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  1. Creekprogram

    matchup 2021

    The best matchup year after year is Creek vs Vance. It usually happens two times each year because of the crazy NCHSAA playoff system. Find me a harder hitting passionate contest year after year. It will have some added flavor this year because the 704 crown now resides on IBM Drive along with the State Championship. Throw in a bit of player movement and a few Coaching changes and you need to get your popcorn......
  2. Were is Maye playing his senior season of HS Football? Lot of movement over at Myers Park.
  3. Creekprogram

    Myers Park vs. Mallard Creek

    Creek will be fine. Vance turned over entire staff except 1 Coach last year and look at the result. Change is hard for people not only in HS football but life in general. As you said the talent is there along with some hungry JV guys who want there turn. I hear nothing but good things about Coach Tinsley. Im sure the interest by prospective assistants to coach Creek young men is very high if current staff moves on. Spring sports being cancelled throws another change agent into the mix with chemistry and family and player movement. Strange times in Meck County but great leaders adjust if they have a plan.
  4. Creekprogram

    Mallard Creek

    Coaches like Palmieri, Knotts, etc are very tall orders to come behind. The type A personality is very tough to duplicate and mentor in a succession plan. Inevitably the lack of chemistry becomes the killer of the culture because it is so hard to duplicate the presence of the leader. It can be done but threading the needle is always tough in these situations. If I had to guess an outside Coach would be my thinking as well. I have only seen one succession plan work and that’s when Newsome exited and Hales took over. It also didn’t hurt that Shaghnessy was in place as DC. Creek losses a HC but also a Defensive guru.
  5. Creekprogram

    Jefferson Boaz Passes for 466 yards

    His possible position in order at next level Tight End /Flex H Offensive Lineman Defensive lineman.
  6. Congrats @704cougarsdad WESTSIDE!!! 704!!
  7. See my pre game post above pretty much how I thought it would go but 6 turnovers wow. LR just could not adjust to the physical Vance defense.
  8. Leesville Road and “smack in the mouth” yeah right. They need to be putting a mouth guard in to take the bomb they will have to take right out of the box from Vance. I don’t see this game being a contest. Early nerves might keep Leesville Road in the first half but Vance will punish them and get short fields. 2-4 turnovers based on physicality of the Vance play at a minimum for Leesville. If it rains huge advantage as well for Vance. They got a taste last year and they will close it out this year.
  9. Creekprogram

    Vance 38, Richmond 7 (4AA West Final)

    The key in this game Is Grier for Vance. @704cougarsdad said earlier in the year that when this kid learns how to use his legs he will go to the next level well he has killed Creek & WF the last two weeks with timely runs to extend drives he also has toughened up and makes throws and takes the hit. The Vance Defense makes QB’s speed up it happened at Creek and from the highlights I saw last night the WF QB hurried those two picks. Hood will be the key but I think Thompson (who I think is the best player on the team) and Echols give Vance 2 big time fast thumpers who can play with him on those runs. I think Vance will Spy Echols and play maybe 1 high man underneath. I am rolling with 704 always. Hope to make the drive down of work schedule permits. One more thing you have to give a huge amount of Credit to Coach Ferbee new State, Team, staff and you have the team one step from the Championship. Well done!.
  10. I think Vance should win this game. My concern is the physical beating Vance and Creek gave each other. It was one of the things I watched during the game that most folks don’t notice. Numerous trips on both sides to the training table for injuries that looked like 1-2 week types. Greer took a beating and I applaud the young man he grew up and made plays down the stretch. The adrenaline was flowing after the game but I do wonder what the injury report looks like for Vance. One lineman looked pretty dinged up. If Vance gets past this one I think they are the Hot team.
  11. Just to enlighten folks who might not know last year Vance had home field advantage but the Myers Park Admin made so much noise downtown about the sloppy conditions at Vance that they forced a move to Mallard Creek’s turf field. So if this game happens it’s only fair play that Vance has precedent to have the game moved from that I’m sure soft field correct????............I think I just saw Hell freeze over.
  12. Hey 704. If this game does happen I would think like last year based on MP being a grass field and by that time it will be in soft conditions it should be moved to a neutral turf site right?? Wink wink......
  13. Creekprogram

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    I wish people would stop peddling drama narratives at football games. Thanks 704 for clarifying. Smh Vance defense is a mirror image of Mallard Creek fast and physical. Creek defense played lights out probably had 15 sacks. Vance defense as well had multiple sacks and Creek could not move the ball. The game came down to which OC decided to go away from the air game and just run the ball between the tackles and get 3-4 yards. Well the Vance OC made that decision and it paid dividends. The previous meeting directly after the half Creek lined up in two back set and pounded the ball down the field why that was not done this game I scratch my head. The better team won tonight because that is what the scoreboard says. Good luck the rest of the way.
  14. Creekprogram

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Once again the ADM thing in my opinion is a smoke screen. Vance every year hovers around 4a &4aa and they compete. South Meck had a generation gap problem with the previous Coach. You give Evans 2 more years and South Meck is the new Myers Park I said the same exact thing when Chadwick landed at Myers Park. Hales down years are incredible years for other programs. Butler will be fine as long as Hales is the HC.
  15. Creekprogram

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Sounds like you didn’t like what you saw tonight. Could it have been the conditions? Looks like the field was really soft.