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  1. smashmouth5

    East Gaston?

    I sure hope East Gaston can figure it out. They have some good fans that continue to hang by their team. A very difficult position indeed.
  2. smashmouth5

    UNC basketball

    Some of Roy's quotes about this team won't help either, even if true. K knows how to play game and after Dukes 2 game looking streak said in his presser that he won't throw the kids under the bus.
  3. Doesn't mean a thing to the regular season, but when you get the right teams together it makes for a great gate and atmosphere for a group of fans, who by this point, are craving football. We in Cleveland County just enjoy seeing our young men battle on the field.
  4. Bobby Bell presenting the AFC Championship trophy to the Hunt family. Awesome to see.
  5. Was told Catholic is in the Cleveland County Jamboree. Also AC Reynolds. Could shape up to be one of the best scrimmages around this year.
  6. Hearing about a possible scrimmage for Catholic. Don't know if it is finalized yet so I won't say who, but if it happens (even with it just being a scrim) get your popcorn ready.
  7. smashmouth5

    Collecting baseball and football cards

    I have boxes of them but have not purchased any in a long time. My grandfather loved them and I would go to card shows with him. My two favorites are my Rickey Henderson rookie card (favorite player of all time) and my Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr card. Seeing those glossy Upper Decks for the first time changed the game of card collecting.
  8. smashmouth5

    UNC basketball

    Gotta admit, as a Duke fan, I have watched more UNC games this year than I have in a while.😁
  9. smashmouth5

    Fred T Foard Wrestling

    Had a chance to see Foard a couple weeks ago. They can flat out go on the mat.
  10. smashmouth5

    SC realignment

    Its already trouble for some schools to get 11 logical games. Schools in your backyard that could bring in a decent gate won't play. And you can't play the number 1 ranked team every week unless you want to get beat to death. Why do you think Alabama plays a team like Western Carolina?
  11. Was talking with a coach at the Shelby/Burns game and he said it really has become an arms race in SC. Very impressive stadium.
  12. With the win last night over Shelby Coach Levine has the Chargers off to a 5-0 start. Soph PG Mari Adams for Crest is a special player if you get a chance to see them play.
  13. smashmouth5

    Tre Lamb new coach at GWU

    Presser was held today. Got a standing ovation when he talked about recruiting locally. Local folks have been talking about this for a while. Local football has been to good for there not to be any more local players, esp when kids are getting offers from other schools but not a mention from GWU. Hopefully this is the start of good things.
  14. smashmouth5

    All Decade

    Johnathan Bullard-Crest
  15. As we are moving towards state championship weekend, i think we as fans forget sometimes that we are watching kids play a game we love. This becomes even more evident as we watch teams getting eliminated from the playoffs. Yes they may be 6-3 300 lbs, but when the final horn sounds and they are on the wrong end of the score, the tears are real and they are looking for the embrace of a loved one to let them know that it will be okay. There is no paycheck for the playing of the game. It is literally just a chance to get out there and play a little ball with your friends, some you have known since that very first day you walked into a place called school as a very nervous 5 year old. At the end of the season there will only be 8 teams that don't have the feeling of heartache. To all those players, cheerleaders, trainers, band members, student sections, and all of the young people invested in their team, these times are tough, but as the years pass you will be able to look back on these times with fondness. Continue to put in the hard work. You will be rewarded in more ways than just wins and loses.