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  1. Has there been a preseason top 25 list posted in 4A?
  2. Port. Do you think mallard creek is up there with Hoggard far as being one of the best teams ?
  3. Port. I am glad you came over to a site where they talk football. You are one guy that I know that will talk football and not a bunch of bull. I am looking forward to the game Friday looks like it will be a good one. You said it about S .Central they were not very good on defense and were also small. I will say I been following the Scots for a while and will say this is one of the best O lines that I have seen at Scotland in a while. I agree it is going to be in the trenches.
  4. Big Hitter 99

    Poster Roll Call

    Scotland High School
  5. Big Hitter 99

    Week-6 4A Power Rankings

    Yeah the delay of game penalties were crazy knowing they have timeouts. SMH!
  6. Big Hitter 99

    Mallard Creek @ Scotland

    Chris, It is best to park on the visitor side . It is easier to get out after the game. I park on that side every home game just because it is a lot better to get out. I also tailgate on that side so y'all are welcome to stop .
  7. Big Hitter 99

    Mallard Creek @ Scotland

    Wrigley, He is a bad boy but he can not do it by his self.
  8. Big Hitter 99

    Mallard Creek @ Scotland

    Yeah he took half the snaps yesterday in 7 on 7. He has to learn the system and he will be fine. ( Nice Kid )
  9. Big Hitter 99

    2017 Schedules

    Chris I think that is suppose to be pinecrest on Oct 13 for Scotland . Thanks for all you do.
  10. Scotland will have 6 starters back on offense and 7 on defense. You could say 7 on offense because #4 played a lot and he should be on the field with that being said you still have to play the game. Wish them the best in 2017
  11. Two undefeated teams going head to head for the regional title game. What are your thoughts on this game?
  12. Big Hitter 99

    Mallard Creek

    I don't post much but I will be the first to say Scotland is trying to work something out with mallard creek for next year and no Scotland is not scared . Sometimes things just do not work out .
  13. This team is hot on a 6 game winning streak with 3 playoff games on the road . What are your thoughts?
  14. Big Hitter 99

    Richmond vs Lumberton week 10

    They should get their gate I am thinking.
  15. Big Hitter 99


    A lot of games have been moved to Thursday . I know Pinecrest and Lumberton are playing Thursday. Also Scotland and Purnell.