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  1. I never attacked the community, students or school system. I merely stated a fact that has been posted on here as well as TOS. Thomasville has had an issue the last few years with discipline on and off the field. It is common knowledge and I could post several links to stories but I won't. Sorry that I triggered so many snowflakes. If you can't confront a problem then you can't arrive at a solution. Ask Albemarle about their issues and the discipline problems they have and have had. It directly affects the ability to hire and retain coaches. I think that this is a public forum and if the statistics and information are relevant to whether or not a school is attractive to a coach is part of the discussion. Any of you that think otherwise are living in a dreamworld. Jeez.... next thing you know y'all will want to stop posting scores and give everybody a damn trophy.
  2. Wanted to weigh in on the Thomasville HC search and the "rumors" from TOS about the Coach Brown (s) being involved. Not one word has been spoken about them having ANY interest in returning to Thomasville. I as a football enthusiast would guarantee you that if they wanted to return to Thomasville the job was theirs. How about the fact that Montgomery Central is a much better opportunity with a higher ceiling and better chance of success than Thomasville? This isn't Thomasville 20-30 years ago by the way. It has go the way of many mill towns i.e. Albemarle, North Moore etc.... Enjoy the successes of your past and realize at best you are going to hire a young coach that will move on at the first opportunity presented to him. Maybe do something about the crime, violence and issues in the school before you start trying to recruit top talent to coach a football team that has as many players in the arrest reports as they do in the sports page.
  3. Yeah..... when you have to resort to insults it pretty much sums your character up. Says a lot about you.
  4. Thank you... I've been a subscriber since 2002... I really appreciate the advice. I have my first dash mounted XM radio on a shelf at home. I appreciate your smugness and arrogance. It really solidifies the persona of a uncheat fan! Never fails....
  5. I'll go one better for WFNZ.... I listened to the Packman and Pinter show when it was on..... Hayseed and the crew were a riot. Not sure what happened with them. I know there was some PC crap that went on and several of the regular co-hosts were let go. Show evolved into the Packman show and then you had a bunch of uncheat fans that would complain constantly that they were never given a fair shake on air. Well.... this thread is a prime example. You criticize anything uncheat and you get lambasted by Wally World regulars that have never stepped foot in a classroom in chapel hole. Thin skinned is an understatement. That's why so many fan bases pile on when they are horrible. Which is more often than not in football and becoming more regular in basketball. Couldn't happen to a more smug obnoxious fan base.
  6. You may not be smart enough to understand what the term "irony" means. A supposed grown man with ZERO ties to a school, coaching staff or players consistently bashes the school and fans but screams "rent free" when an opposing fan of a known crooked cheating university mentions them. I sincerely hope you find the poster on this and the uncheat recruiting assistance site who has claimed to be on medication. You need it as bad or worse than he does. You may just troll this board to generate clicks or you are in serious need of a life. I suggest going the medication route.
  7. I was referring to the unc tarheel team. NOT a high school team. Relax....
  8. For someone that doesn't have ties to Montgomery County it definitely appears that we are living rent free in your head. You stalk us religiously and seem to have an opinion on all things going on. What you should do is get a hobby outside of bashing fans on a high school football forum. And yes, we have high expectations. And those expectations don't include forfeiting seasons, blatant cheating violations and questionable integrity among our coaches. My advice to you is to try and get Mack to coach your pathetic excuse for a basketball team, move back over to the "tarheel recruiting service" site and get a damn life. Montgomery Central will be fine with Coach Brown and will be a factor soon enough. It's obvious this is your outlet for whatever reason. Sad...very sad. Seek help.
  9. I'm not saying what Coach Brown will or will not do. Anyone that thinks the Thomasville job is better than the Montgomery Central job needs to realize this is 2019. The days of Thomasville striking fear in the hearts of opponents is long gone. They can join Lexington in the used to be's of Davidson County. Not slinging insults, just stating the facts. If Coach Brown chooses to leave, which is highly unlikely, I wish him the best. The talent that is in place at MC is pretty damn impressive. The kids and parents went through some growing pains but with the way Coach Brown handled the issues from last season he established himself as THE leader of that entire school. He has a chance to build not only a program, but a culture. Montgomery Central has an advantage over Thomasville. Potential to grow. Thomasville is heading toward consolidation or irrelevance. Whichever comes first. As far as TOS, or the "tarheel recruiting assistance site", they can say whatever they want. There is only one person that knows.
  10. East Surry and Mt. Airy are in Surry County. It's a small county. The NCHSAA has made the rules what they are. It's no different than what Thomasville, Lexington, Albemarle all did in the 80's and 90's when it was city schools vs. rural schools. Thomasville had kids from all over Davidson County playing for them. Why would you want to play anywhere else in the 80's and 90's???? Anyone saying that East Surry brought in players in order to win should be banned. Sour grapes is all it is. I predicted that Taroboro would roll East Surry. I was wrong. So was everyone else that wasn't a East Surry fan. Even some of them didn't see that win coming.
  11. Yeah... my facts are wrong. Go ahead and show me an example of my "facts" being wrong. Pretty sure you won't find many on here that agree with you on that. You and your buddy should do some research. Very telling that you'd chime in. Like Typical.....
  12. Well... I will tell you when I am wrong. I don't think that I said anything I didn't believe. I am pretty sure the only ones that thought that ES would win were from ES. I have no problem with ES winning and winning in a dominant way. I have no skin in that game. Tarboro was/is a dominant team. I will go on record, again, saying they are the hand down favorite next year. Who is going to beat them? The fact you come on a 1A board to talk smack simply because you don't agree with my facts on the program in chapel hill speaks volumes about you and your desire to troll a high school message board. One of my very good friends and alum from West Montgomery began his coaching career at ES. My uncle coached for over 25 years at Mt. Airy. So, any comments you make about my knowledge of football in NC at the high school level should be noted. Enjoy the rest of the basketball season. Obviously you have an agenda and I hope you enjoy fulfilling it.
  13. Welcome to the NCHSAA....they created this monster and now they have to deal with it. I've said ad nauseum that the same faces will be in the same places. i.e. North Stanly recruited players from at least three different counties for their "magical" two year run. They had 6 out of 54 or 55 season above .500 and had NEVER won a conference title. Well, a makeshift coaching staff, a few wealthy booster members who had kids playing and boom!! two YVC Titles in two years. Where are they now? Back to being the bottom feeders they always were. The train left the station years ago. High School Football in NC is a wreck and you can thank the powers that be that cash those six figure checks for it. Thank God I could care less about basketball they ruined that decades ago.....but I fear the same fate is heading to the football field.
  14. Wow... I was wrong. Everyone else was wrong as well. Vegas lost a ton on this game with the few that took ES. Congrats Cardinals. Good job. First title for the West in quite a while. CoachE42... I have a few choice words for you but I will refrain from using them. I hope that you are NOT a coach that interacts with kids. You my friend are some piece of work. Typical.....
  15. That right there is why people shouldn't drink and get on message boards. Three teams Tarboro played would win the Western Finals by at least two TDs. East Surry played ONE team in the regular season worth a damn this year. ONE. Now being a West Montgomery guy I can tell you that there were years where we knew we were making at least to the Western Finals if not State. That's a fact. There are only two or three teams in the West that will compete for 1AA year in and year out rotating among five or six. East Surry will lose by 30+ tomorrow.