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  1. Toad27

    Avery @ Mitchell

    Will not be able to make this one. Have to head to down to watch my son this Saturday on senior day weekend. I have been at most of the Avery home games this year and I have to agree with VikingNation48. I think Avery would be more competitive if the line was not so banged up. Also, I believe the cold nasty weather will hurt Avery worse that Mitchell based on our style of play. Owen totally annihilated us last week on Senior night. Hope everyone for both teams can stay healthy and represent the conference well in the playoffs. My predictions is Mitchell 42 - Avery 26. I think next year the conference may be even more competitive. Not that the conference is going to be great I just think Mitchell and Mountain Heritage come back towards the group.
  2. Toad27

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Well I was wrong last year and wrong again this year. I planned on going but didn't get to but listened to it on the radio. It was clear from the radio that the better team won. I hate to admit it but I think schedules do make a difference. I believe Mitchell when they say they can't find people to play, who wants to lose to a 1A team. I believe Avery has done the same thing as Mitchell with scheduling . Really hard to gauge how good a team really is. Some of the teams on Avery's schedule I believe a good middle school team could beat. Know it is about creating excitement and getting kids out for us right now but long term don't know if it is a good thing. Really miss our Watauga game.
  3. Toad27

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Being an Avery Fan, ex-player, ex-parent, I believe I am going to have to stop a little short of Madison this week and catch this heated rivalry. I have not been able to catch this one until now. I think just like I did last year Mitchell on paper has a better team especially on offense. Can Mitchell finally get over the mental block and beat Heritage? This is yet to be determined. I do think Heritage is down offensively this year and I think Mitchell offensively is as good as they were last year. I am going to take Mitchell by 3 due to their kicking game. Don't put much stock in this pick, I picked Mitchell last year as well. I just hope Polk disrupts it all, tired of both Mitchell and Mountain Heritage. I believe we are a year or two away in competing for a conference title. I look forward to seeing my friends from Heritage and Mitchell Friday night.
  4. Toad27

    WHC week 8

    Very competitive game between Avery and Mtn Heritage last night. That was the first game that I went to that they lost. Before this game I was wondering how good or bad Avery really was. The Wilkes teams we played were pretty bad (played a lot of zero coverage) and Cloudland is down this year. I am impressed with how Avery they played. They are trending in the right direction and have an exceptional coach. In the past if you had 6 turnovers Heritage would have hung 50 or 60 on us. I believe it is a little of Avery is better than they have been in a while and Heritage is not as good as they have been. I believe Joey did a good job in scouting Avery. Lots of times they rushed 3 and dropped 8 where the passing lanes were extremely reduced. Avery's line was unbelievable in pass protection, we had all day to pass. Defensive live did great as well. Jesse Jones in my opinion was player of the game for Avery, Offensively and Defensively. He is a totally different kid this year. Lucas Andrews runs hard and plays great on defense. As for Troy Hoilman, his worth is more that stats for Avery (good or bad). He has brought is a culture change with his attitude and his work ethic. No doubt this kid will learn from this experience and be better for it. Great effort Avery, just keep playing hard. Hard work always pays off.
  5. Toad27

    WHC week 2 (August 30th)

    Avery by 28 North Buncombe by 28 Mitchell by 21 Heritage by 14 Polk by 7
  6. Toad27

    WHC week 2 (August 30th)

    Not necessarily true. He needs to put it through the uprights on his kickoffs (college 5 yard further) and should attend as many camps and showcases as possible.
  7. I would have to think it was Avery over Ashe. Last year it was 50-7 Ashe this year 53-33 Avery. Aver was up 53-14 before they pulled the starters. Wish I was there but was at the Freedom and Shelby. Sort of surprised with that score as well. Not surprised that Shelby won, just thought it would be more competitive.
  8. Toad27

    Freedom - Shelby

    I would agree with that statement as well. I think Shelby adjusted well the second half to what Freedom was doing. I know I would be an arm chair QB but in my opinion Freedom could have run the ball more early in the game. I don't think it would have made much of a difference though. Shelby's line was outstanding, their quarterback had all the time in the world. With that speed by the receivers someone is going to get open. Been wanting to come to this game for 4 years and a little disappointed, thought it would be a little more competitive.
  9. Toad27

    My schedule of games to see.

    For week one I am heading to Freedom for Freedom vs Shelby. Know it is not in the main coverage area but should be one of the best games in the state for week one. Been wanting to go to this one for a couple of years but had a kid playing.
  10. Toad27

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 23rd)

    Ashe by 10 - If Ashe's line is not very good I would not be surprised if the Vikings pull off an upset. To me that seems one of the strongest parts of Avery's team. Avery's line looked really good in the scrimmage I went to. Not sure the level of competition at the scrimmage. (Enke, Patton, Happy Valley, Rosman). On another note Avery seems to actually be hitting on defense. Something I haven't seen in about 4 to 5 years. Coach Bryant and staff are doing a great job of turning this ship around. Good luck this year Vikings! Owen by 10 Carver by 7 Mitchell by 10 - Mitchell should be be the real deal this year. Should really win the conference this year but the conference goes through Heritage. Polk by 21 - Ollis is back! Last year was a real surprise. They should not be able to sneak up on anyone this year, they will be really solid. Heritage by 21 - Good start to another good season in Burnsville. Good luck to my old friend Joey. Can't wait to see how the conference is going to shake out. Should be a fun season. This is will be more competitive from top to bottom.
  11. Toad27

    Polk county picks up transfers

    Polk is in a tough 1A/2A conference. Any team that makes the playoffs in 1 A is battle tested.
  12. I played with Darrell in high school, coached on the staff with him for a couple of years, and had a kid play for him 3 years (2-1 against McDowell). Like everyone on here has said he is a great person and can get the kids to play for him. He is a great defensive coach and will need a good offensive coordinator. When Avery was really good they had a good offensive coordinator to go with him as a head coach. This past year he had 3 of his players from a 1A Avery team at the FCS level. Does anyone know if he is bring anyone with him? I heard Mike Lunsford may be coming as well.
  13. On the adjusted rankings do the top 48 teams go in 1A? If so, does that mean Avery has a shot at making the playoffs at 49 (If an East Coast team loses this week)?
  14. Toad27

    Wnc scores week 4

    It is all perspective. It is a whole lot when you don't have anything. How soon we forget.
  15. Toad27

    WHC Week 3 (Aug 31st)

    I think people forget it took from 1969 to 1988 for Avery to get it first win against Watauga. Since that time the series is 17-13 Watauga. Me for one I will miss the rivalry. I was a part of the first team to beat Watauga and it was a very special moment because of the history and we knew what an accomplishment it was. Fast forward 30 years, Watauga gets an outstanding coach (one of the best in the state) and turns that program around and we go in the other direction for the last 6 to 8 years and it is time to throw in the towel. I believe we do have a really good coach at Avery now and we will be able to get back to competitive or in the state 1A conversation (3 to 5 years). I know we haven't gotten much out of it over the past 4 to 5 years but the communities look forward to this game every year.