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  1. You knows who only cares about money? The schools and coaches. More than the association I assure you.
  2. You nailed the game plan Shelbyfan1. I never would have thought Shelby would dominate the game running the ball. LOL. Even put a receiver in backfield a bunch in the wildcat. Crazy how good that offensive line is. I love those trench guys. They played great.
  3. Pretty week bracket compared to the west. Next week the Golden Lions of Shelby brings the show to Winston-Salem. Go ahead and engrave the trophy.
  4. Vance provided the fireworks tonight. Defense is were you build a team.
  5. Absolutely sir. Shelby guys are my favorite posters. The machine keeps pumping. Tonight was the championship.
  6. Jeez. Is that a record for a playoff games for OTs?
  7. Burns was never a threat. Great season Burns. I’ll miss watching Kujuan Pryor tote the rock. That kid is dynamic. Shelby’s running game was impressive. Another state for the trophy case.
  8. I haven’t made that decision yet. It’s either that game or Catholic.
  9. Red Bridges but if you are there after 5:00 and going to the game you will not make it. For parking if you are coming from civilization, meaning north to south, on Hwy 74 keep going pass the school for about a half mile then left U turn back to the school which is on 74. Turn in at the school road entrance on 74, not the road before the school. Don’t even bother looking for a space after 5:30. Hit the giant grass yard all around the front of the school. It’s open for big games. Parking and seating will not be an issue on the home side. I’ve come to big games and sat somewhere always. You will encounter a metal detector at the gate. Don’t have a pocket knife or you’re going back to the car. I usually show up in the city limits at 6:30. The traffic will be crazy bad for 2 miles before the school for game day due to the stoplight in front of the school.
  10. An man rejected by Thomasville as a coach takes an AD job down East. Hires a coach rejected by Richmond fans and becomes an immediate winner. How about those hires? Idiot former schools didn’t do any better for many years until this year. Every time I hear that Edenton school name I think about the times as kids we climbed trees at the rear of XXX Drive Ins. Sneaky little rats we were.
  11. Richmond is able to make that strobe affect due to changing to LED lighting. Any school system who has not changed to LED stadium lights is wasting the schools money. Add the benefit that if there is a glitch for one tenth of a second old lighting takes time to fire back on while LED lighting is immediate. Pay back for light change out is huge. Power bills are drastically lowered. Ask owners of car lots. Plus the light quality is phenomenal.
  12. GDG

    Regional Final Picks

    You spend more time being a Reidsville fan than an East Surry fan. Odd.
  13. The Charlotte schools are mostly magnets, not charters. One of my best friends kids never went thru a lottery. He was asked to come and play at a Charlotte lake area charter because he was 6’3” and 250 lbs. He was already at Lincoln Charter before that which was 10 minutes from his home. What about the three kids who supposedly are lottery who were on the Lake Norman team that won a title. I guess Bandys kids have better lottery luck than other kids. My favorite is when a athlete gets in the school and the siblings get pulled to the top to attend. Yeah it’s all on the up and up. Publics basically pick you up feet from your house in a bus while charters expect you to go to a highly limited access area or shuttle your kids to school. Working class people cannot just come and go at work to get their kids to these schools. Welcome to the new segregation based on income.