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  1. smashmouth5

    Week 1: South Point at Crest

    Very hard fought game. Good win for the Charger young pups and South Point will be a huge problem when they are healthy. Both teams were laying the wood on defense.
  2. smashmouth5

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    Really glad Crest and Freedom are getting back together. Really miss being in a conference with them. Always enjoyed the trips to Freedom in all sports.
  3. Brad Levine has been named new basketball coach at Crest.
  4. smashmouth5

    August pre-season scrimmages

    August 10th Crest at Hibriten
  5. smashmouth5

    1st games matchups

    South Point at Crest...obvious reasons. Shelby at Freedom....Coach Wilbanks first game at the helm of the Golden Lions and Freedom can be a tough place to play. Burns at Kings Mountain...KM first game with a new man under center and this is a very underrated rilvary game.
  6. smashmouth5

    Culture change

    Young people (both male and female) seem to be developing at a much faster rate. My son is 6-3 290 pounds and isn't 15 yet. He lifts or runs with the football team everyday and goes to a speed and conditioning coach 2 times a week. I will say that the coaches and trainers talk to him about what he's putting in his body, such as his protein intake. Look at pro sports and how the players have changed. I think nutrition and training has come a long way. Now I will say to that there are kids that are putting on weight the wrong way, but again I think how they train and refuel has evolved too. I have also wondered myself about what has been put in our food over the years.
  7. I will toss 2015 Crest team into the mix. That team had it all.
  8. The match-up I would of loved to have seen 1996 3A Champs Hickory vs 1996 4A Champs Crest. That would of been a great game.
  9. smashmouth5

    Talk about a flawed system...

    Latest max preps poll had Crest 4 and Marvin Ridge 6. Is that a third round match-up. Still have a right to complain about the system. North Gaston who finished second in the con has a better road. Series would be a much better way to decide You are correct about one hot pitcher can knock the better overall team out.
  10. smashmouth5

    Playoff scores

    Marvin Ridge 5 Crest 2 MR did a great job getting Mayhue deep into the count. Great year for the Chargers and congrats to Marvin Ridge.
  11. smashmouth5

    Playoff scores

    Carson 2 AC Reynolds 1
  12. smashmouth5

    Playoff scores

    North Gaston 6 Northern Guilford 5
  13. smashmouth5

    Playoff scores

    Crest 8 West Rowan 0 Michael Greene and CJ Mayhue with HR's Trevor Nanney with complete game shutout.
  14. was told classifications wouldn't matter with con's. Example would be...Gaston County would like to have there own con. So you would have the 10 schools in Gaston County in one con. Classification wouldn't matter till playoffs. That would help keep travel down instead of trying to find a con for all the schools. Anyone know if that was talked about?
  15. smashmouth5

    Playoff scores

    Crest and West Rowan moved up to Thursday.