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  1. smashmouth5

    1970's-1990's Game Film

  2. smashmouth5

    Mascot name change

    Original Crest High in Boiling Springs was the Falcons. After consolidation of different smaller schools and moving to the new school they became the Chargers.
  3. smashmouth5

    1970's-1990's Game Film

    Coach Jeff Jones has put a lot of old Shelby footage on YouTube.
  4. smashmouth5

    Best trainers by position in NC

    If you can get to the Luv Center in Cleveland County...go. Those guys do a great job.
  5. Football team had a 3.1 GPA and was recognized as a scholar team. Congrats to them.
  6. smashmouth5

    Crest TJ Ruff getting offers...

    Southern University
  7. So far Gardner Webb Charlotte Navy Air Force
  8. smashmouth5

    Best defense

    2014 Crest Chargers 16-0 3A state champs gave up 5 ppg with 6 shut outs. Held much talked about Havelock offense to 3 points in championship game. One of the fastest defenses I have seen. 1994 Crest Chargers 15-0 4A state champs before subdivided playoffs. Gave up 6 ppg. Was hard hitting and would just destroy guys on tackles. Would literally see guys like LB Tim Ramseur knock out mouth pieces when they hit guys. Fun conversation when talking about which of these defenses were the best in Crest history. 14 was the more athletic but the 94 team was nasty with a nose for the ball.
  9. Has received an offer from South Carolina.
  10. Has committed to Virginia Tech.
  11. smashmouth5

    Hunter Huss

    New coach will have some work to do. Loosing some good Sr's and a player like Zo Wallace will hard to replace. Not sure what they have on the way from Jv team. I know Crest beat them last year and Crest was missing some of their best players because of call ups and injuries.
  12. smashmouth5

    Daytona 500

    One of the worst I've seen. Very scary. Listening to announcers reminded me of when Dale passed.
  13. smashmouth5

    UNC basketball

    Missed FT's were a killer. Another chapter added to the rilvary.
  14. smashmouth5

    Busy day in Cleveland County

    Thanks for adding KM. I knew there had to be some action on that side of Buffalo Creek too. Congrats to all of them.
  15. The pens were moving on signing day... Ones I know so far... Shelby Spencer Triplet-UNC Isaiah Bess-Charleston Southern Dashaun Christopher-Ramah JC Nick Corry-Wingate Diavonni Daley-Ramah JC Thomas Hougas--Newport News Ja'Hari Mitchell-Mars Hill Nick Stites-East Carolina Crest Caleb Reavis-Wingate Braxton Kale-Wingate Keyez Jefferies-Ramah JC Eli Brooks-Gardner Webb Jalin Graham-Gardner Webb Chris Richardson-Gardner Webb Burns CJ Hopper-Guilford Jaquan Degree-Ramah JC KJ Leslie-NC A&T Kujuan Pryor-Catawba Xavier Jennings-Lenoir Rhyme Congrats to all of these young men as they prepare to move into the next season of life.