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  1. Buddy Amerson

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    2004 Indy. Were not challenged and dominated even on off nights. Closest game by far was 4 TD win late in playoffs. 2009 Butler was pretty good too. The Wake teams of the past few years are impressive as well.
  2. Buddy Amerson

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    Hickory 96.
  3. Buddy Amerson

    Kannapolis coach Bob Boswell passes away

  4. Buddy Amerson

    Carson head coaching position

    I think this will be great fit and that Daniel is ready for the challenge. He has had great mentors, paid attention, and will do things the right way. I think Carson wound up getting the right guy at the right time.
  5. Buddy Amerson

    3A West: NW Cabarrus 41, Tuscola 8

    Blake and Wilds-Lawing are really good. I agree that the thing that really sets this team apart is their O-line. They are big and physical. When paired with the backfield talent they have, they can really dominate a game. May be a long night for Tuscola.
  6. Buddy Amerson

    West Caldwell

    A lot of folks would do well to read that post. Good stuff.
  7. Buddy Amerson

    Preliminary Brackets Posted

    The preliminary is a good draw for the Blue Devils.
  8. Buddy Amerson

    Preliminary Brackets Posted

  9. Buddy Amerson

    Preliminary Brackets Posted

  10. Buddy Amerson

    Bracket Disaster Averted?

    Curious question for the amateur bracketologist out there to ponder. If Cuthbertson had drawn a "4" to break the tie in the Southern Carolina 3A, would Marvin Ridge and Monroe have been out? Apparently it didn't happen ( Monroe 4, MR 5, Cutty 6 i think was the draw) but in reading the latest iteration of the seeding process, neither would have qualified ahead of Cuthbertson. There will be a few head scratchers when the brackets are official but this would have been interesting and almost happened. You have to love a good puzzle.
  11. Buddy Amerson

    Was there a draw for 3rd in SPC

    I am not positive on this. I think there may be a caveat that requires an order in the conference that will be used to affect the seeding process even for those at-large teams. If so, then there will have been a draw at some point. Similar perhaps to the draw in the Southern Carolina 3A to determine 4-6. The good news is that the folks in Chapel Hill do their thing this morning and send out some brackets shortly.
  12. Buddy Amerson

    Was there a draw for 3rd in SPC

    Don, I think in this case there is no draw and all are seeded as at-large. The conference size denotes only 2 automatic qualifiers. Of course this may have changed and many of the posters that stay on top of the process can probably set us straight. I believe a 6 team conference only gets two automatic bids.
  13. Buddy Amerson

    Running Clock

    The current form of the "running clock" should be shelved. I don't disagree with the premise but the way it is often handled doesn't do the game justice. I would like to see some modifications. Perhaps stop the clock while officials talk, administer penalties, etc. and stop the clock as usual for OB and incomplete passes but restart it once the ball is marked ready for play. That would shorten the blow-out but also allow teams to get valuable snaps for reserves. The current version would allow, In theory, either team to decide that they aren't going to run another play and we could watch the officials chat and walk off yardage while the remainder of time runs off. Just my two cents...
  14. Buddy Amerson

    Adjusted RANKINGS 11/6/18

    The adjusted rankings are interesting. In each classification there are some head-scratchers. The Robinson/Kannapolis ranking is one of them. That one will likely get even more weird after Robinson plays Anson this week. Its all fun to try and figure out which end is up and where everybody will wind up. There are a lot of scenarios/brackets out there and those guys are usually pretty close.
  15. Buddy Amerson

    North Carolina coaches doing well out of state.

    Chip English left West Caldwell for Grissom High in Huntsville.