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  1. smashmouth5

    Hunter Huss at Crest

    Great win for Crest tonight. OL continues to get better and TJ Ruff had a monster game. The guys playing both ways just kept fighting. They would make it to the sidelines, down some mustard, and head right back out there. Congrats to Coach Eddins and the Chargers who still have a shot at a Big South title. Also good job by the Crest crowd. Had the Sid rocking tonight.
  2. smashmouth5

    JV Scores Week 9

    Crest 21 Huss 6
  3. smashmouth5

    Hunter Huss at Crest

    All a team can ask for is a chance to play in meaningful games in Oct and Nov. Crest is getting that chance. Chargers have improved as the year has progressed but they will have to play their best game of the year to stay with Huss.
  4. I love that this game has so much riding on it. Should be a great environment. Shelby has lonnnnng home winning streak vs 2A teams but Burns is rolling in with some incredible athletes. I'll take Shelby in a close 1.
  5. smashmouth5

    JV scores and updates

    Crest 24 Ashbrook 12
  6. smashmouth5

    Cleveland County 210 Opponents 6

    I think it shows how far a program like Crest has come (South Point too) when these are considered your down years. Lots of teams will take down years like this on a regular basis. Gotta feeling by playoff time not many will want the Red Raiders or the Chargers in their half of the bracket. Kings Mtn and Shelby both have state title talent and Burns will create some havoc in the 2A playoffs with their athletes. Pryor is still the best player I have seen this year. Crazy good.
  7. A good night for Cleveland County to say the least. As great as the old CC has been over the years, this may end up being one of the best. After 7 games into the season, the county is 22-4 with the only defeats coming to other county teams. Very exciting times indeed and Cleveland County once again is showing that it takes high school football very seriously.⛰️🦁🐾🐴🏈👍
  8. smashmouth5

    JV game canceled Crest Vs Cramer

    Yes. I think injuries are playing a part.
  9. Sounds like Cramer will not field a JV team this week so that game is not happening.
  10. smashmouth5

    Best Stadium Entrance

    All four Cleveland County Schools have pretty good entrances. Kings Mountain takes a bus around escorted by the police to the woods. They enter coming through the woods and then through the inflatable Mountaineer. Burns enters from underneath their scoreboard and down the hill at Ron Greene Stadium. Crest comes in touching the state title monuments before entering the tunnel and run out through the Crest helmet to The Horse. And last but not least. The Shelby pile on.
  11. smashmouth5

    Game Start Times Question

    Cleveland County is 7:30. I remember the 8 kickoffs. Didn't they change the time because of how late games were ending?
  12. smashmouth5

    Best RB in N.C.

    Kujuan Pryor from Burns should be in the conversation.
  13. smashmouth5

    Burns 49 Newton Conover 12

    Was worried at first. Max preps had the score backwards most of the night. Be careful...these Dawgs bite.
  14. smashmouth5

    Kings Mountain vs Shelby

    Great win by KM. Shelby has been able to jump on teams quick and KM flipped that script tonight. Got the lead and never looked back. KM front 7 on defense is really good.
  15. smashmouth5

    Freedom vs Crest

    Crest wins 51-48. Wild game. Crest found themselves down 10 a couple times late in the second half but kept battling. Shout out to Crest soph QB DJ Fuller.After A couple tough games vs Burns and Shelby he showed why he has such potential as a QB. Birchfield for Freedom is a dang man.