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  1. shelbyfan

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Congrats SP
  2. shelbyfan

    Shelby vs West Lincoln

    , Shelby 27-8 F. We played flat, glad yo get the win
  3. shelbyfan

    Maiden Boom Devils!

    Lol. U seem like good guy...tgif
  4. shelbyfan

    Maiden Boom Devils!

    Scott Greenwood, on your comment bout Burns beating Shelby. Its not where u start its where u finish, id but 500 on Shelby if they played this min
  5. shelbyfan

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Seating not bad there place is pretty nice they have the cement type seats on visitor side but plenty of room. I just hate how u get in and out of there, 2017 sat for a hr to get out.
  6. shelbyfan

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Sp for as much as they want.
  7. shelbyfan

    Shelby Thoughts for 2018

    Thanks Smashmouth, best of luck to Crest. That 3a West is loaded. Maybe coaches get things back on course after the loss to KM
  8. shelbyfan

    Simmons Ratings - Bracket Projections

    Sp will kill MP, they win by 21 pts, we were terrible still when we played MP and still won heavily.
  9. shelbyfan

    Shelby Thoughts for 2018

    LoogDoggy, u sound like a cry baby, get real u dont know how good you guys really are cause, you played nothing but sub 500% teams.Not saying you guys are not a good team, we know they are, with loads of talent, the thing Shelby defends is were Hibriten folks say they blowed Shelby out last year.Fact are it wasnt a blow out and Shelby had there chances, Bottom line weak or strong we will be ready to play, you beat us again I'll be 1st to say congratulation .
  10. shelbyfan

    Shelby Thoughts for 2018

    We want that shot a Hibriten, we feel it slipped away last year..we have lot more fire power this year, maybe not as much on D. But plenty on offense.
  11. shelbyfan

    Shelby Thoughts for 2018

    You guys may get that shot, NCHSA seems to pair us early to put one of us out, seems there tired of us winning. Back to us playing, inless Coaches change something on D, which I dont see this late in the year, like u said result maybe say.. One thing for sure I hate to play them again, that offense is so discipline
  12. shelbyfan


    GDG, told you cant sleep on Shelby, I knew after East game, we were turning the corner.The defense not quite as good as 17, but this offense has become deadly, reminds me some of 15-16 yr, we can strike from anywhere when Bess has time. O line much better. Looking and hoping for deep run in playoff, hope u can join us one of those nights
  13. shelbyfan

    South Point at Shelby

    Understand how u feel buddy, SP offense played great, where I seen issue was with your pass rush, and sec. Bess had all night, you guys wl still go deep. May meet up again
  14. shelbyfan

    South Point at Shelby

    1st off hats off and good luck to SP rest of way, and 2nd, Really. As fast as SP can score plus we were running ball we be crazy not to try if . Yall score and recover insides, fg wins it... And refs talked to both teams bout mouths, funny I heard something on Sp at jv last night
  15. shelbyfan

    South Point at Shelby

    One down, one to go. Shelby jvs beat Sp 28-15. To go 10-0. Congrats to them JV lions