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  1. Mitchell county mountie

    #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1)

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wxii12.com/amp/article/nchsaa-1aa-west-regional-final-mitchell-at-east-surry/30156269 Even the local sportscasters say we were robbed...
  2. Mitchell county mountie

    #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1)

    Eh, I'll wake up no different tomorrow morning. These boys will be heartbroken, tho they have nothing to hang their heads about. East Surry has 4 power 5 recruits, Mitchell has 1 player with a d2 walk on offer. The Mountaineers had no business being in this game, but they proved that they did. I DARE anyone to talk trash now.
  3. Crazy! 6 ot's? Thriller for sure.
  4. Mitchell county mountie

    #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1)

    It was a fine ball game, befitting of a regional final. 11 yards short, but it is what it is. Don't think anyone can really say one was better than the other. Great season Mountaineers! Now go beat Tarboro Cardinals!
  5. Mitchell county mountie

    #1 East Surry (13-0) vs. #2 Mitchell (12-1)

    Mitchell has went on 2 slow, methodical, clock chewing drives, and East Surry has connected on 2 long bombs. Tied at 14 halftime. This game is playing out like I imagined so far. East Surry gets the ball to start the 2nd half, Mitchell will need to get a stop. If the Cards get ahead, I feel the Mountaineers won't be able to overcome a deficit. Go Mountaineers!
  6. Mitchell county mountie

    Regional Final Picks

    I said Mitchell would be the most physical team East Surry has seen so far. Is that talking trash? And speaking of bold statements, you claimed Mountain Island was as good as Reidsville. And now you claim East has the best line in the state? tell me which is more outlandish?
  7. Mitchell county mountie

    Regional Final Picks

    Show one post where a Mitchell fan has talked trash. One.
  8. Mitchell county mountie

    Regional Final Picks

    Going with the anti-Tarboro/East Surry narrative I see.
  9. Mitchell county mountie

    Coach of the Year Candidates?

    Hands down? How about Travise Pitman? Never coached a losing season .821 record overall Hasn't played a team smaller than Mitchell Beat 3a Erwin Beat 2a Owen Beat 4a McDowell Shutout Polk twice Beat 1aa state powerhouse Swain by 30 Allowed 67 points all year 4 western final appearances in 5 years.
  10. Mitchell county mountie

    Mitchell 31, Swain County 6 (3rd Round Final)

    Not really. It eats yalls guts that beating Mitchell is your shining accomplishment every season. Mitchell middle was undefeated last year, and didnt win a game by less than 30 points. Go watch some basketball, we are still playing football over here.
  11. But sadly, you wont... you'll just have to stay in Reidsville lol
  12. Mitchell county mountie

    Mitchell 31, Swain County 6 (3rd Round Final)

    Mitchell wins 38-6. Swain had some hard nosed runners, but Mitchell's line play and defense held strong. On to Pilot Mountain!
  13. Mitchell county mountie

    Got To Get This Off My Mind In The West ! ! !

    Well TD, the Northwest IS weak. Mount Airy is the only consistent team between the 2 conferences. Well, consistently good team. Elkin had a run, Starmount had a run, and East Surry is a perriennal underachiever in the playoffs. Mount Airy won the West in 2017, and had a very good team. The ONLY reason East Surry made it last year was the West 1aa was the weakest it had ever been since subdivision, and it took Mount Airy's best player getting hurt for the Cardinals to win. Polk went 3-8 and finished 5th in the WHC, and made it to the 3rd round round. Mount Airy is strong, the NWCis weak.
  14. Mitchell county mountie

    What's next?

    But they are using this year's adm's correct?