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  1. WM1977

    Montgomery vs Randolph County

    The divide between the two schools has proven to be the biggest challenge as I had stated. Having the kids in "one" school definitely would be a huge step in the right direction. Now they are two schools trying to make one team. Coach Brown quite frankly has his toughest coaching job of his career the next two years. With the looks of it MCHS won't be ready next August unless they really step up the construction process........... Best of luck Friday night and yes it would definitely help if some of the 6 missing KEY players return.
  2. You want to go head to head with arrests between the two programs? And let's not forget that the Chapel Hill Police Department failed to report numerous sexual assaults to the Orange County DA's office and several of them were charged for dereliction of duty. I'll go toe to toe with you on that. I don't resort to personal insults. Like I said, some of the unc-cheat fans are salty. Don't take it so personal. Walmart still sells unc-cheat gear.
  3. LOL!!! Yeah..... Missouri is a very competitive team with arguably a 2nd or 3rd draft pick at QB. As far as the rest goes....there's a huge difference between NCSU and unc-cheat....one has established itself as perennial bowl contender and has beaten the cheats 14 out of the last 20 years. Oh and they have NEVER been ineligible for bowl games, post season etc..... much less have to forfeit an entire season due to numerous cheating scandals and academic violations! Keep up the good work and best of luck to you the rest of the season. I'm sure once the envelopes start flowing again you'll be competitive enough to make a bowl game or two until some of your "uber" intelligent players post receipts from Cheesecake Factory or get caught with a rental from Michael Jordan Nissan with guns and weed. You know it and I know it..... it's a only a matter of time that the consistency of the unc-cheat program rears its head AGAIN. Mack may be back, but at 68 he's not losing a lot of sleep worrying about what's going on on Franklin Street. He's more worried about collecting that check for the next two or three years and getting out before the next big scandal!!
  4. Not hanging my head a bit. New QB, and another new one next week I'm sure after the McCay experiment has failed, and playing at WVU is never easy. They also played a hell of a lot better team last week than State is. As far as the clamoring from the unc-cheat fans..... it's expected. I mean, how many decades have we heard about the "sleeping giant" in chapel hole? Well, the only "sleeping giant" was the 18 year cheating scandal!!! State got the breaks beat off them today. The defense never adjusted to the running game and the corners have always been weak. At least I'm not on here crying to mods about "trolling." Now that's what the WHINE and cheese crowd is most known for! I support the T'wolves and have since day one. The lessons they are learning this year will pay off next year. As far as the comments go about the folks from the other side, well, quite a few have shown their rear ends and have been shown the door. Not going to air dirty laundry but not ONE parent from West has complained, showed out or disrupted practices or games. Can't say the same about the other side.
  5. LOL..... unc-cheat fans a little salty this morning...... guess that "bell lighting" that Mack came up with was a short lived celebration! Wonder where that "original" idea came from? And before you say Mack at Texas....that's BS....Bell tower in Raleigh has been lit red for a very long time for victories and other significant events. I'll take victories over Western Carolina and INTEGRITY on and off the field than what that cesspool in chapel hill has churned out the last 10 years. Remember, the well, the bell the old stone wall? Where the heck is that "carolina way" commercial these days? It's more like "the drugs, the payments, the stolen cars, the sexual abuse scandals, probation, no show classes, tudors taking tests for players....the true carolina way!!" And you can't deny one bit of it!
  6. Agree. Mack has managed to win as many games in three games as the previous 4 years combined against D1 opponents! Way to set that bar high!!! I guess once Fats gets back on the payroll and starts delivering envelopes the Belk Bowl will be locks once again!
  7. After all the ranting about how "Mack is back" from the unc-cheat faithful and how they pulled out 4th quarter comebacks against less than mediocre teams the first two weeks I figured I'd start a thread congratulating Wake Forest. I mean they are an in state school that has players from NC High Schools that many fans follow on this board. The mighty unc-cheat offense sputtered out of the gate and only started firing when Wake went into prevent mode. Which almost came to bite them. Maybe Mack and Co. should step up their game and bring back some of Butch's players that are no longer in the NFL that contributed to their "magical" 2015 season... you know, the one they forfeited all wins! Glad to have Mack back for sure!!!!
  8. WM1977

