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  1. Geographically and enrollment wise I would like to see NC push pass the 5 classification threshold, maybe to a 6a. SC is a much smaller state (geographically, number of participating schools and overall enrollment numbers) and the 5a system works well there due to their size (no split conferences and only 1 champion per classification). While I understand geography is a huge issue in NC and a bear to be equitable to all, creating more than 5 classifications (technically there are 8 now for playoffs/championship purposes) would, in theory, help reduce the number of split conferences and create a fairer competitive balance within the state (you would no longer have a school playing in conference with teams with 700+ more students for example). More conferences could also allow for smaller conferences and thus more intriguing out of conference matchups because teams will be willing to and have to take more risks with scheduling or maintain geographically rivalries. So my main question is why stop at 5?