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  1. Rocket

    WNC Picks, Week 10

    Tuscola beating West was a major upset. I didn’t see that coming.
  2. It appears the ball hit the out of bounds line on the 4-5 yard line and kicked back in. Either way, the Owen player should have been going after the ball. That’s a tough one to swallow.
  3. Owen underachieving thus far? Do you honestly think they would have beaten ACR who is 6-2 now...or Brevard who is 7-1...or Mitchell who is 7-1? I don’t think so...I would classify that as overachieving now they have beat Polk. I would love for them to beat Heritage but I don’t see it happening but who knows....they were a 21 point underdog against Polk!
  4. The Blackhawks will be competitive but no match for the Rockets. The Rockets are firing on all cylinders at this point in the season. NB will probably try and control the clock with the run game against a very good ACR defense. I just don’t see it happening. ACR 35-NB 7
  5. Rocket

    WNC Picks, Week 9

    Agreed RR. I was expecting Murphy to win but not Heritage or Owen. Heritage has had Mitchell’s number for the past few years. Owen knocking off state ranked and previously undefeated Polk was the biggest upset of the night in my opinion. Padgett and the Warhorses have beaten the Senator Ollis and Polk the past two seasons. Kenny Ford didn’t even do that. Big wins for all these programs!
  6. Rocket

    Wnc scores

    I would love to see a CS vs ACR matchup. However, I don’t believe Coach Laws will ever schedule them because of their past recruiting tactics.
  7. Rocket

    Wnc scores

    I wasn’t able to make the ACR game tonight but did watch the Brevard/Owen game on TV. Brevard’s defense is solid and Owen’s defense was impressive as well. Owen’s offense struggled moving the ball and that’s a credit to the Brevard D. However, the fumble on the kickoff return and muffed punt by Owen led to the two Brevard TD’s with great field position. I thought both teams played extremely hard, were physical, and well coached.
  8. Rocket


    A win is a win ugly or pretty...take it any way you can.
  9. Rocket


    I thought Owen played ok but hurt themselves with penalties and mental mistakes. Could have been closer.
  10. Just curious on how the McDowell/Owen scrimmage went tonight?
  11. Rocket

    FCA @ ACR 7 ON 7

    Heard from a few Rocket buddies that were at the 7 v 7. ACR had a good showing along with Crest and Freedom. They said Owen was tall and athletic at the skill positions. 3 receivers were 6’1+ and QB had strong arm. They said at the end Owen went against Freedom and tied. Sounds like some improvement for Warhorses. They might surprise a few people this year.
  12. Rocket

    Top 1A teams

    Knights - I will DM you.
  13. Rocket

    Top 1A teams

    Rumor is purple to maroon.
  14. The approval for homeschool players to play is a good move IMO. However, I am not a fan of this transgender policy. That could be a bag of worms down the road.
  15. Rocket

    Top 1A teams

    Mountie - I keep hearing rumors that Mitchell’s best player may be transferring. Is that a rumor or any truth to that?