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  1. Football is too expensive for these small ADM schools. By far the most expensive sport. If you can’t put 500 butts in seats you should shut it down.
  2. GDG

    Mallard Creek

    Yep. Those two leave and some kids could follow as well. If he doesn’t have the success they had he will be on the hot seat regardless.
  3. A bit aggressive for a new school. That could get the kids down by conference time.
  4. GDG

    Mallard Creek

    Lots of vacancies but in troubling times. New coach, new philosophy. Time to spread those wings.
  5. GDG

    Mallard Creek

    Has assistant coaches Stone and Hellman’s found their new jobs yet? Looks like both are trying to stay in the CMS system. Good luck to both on their interviews.
  6. GDG

    Spring practice

    Let’s assume somehow there is a 2020 football season. What are the chances many of the kids come back? Hard economic times present some problems. There is going to be a unpresidential finance impact on parents of athletes. Even a pair of cleats presents a purchase needed for food. There are debts which will accumulate. As a coach it’s not a time to have requirements for dress uniform code or cleat color. Start asking former players to help create a cleat closet. Announce you are preparing for a no cost to play situation. Use activity buses to take kids home to alleviate the burden on families. It’s time to adjust as a coach and school.
  7. GDG

    Spring practice

    I spoke to a high administrator about a number of school issues. One was fall sports. He felt pretty certain the schools would not be taking any chances with spreading of Covid19 by conducting summer practices. He also stated their is no way the schools come back before August if even then. They have a plan in place for distance learning like being used now. One teacher in the triad told me only 20 percent of his students were completing assignments. One local teacher here in Newton said about 80 percent were complying on time. I have a kid helping me some who is in high school. The football coach had a team call this past week and I listened in on the speaker. They were still planning the fall positions and giving out workout assignments but the kid told me nobody is doing any of it at home. He says he will not be going back if summer workouts are not held. Both his mother and sister were furloughed and he is using the money he makes to help buy food. Very proud of the young man. His father is in Kuwait with the National Guard. Note: I was reading the post above and found them to be interesting. An apartment complex of 118 units trended at 4 vacancies for last year for a two week window. Then it spiked 10 days ago to 24 empty after loss of jobs, Hickory Crawdad players not renting, and baseball kids at colleges not playing. Friday they had decreased to 6. I looked in the parking lot and noticed a large increase of car license plates from the northeast of the US. Seems many people from New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts have come down to escape the trending virus exposure up north. It was pretty startling. Can’t blame them as I suspect age and health conditions have everyone up north terrified. 6 million new jobless claims last week alone. That is on top of the 3 million plus the week before. Historical numbers and even hospitals in the state are laying off employees. 300 alone announced last week at Cape Fear Regional. Stay safe and follow sanitary preventative measures as the coming week Is projected to get bad nationally. And for all those kids I see hooping it up in large numbers at parks- good luck on a ventilator. Word.
  8. GDG

    Worst Stadiums

    I’ve been to the stadium as we discussed before. I thought I had stepped back into year 1890. It doesn’t get any poorer than Hyde County.
  9. GDG

    NPC 2020

    Don’t know about D1 prospects but those 3 guys were fun to watch. Smith picked a hole and hit it. What about that giant kid on the line. Will he be back. He was killing the defense when they didn’t run from him. All of those kids should get some type of offer if they get some help being recruited. Moore had a nice spin on the ball. As usual the pieces seem to be there for offense but there defense keeps letting them down against quality teams. I’ll pick West Rowan in the conference followed by Statesville.
  10. Best wishes to Rick. If you are reading Rick we need you back here in full strength. You take care of yourself sir. Best Regards, Ken
  11. GDG

    Best defense

    1964 Ridgeview High School in Hickory, NC Scored 446 points to go undefeated Opponents never scored a single point- big fat 0. In the title game with Hamlett they won 16-0. Coach was Sam Davis Sr.- I worked with Davis for 2 years and he scared the hell out of me as a kid. He was all business.
  12. GDG

    Spring practice

    Doubtful for any Spring or Summer practice except maybe August. This flu has been going on in China for 6 months. We are in the first stage with a long way to go. Football is low on the priorities of schools. I’d bet the house schools will not come back before next year and even now they are planning for August distance learning. I can’t imagine not getting to walk across a graduation stage. I’m wondering how kids will get help trying to get into colleges. Lots of things we don’t think about are associated with schools closing. Daycare closings and after school programs are creating chaos for those who still have jobs. Putting food on the table is priority one. Let’s not forget that.
  13. GDG


    Running QBs shelf life is short. Too many injuries and an uncertain future for a 19 million dollar player. Hopefully he has learned to be humble but I doubt it. He will find a backup role and still make a lot of money. How he handles the media will determine who Ickes him up.
  14. GDG

    Way too early local football predictions

    The schools are preparing for a circumstance much similar to what they are doing now while schools are conducting distance learning. On a positive note many things that needed to be done at schools are getting more attention than ever before. Painting, cleaning, replacement of lighting, repairing stuff put off for decades. Schools will look better than ever before with no traffic to impede work conditions.