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  1. Creekprogram

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Generation Z. Being independent, self confident and autonomous are also some of the key characteristics of generation Z. They do not rely on their parents as much as previous teen generations did. ... Gen Zrepresentatives have short attention spans and are less focused than their predecessors.
  2. Creekprogram

    HSOT set to expand...

  3. Creekprogram

    Bowles leaving Providence

    Exactly.....it mirrors the College game narrative with Coaches jumping but if a kid enters the portal they are selfish. Its restricted free agency for the athletes but unrestricted free agency for the Coaches.
  4. Creekprogram

    Evans to South Meck

    The Admin support thing at South Meck was an excuse. The same narrative was floated at Myers Park with regards to there futility until Chadwick arrived. Admin support comes from having a vision and being able to communicate that vision to get the necessary buy in and resources. Evans has experience now in good and bad situations and I think he has the formula to get that done. I think this will not only impact South Meck but surrounding private’s who have taken the good kids. Good football at your home public school with good academics is a great draw and will save them the Tuition. SM, MP & AK if they can ever figure it out could really shift the demo in South Charlotte.
  5. Creekprogram

    Muhsin Muhammad narrows list down to 8

    Committed to Texas A&M and Bama offers Is A&M back to a dating status LOL
  6. Creekprogram

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    What is the Depth Chart at QB coming out of spring? Is it true that Howell is #3?
  7. You are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for your services period. Yeah we can get into the philosophical debate about education and how teachers in the school should be paid more and yes that is the case and I am sure we all can agree. I had the conversation today at a business meeting about cost and who sets the level for how much things are. “It cost what it cost” exceptional talent in any occupation gets paid exponentially more in most circumstances. It all goes back to what is the area of emphasis by leadership funnels significant funding.....no different than our political system...
  8. Creekprogram

    Where does Vance turn?

    He is very good coach. Navigating CMS and getting his staff in place not just from a football standpoint but communicating with the kids and parents will be a tall order with last day of class being tomorrow. Kudos to the AD for moving with warp speed to do what he could to compress the process.
  9. Creekprogram

    Brand leaves Vance

    You apparently don’t know the Vance program either. Brand has been working with low numbers since he arrived. This coming year was probably going to be the first year he was on par numbers wise with the their top programs vying for a State Championship. Brands issue was not players at the school it was social and family issues he had to work on to build confidence in the young men to play and take care of business off the field. YES building young men is a core to every program......
  10. Creekprogram

    Brand leaves Vance

    The South Meck question will be answered in the next 1-2 years. The new Principal/AD/Coach I am sure will have “winning” as a major part of the narrative within the program and I would be safe to say that there will be an improvement. It’s actually a very desirable job as expectations right now are low so any improvement will be seen as monumental. The Vance job is pretty scary coming in behind Brand. Yes they have talent but the leadership they select will be key as it will be at South Meck. All the other variables stated above with regards to demographics in many areas become side excuses....great leadership works to strength and develops weaknesses.
  11. Creekprogram

    Brand leaves Vance

    Stop with the baseball, softball, volleyball. You are making subliminal statements based on demo. Believe me if those three Sports were an emphasis by the athletes in other areas which btw were back in the 80’s, 90’s competition would be solid. It’s not a matter of talent it’s a matter of interest in those sports and the cost at the junior league to enter along with facilities and programs available. I stated to many people that once Chadwick arrived at Myers Park 3-4 years later MP would be a problem and now they are. Marvin Ridge was opened the same year as Mallard Creek and Chadwick was the Coach and that program started well but overzealous parent group got impatient with 8-10 wins a year and forced him out. Great Coaches develop culture and adjust to the times and talent. MP has gotten no more than the usual 2-5 transfers that everyone gets. Once again these excuses are laughable.
  12. Creekprogram

    Brand leaves Vance

    Nice Steve Kerr reference. Mark Jackson definitely drafted and built the talent. Yeah these old school guys who don’t notice that the landscape has changed and that they have to evolve will have a rude awakening.....South Meck situation is a prime example perform and opportunity presents itself....lack of performance and changes are made.
  13. Creekprogram

    Brand leaves Vance

    The days of staying in one place 20-30 years employed are over. Pension programs are non existent replaced by high risk 401K programs and employers that cycle people out of there organizations including education as they negatively impact the bottom line. Taking a job for a higher pay yield for a few years to build your resume and have a plan for ultimately were you would like to be either in life or the Coaching profession is definitely in this generation of coaches best interest.
  14. Creekprogram

    Where does Vance turn?

    Aldridge would be my pick keeps the continuity and fragile chemistry of those 16-18 year olds and he has the best case to more importantly sell to the parents who are at this point stunned and will be evaluating other options.