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  1. Glenn

    Eastern Guilford Football 2019

    Thanks Chris. We always enjoy your visits.
  2. Glenn

    West Cabarrus New School?

    I hate directional school names. I am not a big fan of our name. There are so many landmarks that can be used as well as people instead. I wish we were still Gibsonville HS. The excuse that many of the NW Cabarrus HS kids will be going to the new West Cabarrus HS it would enable them to keep a part of the name is a ridiculous reason because in 1-4 years they will all be gone and the name will still be there forever. I remember when I was at NE Guilford and people from out of the area would ask me if I was at the new school. I would say NO. This is the new school Northern Guilford. They would then ask if I was at the school that burned down. I would say NO. That is Eastern Guilford. I would then say that we are in between those two. We are the old decrepit school. The good thing is now I do not have to answer all the questions. Why Cabarrus County does half and half makes little sense to me.
  3. Glenn

    West Cabarrus New School?

    How about the Coddle Creek Crawdads. LOL!
  4. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    btango. Very true. I have said for many, many years that unless you take many of these kids home you will never understand what they have to go through every day they are not at school. When we have summer workouts our cafeteria feeds all our kids free. When they need rides form home to the workouts and back home we provide this service because if we do not they cannot participate because they do not have cars. Many other kids parents do this as well as well as the kids who drive. The EG district is ridiculous. We have kids who live a few blocks from Page HS who go to EG which is 20-25 minutes away.
  5. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    btango. My man. You are very observant.
  6. Glenn

    Union Pines

    It would really surprise me if one A+ coach front runner took the job because of several factors. Don't bother asking who he is because my lips are sealed. Mum's the word. How do I know this? Word travels fast in the coaching fraternity.
  7. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    I remember the year that one CM HS hired some former CP coaches and they almost destroyed the program. I think that experiment only lasted one or two years.Just because a coach played in the NFL, does not man that that team will be successful. A friend of mine was an All Pro TE for the Miami Dolphins and one thing he once told me was that it took him several years for him to become a good HS FB coach.
  8. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    Sometime the coaching staff (if a HC is fortunate to have most of them teach at the school or MS) have to get in their classes and halls and beat the bushes so to speak and recruit the kids in their school to get kids out. The fact is a lot of schools have to use non teaching coaches to have enough coaches to have a successful program. That does not help recruit the kids in the head coaches school. I am not trying to blow our horn at EG (well perhaps I am because I am proud of what we have accomplished the past 6 years) but when we went there 6 years ago we had 18 JV players and 25 varsity players. They probably averaged 2-3 wins each year for many seasons prior to our first year. This year we will have over 100 players. I agree that numbers do not guarantee success but the more you have the better your chance of having more athletes in your program. The more athletes you have the better your chances of having more great athletes. The strange thing is success gets more kids out. I also know that the concussion scare has created some lack of participation but it did not seem to scare any of our kids off. Every year our numbers grew. I think that our coaches beating the bushes, treating our kids like they were/are special and winning did a lot to create that situation. The year we played Weddington in the 3AA championship those seniors were 0-10 their freshman year on the JV team. A lot happened over their next 3 years to change them. We had a lot to do with that but most of the credit goes to them.
  9. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    Being an old school guy does not mean that an old school coach does not have the ability to be innovative. They probably have the knowledge to know what they can and cannot do to be successful. many of these young school guys think they can throw the ball on every play and win even though they do not have the QB and receivers to make it happen. They see it on TV and try to emulate what they see and cannot figure out why they get beat 48-0 by some old school guy who had a balanced attack, was solid in the kicking game, and played great defense.
  10. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    These old school guys jus dont get it. "So ur offering me a job where I'm making almost double and the cost of living is cheaper???? Nope I'll jus stay where I'm at"......😂...yeah right. It hurts me but I dont blame the man. He built a great program , plus AD Richardson does a great job he will find a replacement. Who knows that new coach maybe what gets us over the top like Steve Kerr did with the Warriors...who knows. Nothing wrong with being old school. I am an old school coach and take that as a complement even though you meant it to be negative. Actually these coaches who have made the jump are all old guys. They are not young guys. They must have old school values as well because most of them waited until they got their 30 years in before they made the switch. If what you say is true then they would have left way before they got their 30 years in. btangp said that it is not about the money and I agree with him. You will probably not get what I am going to say next. If you are happy living where you live then why move. If you want to move, then move. Like I said before. I coached FB, taught and taught Driver Education part time and made more than I could have made in SC being an assistant FB coach, so why would I want to move. I never said I blamed anyone for moving. You act as if there is something wrong with those of us who do not agree with you . That is what I disagree with you on. Life to me is not about the money. It was when I was young, but it is way down my list of important things now.
  11. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    The days of staying in one place 20-30 years employed are over. Pension programs are non existent replaced by high risk 401K programs and employers that cycle people out of there organizations including education as they negatively impact the bottom line. Taking a job for a higher pay yield for a few years to build your resume and have a plan for ultimately were you would like to be either in life or the Coaching profession is definitely in this generation of coaches best interest. Not true. Most states have a retirement system. Both states I taught and coached in (NC and VA) still have retirement systems. They are not 401k programs. Those NC guys who have gone to other states are able to draw their NC retirement, and make a salary in the other state as well. These states like SC where the HC does not teach comes with risks. Ask Hal Capps. Luckily for him he has a NC retirement to fall back on. Unless you are a terrible lazy teacher with very poor test scores you will not lose your teaching job and if you have a family that is a huge deal. If I had wanted to be in a high stress and high paying coaching job I would have gotten into college coaching. I had my chances but declined the offers because I loved what I was doing.
  12. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    It’s not just the money. If you do not have to teach a class and basically oversee the football program it must be enticing. I enjoyed the teaching part. Plus, in a situation that allows you to coach (no teaching) you had better win or you are gone. I remember a friend of mine who was the HC at Richmond County HS and he was fired because he lost a couple of games.
  13. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    So you turned the job down? I was offered a FB coaching job in SC and FL. I turned them both down. I did not apply for either. I was approached. The SC job was right out of college and the FL job was several years later. I have never had the desire to live on the coast or at the beach. I am sure there are people who feel the same way about NC as I do about SC and that is OK because that is their prerogative. Different strokes for different folks. My point is all you hear from people is you need to move to SC because you make more money, but there is more to life than money. I taught Driver Education for 25 years so I made a pretty good living and it really enhanced my retirement. Plus I really enjoyed teaching DE. If you are happy where you are why uproot and move. In my situation there was no monetary advantage in doing that.
  14. Glenn

