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  1. How many HS refs do that gig for $$. Most of them call 3-6 games a week with rec ball, MS, JV and varsity. They make more money than you realize. I know many who do it as a part time job for the money. Of course they love what they are doing. There are many who enjoy the control and the power that comes with the job. However, the vast majority of them are good guys and try to do a good job. My daughters boy friend umpires baseball and makes a lot of money doing this 9 months of the year. Football has the shortest season in terms of how much the officials are able to work.
  2. Of course they like it. They work a shorter time period for the same amount of money.
  3. I agree. However, I hate this running clock. When a team gets up by a certain number of points the HC should be held responsible for making sure all the starters are out of the game at that point. The running clock makes it difficult to get all the kids in for several plays if you have 50-60 kids on a team. There has to be a better way.
  4. Great article. https://nypost.com/2019/10/14/the-sports-specialization-nightmare-facing-high-school-athletes/?utm_source=facebook_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site+buttons&utm_campaign=site+buttons
  5. Glenn

    Band Practices with football team

    It is never a problem with us if they are practicing on their field which is on the other side of the tennis courts. The fact is we play loud music during practice to help our players get use to crowd noise. So, the band noise never bothers us. We once had a tennis coach who complained about our noise during their match especially when the segment timer horn went off every 5 minutes. I told her that this should help our tennis team and be a distraction to their opponents since they had to practice hearing it every day. EJ, your problem would be a huge problem with me. Why does the principal want you to share the practice field when there are two practice fields? Why would you have to rotate fields? Perhaps I missed something. Please respond. If there was only one field I could understand. In that case the only option would be to set up a time schedule to share. Example: Mon., Tues., We practice late from 5 PM until with a study hall between 3 and 4:30 on those two days with all tutoring and makeup work taking place on those days. The band has the field from 3-5. On Wed. and Thurs. we have the field from 3-5. My friend who is the DC at Page tells me that they practice every Wed, from 6 AM - 8 AM. They do this even though they have zero field issues. They like to get the day over with and the kids have the afternoon off to get tutoring help, make up work, or do whatever they want to do. At EG we have 3 practice fields. Soccer has their own practice field. We probably have 150 acres so land is not a problem.
  6. Glenn

    My Realignment Proposal

    The old "we have always did it this way," line came up. As far as I am concerned this is an excuse people use because they do not have a solution. The NCHSAA comes out from time to time with a new way of doing things (like the POD System) and usually their ideas do not work out very well. When they come out with these new and improved ideas (like the POD System) we have no choice but to use them. btango will disagree with me on what I am about to say and I understand where he is coming from and agree with his argument (Actually I agree with most of what he has to say) to a certain point. The NCHSAA should have a mandatory Head Football Coaches meeting in the spring one day during the week in which they give them an opportunity to come up with a unified plan to determine if they want a 5 classification system as well as how the playoffs should be structured and all other problems that need to be addressed. I am sure there will be several different opinions on each different subject, but they should be able to come up with no more than 5 options. Then these options should be taken back and discussed with his staff and then voted on. If a HC does not participate then his opinion and vote does not count either way. He has to live with the final recommendation. If he has a valid reason for not showing up then he needs to send a representative in his place. Each HC will know before hand when this is going to take place and will give him ample time to discuss this with his staff on what they want to propose. btango will say that getting coaches to agree on anything will be impossible. I agree but if you put this on them and they cannot come up with something they can all live with then they have no reason to complain. My objection to how they now do things in which most of the decisions are made by people (superintendents, principals, athletic directors, NCHSAA employees and very few coaches) who are not the ones who work their tails off all year long with the kids who make up the teams and who this impacts the most is not a very good system either. Put the pressure on the coaches to come up with a plan. If they fail, then they have nobody to blame but themselves. It is easy to respond to a coach who wants to complain but does not insert himself into the solution process by reminding him that he had an opportunity to voice his opinion but he chose not to get involved. The response is sit down and be quiet. Live with what your peers voted on which was implemented.
  7. Glenn

    My Realignment Proposal

    I have always favored the concept of having to play in the playoff bracket based on enrollment no matter what conference classification you played in during the year. This would fix the problem somewhat of a school having an enrollment of 1900 playing in a 3A conference while there is a school with an enrollment of 1700 playing in a 4A conference. In the end the 1700 member school would be in the 3AA playoffs while the 1900 member school would be playing in the 4A playoffs. I understand this happens because of the location of schools creates this problem, but during the playoffs this would not matter.
  8. Glenn

    Page Pirates

    Shows how little they know. Max preps has them at 96. That is a huge difference. I doubt that they would beat MC or many of the other top ranked NC and SC teams.
  9. Glenn

    Page Pirates

    Let me clarify one point. I read somewhere that HS was no 15. That is not true. They are like 96. Page will be OK. Every team goes through highs and lows. Look at all HS teams and you see this. The only teams that do not go through this are the privates who are not members of the NCHSAA. They can reclassify and recruit. The rest of us have to play with who shows up.
  10. How is NE Guilford ranked higher than we are when we beat them. Plus the fact that our 3 loses were against Grimsley, Page and Reidsville.
  11. Glenn

    My Realignment Proposal

    I like your original proposal as well. What about this concept did they not like? What I like about it is that you sign a 2 year contract and if all of a sudden that school gains 500 students then yiou are not stuck for 4 years before something is done. I proposed several years ago that no matter what conference or district you play in, at the end of the season if you qualify for the playoffs you play in the classification your ADM numbers that year you play in. It does not matter if you are 2A during the year you may be in a 3A playoff bracket all because of your ADM numbers.
  12. Glenn

    My Realignment Proposal

    Good concept Paul. I am always open to new ideas. I like what you have.
  13. Glenn

    Fall Ball (Baseball)

    Eagles 1313. This is great. Thanks so much. This proves my point. Two of my favorite QB's (Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray) both passed on baseball contracts (especially Kyler who passed on a $4 million contract) to become outstanding NFL QB's. As you said, this list is a small sampling.
  14. Glenn

    Page Pirates

    I read where Page dropped 2 TD passes in the EZ. Actually 39-7 against the 15th best team in the USA is not bad for an unranked team especially when they are so young and going through injury problems. I read that HS has 7-8 D1 players on their team. Instead of finding negatives. I always try to find positives. After all these are kids and they read these posts.
  15. Glenn

    My Realignment Proposal

    Paul, are you saying that those 5 non district games would not count in the seeding process for the playoffs. If I am understanding what you are saying is that a team could lose all 5 non district games, win all 6 district games and be in the playoffs with a high seeding because they won their district. In your system I also think that a strength of schedule should also be a part of the process. For example one team could play 5 weak non district teams, end up 11-0 and get a higher seeding than a team who played and lost to the 5 top 5A teams and end up with a low seed simply because they played a much tougher schedule than the higher seeded team. I do like the percentage portion of your plan. I also like the part of it that allows us to once again be able to play our former rivals (which we no longer play because of scheduling problems) such as Western Alamance, Eastern Alamance, Western Guilford, Northern Guilford). The games with those teams allowed us (as well as them) to have big gates. I remember the 2 games we had with WA 3 years ago were big gates. The second game we played them in the playoffs filled our stadium to the max. It may have been the largest crowd ever at EG. Both games were special to me because I coached at WA for 8 years back in the 70's (1970-1978). The stadium is named after my former principal AM Primm who loved sports and was a huge fan. He was special because he wanted every extra curricular team and club to be the best. Unfortunately that is not always the way it is today. Many principals today would be happier if there were no athletic teams. We are fortunate at EG in that our principal Lance Sockwell reminds me of Mr. Primm in that he is very supportive.