    Montgomery Central

    Mr. Inman you are spot on with your comments as always. Enjoy listening to your broadcasts when I am not in town to attend. Keep up the good work and let's sit back and watch how this season plays out. There is a ton of talent on the field. Getting them to mesh is why Coach Brown is there. He has a mountain to climb for sure.
  9. WM1977

    Montgomery Central

    The biggest challenge that MoCo Central has is bridging the gap with the two sides of the county. You want to talk about history? Look at what Coach James Garmon did with the talent just from the West side. And, what Coach D did at East was historic. Not to mention one of my best friends. He and Garmon were MoCo football when the classifications were real. That's when 16 teams made the playoffs in each division and West was 2A. Talent is there. It's all about getting the parents to buy in. We have seen one who couldn't handle it. There will be more. Once that is all weeded out then you will see a team. Both schools needed upgrades. The way it went down is questionable. No reason to debate it. It happened. Support the Wolves.
  10. WM1977

    East Surry 1AA looks to be scary good

    I stand corrected....I get confused about which team from the East sent us home as runner ups!!! It's not exactly the feeling I relish but it is in the same breathe the feeling I relish. Knowing you were at least in the game and had a chance is more than all but one other team in the division had. Until there is a massive overhaul at the NCHSAA it's going to continue to get ugly. Renegade programs, nothing resembling structure etc..... there has to be rules that are followed by everyone. But, considering where the NCHSAA is located can you really expect anything less? The center of cheating and bending the rules resides right across the street.
  11. WM1977

    East Surry 1AA looks to be scary good

    Yeah..but that one time when we lost to another team our team wasn't as good "that" season.....blah blah blah....pretty much you made my point. West Montgomery also kept up with WRH in 2007 losing on a controversial TD call in the end zone that would have won the game. So pretty sure they "kept" up with them in that game. And I've seen the scores from Murphy etc... you never "kept" up with the speed at all.
  12. WM1977

    East Surry 1AA looks to be scary good

    Nobody. I mean NOBODY...in 1A is within 35 - 40 points of Tarboro. Trust me. I listened to the good folks West of Montgomery County for years talking about how "Mountain Football" was the great equalizer. Well....West Montgomery won more against those Mountain teams than they lost. And when it came to the State Championship we came home with the "L." WRH was/is the real deal. Would love to see that match-up. As far as my friends from the mountains....temper your expectations for your own sanity. Whoever comes from the West to face Tarboro will not go home happy. It will be a blowout. Sorry...but the truth is the truth. If you couldn't keep up with the speed from West Montgomery you have NO chance at the speed down east.
  13. WM1977

    Montgomery Central

    Distance is just trying to troll.... and doing a poor job of it. Look at his profile and his posting history. The fact he's a unc-cheat fan should tell you all you need to know. The dirtiest program in NCAA history to walk free, no doubt due to half the investigators were unc-cheat grads working for the NCAA! He cruises many topics and often interjects just to be contrary. As far as "thekidd" goes. There are no unrealistic expectations. Maybe since ER no longer controls where the best football players in Randolph County go sour grapes must be really tasting bad these days. Once the "pipeline" was shut down ER has tumbled from contender to cannon fodder!!! WHOOOOOO!!!! Now get some of that!!!! Montgomery Central has arguably one of the top coaching staffs in the state and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Sit back and wait and see what is built. The reason there is so much yapping from folks is because they know the talent that has always been there and now combined it could produce a Top 10 team year in and year out. WITHOUT the help of outside schools, number manipulation or "sudden moves" by star athletes. Home grown talent that many on this board forget that High School Football used to be about that. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon lamenting on how a first year school that's played 3 games has your dandruff all worked up.
  14. WM1977

    East Surry 1AA looks to be scary good

    My bad on Swain. I know that several teams play the numbers game and was mistaken with Swain. I'll admit when I'm wrong. Too bad many won't admit when it's the truth!
  15. WM1977

    East Surry 1AA looks to be scary good

    Ignore this guy Chris...he destroyed the other site and had four or five threads locked in a single day. Please don't let him come on here and do the same to this one. You are correct with them in 4A...the fact he said "low ranked team like Rocky Mount..." should warrant a ban for lack of knowledge on high school football in NC.