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  1. EGFAN75

    East Gaston?

    I agree, but it happened. We have to move on. Good luck to Coach Postell.
  2. EGFAN75

    East Gaston?

    Say it ain't so!
  3. EGFAN75

    Ashbrook High School

    Girl's basketball .........
  4. EGFAN75

    Ashbrook High School

    Moe Neal played at Forestview.
  5. EGFAN75

    East Gaston?

    I get it. I wasn't crazy about the hire to begin with, but it was what it was. It's done, he is gone we have to move on. I hate it for our kids (and fans). It's misery for an old Warrior like me!
  6. EGFAN75

    East Gaston?

    The principal is a she. I don't know what happened, but I've heard (rumor) he was asked to move on. All I can go by is what I saw on the field, our junior and seniors (virtually no talent). It appeared to me that he tried to keep our JVs together and resisted moving them up to varsity, which I thought was a good strategy. I know you can't go by one game, but when we gave up 76 points to an 0-10 East Rutherford Team, that kind of done it for me.
  7. Justin Clark, former North Henderson HC and coordinator in South Carolina. North Gaston grad.
  8. EGFAN75

    Ashbrook High School

    I agree. Most of the talent has shifted to Huss. Southwest Middle (Huss feeder) is now the dominate Middle School Team in Gaston County.
  9. EGFAN75

    Ashbrook High School

    Gazette said he had been there 3 years, Seemed longer to me.
  10. EGFAN75

    East Gaston?

    No doubt, it's a tough gig. Athletics in general at EG were crippled when Stuart Cramer opened, football more so. The past 2 years at EG have been some of the worst HS football have seen in 40+ years.
  11. EGFAN75

    East Gaston?

    There's probably more to this than the story in the paper, never really said why Lippard resigned (or was asked to resign). I'll say this, our AD seems to be an "all in" guy with a lot of energy. He is doing a lot to change the culture of EG Athletics.
  12. EGFAN75

    East Gaston?

    Something fishy. I guess when you seem to always have problems with things around you, at some point you need to look at yourself.
  13. EGFAN75

    East Gaston?

    You are probably right, but I've got mixed feelings.
  14. Rumors starting to swirl.... Head Coaching change?