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  1. They canceled and are just focused on playing a JV Schedule
  2. Tarboro is looking for a game on Oct. 23rd (Week 10). If anyone is interested please email Coach Craddock at jcraddock@ecps.us and Coach Harding at aharding@ecps.us. Thanks
  3. No worries, I just officially learned this myself last week. Sometimes it helps to read the fine print of everything, ha ha
  4. Schools don't "turn in" ADM's to the NCHSAA. Schools report their ADM's to the DPI and the NCHSAA pulls the numbers from them. So any number you see the school has reported to their district and the district has reported to DPI.
  5. I know the number have changed since the first ten days of school. But on Friday Tarboro was sitting 520 according to our Power Schools.
  6. Coach Harding

    Tarboro Straight T Offense:

    Don't try and comment much. But just want to make sure one thing is clear. Anyone who knows Tarboro. We run the Tarboro T (Not the Straight T) and a 4-4 Cov. 3 on Defense. Everyone have a great day, back to watching South Creek film!!!
  7. Coach Harding

    Games moved due to Hurricane Dorian

    Tarboro is holding out for our game against Northern Nash on Friday but considering Saturday at 6.
  8. Coach Harding

    Week 1: Rocky Mount at Tarboro

    Last time we played each other was 2004.
  9. Coach Harding

    Top coaches who no longer coach

    There can’t be a list of former great coaches without mentioning Raymond Cobb. He has 253 career wins; coached in 5 State Championship winning 2 in 1994 and 1997. Then he took over a struggling SWE making them a relevant throughout his time at that school.
  10. Coach Harding

    August pre-season scrimmages

    Tarboro va DH Conley 8/10 9:30am Tarboro Jamboree. 8/16 6pm THS, SWE, NE, Farmville Central. Greene Central, Manteo, JH Rose, Havelock,
  11. Coach Harding

    1A East Finals: Pamlico 16, Rosewood 12

    Congrats to Pamlico
  12. Coach Harding

    2A West Powerhouse Is On Their Way To 1A

    It would sure be fun to see
  13. Coach Harding

    2A West Powerhouse Is On Their Way To 1A

    Well thank you for the kind words, means a lot.!!!
  14. Coach Harding

    2A West Powerhouse Is On Their Way To 1A

    Trust me I get that having two small schools that close doesn't make sense 100%. But politics play a major role in these decisions. It does go back to the days of when Tarboro was a city school and North, South and West Edgecombe HS were the County HS's. Then in '72 South and West combined together (hence why SouthWest Edgecombe has the capital W in their name). The right (or wrong depending on where you live) person would have to come in a take that challenge. I just teach Civics and coach Football. Not my decision to make