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  1. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    TC Roberson with a big win over New Hanover 2-1. The 3A playoffs are going to be fun.
  2. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Crest 8 Burns 1 Crest wins 2019 Shelby Easter Tournament. Keyjuan Pryor of Burns was defensive player of tourney. Lawson Harrill of Crest was offensive player of tourney. CJ Mayhue of Crest was overall MVP of tourney.
  3. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Crest 2 KM 0 CJ Mayhue tosses a perfect game with 15 strikeouts.
  4. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Crest 10 Jefferson Forest 4 Good win for the Chargers. Lawson Harrill with a grand slam and Trevor Nanney had a nice night on the mound.
  5. smashmouth5

    4th and goal

    Wildcat with Tre Harbison.
  6. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Interesting next game for Crest. They are playing Jefferson Forest out of VA in the Shelby Easter tourney. Jefferson Forest is a top 10 4A team in VA. Don't know a whole lot about them but I would think they are a talented team.
  7. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Currently 4th in 3A Max Preps. When CJ is on the mound Crest is nearly unbeatable. I think this years Crest team has more speed than the last couple of years squads and they can really capitalize on mistakes. They have been really fun to watch. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the staff responds come playoff time. I believe we have a chance to see another Crest/New Hanover match-up but there is a lot of baseball to be played and a lot of good teams in the west.
  8. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Crest 5 North Gaston 0 CJ Mayhue with a 2 hit complete game shut out. The Charger defense also turned a triple play in the game.
  9. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Crest 16 Huss 0 Johnathan Webber and Parker Newton combine to no-hit the Huskies.
  10. smashmouth5

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Congrats to Coach Willbanks. Was able to attend the press conference and he is excited to be the next Head Lion at Shelby.
  11. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Crest 14 Ashbrook 0
  12. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Crest 9 St Stephens 8
  13. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Crest 9 Cramer 3 CJ Mayhue strikes out 16 in 6 innings.
  14. smashmouth5

    Baseball scores

    Some numbers on Crest pitcher C.J. Mayhue's great start. Is 3-0 on the season. Has not given up a run. Has 39 strikeouts in 19 1/3 innings.
  15. smashmouth5

    Thoughts and prayers

    They located the body today. Continued prayers for the family.