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  1. Steve Johnston

    3rd round Basketball action

    Carson girls took care of business against Catholic and wait to see who wins Freedom/Asheville game
  2. Steve Johnston

    3rd Rd basketball score updates

    Carson girls rolled over Charlotte Catholic 56-31. Held Catholic to 11 pts in 2nd half only 2 in 4th quarter
  3. Steve Johnston

    2nd round matchup games.

    Carson girls rolled over SW Randolph 71-58 in agame that was not that close. Carson went on a 37-6 run from late 2nd to end of 3rd to salt game. Got careless in the 4th allowing 29 pts and still won by 13
  4. Steve Johnston

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    Carson girls cruise 63-46 but not that close...sw Randolph next... Chute...know anything about them?
  5. Steve Johnston

    Preliminary brackets up

    Yep seeing Cox Mill will be the only reason to go...the only question is does Cox Mill win by 20 or 30 plus...
  6. Steve Johnston

    Preliminary brackets up

    Welp...freedom grabbed the 2 over Carson as expected...sigh...you are right though ..that side does look tougher with both Enka and Ashville in it along with your old friend Hickory
  7. Steve Johnston

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    well let's hope it doesn't change...lol I do not want to have to travel to Freedom... we've been there done that and it hasn't worked out well in the past...let Freedom come to the Grove for a change...
  8. Steve Johnston

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    Curious how this will affect seeding as Erwin and Carson both lost their conference tourney championships. Does freedom jump to #1?
  9. Steve Johnston

    NPC Tournament

    I dunno LaLonde in the high post makes sense to me. She can see over and around the zone or man..can dribble drive, dump down low or kick out. Puts her in charge of the whole offense. Now if she is not being fed the ball or keeps wanting to drift out to the 3 line then that's on the players not so much the coach. Still ought to be able to score more than 20...just my 2 cents
  10. Steve Johnston

    NPC Tournament

    What in the world happened to NI last night? 20 pts??? Was that a typo or what?
  11. Steve Johnston

    South Iredell vs Carson

    Heard North and East (boys) have been booted from conference tourney due to some kind of kerfuffle that took place in their game last night. So first round of tourney is rematch of last night's games. South vs Carson and West vs Statesville
  12. Steve Johnston

    South Iredell vs Carson

    If they catch themselves a home game then maybe. Wouldn't be shocked if NPC boys are done after second round
  13. Steve Johnston

    South Iredell vs Carson

    They will be seeded with the 2's... probably the highest seeded 2. So looking at probably a 9 seed
  14. Steve Johnston

    Carson vs North Iredell ladies!

    Well she did score 25 while the rest of the team scored 29 so yea her +/- was probably pretty solid as it probably is in most games. As far as North wins if she plays whole game...meh not sure about that. Carson slogged through the third scoring only 6 pts. And if it's not a huge Carson lead does North go full court press? Does Carson lose their edge and get complacent because of the big lead? All unanswerable questions...
  15. Steve Johnston

    Carson vs North Iredell ladies!

    Giving up 25 pts in the second Q had more to do with it than LaLonde's ankle and yes Carson is a really good free throw shooting team