season. The defense has only given up double digit points (12) one time. Monday night Tuscola is hosting the JV Bears for a make up game from earlier this season. I haven't seen the JV mountaineers play, but they have only one loss this season. This might be a good game for the waiting week.
  8. PHS Bear

    Pisgah vs Brevard

    Correct Brevard has scored a few more points. Pisgah has allowed less. Here's how I figured it. Conference games only just to keep common opponents. Pisgah has scored 18% less points than Brevard. However, Pisgah has also allowed 18% fewer points than Brevard. The only other thing that stands out is Pisgah beat Smoky, while Brevard lost to Smoky. The teams match up fairly equal. Of course I'll be pulling for and expecting Pisgah to win.
  9. PHS Bear

    Pisgah vs Brevard

    Just to be clear Pisgah has already clinched at least a share of the conference title. The worst they could do is share the title with Brevard.
  10. PHS Bear

    Pisgah vs Franklin

    Final PISGAH 21 Franklin 14. GO Bears
  11. PHS Bear

    Hendo @ Pisgah

    Pisgah 52 Hendo 17 Final
  12. PHS Bear

    Hendo @ Pisgah

    But 5 and 3 does? that's some fuzzy math for sure.
  13. PHS Bear

    Hendo @ Pisgah

    For those who have not been paying attention Pisgah is 7 and 1. The only loss came to Greeneville Tenn. A team that I seriously doubt anyone around could challenge. That is also the only team to score more than 15 points against Pisgah. Our defense is pretty good. We have been limited running with 2 starters out for most of the season. The offense is not flashy, but effective. I'll be the fist on this thread to pick Pisgah to win again this week.
  14. PHS Bear

    Hendo vs Smoky Mtn

    Smoky looked solid in all areas last Friday. They will be tough to put away for anybody would be my guess.
  15. PHS Bear

    CP Top-20 2A Power Rankings following Week 7

    We'll see in a couple of weeks. Your is subjective till then mine is fact.