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  1. Steve Johnston

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    Ya think? Am willing to bet they had more turnovers than made baskets...hard to win that way
  2. Steve Johnston

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    Toughest is nice way of saying worst. It will be interesting to see if Carson can continue with the 3 ball. Colbie Perry currently 2nd in the state inade 3's. Taylor Conrad currently shooting 55% from 3. Yes 55% if they bring their D they can win regardless of their shooting. The North vs West game is fascinating to me. Pretty big game for both. Won't be surprised if it is physical and xhippy
  3. Steve Johnston

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    Will North actually finish the game this time at West? ....lol
  4. Steve Johnston

    Carson head coaching position

    The only one connecting the possible North closing with the Carson opening is you. Kinda wondering why....the only connection would be if Hampton sees the writing on the wall and looks for a better opportunity. But without being in his head I do not know that to be true and neither do you. What I have heard is a decision will be made by the end of the month. There are 5 finalists. Hampton is one....BTANGO referenced another in a previous post and 3 I am unaware of. To me it's a no brainier but for some strange reason I am not being consulted. I am waiting anxiously for a decision. For those in the know here throw this old dog a bone.... PM me if needed if you have any info😁 See? I even put a smiley face at the end!.
  5. Steve Johnston

    NPC Basketball update

    Friday's action: Girls Carson rolls East by 38 ...moves to 2-0 West handles South by 16.. moves to 2-0 North crushes Statesville by 31...shocker of the night...not that North won but 54-23?? That is surprising. NPCFAN...what say you? Heading into exam week here is where we stand Carson. 2-0 West. 2-0 North. 1-1 Statesville. 1-1 East. 0-2 South. 0-2 Boys Carson rolls East by 21 South squeaks by West by 4 Statesville tools North by 17 Standings Carson. 2-0 Statesville. 2-0 East. 1-1 South. 1-1 North. 0-2 West. 0-2
  6. Steve Johnston

    South Iredell at Statesville

    On the boys side of things the NPC is looking much like the football side of things. Nobody looks all that strong. 7-3 or even 6-4 will win conference
  7. Steve Johnston

    NPC Basketball update

    When they shoot the way they did last night (12 of their 18 FG were 3's) they are tough to beat. Agree completely on NI and their lack of offensive flow. Against a zone you must attack seams and collapse the D to create mismatches and open looks. NI did none of that. LaLonde was passive in 1st half as well with only 2 pts. Allen spent way too much time at the 3 pt line at the top of the key. I call them the Alabama of girls hoops... unfortunately they played just like Alabama did against Clemson last night...lol😁
  8. Steve Johnston

    NPC Basketball update

    Carson is not as deep as last year only dressed 10 during the Christmas tournament but all will play at least a little. Carleigh Perry didn't play last year due to injury and Taylor Conrad looks like a totally different player
  9. Steve Johnston

    NPC Basketball update

    Agree 100%...boys is South's to lose probably but they will probably lose several along the way. 6:30 starts are where the action is. NI and Carson are probably the teams to beat but Statesville and West will shake some trees and even East will win a few along the way Things start off with a bang next Tues as the NI LaLonde's come calling at the Grove. Can the little upstarts Carson keep it close against Nick Saban...oops I mean Roger Bumgartner and his squad? All kidding aside this should be a heck of a game. Match up to watch...Makie Allen vs Carleigh Perry. Love the way both of them play. One of them will end up in foul trouble and that could be key
  10. Steve Johnston

    Top 10 (or so) Records (3A/4A girls)

    Haha...yep West Rowan don't like to admit when they lose
  11. Steve Johnston

    X-mas Tourneys

    Salisbury has no size and also not a great shooting team. Not a good combination. What they do have is a lot of grit and toughness. They attack the basket relentlessly. Against Davie they missed a ton of shots from 3ft in.
  12. Steve Johnston

    X-mas Tourneys

    Carson girls go back to back at the Sam Moir by defeating Salisbury for the championship. Game was never in doubt as Carson lead wire to wire. Defense was impressive as they never let Salisbury get anything going and held Troutman and Fulson in check the whole game Davie County beat Salisbury for the boys title in what can only be described as a sloppy game
  13. Steve Johnston

    X-mas Tourneys

    Moir day 2 has some good matchups Girls #4 in 2A Salisbury vs #8 in 3A West Rowan....a pick em game #7 in 3A Carson vs South Rowan. Carson should roll but Downs for South can make things interesting..she had 37 last night Boys North Rowan vs Salisbury...big rivalry game and always interesting. North should win Davie vs North Stanly. Davie should win fairly easily but Childress for North Stanly can get buckets
  14. Steve Johnston

    X-mas Tourneys

    Sam Moir predictions round 1 Boys 1 Davie rolls 8 West Rowan 2 North Rowan cruises over 7 S. Rowan 3 Salisbury over 6 Carson 5 North Stanly beats 4 East Rowan Girls 1 Carson big over 8 Brown 2 West Rowan smacks 7 Davie 3 Salisbury closes 6 North Rowan ( these 3 games will be everybody plays snoozefests) 5 South Rowan sneaks past 4 E Rowan
  15. Steve Johnston

    X-mas Tourneys

    Personally I think Carson's best wins are over Central Cabarrus. I think they are better than South. Other than Downs there is not much at South. She is good enough though to win them some ball games