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  1. Creekprogram

    Dutch Fork

    Exactly.....Creek playing a tough opponent Butler. Logistics of hosting or traveling to DF that had not been determined. Event promoter was not giving refunds schools left to deal with that nightmare..... who pays for Police, Show Pros etc....Lots of different moving parts in this one and this is only a few. As I said before they did not play the game.......move on...
  2. Creekprogram

    Vance Playoff game moved to West Meck

    Harding actually recently got upgrades to the Concession Stands and the Home & Away Bleachers were fixed. Grant it they are safe but horrible repairs to the bleachers. The main thing at Harding is that the field needs to be replaced with Turf or high grade sod.... Berry is a good facility.....the field is absolutely a disaster if replaced it would become a top place to play similar to West Charlotte now...
  3. Creekprogram

    Dutch Fork

    Come on ......lots of things took place in that room with the Event Host and the NCHSAA. The game did not happen lets move on....
  4. Creekprogram


    That’s the UNC Charlotte plan. Is UNC joining Conference USA 😂. Petrino buyout was 14 million. Once again gets them ahead of search as Coaches get let go or looking to move.
  5. Creekprogram


  6. Creekprogram

    LKN- Student Section Harrasment

    @btango I understand your wish to only punish the offending parties but if they are students at the school and this behavior has been condoned and ignored which it has been by the administration this is a prime example of “lack of institutional control” that means broad punishment and then there will be a reaction to fix it. Change never happens until someone gets very uncomfortable
  7. Creekprogram

    Vance 25 Hough 0

    LOL....I knew it. Congrats.... when it gets cold you have to be able to run the rock and play defense.
  8. Creekprogram

    Mooresville 8-2 at Mallard Creek 9-0

    Mooresville probably has -50 yards offense. Creek defense just to fast and physical.
  9. Creekprogram

    CP Top-20 4A Power Rankings following Week 12

    Agree. Reality of physical football testing physical and mental capabilities of the players and staff. A very physical Vance teams awaits this week on the road.
  10. Creekprogram


    Well the plan surely has zero recruiting involved. You cut your losses and appoint interim Coach players get reenergized with the change and you are ahead in your search. Wait until the end and other programs with way more football pedigree hat the good available coaches.
  11. Creekprogram


    In games and winning games are two different things. Fedora always figures out how to lose the game. Elliott passing in the middle of the defense has been horrible all year. He does better outside the hash short passes. It’s play calling in crunch time that’s on Fedora. Once again how long do they continue this “scratching on a chalk board”
  12. Creekprogram

    East Meck forfeits rest of season after fight

    Another reason they should have played games on Thursday. Absolutely horrible weekend and Monday for CMS.
  13. Creekprogram

    Prayers for Butler HS

    I agree parents should be heavily involved but sometimes kids do bad things in spite of excellent parenting. I just saw the story on national news and the kid who was the shooter looks 12 years old. He stated to the authorities and teachers afterwards that he was relentlessly bullied. It is going to be interesting to find out how he secured a weapon and if this situation was escalating and if the parents and school had knowledge.
  14. Creekprogram


    Fedora takes a 2020 commit from a 2 Star prospect from Mountain Island Charter. I am sure he is a great kid but this speaks to the level of the recruiting struggles. https://northcarolina.rivals.com/news/3-star-2020-rb-elijah-burris-commits-to-unc
  15. Creekprogram


    I am actually the one keeping it alive. It’s hilarious to watch Fedora each week find ways to situationally lose football games. I heard a coach say something that applies to Fedora... he is “All hat and no cattle” pun intended. 😀. The helicopter arrivals and boastful arrogance is a comical on the recruiting trail now. I can’t wait until next week. I’m sure next weeks game will be “fast and not physical” 😂