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  1. I'll be there. This one should be entertaining.
  2. HoundBooster84

    WBTV Football Friday Night cancelled?

    Just to tag on to that whatever they are doing on WSOC 9 is showing up on the guide there (and its definitely the inferior show in my opinion). It's of the ~20 minute variety so obviously 30 minutes isn't required to get the guide to register.
  3. I knew Delano Little retired at the end of 2018, but I didn't realize that his retirement also meant the Football Friday Night program would also be retired. Nothing else in the area compared when it came to keeping up with local results (and they definitely stretched the boundaries on what was local). I've found myself having to get a new routine for Saturday mornings when I drank coffee and watched this on my DVR. I'm guessing the costs of sending 20 cameras around to various games was the undoing.
  4. Not going to lie, I saw that picture of Greyhound Hollow on the front page of Carolina Preps associated with these rankings and thought that was a sign that we snuck into the list.
  5. Looks like Gustler is listening to you A-Train: https://www.statesville.com/news/high-school-football-statesville-optimistic-despite-more-two-way-players/article_ad8252ec-94f3-11e8-b3e0-ab2e4b4f8a9e.html
  6. HoundBooster84

    Statesville at Southwest Guilford

    Shouldn't 2012 say regional finals? Either way yeah when it rains it pours when we go out.
  7. HoundBooster84

    Erwin at Kannapolis

    Has that ever been done? Given odds are if Statesville wins we would be on the road that would seem to make logical sense to collect more of a gate (something says with the extra ticket/concession revenue South could probably afford to kickback some money for some grass seed/fertilizer/facility cleanup and still come out better financially).
  8. HoundBooster84

    Statesville at Southwest Guilford

    Yeah based on looking at opponents this is a tough draw. That being said no time to prove you're a good team like in the playoffs!
  9. HoundBooster84

    Statesville at West Rowan

    I'll say Statesville makes a stand here and sneaks one out. Every now and then those hounds get running fast.
  10. HoundBooster84

    Week-1: Statesville at Hickory

    I think Statesville takes this one but I could be a little biased.
  11. HoundBooster84

    The Best team

    1990 Statesville: Beat the defending state champion Kannapolis twice on the way to losing a close one in the state title game. 1989 Statesville: 1 loss to Kannapolis (state champion) after an undefeated regular season that included beating Kannapolis in the regular season Honorable mention: 2012 Statesville: Highlights include beating the 2012 2AA champion at their place, ending an undefeated season for south point and ended with a rough loss to Charlotte Catholic
  12. HoundBooster84

    Statesville at Hickory

    I mean the Hounds aren't always the most disciplined squad in the state but its pretty ironic that a Hickory fan throwing out a street ball comment. Hickory has made Statesvillle look well oiled the last few years.
  13. HoundBooster84

    Stadium Project: Statesville HS

    If you want a little trivia the current away side was actually the home side up until the 70s when the current home side was built.
  14. Elijah Hood of Charlotte Catholic and Nick Maddox from A.L. Brown still give me nightmares as a Statesville fan so I'll go with those two.
  15. HoundBooster84

    My early 2017 NPC Prediction

    Is going both ways on a consistent basis ever going to build a solid program? I'm not saying don't do it for big plays/drives but I'm not sure its the long term path to success. Statesville did do it a lot in 2012 with Breon Borders/Tristan Mumford/Carlis Parker (lesser extent). It's not like Gusler won't do it when the situation calls for it.