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  1. That is where Shelby's success comes from. Young boys attend these games and see the Golden Lions out there and aspire to be one someday. The feeder programs have definitely dwindled over the years. We used to have 4 feeder teams...now, with numbers low, they have combined to form 1. Winning definitely brings more kids out.....like you said, they want to be a part of it. They see the rings, and they want one. It will be interesting to see how many are in attendance for Shelby Friday night. This is our 7th Western Final IN A ROW. Incredible success. But fans have also become complacent. We didn't have a ton there last Friday night. I was disappointed in our crowd as was some of our other fans. Hopefully we pack the stands this Friday night....should be fun.
  2. There are two buses that pick students up at the Ruby Y in Boiling Springs and there are 3 buses that pick students up at the Dover Y in Shelby and transport them to TJ.. There may be another pickup location in Shelby. There are a lot from Cleveland County that go there.
  3. Unfortunately, I agree. However, we have had a very recent turn in Shelby. I know of several students who have left Pinnacle and gone to Shelby in the last few months. Several teachers have also left that school for public schools. Charter schools are not public schools. They don't follow under the same "rules" as true public schools. I think with the onset of new helicopter parents, the "fear" of football keeps them from pushing/allowing their kids to play. Kids are also caught up so much in their social lives they don't want the "bother" of playing a team sport....they'd rather be partying on a Friday night or playing video games. Just too many other things to do these days. It's really sad.
  4. '98 State Champion

    I see you Cleveland County

    Yeah....I really wish we (Shelby) had gone small 2A so CleCo could possibly be represented in 3 State Championship games. Not much fun having to go up against a county rival and only 1 of us being able to go on.
  5. '98 State Champion

    I see you Cleveland County

    Yeah....imagine....the 2AA Western Finals being in Shelby playing fellow Cleveland County team Burns and the 3A Western Finals being played at Crest against Kings Mountain would be incredible. Has there been a county with 4 or more high schools where 100% of the schools were playing in the western finals and against each other? Shelby and Crest are less than 5 miles apart....what a night that would be?!?!?!
  6. '98 State Champion

    I see you Cleveland County

    Yeah, tbh Catawba county is way worse than Cleveland County....lol. A little bit.
  7. '98 State Champion

    My Championship Picks

    Richmond loses to Myers Park. Myers Park and Mallard Creek play to go to the title in an epic game.
  8. If KM plays like KM can, they will win going away. Statesville's competition has been horrendous this year, 53 - 86. If KM plays like they did against Crest then it could spell disaster for them.
  9. '98 State Champion

    I see you Cleveland County

    Sheesh....we got some beautiful smiles in CleCo. Way better than Gaston and Lincoln counties!
  10. Heard it was because there is a shift towards youth soccer in Lincolnton.
  11. LOL. Na, the precedent and system has been set. It is proven. Whoever takes over I would imagine will just continue exactly what Ware has put in place. I mean we have people like Nepsy, I mean work7, and Wrigley coming down on the little boy thread. Whoever does take over is inheriting an absolutely loaded team. We should "6 outta 7"-peat. I hope that week 3 slot fills with one of those big boy schools.....wink, wink.
  12. '98 State Champion

    Final CP 2A Power Rankings of 2018

    Final standing they were #3. They got a pass for a beatdown by a sub .500 team.
  13. '98 State Champion

    Final CP 2A Power Rankings of 2018

    Nope...no hate. We arrived early and watched the NE vs R game. We also played South Point, Hibriten, and North Davidson this year. Northeastern had a very talented football team. The QB was a great dual threat player and the running back that also played DE was a stud. It is our opinion that they would beat Reidsville 9 out of 10 times. We could be wrong. Coaching plays a huge role at the high school level and Reidsville has a great coach. They also won the game when it mattered....congrats. Based on what we saw with our eyes, if we are ranking the teams based on the talent of the team itself: 1. Shelby 2. Hibriten 3. South Point 4. Northeastern 5. Reidsville 6. North Davidson PS. kms, that burns loss was a long time ago. lot of personnel changes since that game. Ohio State got a pass on the Purdue blowout....lol.
  14. '98 State Champion

    Final CP 2A Power Rankings of 2018

    Just looking at it this way....Shelby beats Hibriten by 1 score...Hibriten beats South Point by one score. Those teams are somewhat even. Honestly, I think if Northeastern plays Reidsville ten times, Northeastern wins 9 of them. So realistically I would probably do it this way if I was ranking honestly: 1. Shelby 2. Hibriten 3. South Point 4. Northeastern 5. Reidsville 6. North Davidson This will brood a lot of hate from the Reidsville crowd but this is my honest opinion. Shelby would beat Hibriten if they played again, Hibriten would probably beat South Point if they played again (although it would possibly be a toss up), South Point would probably beat Northeastern, and Northeastern would beat Reidsville. Northeastern blew that game more than Reidsville won it. They basically got out coached and blew a 14 point lead. North Davidson could be plugged in there anywhere from 3-6.
  15. '98 State Champion

    Final CP 2A Power Rankings of 2018

    True. I guess my reasoning is if Reidsville barely won by a FG in the last minute then shouldn't Northeastern be ranked just below Reidsville because they are evidently pretty equal. I was also wondering if the eye test was used. We watched both 2A championship games. If rankings were truly based on who would beat who and who is the better teams our rankings would have gone: 1.Shelby 2. Hibriten 3. South Point 4. North Davidson T5. Reidsville T5. Northeastern Split the classes: 2AA 1. Shelby 2. Hibriten 3. South Point 4. North Davidson 2A 1. Reidsville 2. Northeastern