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  1. Bigtime87

    High Point Central

    Why hire a coach with a previous proven losing record if you are trying to change a losing program into a winner? Why do coaches that lost at a "bad football school" get a free pass from some people? Why do AD's and Admin staff place so much stock in the HC label on a resume, instead of hiring the best fit for the job, school and players? Curious?
  2. Bigtime87

    Lexington Job Open

    Lexington has issues beyond the board and AD. Academics, declining enrollment, parental support, student involvement in sports and community involvement are lacking at both Lexington and Thomasville. The new Lexington coach will need some time to bring it back, they have the kids to do so. Budget limitations and staffing opportunities can keep the new HC from hiring a quality staff to support him. As for the CCC being weak, the last 3-4 seasons the league has had ND, Ledford and Salisbury in the state semi's or finals. ND, Ledford, OG, Salisbury and Thomasville all field quality teams, so winning the conference is a task. Thomasville has lost two years in the first round, but did beat ND and OG. Thomasville is far from the teams of the 90's and mid 2000's, but continue to compete and win in a 10 team conference with 645 kids in the school and 25 on the roster against schools with 850-1100 kids and 50+ on the roster. Realignment is key to both Thomasville and Lexington's future in all sports, especially football. If they stay in a league with those large county schools then the uphill battle will continue in most sports. The Davidson County schools have become much more diverse than years past and are mostly well coached in all sports. As far as transfers, I would hope these kids are moving into those districts, I know Thomasville has lost a few players to Ledford and East, Lexington lost some to ND, maybe other schools. Davidson County, Lexington and Thomasville should be on the same page with transfer rules. If a student is out of district and wants to attend another school then they should have to physically move or stay where they are (there are other exceptions like the parent teaches where the student attends).
  3. Bigtime87

    Thomasville HC Search

    The Dogs will continue to win with Gillespie and the staff he has coming. Lots of skill guys coming back, just need some of the bigger kids walking the hallways to play to shore up the O/D line.
  4. Bigtime87

    Lexington Job Open

    Lexington has good athletes and can be a winner. It will take the new coach a few seasons to get it back but it can happen. They were not very good the previous season and were small on the line last season and got pushed around bad. Hope Holman can find a good spot and maybe Lexington will hire one of the local assistants from North, Oak Grove or possibly Ledford that deserve a chance to grow into a HC. The OC from Thomasville that is going to Page with Robertson would be a good hire for them. He has coached on championship level teams, is experienced and loves coaching football.
  5. Bigtime87

    Thomasville 17, Oak Grove 9

    OG is good, but is not "too much" for the Dogs. Stop Shewcow and they stop OG. Dogs have "too many" weapons that OG cannot match up with athletically all night and that will be the difference. Thomasville wins a tightly contested game at Cushwa on Senior Night.
  6. Bigtime87

    My Realignment Proposal

    2A conference #8. OG will be as big or bigger than Ledford and North. They now have four classes and well over 900 kids. Thomasville, Lexington, West Davidson, Wheatmore, Trinity, HP Andrews, E Randolph and P Grove would be a likely conference based on location and similiar size.
  7. Years ago Thomasville played a team out of Winston Salem that ended real bad and the cops had to arrest a few of the parents and one of the players from that school. It was crazy!
  8. Bigtime87

    South Davidson

    It is an opportunity for an emerging coach to go, win some games and move on or a veteran to come in and finish out trying to turn it around. SD has a good track team and had won states in some events like the 4x400 in recent years so those kids can run decent. Got to get them out for football, get bigger, stronger and faster.
  9. Bigtime87

    South Davidson

    Chris, You nailed it on the head with your points. People have said about SD, "If it ends with an in', then it is getting in the way of sports and academics" down there. Fishin', huntin', swimmin', four wheelin', workin' and others I won't mention. The town is small and has no diversity, which makes them struggle against more athletic teams in open field situations. I agree they need to run a power based offense and mix in a little passing and tickery at times to keep the opponent honest. Set in a good base defense that covers all the gaps and allows pressure with the blitz to interupt flow and prevent teams from getting the ball into open spaces where SD players mostly lose that battle. When Crowell passed, they had an opportunity to keep things going with a couple of staff members but went outside twice for coaches and both ended up leaving. Only disagreement, is a veteran coach could very well be the right choice as well. Hard to beat experience when it comes to building a program, working the fan base and building relationships. Wrestling is not as strong, but is still a good sport for them.
  10. Bigtime87

    South Davidson

    MS plays all the Davidson County schools in football with limited success. Things are a mess right now and it will be a tough spot, but an opportunity to go down to Denton and work hard to turn things around. Really nice facilities, moderate parental support and a strong boosters club that can get behind the coach and the kids. School has a bunch of empty classrooms and limited opportunity to hire based on that. No principal as of today, and no HC makes it tough to get any work done this summer. New HC will have to build a new coaching staff and basically start from stratch August 1 due to the late hire and mandatory summer shutdown weeks in July. I think the Wildcats can learn to battle and win, just will take time to do so.
  11. Week two is a huge game I will attend.
  12. Bigtime87

    North Moore

    Mike Vogt is the one I was referring to. Lee only had one winning season.
  13. Bigtime87

    North Moore

    For a long time it was NM, C Central and S Davidson battling for the bottom three spots in the YVC. Then NM hired the young guy from florida and he did a great job of getting some athletes out and they got much more competitive. When he left they went down again. Good opportunity for someone that wants to prove themselves as a HC and get a bigger job. Has Admin gotten better and more supportive of the football program?
  14. Bigtime87

    TW Andrews head coaching opening

    Don't know much about the existing AD, however, I do know they interviewed a potential AD that attended TWA and was a state championship coach there and other schools. He is very respected, connected and could have helped TWA get some new teacher/coaches in there to grow those programs that have faltered. The facilities have went down also and need someone to get them back in good shape. Too much talent in the hallways not to be competitive in football, wrestling, basketball and track every year.
  15. Bigtime87

    Central Academy New Football Coach

    Good luck to him. They have a real good wrestling program, can he get some of those guys out for football?