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  1. PHS Bear

    SMC week 1

    SMC observer I appreciate the reply. I hate to hear about the injuries. Not only for the team, but for the player(s) as well. Overall I think its a good series of games for both teams. Looking forward to Friday night!
  2. PHS Bear

    SMC week 1

    SMC Observer whats your thoughts for the game this week vs. Pisgah? You've seen us play the last couple of years. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  3. PHS Bear

    My schedule of games to see.

    Those are some great games. On Friday Nov 8 I believe Brevard will be coming to Canton. We were across the mountain last year. Another game that i think could be a good one is week one Brevard at MTN. Heritage.
  4. PHS Bear

    WNC conference picks

    Looks Good Paul.
  5. PHS Bear

    WHC 2019

    How do you Mtn. Heritage folks feel about Brevard? They were rolling in the playoffs last year.
  6. PHS Bear

    SMC week 1

    Andrews Polk County - May be on their way back to being very competitive? Hayesville Pisgah -Murphy would love to get that only loss last year blemish cleared. Smoky Mountain-Surging right now. Enka Swain County I agree about the two games of the week. Both should be good games and could go either way i believe. Both will expose/prepare all 4 for the following weeks.
  7. PHS Bear

    Mountain 6 2019

    I'd say the first two are correct and possibly (although I hope not) interchangeable. Then the next 3 could go in any order with East bringing up the end.
  8. We were there before 5:00 last year and it we had to look for a few minutes for a place for 3 of us to sit together. Its a great game atmosphere. I would suggest anyone who has never been there come and see it. It won't compare, but I'll bet the Smoky game (in Canton) will be a big crowd this year. They are surging, coached by former Pisgah coaches, and its just across the mountain. It was a packed house in Sylva last year and could be the two conference frontrunners again.
  9. Good point. My understanding was that with two 6 team conferences, MTN 6 and WHC, filling up the non conference schedule should have been easy. It sure didn't work out that way. It would have been less travel and maybe a better gate than playing teams from out of state. Bloating the WMAC did not help schedule non conference games either.
  10. Yep. I have been waiting for this one for a while. Not sure if the teams will scrimmage as usual. Our JV was the real deal last year. Not that that means it'll all gel for the varsity team. But I hope so. I hope MH brings a big crowd.
  11. I'll be there for that one for sure.
  12. PHS Bear

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    Good luck to Brevard the rest of the way.
  13. PHS Bear

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    I remember the running back you guys had at that game. He was massive. The biggest I think I've ever seen. It was also the coldest game I think I've ever attended.
  14. PHS Bear

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    I really don't know. Neither does anyone else. I do know that our defense looks better than in 2014 when we beat Hibriten. Time will tell. Until then it's all speculation.