    Brand leaves Vance

    Personally, I have never had the desire to live in SC. I have friends who live there and SC really does nothing for me. The vast majority of my friends and family live in NC so why would I want to leave. I have done very well and live a very comfortable lifestyle so I am totally satisfied so why would I uproot my kids and move away from my family. The only way I would do this is if I lived on the border and could drive 15-20 minutes to a SC school. I drove an hour to VA for 1 1/2 years and finally had enough of the driving. That was actually terrible experience for me because Pittsylvania County was very poor and they did not want to spend ANY money on athletics. Plus they do not even have MS athletic programs. Plus I have never had a desire to have a secretary.
  15. Two points: 1. I don't know why but most parents and kids have no idea that they have to move. They think they can simply drive to a new school and play. 2. Again I have no idea why parents and kids are so misinformed but they apparently do not realize that they have to have the grades and the SAT score to get into college. With all of these rich parents buying their kids way into college with the crooked money grabbing admissions people allowing this to happen I guess they think this is another route they can take, but my guess is that the exposure about this will bring about major changes. Plus the fact these people are having to repay millions of dollars and some going to jail will slow this process down. When I was coaching at NE Guilford we would lose 5-6 NEG MS 8th grade players to Dudley because they had an academy and any kid from Guilford County could attend but they had to provide their own transportation. These were college prospect players. All we ever heard was that it had nothing to do with athletics. That it was all academics. My reply was YEAH RIGHT.Believe that if you want to. My last point is that these AAU, Fall Baseball, Premier, Travel Ball, etc. teams (also money making propositions by the coaches on these teams) are a festering sore that is slowly destroying HS sports. These premier 7 on 7 teams are almost as bad. I heard someone say that in the future the skill position kids will only play in 7 on 7 leagues because there is little chance of injuries as well as the fact that there is less work involved and they would still get scholarships. That by this point in the future college and pro FB will become a complete passing game with no running. I don't know if this will happen but in my lifetime I have seen some pretty dramatic things happen so I never say never.