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  1. Creekprogram

    Power Echols LB 2021

    Rico was similar to Echols in impact his Soph year along with a kid named Justin Byers who was a tic below who played Safety for Vance. They both played at Power 5 schools. Vance when the school first opened was a diverse version of Myers Park. It was built specifically as a reaction to the IBM Corporate Complex being built directly in its shadow on IBM drive which is now the Wells Fargo Complex. All of the IBM Employees not matter were they lived kids could attend Vance HS.
  2. Creekprogram

    Power Echols LB 2021

    I saw Echols 3 times this season and the kid has incredible talent and instinct when he sees it he goes "right now". I also noticed the leadership and respect he gets from his teammates which is rare for a Soph. His humble attitude and work ethic at this point is what separates him...as the lights get brighter and the Power 5 schools start to put on the press and tell him how great he is i hope he can keep that perspective. Now as far as the best ever to Suit up at ZB Vance i was able to witness the incredible ability of Rico Bell on offense and defense during his time at Vance....Larenz was good but Rico Bell was the best I have seen in a Vance uniform....my opinion of course...
  3. Creekprogram

    2019 Football Schedules

    As usual Creek not messing around! Now that is a gauntlet 😳
  4. Creekprogram

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    Holgersen WVU Coach sings his class professes the building of WVU football and today bolts for a 5 year 20 million contract at Houston. Recruits all across the country not just WVU as this coaching carousel rolls who signed early are stuck with zero leverage to move based on “section” outlining the reasons they are now the property of said university and if they do move the consequences are a one year sit out which by the way scholarships are only one year deals now renewable each year. The University also has the right if they leave to offer that scholarship to another athlete with zero penalty. Talking about a one sided contract. See attached NLI language.
  5. Creekprogram

    Hough at Byrnes (SC) next year

    😳 https://twitter.com/isaac_gothandz/status/1077992869556875266?s=21
  6. Creekprogram

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    I would have to disagree with you on the rebound of UNC. There is a gap right now that will take them at least 4 years minimum to recover. I question the depth of the defensive players and defensive staff especially the secondarly coaching. The OL has to be developed lots of young guys in a position group that is not plug and play. UNC’s strength and conditioning program has failed them the last two years.... that many injuries screams lack of physical preparation because the majority of the body mass and flexibility build up is about injury prevention. Long way to go before they will compete for a New Year’s Day Bowl let alone final 4 or possibly 8
  7. Creekprogram

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    Once again you have to be kidding. These schools have there pick of kids and every rule known to man to keep them once they sign. “Be a man” really. He made a “man” decision until a contract was signed he was an unrestricted free agent. Coaches lie all the way up until signing day to kids all across the country to maximize the quality of there class the better liars who work the road get the best kids. I guess Mack has not forgotten how to lie 😂
  8. Creekprogram

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    He should have gone to Duke. Cutcliffe molded a dual threat QB from Florida into a passer he played and won 3 games this year after starter was hurt. He never gets big time recruits at QB but develops the hell out of them. Fedora lied to Chaz and told him he could play Basketball and football. Duke told him not possible. Once again these kids need to have someone around them who can tell them the truth not what they want to hear.
  9. Creekprogram

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    You are kidding right?? Walt Bell had no problem bolting after arguably seeing a really bad movie in its beginning scenes. . Coaches use kids all the time wait until they sign and then bolt for another job leaving the kid with prospect of a year sitting if they leave. A kid and his family have one shot at leverage and this is the time have zero issue with the decision. There are a lot of kids out there with no stars who can play hold your Coaches and recruiting staff accountable to replace him.
  10. Creekprogram

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    @btangoevery season I see kids making situational football mistakes. A lot of them because the rules are so different in College & NFL. People might say why do you compare those two?? Well the kids tend to consume that product on TV and the devices and absorb the situations that are called and transpire during the contest. Overall I just don’t think Cosches and kids have a good enough knowledge of the rules.....now to there defense the NCHSAA makes changes seems like every year.
  11. Creekprogram

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    The Imeck next year will possibly be even more brutal. Creek returns 8 on defense 7 on offense, North Meck, Hough & Mooresville return a lot as well. LKN JV went undefeated. The main question will be who will be the QB for these squads next year each program breaking in a new signal caller.
  12. Creekprogram

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Nooo not another one of these genetics guys. So when Bill Belechick, Andy Reid, Tommy Knotts, Mike Palmieri, Aaron Brand and others kids are coaching in the future in N.C. other Coaches can just mail it in. See how rediculous that sounds. Smh.
  13. Creekprogram

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Vance in my opinion will not have a big problem with the Wake running game. If Wake can sprinkle in a few complete passes it will be a dogfight. The key to this game is if Vance can get up on them 2 scores. If that happens it forces them to press and pass more. The two game Creek beat them we got up early and it was all down hill from there.
  14. Creekprogram

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Piedmont Youth Football League with most teams based in North Charlotte churned our players for Vance, North Meck, Mallard Creek and had the same impact. Multiple players in the league as well.
  15. Creekprogram

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    A research Director told me a few years ago "If you let me know what you want the research to prove I can find the analytics to make it true". Its like the recruiting thing if you say it long enough and often enough people start to believe it is fact......"Base" group think is very prevalent in all things these days.