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  1. GoodKNIGHT

    My40 WNC schedule?

    That's pathetic
  2. GoodKNIGHT

    My40 WNC schedule?

  3. GoodKNIGHT

    My40 WNC schedule?

    Yes they are but for some reason they are keeping their schedule top secret.
  4. GoodKNIGHT

    SMC week 1

    Sounds like Robbinsville every year too... Except for this year .
  5. GoodKNIGHT

    SMC week 1

    Most Private Christian Schools in Georgia that we've played before dont even have a football field..usually play at another location..we play them week 2.. Swain plays them this week..They might have some information
  6. GoodKNIGHT

    SMC week 1

    Yes,the secondary..Reason being they have moved last years linebackers to corners and last years corners to linebacker..put them back where they were..There is one kid they have back there that has no experience and a kid on the sidelines that is probably the best athlete on the team and should work his way into the secondary in a game or two.. He kind of fell behind because he didn't play last year. He can be a game changer with the right attitude..
  7. GoodKNIGHT

    SMC week 1

    Smoky was struggling to name their starting quarterback between the 2 that was competing for the job. I also heard he had a shoulder injury, however I dont think there will much ,if any , of a dropoff with the other quarterback.
  8. GoodKNIGHT

    SMC regular season picks.

    I agree Observer,Andrews has a couple fast kids but track meets don't win football games. They not only lost the Rattler brothers but I was also told their best lineman(Sammy Christensen)transferred to a private school . I have heard that Odell did come out however. I'm giving the knod to Hayesville over Andrews
  9. GoodKNIGHT

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    That..and the program has been poisoned by a handful of players and parents the last couple years.
  10. GoodKNIGHT

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    Kinda like last year?
  11. Bigger? Yes... Faster? Yes... Stronger? Not pound for pound or Not in the weight room..Rylee is top 2 strongest on the team Heart?...Nobody comes close to Rylees heart and passion.
  12. #1 and #2 little 1A teams in the state both from SMC