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  1. Glenn

    Hyatt steps down at Piedmont

    Any fan who steps on a FB field (practice or game) and creates a problem should be arrested, jailed and have to go o trial. After having to hire a lawyer and pay a fine they might not attempt that again. If they are that stupid then they deserve whatever they get.
  2. Glenn

    Forest Hills

    John Lowery had a ton of outstanding players.
  3. Glenn

    Chris ?

    LOL. That would be a first.
  4. Glenn

    Forest Hills

    btango. Stan was the QB my first year at NS. He was an outstanding QB. I saw him from time to time. His dad was a great booster and friend. We had some outstanding players the two years I was there. Forest Davis was a great TB as well. Roger Huneycutt was the QB my second year there and he was also special. he was also a great punter. That was a great conference. We played East Rowan for the championship my first year and lost a close game. Stan threw a potential winning TD pass. The receiver Steve Stamper caught the ball and was running and fell down as time expired. Certain thing stays with you forever. Do you ever see Tommy Maiden? Joe Kelly was also a great friend and mentor. Lonnie Chandler was the HC when I left. Don Davis was also a fellow FB coach and a great friend. Don passed away several years back. I still have a lot of friends in that area. Too many to mention. Unfortunately, many of them are dead. Rod Broadway was a soph lineman my second year there. I remember him because even as a soph he was heavily recruited.
  5. Glenn

    Chris ?

    What do I get when I post no. 200? I think Brent Shepherd should take me out for a steak at Kimbers in Gibsonville. 😎
  6. Glenn

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    he last time I talked to Hal Capps he told me that he still owns a house here and when he retires from coaching he was going to move back here. I am not sure if this is still the case.
  7. Glenn

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Good luck to my former teams I coached at in Cabarrus County Mt. Pleasant and Central Cabarrus. Especially to Coach Michael Johns with whom I coached with before I moved to the Greensboro area. He is a great coach and even better person. He is special to me.
  8. Glenn

    First Flight at North Davidson

    That is why I have never liked playing on a Sat. or Mon. with HS kids. They are not mature enough to handle the change.
  9. Glenn

    Preparing for next game under wet conditions

    Read where a grass field costs about 50K a year to maintain. Nowhere that amount unless you totally resod every year and even at that my guess is closer to $30,000.00. My guess is that most high schools do as we do in which our AD takes care of all the maintenance (plugging, watering, fertilizing, weed control, mowing, cold weather overseeding with annual Rye, etc.) and game day striping. My guess is the total cost is closer to $5,000.00. Now if you have to purchase equipment then the cost will double or triple. I will have to ask my AD what it costs and reply back. Turf fields are nice.
  10. Glenn

    Forest Hills

    He was the HC at FH close to thirty years. btango. I know he was there a long time because I went from Western Alamance to Central Cabarrus in 1978 and Algie Faircloth was there. We became friends. I always enjoyed talking to him. He was quite a character. When he moved to Southern Nash I seldom saw him. I think he was from that area and wanted to go back home. John came to FH straight out of college during that time. I think he became the HC when Algie left. I moved 10 miles down the road to Mount Pleasant and FH was in our conference so I saw John quite a bit while I was there. I moved to the Guilford County are in 2000 and John was still the HC at FH. I lost track of when he retired. One side note is that I coached at N. Stanly under the legendary Norris Jeffrey. That was an experience as well. The man had more stories than I can remember. He went from being a FB coach to a Chemical Engineer at Alcoa to being a principal back to being a FB coach and was a chemistry teacher when I left NS in 1970. i saw him when I moved to Cabarrus County in 1978. I once asked him how he was doing. He was in his 90's at the time. He told me that considering the fact that most people his age are dead I guess I am doing pretty well. I never forgot that.
  11. Glenn

    Preparing for next game under wet conditions

    We normally practice outside when the field is wet. I don't think you get much done practicing in a rainstorm or when the practice field has water standing on it. This time of the year it is more about safety than anything else. of course it is essential to practice on a wet field because you may have to play on a wet field. As far as the practice gear is concerned we wash the gear after every practice during wet rainy weather. As far as the shoes are concerned one trick is to take them home and wash them in warm soapy water and then lay them in front of the refrigerator with the top side toward the refrigerator exhaust vents. They will be dry by the next morning. You can do this every night and it does not hurt the shoes. It actually saves them. Also, make sure you replace the cleats if you wear screw-on cleats. We use to have longer mud cleats but that is not a good idea because it creates an injury problem for all parts of the leg and hip areas created by the cleats getting stuck in the ground/mud when you try to cut or are tackled. As a matter of fact I don't think they still sell those so called mud cleats which is a good thing.
  12. Glenn

    First Flight at North Davidson

    I understand the day part but not the time part. My question was about the time part. What difference does 30 minutes make to the game? It means a lot when one team is traveling a great distance.
  13. Glenn

    Owen vs Reidsville

    We lose 28 seniors this year. Next year we will be very young and inexperienced. Those two combinations are not a good thing. I have been at EG for 6 years and every one of those years we have had big offensive linemen. Next year this will not be the case. We also have had quick and fast linebackers and defensive linemen. Next year that will also change. In other words, next year will be a rebuilding year. We also lose our outstanding kicker and punter. His replacement will not be anywhere as good.
  14. Glenn

    Call Your Shot: 2AA West Playoffs Round 1

    In many cases, a team has no control over who they play. Many counties make them play teams in the county even when they are not in the same conference. This may not be a problem in smaller counties but it is in larger counties when there are 3-4 conferences involved.
  15. Glenn

    Forest Hills

    What has happened to Fb at FH? They were tough when my friends Algie Faircloth and John Lowery were head coaches there. I have not kept up with them since I moved from Cabarrus County to Guilford County.