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  1. sweaterfee

    Reidsville vs East Montgomery

    Makes sense.
  2. sweaterfee

    Murphy @ North Stanly

    He is listed as a junior on maxpreps. I have not seen him play this year since we changed conferences , but in the past he was a total menace as long as his motor was high. ( which was about half the time) He evidently has gotten into better shape and is producing at a higher rate . I believe as a freshman he played linebacker , but at 6'3 300 , I assume he is at defensive tackle. He always moved incredibly well for his size.
  3. sweaterfee

    Murphy @ North Stanly

    North Stanly has some very good players, Davis is very , very good and the DT #52 recently received an offer from Alabama. I think the overall edge goes to Murphy though as they have been in these type games many, many times before. Murphy in a shoot out 35-28.
  4. You are probably right about this.... Unfortunately , Im afraid by November 25th , everyone from the Rocky River and Yadkin Valley conferences will understand how small their bubble is this football season.
  5. 30-7 EM , 4 minutes to go.
  6. sweaterfee

    Central Academy Forfeits

    My guess is it hurts as far as breaking " rhythm and routine". I will say that CATA administration is a class act. I heard a rumor that CATA contacted EM weeks ago and saw this as a possibility and that EM should reschedule their Senior night , which was originally slated for this Friday. EM had their Senior night vs Forest Hills on 10-13-17.
  7. sweaterfee

    East Montgomery at Mount Pleasant

    MP 15-9 final. Great effort by EM, Congratulations on winning the conference MP.
  8. sweaterfee

    East Montgomery at Mount Pleasant

    EM 9-7 in 4th
  9. sweaterfee

    East Montgomery at Mount Pleasant

    EM 3-0 at half.
  10. sweaterfee

    First Round 2A Playoffs

    Mt.Pleasant is a heavy favorite over EM, but the Rocky River conference INCLUDING whoever wins it , is light years behind a team like South Point. I am not sure why I still get surprised by people's inability to get outside of their bubble and see reality. MP has a solid team , but South Point is a different BRAND of solid.
  11. sweaterfee

    East Montgomery at Mount Pleasant

    Ok, thanks. If you are ever wondering about an opponents "key" players, most schools offer team stats on Maxpreps.com . This will not give you much information on interior offensive lineman , but should give you a good idea overall.
  12. sweaterfee

    East Montgomery at Mount Pleasant

    #7 Brown, #1 Mccaskill, #50 Alvarez, #64 Jackson, and of course #2 Mckinney. EM has several other solid players , but in my opinion would be hard pressed to beat an above average to average team without any one of these 5. EM did beat FH without #64 , which somewhat surprised me, but kids stood up and played well.
  13. sweaterfee

    East Montgomery at Mount Pleasant

    I agree that comparing scores can be dangerous, but Ive been traveling a lot this year and have missed many games , so that is all I have had. EM made a ton of mistakes vs Anson, but Anson's record is largely due to a tough schedule and not a true representative of their talent especially in an overall weak 2-A conference. In my opinion, EM, Anson , and FH are all pretty close with EM having a 6-4 edge if they played each other 10 times. As far as this week's game, EM has an extremely uphill climb. EM has a hand full of players who would get playing time on any team in any classification as well as several other solid players, but lack of quality depth will be a problem vs a strong Mt. Pleasant team. EM will have to play a mistake free game and force some miscues from MP to have a chance , hopefully they can pull the upset.