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  1. J-Heat 110, your comment that most high schools share feeder schools is not true from what I have seen. The vast majority of schools I have seen have one or two middle schools (most have one) that feed a specific HS. Forsyth County (unless they have changed in the last few years) has open enrollment in which their students can go anywhere as long as they provide transportation.
  2. At one time WS/FC did away with all MS athletics. I understand that they did add basketball, baseball, basketball, eytc. back in but not FB. Is that correct?
  3. I have been at 8 different high schools and I have never been at one that shared middle schools. Every HS I have even been at allows their MS to use their FB stadium to play their games at. I have never been in the CM system or the Raleigh (Wake County) area system.
  4. Schools like CC don't bother me. I know they are going to be held accountable. Schools like IMG in FL do. I see Charter Schools of the future becoming a problem in athletics in general because Charter Schools are a part of the NCPS system and are therefore entitled to be a part of all activities. Their students can come from anywhere in the LEA. They can say they are applying to be a student but the reality that are applying to be an athlete. A successful athletic program would therefore be a selling point for the school itself.
  5. Not if they were breaking rules that the coaches were aware of and allowed to happen. In most cases the kids don't know what a lot of the rules are and rely on the coaches to make sure they are in compliance. Now, if the kid breaks a team rule (missing practice unexcused) or a game rule (fighting) then he/she should be punished.
  6. Glenn

    Forest Hills HC

    It can be done. One way we addressed this problem at EG was to required each FB player to bring in a weekly progress report from every one of their teachers. On Thursday if any player had a zero for anything (tests missed and not made up, classwork or homework) or were a discipline problem they missed playing time. One infraction = missing the first quarter, two infractions = missing the first half, and so on. The same thing on Fri. for the varsity. Believe it or not after a few knuckle heads missed PT they got in line. Each position coach had equal nos. of kids and it only took a few minutes to check the reports. The teacher actually liked what we were doing because it made their jobs easier.
  7. Glenn

    Forest Hills HC

    FH has not been the same since my friend JL retired.
  8. Glenn

    Sun Valley

    Congratulations to Tad. He and I have been friends since my days when I was with Bobby Cloninger at Mt. Pleasant. Great guy. He and his wife are wonderful people.
  9. I agree. What they need to do and what they actually do are total opposites. That is one of the reasons I am not a huge fan of the NCHSAA. They are suppose to be there for several reasons. My thought is that they are suppose to be there to police the program and make sure the programs are taken care of. From what I observe they do neither. They seem to be more interested in padding the Endowment Fund.
  10. Totally 100% agree. HC should be the one punished. Players should never be punished. They only do what they are told to do. None of the other players should be punished because they did nothing wrong. That is like me getting a whipping because my brother got in trouble. BTW if he caused me to get a whipping he would definitely get a second one from me.🤣.
  11. Most public schools struggle to make money from gate receipts, booster club projects and fund raisers. Guilford County provides each school with a set amount to be used to pay coaching supplements but there is very little money left over for traveling all over the country to play games. Plus the fact that the non revenue sports depend on FB to fund them as well. I still think Endowment money should be used to provide transportation when teams make the playoffs. If a team has to travel more than 1 1/2 hours they should be allowed to ride on a tour bus. The same money source needs to fully fund meals as well. In other words schools should not have to fund any part of playoff games.
  12. That in itself is a major problem. There should always be a review board made up of the principal, AD, two current assistant coaches, and a retired coach. Unless a principal is a former FB coach how do they know what questions to ask. In many cases this applies to the AD as well. A well thought out set of questions from each person should be used in the interview which should not only include football questions but questions about assistant coaches duties, handling player problem( player rules such as the use of profanity (coaches and players), punishment, classroom problems, grade issues, etc.), how they plan to involve the MS and rec coaches in the HS program as well as other factors that are important should be addressed. One major problem that I have seen a lot is the fact that many times principals and AD's have their minds made up who they want and because they have to interview a set number of candidates they allow coaches from far away to interview knowing that they are not going to get the job. To allow a coach to drive 8 hours and waste a couple days knowing he will not get the job is almost criminal. These administrators have the ability to screen applicants and invite who they want to invite. If they know who they want all they have to do is invite only local coaches who apply. At least they have wasted no more than a couple hours of these peoples time. I have heard administrators say that a certain coach was the front runner because their application looked so good. One problem is that they seldom call the coaches last school to see what their past principal and AD thought about that person. They do a terrible job of doing a thorough background check and when things do not go well they seem surprised.
  13. your pathetic excuse for a basketball team. I always have a problem with anyone making negative comments about kids either directly or indirectly. These kids are out there doing the best they can so it should be understood that this should never be done. It is probably the policy of Carolina Preps that bad mouthing players and coaches is not permitted.
  14. Glenn

    Laney's new HC

    How can they live in the Laney district and attend NH?
  15. Glenn

    Pender HC Search

    I am always amazed that a few years ago Bob Via was the HC at Pender. He not only improved the won-loss record in his second year, he also had a JV team which from what he told me was this was the first JV team Pender was able to field in several years. His first year record was 1-10 and his second year record was 4-8. He was told by the principal that he wanted to go in a different direction (whatever that means). In this case I guess it means that they wanted to go back to before and after the Tom Eanes years. Tom did pretty well during his time there. The coach after Bob went 4-8 and 1-10. So I guess the principals reasoning worked.