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  1. btango, Elon has the main field house as well as the old field house. Both are right at the stadium located at opposite ends.
  2. The problem I was referencing is the fact that only 2 dressing rooms available which means if you play before another team you have to hustle to get out ASAP so that the team that plays after you is able to get in ASAP. The condition of the dressing rooms are not a problem.
  3. Glenn


    Thank you. Right now I am mentally and physically exhausted. I would not trade my coaching years for anything. It was great that I was able to get up every day and go do something that I loved doing. Who knows, I may get back in it sooner than later. However, at the age of 76 my time is on the down side.
  4. WF is still the best place to watch a game. I still say that facilities like Elon, A&T, WSS, are far better for our purpose than the ones we now use. I know for sure that the dressing facilities at Elon are much better than the ones at UNC, NCSU, WF or Duke in terms of the number of dressing rooms. Plus the fact that the size of the stadium in terms of seating capacities is more in line with the numbers that show up for our playoff games.
  5. Glenn

    5 Classification Realignment

    I love what you both have done. I love the 5 classification break down. I have always loved the 8 championship classifications. Most of the coaches I know and talk with have no problem with it. The people who seem to not like it seem to be fans who have little or no 365 day contact with the players and therefore haqve no dog in the fight. I love the 8 classification concept. For years I have advocated a two year realignment to make sure team enrollments stay withing the classifications. Also I have advocated that teams are placed in the proper classifications for the playoffs regardless if they are 1A, 1AA, 2A, 2AA, 3A, 3AA, 4A or 4AA during the regular season. If they fit in a higher or lower classification for the playoffs, then that is where they play. The big problem with a 5 or 8 classification system is that it is very difficult to structure conferences based on those parameters.
  6. Glenn

    Shrine Bowl 2018

    I am with you Chris.No FB coach wants a tie. Even though we lost to SEG in OT I still support it.The same OT format used in HS is the way to go. This format does not take as long as playing a quarter unless you play several OT's. Even at that everyone (except for a few fans) wants closure. You play and entire game and end up with nothing. Nothing is proven. You leave (players and coaches) the stadium in a void. Nothing is accomplished as far as the game is concerned. The only thing accomplished is the fact that a lot of money is raised for a great cause. Which BTW is the main reason for the game.
  7. Glenn


    After coaching high school football since 1967 I have decided to retire. I am very fortunate that for 51 years I have been able to get up every morning and go do what I wanted to do. I have friends who have hated their jobs. Fortunately for me that has never been a thought. The fact that I was a part of taking an Eastern Guilford HS team of 43 kids 6 years ago to a team of close to 100 kids this past year made this a special period of time for me. Also, the fact that our kids bought into our systems and transformed themselves into a team who became a top tier 3A playoff team every year. We were also able to develop a lot of kids who earned college football scholarships. I enjoyed my time there and look forward to them to carrying on this winning tradition.
  8. You are apparently trying to read something in what I said that is not there. I never tried to insinuate anything. If you do not think those 4 passes were not big then you are wrong. My review of our 2016 game once again did not try to insinuate anything. Those 2 long passes were the difference in the game. They accounted for 14 points. We lost by 13 points. How was I wrong about you when I said the best team always wins. Actually the best team does not always win. The best team on that night always wins. In many games we have won over my long career the team we beat was much better than we were but they made so many mistakes that gave us scores we ended up winning the game. That has nothing to do with either of these games. Unless you have a crystal ball you have no idea what the score would be on a dry field. Your statement that they did not defend the pass very well is accurate and that goes back to my statement that those 4 TD passes were huge. I care less in the end who won the game even though SEG was in our conference. In the end we were not there so that is all that matters. What I said was factual information and does not have my heart attached to how I feel. At any rate good luck to Weddington and SEG in the future.
  9. Weddington had 4 huge scoring plays. That was the major difference in the game.
  10. Chris, Allen Sitterle and I were assistant coaches at Western Alamance HS back in the 70's. Where is Victor Floyd? I missed Victor when he left Dudley. Victor (Dudley), Tony McKee (Smith), Jim Clontz (SEG), Ken Page (Page) one other assistant coach and I all were In School Suspension Coordinators (I was an assistant coach at NEG at the time) would meet once a month with our supervisor. We would end up standing around for an hour after the meeting talking about everything from ISS issues to FB. We would all beat up on each other but still had respect for each other. We really enjoyed seeing each other and sharing our thoughts. It was a really really huge loss for all of us when Tony was killed. I took it pretty hard. I use to see Victor at the Wake Forest 7 on 7's when I was at NE Guilford but I have not seen him in several years. Great people as well as great coaches.
  11. I think the world of Kennedy Tinsley but I disagree that they whipped our tails off. They beat us on two long pass plays caused by blown man to man coverage. The article makes it sound like their kids were small. They had some big kids as well. They had some athletic kids.
  12. Their front 4 are very good. They have a lot of speed on defense. We both shut each others offenses down because our defenses were very similar. Don't let the Cleveland score sway you because Cleveland had outstanding skill people on O. The kicking game was the weak link in Cleveland's arsenal and SEG was able to take advantage of this weak point. What SEG cannot do is throw a pick 6. They have to be TO free in order to win. It will be a good game. My guess is the team with the fewest mistakes will win. That is usually the case when you get to the last couple of rounds.
  13. Glenn

    2A State Finals: Reidsville vs. Northeastern

    A trip to an indoor facility is a school sponsored trip so I see no reason why they would not allow the team to travel there. A trip in a coaches, students, parents, etc, vehicle is not covered. If I am hauling 4 kids around and have a wreck my (knowing how insurance companies find ways to get out of paying for accidents, especially the ones that have megabucks attached to them) my guess is I would have a mess on my hands. The fact is all coaches have being doing this for years and year. At least I know I have done it for my 51 year career. It was probably not a smart thing to do but I did it because the family did not have a car, there were no kids he could ride with who lived close to him, OR his parents were to SORRY to take him. I never wanted to see a kid be deprived of the opportunity to play sports because he could not get there. I thought it was worth the risk.
  14. We did have several huge kids on our team, but several of them did not play a lot. We had a couple 300 pound kids who started. So, as far as the kids who actually played we were not that big in the game. What killed us was the fact that we lost both starting outside linebackers as well as our starting tailback in the Jacksonville game (who BTW I thought was the best team we played all year including Weddington) but the loss of those 3 starters killed us. One of the replacement outside linebackers (soph) gave up 2 uncontested TD passes and that was the game. We should never have been man in the secondary because of the people we had at those two positions. This one kid gave up both of those TD's. These past 3 years we have had 3 opportunities to win the 3AA state championship but it was not to be. Catholic, my crystal ball says SEG will win this game. LOL.