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  1. Everyone in WNC except Robbinsville and Swain..lol..sorry Paul, I couldn't help myself.
  2. Wow...thanks for the film..It did prove something to me. The Big 3 in the SMC would have a running clock against either of these teams..its not even close.
  3. GoodKNIGHT

    Robbinsville v Hayesville

    How does Hayesville finish 3rd?
  4. Should be much closer than Rosman
  5. GoodKNIGHT

    Best RB in N.C.

    They are called running backs..ALL of them..there are no stats for wing backs,slot backs,power backs, 3rd down backs,etc..This ain't college..The only stats that are kept is for a running back.
  6. GoodKNIGHT

    Best RB in N.C.

    Omg Omg..running back covers slot back,wing back, power back,etc. It's a running back for crying out loud. What a joke.
  7. GoodKNIGHT

    Best RB in N.C.

    Rylee Anderson from Robbinsville should surpass the 5000 yd mark this Friday. 6343 AP yards 73 tds
  8. GoodKNIGHT

    WNC Ranking

    Reynolds had to be 2nd..not even close
  9. GoodKNIGHT

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    That's awful..man Hayesville cant catch a break.
  10. GoodKNIGHT

    WNC Week 3 Picks

    Any word on this?
  11. GoodKNIGHT

    Week 3 WNC Scores

    Robbinsville 54 Erwin 21
  12. GoodKNIGHT

    WNC scores Week 2

    When Robbinsville decided to play ,the game was over quick..The Knights score 21 points in about 9 minutes. We still have ALOT of work to do.
  13. GoodKNIGHT

    WNC scores Week 2

    I've watched Robbinsville football since the 60's..I've never witnessed anything like last night..
  14. GoodKNIGHT

    My40 WNC schedule?

    That's pathetic
  15. GoodKNIGHT

    My40 WNC schedule?