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  1. GoodKNIGHT

    Best fan base

    Robbinsville .WITHOUT A DOUBT
  2. Why did you only go back to 1972? Big Green records go back to 1960
  3. GoodKNIGHT

    Congratulations To The West

    I think Robbinsville has 6 or 7
  4. GoodKNIGHT

    Players from the West

    Pickens played for the Bengals
  5. They've completed 1 pass in their last 3 playoff games
  6. In the 70s and 80s the highest seed hosted..correct?
  7. Does anyone have a further travel time than Robbinsville? 314 Miles. Our team will leave Friday.
  8. GoodKNIGHT


    Last night at Robbinsville was no doubt one of the worst crews that's ever been at The Big Oaks
  9. GoodKNIGHT

    The future for 1A football

    The simple fix is for charters to have their own playoffs and let NCHSAA manage it..just think of the extra revenue for that organization.
  10. Rylee Anderson .. Robbinsville Running Back .All Time SMC rushing leader..approaching 6000 yds.
  11. GoodKNIGHT

    Coach of the Year Candidates?

    1A..Hands down Dee Walsh.. Beat 2A conference champion Smoky Mountain. Beat 3A Erwin Beat 1AA powerhouse Swain by almost 40 points. Beat Defending State Champion Murphy..twice. 3 Western Regional Championship appearances last 6 yrs.
  12. Very good record..Robbinsville is 49-18 over the last 5 years