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  1. Buddy Amerson

    Long Rides

    If Union wins at Alleghany, they play at Robbinsville next week. Got to love it.
  2. Buddy Amerson

    Long Rides

    Wonders only have to go about 140 miles or so up to Arden. Albemarle to Hayesville is going to clock in at about 5 hours @ 270 miles. A trip those young people will likely talk about for many years to come. Nearly the same for Union to Alleghany . I am sure there are others.
  3. Buddy Amerson

    Long Rides

    I always enjoy the aspect of playing new teams that the playoffs sometimes/usually provides. I noticed a couple of long trips in round one (Union at Alleghany, Albemarle at Hayesville to name a couple). Who is taking the longest trip this week to see your favorite team do work?
  4. I am pretty sure Brown and Central are in the right order. Kannapolis has the higher AMPR and both teams are "at large qualifiers"
  5. It looks like Mount Pleasant was the #2 but the updated bracket doesn't seem to reflect that. Does 5 team conference get an automatic for the #2? (The #1 from the RRC in Anson and they are out.)
  6. Agree. It looks like both were 2-2 in the Rocky River. This one might change.
  7. Buddy Amerson

    Bracket wizards

    For those that like that type of stuff, Simmons has one up that has everything but 1A, 1AA completed.
  8. Another piece of solid work! Putting in the late night work too.
  9. I miss the amateur bracketologists that have annually predicted the brackets for every class. Some of those guys were really good and obviously crunched a lot of numbers. It was an annual treat to see just how close they would get. I am not seeing much of that , if any. Just wondering where they are and did I miss something. At any rate, we should have something within a few hours and can make plans accordingly as to the must see games for round one.
  10. Buddy Amerson

    Teams causing bracket confusion

    If that draw occurs, it will likely amount to a draw for a home playoff game.
  11. Buddy Amerson

    Statesville at West Rowan

    Back to the match up....
  12. Buddy Amerson

    Top coaches who no longer coach

    Roger Seacrest
  13. I think I will like it better. Its still provides opportunity to exchange and its a much more focused source of HS football info than scrolling twitter.
  14. Buddy Amerson

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    2004 Indy. Were not challenged and dominated even on off nights. Closest game by far was 4 TD win late in playoffs. 2009 Butler was pretty good too. The Wake teams of the past few years are impressive as well.