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  1. Time to ignore every one of his post as until he changes his screen name again. SMH
  2. Food for thought. The Mallard Creek & Vance defenses are Elite. Butler not on that level and they held them to 14 at half and it was 21-13 late in the third quarter. Just stating fact they are a good team but November playoffs is the “hump” and it’s real.
  3. Creekprogram

    Butler @ Myers Park

    This game will look different for Myers Park. The 10 yard separation and big windows will probably not be there early that’s what puts pressure on catching contested balls. Wideouts who don’t have that type of pressure to go get the ball have to adjust to that kind of pressure. Who knows they might blow through that learning curve but Butler will test it. The MP OL has been pass blocking a lot this season. Most of the run game has occurred while up big in the score and not by necessity. At some point you have to line up and pound the ball. If you attended the “Game of Thrones” like battle of Creek vs Vance both teams knew they had to at some point impose there will. They both committed to the run just like a boxer delivering body shots. MP at some point will have to step into the pocket. Looking forward to seeing what happens.
  4. Creekprogram

    Butler @ Myers Park

    Wow this “Kokie” guy has some real venom. I just pointed out historical data about the series with Butler. Physical is the key to beating MP. If Butler can slow them down and play Butler football it will be a game. I would make them run the ball period. 5-6 in the box and make MP drive the field similar to what Creek did to Dutch Fork and what Vance did to them in the playoffs (masterful game plan by Aldridge). It’s just a football observation.
  5. Creekprogram

    Butler @ Myers Park

    Wow.....spring and summer workouts gets you better physically and with team chemistry but when it gets to be November how you have been challenged as a squad in game situations is the difference. Most of us have seen this year after year. MP has talent no doubt but they will not be challenged just like last year until the playoffs. Hopefully this year in the second half of a playoff game when they get hit in the mouth they react differently. History says until you challenge yourself in season the result ends up not being good.
  6. Creekprogram

    Butler @ Myers Park

    Be careful. Myers Park has historically had problems with Butlers physicality. Now Butler does not have the horses they usually have but Hales will have them ready to play. You seem to be worried about how Creek beats people. Once again once MP plays the type schedule Creek plays you can question that. The frost is coming and when it does you have to be able to run the ball. Summer football is about done.
  7. The first year they are allowed to pull from the entire area for kids to attend. The second year and moving forward they are under the same rules and regs as any other school in the area as far as residency and feeding area boundaries.
  8. Creekprogram

    Mallard Creek vs Lake Norman

    I read through all the comments and I don’t see anyone promoting a fight or violence. It’s a football game and if you feel that a team trying to send a message by possibly running up the score is violence you are spinning a false narrative to demonize a group of people. Do your research on the LKN/Creek incident. The fact that nothing was done condones as a leadership and school body that the behavior is condoned. If you are afraid to come to Mallard Creek were I have never seen students yell inflammatory words at the opposition then please save your 7 dollars. Creek is a proud well run program with unmatched support by current and past Alumni parents, players and community. Creek plays to the echo of the whistle. See you at the game......maybe???????
  9. Creekprogram

    Mallard Creek @ Vance

    He is waiting for someone to take the bait. Move on man it was a fight at a HS they happen unfortunately no matter the school do I wish it would not happen yes but to take the time to craft a post with multiple links and your personal commentary about your kids etc.. screams I have a narrative I would like to promote. Smh
  10. Creekprogram

    Mallard Creek @ Vance

    Once again just like the Vance offense once you play a team that can give you resistance it exposes your offensive deficiencies. Creek has played close games against Dutch Fork, Gaffney & Vance teams with good to great defenses. Once Myers Park plays a defense that can give them resistance we will see what they are right now they are playing scrimmages. The Refs called just as many things both ways. Creek made more plays. They lined up went to split Backs and pounded the Vance defense. Pick your poison.
  11. Creekprogram

    Gaffney vs Brynes

    Saw Gaffney up close and Byrnes on film. Have to give the nod to Gaffney based on home field. Really impressed with the DC at Gaffney he calls a College type defensive secondary package. He stems his guys and does not give true reads pre snap. You have to have a really good QB and he lay caller to not get forced into a wrong read /play.
  12. Creekprogram

    Mallard Creek @ Vance

    This game will come down to QB play and who handles the pressure. I think Noller gets the nod here. Vance QB has played well but has not had a DC scheme him like he is going to see from MC. Creek will be able to get home with 4. I am not sure Vance can do the same. Watching film Vance is a heavy blitz percentage team. If the Creek OL which is above average gets the blitz pickup correct could be a long night. Aldridge was a Master Defensive play caller new Coach calling this type game will be interesting.
  13. Creekprogram

    Myers Park at Hough

    They supposedly have just as many on this team with some recent additions. I think the constant influx has finally eroded the chemistry enough in the program that the “glue guys” have stopped giving that effort.
  14. Naturally as you said it’s a highlight but I have seen him all summer and first four games and he has made total in 7 on 7’s and actual games a mistake on a read or throw probably 5 times. Actually saw him make a throw at Gaffney that was 3-4 yards off and he went directly to the WR to coach him up in what he read and the WR agreed. I didn’t really dig into the Air Raid offense until Hellams arrived. The QB and his skill guys read the defense together as the play progresses. As each game passes you can see the chemistry growing and Noller is like a Coach on the field with this offense. The bottom line Noller can play QB at a Power 5 level.....oh and he is a heck of a baseball player as well.
  15. Creekprogram

    Myers Park at Hough

    Miami Dolphins 2.0......a complete meltdown 😀