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  1. Burns made it a big deal cause they got there azz handed to them...u think if they won it mattered
  2. Yes Jahari Mitchell is no.2. Hes a athlete
  3. Oh ok was u with the Haynes grouo or somewhere else
  4. Wolf4lyfe werent u at game fri night?
  5. Watched some film on Salisbury and talked to coach tonight. Wilbanks like most coaches at Shelby do says..they have very good defense and very good Qb. I feel but have they played anything like what there getting ready to see. I noticed too there not prob big as us on the lines. Guess that's why u line them up...
  6. Glad u came to join us tonight....
  7. Thanks glad u joined us tonight....we were firing on all Cylinders tonight
  8. What u think of Shelby Vik-val 86
  9. GDG yes i belive you right... Great gameplan by Shelby. Great season for Burns...lets go win it again
  10. Plenty of parking around school..gates open at 5.30
  11. Shelby will wanna stop Pryor from beating us...if im coaching staff id stack box and play man to man. Our Dbs are good the practice against 2. 1200 yrd rec everyday.To me Shelbys D has played lights out in playoffs..gave up 7 in each game but in West Iredell game was on backups.. Shelby will need to use balance last time Burns rushed 3 layed 8 back, but in 2nd half they couldn't stop our run game...we need to use both...Im thinking Shelby 35- 14 this time.
  12. shelbyfan

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Cagle, i heard 23 had been to Hospital earlier in week thought he had appendicitis, but wasnt. This may of had something to do with his play
  13. I for one think ACR coaching Staff is better then Km... I think where might be a difference is on line play...but maybe wrong.. Pulling for my ACR friends...should be a good one
  14. ACR should match up good with Km. U cant go by what KM did to Shelby...crest beat Km and we killed Crest... AC will have to keep it honest run and pass..Ac much improved since they played Shelby. I expect this to be tight game till end...good luck to both