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  1. Vance JV looking for JV games. Weeks and location are negotiable. contact Carlos.richardson@cms.k12.nc.us
  2. The amount of money that Athletic Departments make at football game vary from little to a lot and it's based on many variables. Selling live streams won't do anything but piss ADs off lol. A house of 5 people will only pay 7 dollars to watch a game... you MAY get 100 streams which will net about 700 at best. That won't help to keep things afloat. District will just have to step up. I believe if we play, it will be some type of abbreviated schedule. Making money can't be the focus. Districts will possibly have to do something like... 1) increase the amount of money that is given to each school at the start of each school year 2) pay for all officials and police officers at games 3) pay for all mileage used on activity buses for travel to games if this happens, then we can play with no fans... 50% full stadiums.... however they want us to play. Lol Seems like a lot.. but Districts have it. Lol
  3. The school district will have to step in and possibly do the following..... 1) increase the amount of money that is given to each school at the start of each school year 2) pay for all officials and police offers at games 3) pay for all mileage used on activity buses for travel to games

    Top Playoff games you seen

    Mannnnn you gave me a little chill right there picturing that as I read it. I can hear a coach in the locker room telling the kicker to kick right to him and SETTING THE TONE right away on that play. Geez!! Lol Those boys will never forget losing bad and coming back for redemption. That's why sports are great life lessons man!! Good stuff. now .... my favorite playoff game was Vance vs Richmond Co. our DC told the Defense that Richmond had 3 times to cut the (blank blank) lights on and off. (1)to start the (blank) game and (2) after halftime.... so you know what that means... they better only score one (blanking) time!!! 🤣🤣🤣 WHEW CHILLS. LOL

    Will COVID-19 affect schedule or season?

    Come on Work!! Don't say that. Lol

    Vance JV Football

    Looking for a home game or something close to the Charlotte metro area.
  7. Vance JV Football is in need of JV games. Weeks are negotiable. Email athletic director at Carlos.richardson@cms.k12.nc.us

    2020 Schedule

    8/22 Dutch Fork @Matthew Sportsplex 8/29 Heritage (Virginia) 9/4 open 9/11 @Weddington 9/17 @South Meck (Thursday) 9/25 @Mallard Creek 10/2 @Hopewell 10/9 Mooresville 10/16 West Charlotte 10/23 @Lake Norman 10/30 North Meck 11/6 Hough

    2020 Schedule


    matchup 2021

    8/22 Vance vs DF @ Matthews Sportsplex (5:30) Weddington vs AK (7:30) we have first game due to the ever going bad weather delay. Lol

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    Wrigley, I hear all of that.. but name me five better.. he had more than a great playoff run.. he threw for more than 3,700 yrds. I agree, 100% defense was Vance's bread and butter and will probably be just as good this yr, but with all that being said... name me five who are better lol. You can use stats or plain OL opinion. What you saw in the playoffs.. we saw all yr.

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    Work, he has all the tools.. strong arm, legs, smart, and very competitive. If he was at QB last year.. we beat WF. When we played Mc.. again you had damn near an entire DL going to college vs linemen who were 5'10 210.. he was absolutely running for his life... the Last few drives.. he basically said bump it , I know I will get hit but I have to make a play. From then on ... he was the difference maker. Name one other Dual threat QB returning that would've been able to do what he did in the playoffs. 3,700 + yrd passing with 700+ yards rushing. Give me one. I am biased of course but 100% he got to be top five in NC.

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    100%... Austin Grier is the best Dual threat QB in the STATE OF NC. What he was capable of doing with the OL that he had last yr is unimaginable. Threw for over 3,700 yrd and ran for almost 800 yrd. We Started only one OLine man who had EVER played a snap on varsity... the rest was a DT, a DE, and a LB... not to mention all were under 5'10 210 pounds. Name me another QB that could flourish under those circumstances. He makes all the throws and throws from every arm angle. Austin Grier is the MAN!!

    Richmond Week 2

    Not interested. Take Vance off the list.. We want to play teams in non conference that we're unlikely to play in the playoffs. We would love to play Weddington... Echols vs Shipley headline. Two stars who are as humble as they come!!
  15. Unless something crazy happens Vance will be big. 1900 or so on campus with another 300 in specialty schools that count as well. Look for Vance to report around 2,200 again