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  1. No clue about transfers but I do think the conference title still runs through Burnsville. Owen and Polk could give a run at it though. I have a few buddies that say Mitchell will be down but I wouldn’t count them out.
  2. I am surprised Murphy played them in football. They better watch out for them going after that stud lineman! Off the top of my head, theses schools have lost players to CS in various sports recently: Franklin, Cherokee, Erwin, ACR, Asheville, Roberson, West Henderson, East Henderson, Owen, North Buncombe, Murphy....probably missing some. Nobody in WNC should play them in any sport.
  3. I might be wrong but didn’t CS pick up a player from Cherokee?
  4. No particular reason...the info was just right there. http://gobiggreen.net/WNC HISTORY/wnc high school football 4.htm
  5. Good point. I agree with that!
  6. I pulled all this information from our GoBigGreen website....just my thoughts but only since 1972! Program wins (since 1972): Swain 430 Murphy 422 ACR 405 Robbinsville 397 Asheville 386 Pisgah 375 Brevard 369 Hendersonville 366 Tuscola 348 Owen 324 Conference Championships (since 1972): ACR 26 Hendersonville 21 Asheville 19 Murphy 18 Owen 17 Swain 17 Robbinsville 16 Brevard 16 Pisgah 15 Tuscola 13 State Championships (since 1972): Robbinsville 12 Murphy 9 Swain 8 ACR 3 Pisgah 2 Tuscola 1 Franklin 1 Brevard 1 Asheville 1 Cherokee 1 Final Rankings (Based off a point ranking system for each category listed above): Murphy ACR Swain Robbinsville Asheville Pisgah Hendersonville Brevard Owen Tuscola Honorable Mention: Franklin and Cherokee
  7. It baffles me why kids want to go there other than to re-classify. I get tired of the better academics excuses. Everybody around Asheville knows they recruit and the ACT sports writer makes it sound like he is signing with a collegiate team in this article! I am guessing this young man will probably play D2 / D3. It’s not gonna help him to get better offers imo. Prime example: The kid from Franklin that left and went to CS signed with a D2 school. He could have gotten that at Franklin!
  8. KM exploited our weaknesses and we had no answer for it. Call it whatever you want to justify it in your head but I see that as better coaching.
  9. Rocket

    3rd Round Scores

    Not a good night for WNC teams...Good luck to Robbinsville and Mitchell.
  10. Congrats to KM. We got out coached tonight.
  11. Rocket

    WNC Picks, Week 10

    Tuscola beating West was a major upset. I didn’t see that coming.
  12. It appears the ball hit the out of bounds line on the 4-5 yard line and kicked back in. Either way, the Owen player should have been going after the ball. That’s a tough one to swallow.
  13. Owen underachieving thus far? Do you honestly think they would have beaten ACR who is 6-2 now...or Brevard who is 7-1...or Mitchell who is 7-1? I don’t think so...I would classify that as overachieving now they have beat Polk. I would love for them to beat Heritage but I don’t see it happening but who knows....they were a 21 point underdog against Polk!
  14. The Blackhawks will be competitive but no match for the Rockets. The Rockets are firing on all cylinders at this point in the season. NB will probably try and control the clock with the run game against a very good ACR defense. I just don’t see it happening. ACR 35-NB 7
  15. Rocket

    WNC Picks, Week 9

    Agreed RR. I was expecting Murphy to win but not Heritage or Owen. Heritage has had Mitchell’s number for the past few years. Owen knocking off state ranked and previously undefeated Polk was the biggest upset of the night in my opinion. Padgett and the Warhorses have beaten the Senator Ollis and Polk the past two seasons. Kenny Ford didn’t even do that. Big wins for all these programs!