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  1. What? Not mad...just stating facts. Oh...what year did you graduate from unc-cheat? Waiting on the answer.
  2. Really??? You have to be blind to not know what is going on. I don't have camera footage of the transactions or video evidence. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck.......
  3. Accusations????? LMAO............ All of a sudden because a coach who was run out of town in Texas comes to NC all of these kids seem to be flocking to the "sleeping giant?" Wow...... you tarheel fans really amaze me. Just remember you are a Cheesecake Factory receipt away from "Fats" renting you a car and putting you back in your place. Enjoy your "recruiting" success. It's all a load of crap on a cracker. What is being done there is nothing but BS. Sad to see it happen to the players that have bought, or rather been paid, into the hype.
  4. WM1977

    Best defense

    Catholic beat West Montgomery in 1990 in the playoffs, first round, with a 2 point conversion on a end around in OT. Otto was one of the best coaches ever.
  5. WM1977

    Best defense

    Yes.... Agree. I had to watch the Warriors against these teams. West Montgomery had a few damn good defensive teams as well. 1990's team was damn strong. Keep in mind that both Albemarle and West Montgomery benefited from playing in quite possibly the weakest conference in the entire State! Not taking away from the players by no means, but you play Denton/South Davidson, Chatham Central, North Moore every year you put up impressive numbers.
  6. Where we sit today is unprecedented. The fact that you are obviously taking a "victory" lap is very telling about you and your character. Typical..... I for one have faith in the President and the administration. Once this pandemic is under control the economy will bounce back and bounce back big time. What I worry about is people like you and your ilk that would rather see America fail than the President succeed. Let's see what happens in November. Until then continue to be the ass clown that you have proven to be that many of us already knew you were.
  7. I think a few of you are wearing your tin foil hats a little too tightly. Our economy is still better off even with the drop off, than when President Trump took over. The airlines are going to be be taken care of. This is unprecedented. We as a country should come together and put aside petty politics. Even though many of you wanted the queen to be crowned in 2017 and still haven't gotten over it try and pretend that the good of America is to support the President and this Administration. At least he knows what state he is in and what the name of the virus he is fighting.
  8. If anyone needs some TP I have a contact that's selling it by the square, ounce, 1/2 roll and roll. Just keep it on the down low you feel me?
  9. That is the beauty of this site. You can have differing opinions and hash it out without being banned or threatened to be banished. TOS used to be active year round. Over moderating has damn near destroyed it. That and you could never criticize certain teams from a certain part of the state. I'm really surprised it's still around to be quite honest.
  10. Many in the media, i.e. Bill Maher, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, all have said that the country may have to endure a recession in order to get rid of President Trump. That's the liberal mindset. To control every aspect with their views regardless of the consequences. Just like today when Pelosi submitted her bill to congress it had several unrelated items. Mainly public funding for abortion. Yeah, the "trumptards" are the problem.
  11. Guess what snowflake...? Hilliary lost. Get over it. I guess in your world this is Trump's fault. Now explain to me how he is responsible for every other damn country in the world being infected? Enjoy your red wine and cheese while looking smugly down on the rest of us.
  12. The mere fact you brought up Alex Jones say more about you than any previous comment that has been made. Make sure you keep in step with your liberal media and follow blindly all the guidelines they establish for you. I on the other hand think for myself and do my own research with what facts are available across a broad spectrum. You, well, you pretty much exposed who you are.
  13. Agree Btango..... not wearing a tin hat... but... the left needed a crisis in order to weaken President Trump's re-election. They have a communist and a candidate that doesn't know where he is half the time. H1N1 infected millions. Never got the hype this one is. Social Media is evil. The main stream media is a joke. They are nothing but the propaganda arm of the democrat party. There isn't a "life or death" situation. As far as the NBA cancelling their season, look no further than the China situation this past summer. I'll wager that half of their arrogant over paid asses will play in China before July. If you are an elderly person, someone that has health issues or just concerned about germs, stay home. Nothing more.
  14. WM1977

    Saying Goodbye

    Thanks Chris. You always allowed for banter between posters and never sided with one particular area. You are/were first class all the way. Best of luck to you and tell the chuckleheads that take over to don't screw up a good thing that works!!!
  15. I never attacked the community, students or school system. I merely stated a fact that has been posted on here as well as TOS. Thomasville has had an issue the last few years with discipline on and off the field. It is common knowledge and I could post several links to stories but I won't. Sorry that I triggered so many snowflakes. If you can't confront a problem then you can't arrive at a solution. Ask Albemarle about their issues and the discipline problems they have and have had. It directly affects the ability to hire and retain coaches. I think that this is a public forum and if the statistics and information are relevant to whether or not a school is attractive to a coach is part of the discussion. Any of you that think otherwise are living in a dreamworld. Jeez.... next thing you know y'all will want to stop posting scores and give everybody a damn trophy.