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  1. I have always wondered what role the head coaches in SC (as well as other states) who do not teach play. In NC (as well as many other states) each state paid employee has to have a role in the educational process. The state does not have coaching listed as a role which is a paid position. There are roles that are listed as administrative roles such as AD, as well as other non teaching academic roles. I guess it is possible for a booster group to fund a non teaching, non administrative head coaching position where the HC does not receive state funds, but is still under LEA control, but my guess is that this would not be the norm. In another issue, I was told by a coach who would know that those huge HS stadiums in Texas that are home sites for 5-6 schools are having a difficult time with attendance. That the attendance has really dropped off in recent years because of a lack of interest. I remember fondly that when we were in the conference with WA 3 years ago we played them during the regular season at their place and it was packed. Then when we played them in the 2nd or 3rd round of the state playoffs at our place there was not an empty seat and most spots around the fence and on the hill was taken. That was wonderful. Then our conference was split up and it has not been the same since then.
  2. Report post Posted 57 minutes ago Different systems pay different stipends for coaches and teachers. Ex: Cabarrus County pays more than Stanly County. I know that. I was asking about SC, GA and TX.
  3. SC, GA, and Texas have head football coaches making that through the system. My question is are all head coaches in these states paid the same amount by the state. Both states (NC and VA) I have coached in had a basic teacher salary as well as a local coaching supplement. In NC the basic salary is a state teacher salary. In VA each county has its own teacher salary schedule. Are you saying that the state or counties you mentioned have a different salary scale for coaches?
  4. That’s why I say have the game prior to the early Signing Day or prior to the national signing day in February...a coach can’t say no if you haven’t committed to them yet. So, in your opinion when (date) should this game be played? I agree with btango in this. Like I said, this game to me at some point in time will be so watered down I see no point in playing it. One of my coaching friends asked me what I thought about playing the East West game on the date it is now using incoming seniors. I told him that I have mixed feelings about this idea.
  5. I doubt that any school system pays this amount. Most of the time the extra money comes from outside donators.
  6. Good points. I still feel like the D2 and D3 schools are going to stop allowing their recruits play in this game, and at this point there will be no reason to continue to play the game.
  7. WiseOne88. There is a dead period during the week of exams which is needed. The dead period during the week of the East/West game is necessary because it gives an advantage to the coaches in the Greensboro area in that theses coaches could have early morning or late afternoon workouts while those coaches who live far enough away that they have to stay over do not have. To me the July 4th week dead period is not needed. It goes back to a time when the mills closed down for vacation. There are very few mills left and most businesses do not shut down. Having said all of this, I for one enjoy the 3 dead weeks because it gives us all time off from a very busy summer. Remember that the season is long and kids (me included) need time off to enjoy the summer and get away from football. Originally I was dead set against these 3 dead periods because I figured that it would hurt. The opposite it turns out is true. Especially since they occur during the hot humid days of summer. If 3 weeks spread out over the summer have an adverse effect on how your team performs then you have not done a good job during the year after your season was over in Nov. or Dec.
  8. When is the SC NS game played?
  9. This week I had the opportunity to talk to many of my fellow FB coaches about this topic. First the fact is there are no DI recruits playing in this game because the DI FB coaches have made it clear that they do not want their recruits playing in this game. The players are all D2 and D3 recruits. Now Lenoir Rhyne prevented their recruit from playing in this game. My guess is that LR started a trend in which more and more D2 and D# schools will follow. Pretty soon the availability of players will not be available. Another thing that was pretty evident last night was the fact that there were hardly any fans at the game.If you look in the program you will see that the attendance has decreased for the past several years. Judging from the attendance at last nights game this trend will continue.Last years attendance was just over 5,000. This years attendance was much less than that. One problem is also that the NCCA decide a few years back that their member coaches were prohibited from speaking at these clinics. Ever since then the attendance at this clinic has declined as well. Whether or not the NCAA realizes it (they probably do not care) that move has had a negative effect on HS FB. I have no solutions as to how to deal with these problems. One suggestion I heard was to move the game date and play it the week after the season finishes. Allow the Shrine Bowl to select their players and then use the players who were not selected to play in this game the same weekend on the Friday night before the Saturday the Shrine Bowl is played. What are your thoughts on this? As far as the NCAA is concerned I doubt that there is anything we can do to get them to change their ideas about once again allowing their coaches to speak. I agree with what Brian Bosworth said about the NCAA.
  10. Glenn

    North Stanly HS Stadium

    Knowing him like I do I have to agree with you. I remember that he always had championship track teams and did not even have a track to practice on. He practiced the relays on the practice FB field. No way to practice running the curves. He compensated and was very successful. Very smart man. He never allowed obstacles to get in his way. BTW, they ran all their track meets away.
  11. They do not seem to be bothered by low paychecks.
  12. My friend (Coach Pursley-former NE Guilford and Tuscola HS head coach-now retired) went over to WGHS yesterday afternoon to watch practice. I talked to my friends Joe Glass and Johnny Sowell as well as several coaches from WG and SG plus Chris Causey. I also got to see our 3 EG payers-Alex Gowda, Braxton Henderson and Josh Hayward. It is important to me that they saw me watching them practice. I will definitely will be at the game Wed. night pulling for them and the west squad.
  13. Glenn

    North Stanly HS Stadium

    btango, that was a great story. One that I had not heard. Mr. Jeff had so many. I made a lot of friends in my 2 years there. I need to reconnect with them. I ask about them whenever I see Charlie Phillips and Dave Bright at the Feb. FB Clinic. My daughter stayed at a day care owned by the Burleson family. It was close to the comunity college I think. They had several daughters who loved my little girl. They would take her home with them for the weekend upon occasion. We lived on 7th street close to Pee Dee Ave.? Right across the street from the Smith family (The 3 boys were grown and gone but their daughter Virginia was in HS). All 3 boys played FB at AHS. Mr. and Mrs. Smith loved AHS FB. Nelson was one son. I forget the other sons names. I have many fond memories of living in Albemarle and coaching at NS.
  14. Glenn

    North Stanly HS Stadium

    R.N. Jeffrey Stadium is named after Coach Norris Jeffrey (Mr. Jeff as he was affectionately called by everyone). I had the privilege of coaching under him back is the late '60's. He was quite a character. He had coached in Goldsboro before he came to NS. He was a chemistry teacher, a principal, a chemist for Alcoa in Badin, as well as a long time FB coach. He was a joy to be around. He was on the second Shrine Bowl staff. He continued to sit on the bench after he retired. When I was at Central Cabarrus and Mt. Pleasant I would see him when we played NS. One of my favorite Mr. Jeff quotes is one time I saw him and asked him how he was doing (he was in his 90's) and his reply was "Most People My Age Are Dead So I Guess I Am Doing Pretty Well". That will be my patent answer when I hit the age of 90. Mr. Jeff was a special person to me. I still remember most of his quotes.
  15. Glenn

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    6 miles is not that far. They can still use it for practice when it is raining. Where did the head coaches at WM and EM end up after the new HC was hired? Are they both still coaching? Were the assistant coaches retained at the new school?