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  1. EGFAN75

    Hibriten field

    I doubt the stadium at East Gaston would have been upgraded, had the home stands not been condemned. Regardless of how/why, we have a nice stadium now!
  2. EGFAN75

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Yep, I haven't been there in several years. The field and stands are dangerous. Olympic and West Meck's visitors stands used to be a close 2nd, but I believe they have been replaced now.
  3. EGFAN75

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    If you know anything about Gastonia, the stadium is in the area of the old YMCA and the old Sears Building (Franklin Blvd). Ground breaking was a couple weeks back. I believe the stadium will open spring 2021.
  4. EGFAN75

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    My understanding is that the new FUSE Stadium being built in Gastonia will host some high school football games. Also, that stadium at Waddell is huge. Harding has probably the worst football facilities in Charlotte.
  5. We are just very inconsistent (and slow). Our offense actually looked the best it has all year. Defense the worst. We have lost 3 starters on our DL since the season started (they are either injured or quit, I don't know). We have some games left where we can be competitive or maybe even win. The community needs to be patient. I have not met Coach Lippard, but I have read some of the things he has said and it sounds promising. We are at about the same place we were when Coach Lloyd left for Kings Mountain (total rebuild), but with even less talent.
  6. I was there... at least for the 1st half (man was hot and muggy). Game turned out about how I expected. We had no answer for Rose.
  7. Yep it's sad. I really don't see a close game. I say SP 41 EG 0. Hope for the future, though....JV East Gaston 14 South Point 6.
  8. I know it was against us, but what I saw last night is that Shelby is really good. Speed everywhere (offense and defense) and that QB can spin it. They looked like a really good 4A Team. Kings Mtn must be something else.
  9. Jason Lippard is the new EG Head Coach. Glass is at Lincolnton. I believe our entire staff is new, all but one assistant coach. Fundamentally, EG is improved. The biggest problem we have right now is lack of speed. Our defense is actually better, but our offense is misery to watch. We have scored 3 TD's in 4 games, but 2 of 3 were kick off returns.
  10. Nice win by the Raiders. I think this confirms that SP is probably better than their record and that Cramer, Lincolnton (and East Gaston) are not very good. EG got lit up by East Lincoln tonite .... 56-7.... 46-7 at the half.
  11. Simmons has SP as a 13 point favorite.... sounds about right.
  12. I haven't seen SP play, so it's hard for me to say. Just looking at the SP-Lincolnton score, I would expect SP-Cramer to be close. I still give SP the advantage because the game is at SP.
  13. Heritage must be pretty good! I was shocked at the way they manhandled Cramer. I thought Cramer looked pretty good the week before against us (East Gaston). For the SP posters, East Gaston has played Lincolnton and Cramer. Of the 2, I thought Cramer was better all around. I think too, Gaston County HS football is pretty weak this year.
  14. EGFAN75

    South Point Red Raiders

    EG is likely still a win. We don't have athletes, but we are improving little by little. Fundamentally, we are much better.