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  1. Games at Shelby.... Revenge game for Shelby. The sr. want game bad. Will be a great game
  2. shelbyfan

    Kings Mountain vs Shelby

    Key notes: Shelby has only 1 turnover in 3 games. 1 int against Crest Bess is only 75 yrds from 1000 yrd season Offense line not allowed sack in 3 games Shelby may have best 3 receivers in State note:: how do u stop all 3. Especially if Shelby starts its 2 back set and pound ball
  3. shelbyfan

    Shelby vs Crest

    Smashmouth..I agree you play week to week to get better. I was at Burns vs Crest game, and Crest imo was much better. I still belive that Ruff may should be QB. Maybe im wrong. Just wondered if flipping. Ruff and Fuller for week or so to see what happens...Also your right gotta get pentlys and Tos cut down.Crest be ok..Good luck rest of way
  4. shelbyfan

    Shelby vs Crest

    We at Shelby know Crest will come in with it power pack running and try to play keep away and use clock. So we know we gotta score everytime we touch ball.I went to Burns vs Crest game. I watched some things wondering how both those schools will match up with Shelby. 1st. Shelbys edge rush is outstanding..ive not seen anybody stop Malachi Hamrick off edge seen alot of holding...I noticed Fuller for Crest on heavy rush makes mistakes. Crest also has had trouble with turnovers...knock on wood we havent had any in the 2 games.matter of fact we only punted once in ACR game. Your right letting Bess sit back in pocket could be deadly. Not just Mitchell and Daley but u got to worry bout Huskey very explosive player. Bess is looking like a veteran Qb. And your right our line play best ive seen in yrs. Crest is hugh on both sides of ball there D line very good..we gotta stop there pressure. Also there is speed and talent on Crest i expect it to be a dog fight
  5. shelbyfan

    Freedom - Shelby

    GDG. Hope u come sit with me at one of our big games..Km or Crest....We really do have a great team..like someone said..norm we have to get better as we go but this team has jelled since last year... 2aa better watch out
  6. Reynoldrocks...ill agree to that..i myself know what coaching staff u have...i listen to Lance talk about them. They can get it going. No 5 was a stud for ACR. Good luck to u guys
  7. Saw AC scrimmage Crest at the CC jamboree. I thought not the team I've seen last few years. I'm sure they lost lots to graduation. No 5 is their best athlete. Didn't seem to have ton of offense and defense seemed a lot weaker. I'm sure with the coaching staff AC has they get better, but this game i see East.
  8. shelbyfan

    Week 1: Shelby at Freedom

    Honest..i think hes been told not to run.Were not deep at Qb spot. Jv went to Crest. So im sure your right he wants to stay healthy. Talked to Kane yesterday he wanted to know how we looked..said he knew this was a learning curve for Lincolnton
  9. shelbyfan

    Week 1: Shelby at Freedom

    Wolf4lyfe. What u think about Shelby other night?
  10. shelbyfan

    Week 1: Shelby at Freedom

    This will be a good game, time to get a test for the Lions..Bess looks like a Sr Qb. He has looked great..and rec Mitchell- Daley--and Huskey are real deal.at rec.Sjelby will habe to adjust without starting rb..out with shoulder stinger..shelby D get a great test.... I see Shelby pull away in 2nd half...41-21 shelby
  11. Come on Chris. Thats still young...lol
  12. One of the best is now at App.
  13. shelbyfan

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    How Crest look at Ac today
  14. Yeah Wanting in at Western or East Carolina