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  1. Mitchell county mountie

    WHC 2019

    The problem with Madison is; they have the pieces every season, they just cant get out of their own way to put them together. They always have size, and here recently, they have had some pretty good QB's. A counple years ago they had one of the most underrated RB's in the area, I think his name was Snellson, but kid was like 6'-2" 230, and ran the 40 in like 4.7-8 pretty quick for a big boy. But a lack of conditioning and drive, not to mention their fondness of dirty play, holds the Pats back every season.
  2. Mitchell county mountie

    Mountain 6 2019

    I think Brevard can make some more noise this year, and Smoky Mountain should have their best team since the Sylva Webster days. Pisgah should be strong, but they will flop in the playoffs... they always do. Hendo will compete as usual, and Franklin might have a season similar to last years. East Henderson will likely scrub the basement, but they are on the rise. Smoky Mountain Hendo/Pisgah/Brevard Franklin East Henderson
  3. Mitchell county mountie

    Top 1A teams

    Y'all need to quit hogging all the action. Mitchell wants a bite of that apple too!
  4. Mitchell county mountie

    Top 1A teams

    I believe he had been contacted by Christ School, but to my knowledge has no intentions of playing anywhere but mitchell.
  5. Mitchell county mountie

    Realignment Process Delayed...NC Seeks to Add 5A in 2021

    I wonder if other states have to talk about realignment as much as we do...
  6. Mitchell county mountie

    Top 1A teams

    That is a good assesment. #32 was the game changer for Murphy. After producing pretty much 0 offense in the first 3 quarters, he had fresher legs than everyone else, and picked the Mountaineer defense apart something fierce. I think the west small 1a will yet again come down to Mitchell and Murphy this year. Like you mentioned, the offense should be ridiculous, like in 2015 when they averaged like 52 points a game. Our new core of linebackers will have to learn the ropes right out of the gate @ Erwin, but this core of juniors and seniors was a last second 48 yard miracle field goal by Elizabethton away from being undefeated in JV. Elizabethton is a perennial powerhouse in TN 4a football.
  7. Mitchell county mountie

    Top 1A teams

    Same old song and dance. While they should never be slept on, that school in particular holds some deep resentment from the "traditional" powers. They get drug every year, with the exception of 2016 when they gave Murphy a run at the Hill.
  8. Mitchell county mountie

    Way too early WHC predictions...

    I dont know what Owen's schedule is, but 7-4 isn't out of the realm of reality. @ Mitchell, @ Mountain Heritage, and @ Hendersonville will all be tough games next year.
  9. Mitchell county mountie

    Way too early WHC predictions...

    Thats a big boost for Owen.
  10. Mitchell county mountie

    Way too early WHC predictions...

    i know murphy had an open date that weekend, talk about a regular season slobberknocker!
  11. Mitchell county mountie

    Way too early WHC predictions...

    1 Mitchell This should be the Mountaineers best season to date, barring injuries and other schools recruiting our studs. 2 Mountain Heritage The Coogs return a little less than the Mountaineers, but should have a dandy season. 3 Owen The Warhorses are headed in the right direction, and return almost everyone. Could challenge Heritage for #2 4 Avery The Vikings are hitting the weight room and should be a little stronger up front this season. Troy Hoilman is a gunslinger, and if the o line can get up to snuff, Avery could be a darkhorse. 5 Polk The Wolverines had to battle thru alot more adversity than any highschool team should have to, and made it to the 3rd round. They dont return much talent, and last years JV was terrible, but Ollis can make chicken salad out of chicken $#!+, so.... 6 Madison Its Madison, they will never get out of their own way and become succsessful.
  12. Mitchell county mountie

    1A East: Rosewood 28, Northampton 14

    Welp, I guess Northampton is just gonna have to be a 3rd round team. I figured they would slap Rosewood silly.
  13. Mitchell county mountie

    1A West Finals: Murphy 28, Robbinsville 6

    Murphy should win this one by a similar score as the regular season game. 35-20
  14. Mitchell county mountie

    1A West: Murphy 33, Mitchell 29

    Murphy touchdown 16-13 2:45 in the half Murphy to receive in the 2nd half.
  15. Mitchell county mountie

    1A West: Murphy 33, Mitchell 29

    16-7 mountaineers 5:31 in the half