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  1. crestcharger02

    Favorite HS bands

    Years ago Parkland visited Crest for state playoffs and put on one heck of a halftime show. Yes they played halftime in an away game because they were that good.
  2. crestcharger02

    New ADM's and Classifications

    I think a best fit would be something like 12.5-25-25-25-12.5. Main issue for me will be enrollment differences in 1A. Just doesn't seem right to have a team with 200 kids possibly playing someone with 650 or so. Would like to minimize that spread as much as possible. Top end I can see there not being as much issue with 1850 going up against 3000.
  3. crestcharger02

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    Not gonna feel sorry for Middle Creek after they lost to Fuquay. Had chances of their own to qualify for the playoffs and blew it in OT in last game of season.
  4. crestcharger02

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    Based on experience it does happen unfortunately....
  5. crestcharger02

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    I think finals will be Leesville and Wake, which is the matchup I thought would happen at beginning of season. Rolesville putting a scare in Wake during regular season might hurt their chances in second round. They'll have Wake's full attention.
  6. crestcharger02

    Stadium Size

    Going to East Burke for football and basketball and Freedom for basketball was like visiting a college. McDowell has an absurd home side and then smallish visitor side.
  7. crestcharger02

    Week 1: Page at Davie

    Hampton should be fun to watch with the way his summer went. Another Carney RB is also nice to see coming through DC.
  8. crestcharger02

    CP's 2019 Conference Predictions (4A)

    Going to try and see Leesville Road when they play at Fuquay in week 3. They have P5 talent on their OL and that is always fun to watch live.
  9. crestcharger02

    Week 1: South Point at Crest

    If Crest DL is able to make plays then it should be the Chargers night. Like what I saw from the two QBs in the Jamboree and think you can get away with that approach in high school level.
  10. crestcharger02

    My Realignment Proposal

    If you go 6 classifications then there will have to be a good number of split class conferences. Nice thing about 5 is that it would really cluster most of the Wake and Meck schools with everyone else kinda staying put. For fun I think this would be the conference for Crest in this particular 4A without splits: Crest, Freedom, Forestview, Kings Mountain, Ashbrook, St. Stephens and Hickory. Bit of hodge podge across 4 counties. Catholics potential conference would be interesting as well: Catholic, Concord, Statesville, Carson, Northwest Cabarrus, PIedmont, Sun Valley and West Meck.
  11. crestcharger02

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    Would have to think Havelock had a couple undefeated teams but they do play New Bern each season.
  12. crestcharger02

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    Believe it was something like that. They went into the season with a ton of starters on both sides of the ball coming back and then guys got dropped.
  13. crestcharger02

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    2007 North Gaston was a team with good potential. Believe they lost a number of would be returning starters right before the season started for discipline reasons and it killed their depth. Still had enough offense to be dangerous though.
  14. crestcharger02

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    Seem to recall they had just stopped Crest on the goal line and were going in for the winning score before the pick. Really sucks about Keenan. Just hope he has found peace.
  15. crestcharger02

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    Had zero faith in that Reynolds program going into the playoffs. Three straight years they went into the playoffs on travel exemption playing only mountain schools and lost in the first round. Then they get it together, make their run and end Richmond's winning streak on the way to the title.