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  1. Friday Nights in K-Town

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Theresa Earnhardt owns the right to the Intimidator's name. The city can't make money off it.
  2. Friday Nights in K-Town

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Really?? I was wondering how that worked!! lol lol
  3. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Football schedules for 2019

    I'm hearing Ashbrook is a done deal!!
  4. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Kannapolis (5-5) at Concord (1-9)

    FAKE NEWS!! Stop Spreading the Disease!! lol
  5. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Kannapolis (5-5) at Concord (1-9)

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! 43-42-4 since 1924. What are you smoking tonight?? lol
  6. Friday Nights in K-Town

    What's the Problem!

    LOL, There's always one in the crowd!!
  7. Friday Nights in K-Town

    NW Cabarrus (8-0) at Kannapolis (4-4)

    At this point I'm not sure. Last Friday night the Wonder sideline was dead. Dead the entire game. There was no emotion, no sense of urgency. It was a pedestrian atmosphere. Not the kind of atmosphere that is conducive to winning. It was almost like defeat was conceded. You're not going to win ball games with an attitude like that. It better change the next three weeks!!
  8. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Central Cabarrus at NW Cabarrus

    Park over at Boger Elementary School. Just lock your door, we've had a rash of breakins in that area with people leaving their car doors unlocked!!
  9. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Davie Co. @ Kannapolis

    I wish we would have played like that against Mooresville!!
  10. Friday Nights in K-Town

    West Rowan at AL Brown

    Brown has a good team. They shot themselves in the foot at Mooresville. The Mooresville game was exactly what it had been the last four times they met. A game of big plays, and they made one big play more than we did. If the mistakes get taken care of then the Wonders should take West Rowan at home. The Wonders were beaten by Marvin Ridge in one quarter lets remember that. This team has the potential to be very good, they just need to play like it for four quarters.
  11. Friday Nights in K-Town

    NW Cabarrus 35 Hickory Ridge 14

    I don't mean this in a bad way, but it's just the truth. NW Cabarrus has been a non factor for so many years that now when they show promise, nobody is interested in them enough to give them representation. You need to find some Trojan fans somewhere to answer this question. and one good season is not going to do it.
  12. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Kannapolis at Mooresville

    My thoughts are exactly this. Had the Wonders had a better showing against Marvin Ridge, I might would have been more confident. Right now, depending on if Medley plays, and I heard he was good to go tonight. Whether or not coach Newsome decides to play him or not is another issue all together. I think Mooresville will be that classic hard fought ball game as it has always been. I would never bet against us, but it just depends on how well we execute. I am hoping Marvin Ridge was our wake up call. Getting shutout doesn't set well in K-Town at all. Mooresville JVs threw a scare in us tonight taking a first quarter 14-0 lead, but our guys regrouped and came out blazing in the 2nd quarter. I look for a tight game personally, but after saying that, watch it be a barn burner!! Wonders 24 Blue Devils-21
  13. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Kannapolis at Mooresville

    They are the smallest I've seen in years. I honestly thought it was the middle school team the first time I saw them.
  14. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Declining Numbers

    Drink just a few more Beers and you will get to a .08!! lol lol
  15. Friday Nights in K-Town

    Kannapolis Brown at Marvin Ridge

    Thanks big Guy, Same to the Pope's boys. I'm full of S%$t and I know it!! lol