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  1. Glenn

    Spectrum Cable

    my48 and ABC45 will broadcast the games in the Piedmont Triad. my28RDU and CW22 will broadcast the the games in the Triangle. All four of these stations are Sinclair owned and operated. Not sure about the other markets in the state. On Spectrum there are 2 games listed on channel 15 (my 48) at noon and 3 PM. So, it may be either the 2A/2AA or 4A/4AA games being shown in the Greensboro area where I live. If you live in the Raleigh area my guess is Spectrum will have the 1A/1AA and 3A/3AA games. If you have an HD antenna you can probably pick up all 4 channels.
  2. Glenn

    Spectrum Cable

    I was planning on going to both 3A and 3AA games at NCSU but forgot that I had committed to attending a Christmas get together at a friends house. They put a lot of time, money and effort into this so there are times when friends come before football.
  3. Is Spectrum going to televise the games this Sat. like they did last year? I tried to find out but cannot find out.
  4. 1A Robbinsville 1AA East Surry 2A Reidsville 2AA Shelby 3A Southern Nash (upset) 3AA Weddington 4A Cardinal Gibbons 4AA Vance
  5. Reidsville only because they are only 20 minutes from me and they are friends.
  6. When you look at the two teams Salisbury lost to it makes them appear less impressive. The team Shelby lost to was a very good FB team. Even if you bring the matchup subject into the equation my guess is that Shelby has too much for Salisbury.
  7. Over on ncpreps people trash Tarboro saying we have felons and criminals on our team, which is not true at all. He probably does not realize that the state has rules in place to prevent things like this from happening.
  8. Glenn


    gg4bama, sounds good to me.
  9. Glenn


    Currently, that may be the case but as the Millennial's start to enter the workforce, you are finding a lot of them with PE degrees and wanting to coach. That's why we are seeing more and more "volunteer" coaches and less coaches that are also teachers. I am a Perennial which means I come back every year. One of my neighbors who is head of teacher education at Elon University (who was a Health & Physical Education Professor) tells me that there are less and less students getting degrees in this area. As a matter of fact fewer and fewer students are getting degrees in Education.
  10. Glenn


    Blue DevilsBiggest Fan +1 ... I was told when I referee to always make sure u see the whole play throughout , make sure your in SPOT to make a call n always keep the play in front of u if its on your side, if your trailing because the play go to far side, u watch for anything that could be illegal like cheap shot or something away from the play Great observation. Thank you for your input. I was told by an official friend of mine who has been an official for many years that in workshops the older officials try very hard to get the younger officials to understand that a non flagrant foul totally away from the play (one that has no affect on the play) should not be called. He said that many young officials are very smart and know all the rules but have no feeling for the game in applying the rules like the example above. I will agree that there are coaches who go over the deep end and they should be held accountable for their actions.
  11. Glenn


    unless you have a school that teaches nothing but PE classes, it's gonna be hard to find good coaches. Someone isn't doing a good enough job at the college level of letting student athletes know that you can't all be PE teachers. This has not been my experience. Most of the coaches I have coached with teach in areas other than PE. Saying that good coaches are only able to teach PE is stereotyping them as not being intelligent enough to teach biology, math, social studies, computer science, etc. At EG only 2 of our FB coaches teach PE. The HC teaches WL and one assistant teaches Health & PE and ISS. The rest teach those other subjects. I have degrees in Health & Physical Education, Biology, Electronics, Drafting, and a Masters Degree in Safety and Driver Education. I have taught Health & Physical Education, Weight Training, Biology, Physical Science, Math, Geology, Drafting, Keyboarding, and Art.
  12. Glenn


    I understand they are not professional's I can deal with you being bad just be consistent is all I ask! Agree. However, they should do everything they can to have a complete understanding of the rules. They should do this because they have the desire to be the best they can be. The one thing I see in college games is that the officials get together on calls to make sure they get it right. This never happens in HS FB. Plus I have seen officials who have a better view of something yet an official 30 yards makes the call. When asked why he does not put in his 2 cents, his answer is that was not his call even though he had a better view of the play. I am also convinced that in HS FB if a receiver blocks a defender for more than 5 seconds they will be called for holding because the official thinks that if a receiver is able to block a defender for longer than 5 seconds he has to be holding him even though he does not actually see him holding. We see this all the time and when we look at the play on video the block was clean regardless if it was our receiver or the opponents receiver.
  13. Glenn


    I know many that do not teach but coach. Some are unpaid volunteers and some are "paid volunteers." I think schools are missing a huge positive influence by not having coaches in the building not only for their players but for all students. A lot of coaches can relate really well to kids even those that are not athletes. If I were a principal this would be something that I would push for. I totally agree.
  14. Glenn


    The bottom line, then, is this: Our special teams players need to be acutely aware when lining up to receive a punt of the point that marks the 15th foot from the snapper to the sideline along the line of scrimmage. If the punter rolls out and crosses that point, he is, quite literally, not a punter under NCAA rules. He can and should be introduced to the landscaping with celerity, asperity, and severity. The rules of college football specifically and explicitly provide that there is an instant at which a rugby-style punter is a ballcarrier rather than a kicker; at that instant, he should be brought down, and brought down hard, so that opposing coaches will go back to punting properly when facing the return team. HS FB needs this type of rule. The problem in this case is where this imaginary 15 foot line is located but it is better than what we now use under the NF rules.
  15. Glenn


    I have utilized the Rugby style kick, I spoke with the refs before the games. They always told me, while he has possession of the ball he is a runner, once he plants and kicks he is a kicker and roughing or running into the kicker can be called. This is the same rule as if a QB kicks the ball, up until the ball is kicked they are a threat and considered a runner/passer, once they kick it they are the kicker and are protected. This is what I have been told as well. The rule is the problem. It needs to be changed.