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  1. Shows what you know about football in this state. Nothing. And all the experts who watched on the tee-vee missed the obvious. The Shamecocks wilted in the heat. If nothing else, Mack has the team in great shape. I was there and saw the Tar Heels dominate the 4th quarter especially; the SC fans got tired too, especially in the 4th quarter. Sitting in the shade was too much for those lightweights.
  2. this is interesting but the numbers might not be exactly right: Since Weddington lost to Monroe to go 1-3 in 2016, they are 38-5 with three losses coming to Charlotte Catholic. 12 in a row in 2016, 12-2 in 2017, and 14-1 this year. Pretty decent. Everyone thinks Weddington is small until they get hit.
  3. Weddington tends to have minimal penalties, and also has some fast receivers that can turn short gains into trips to the house. The running game is very solid as well and utilizes about all of the skill players. Defensively they are allowing about 12 pts per game.
  4. Everyone loves seeing Weddington come out on the field. Not many of them, a "a passing team", and no one big enough to call "Lurch". Then they get hit. So home field is no advantage, cold or otherwise when the #5 seed is 4 TD better than you. Coach Capone has this version of his team fired up to play as favored road Warriors. # 4 gone...#1 gone.... Look for more of the same next Friday. Should be a 3 TD spread vs #3 Mt Tabor.
  5. I don't think the temperature will have any effect on this game. It's always cold in the playoffs and the only guys who care are the ones not playing.
  6. TaxAct

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    oh, my bad. All these rules and etc and polls are very confusing for me. Hopefully, the teams that win five games will be the best teams and that will be that.
  7. TaxAct

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    I went and looked. Catholic is #1 and Weddington is #2. SouthPoint is #3 in 2A. I'm not sure how you get #18 from there. Rankings are opinions and everyone has one. Max Preps is a computer program, which takes all the opinions locally (NCHSAA) out of it. It's just used to break ties--2nd place in one league is not as impressive as 2nd place in another league in some cases. We could use Chris's poll, but I bet he'd be glad no one calls him about their #7 vs #8 seed, or playing the next door team in the 2nd round or any of it. I think it's better than past ways of bracketing, and can be improved going forward. In the end you still have to lace 'em up.
  8. TaxAct

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    Hang in there...Catholic will be the #1 overall in whatever Class they end up in and Max Preps will cease to matter.
  9. Will Weddington be 3AA this year? I recall they were 3A last year. When do the numbers come out? Catholic was 3A last year too. Will they be 3AA this year?
  10. TaxAct

    Next head coach at Mooresville

    Yeah, we all know and can't wait.
  11. TaxAct

    Next head coach at Mooresville

    He was at Weddington in 2010. The team was 9-4 but he left abruptly the following summer. We thank him every day for Coach Carson though. Quite the irony.
  12. A shout-out to Darius Kilgo, who became the first player from Union County to earn a Super Bowl ring. Weddington High School, Class of 2010, University of Maryland 2015. Not a bad way to wind up his rookie season.
  13. Cam and the Panthers will be back again. With some help on the O-line and Benjamin back, they should be favorites in the South Division and to go deep in the playoffs. Here's to a great 2015-16 season.