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  1. GDG

    Thoughts and prayers

    Prayers for that young man’s family. This is horrible news.
  2. GDG

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    They have a first year coach who once coached at N-C in the 90’s and won the only basketball state title. She left Newton to coach at Mars Hill then came back as a principle then on to the admin staff at the central office. Totally changed the dynamics of the team. Hey have won something like 23 straight after a slow start. Very impressive no nonsense coach. Replaced WNBA player who coached about five years.
  3. GDG

    Who’s who among the 3A

    When will it ever end at my alma mater? Year after year of problems at basketball games. Jeez.
  4. GDG

    The legends of N.C. HS basketball

    She coached at Newton-Conover High until this year. Let’s just say she was the Micheal Jordan in female player/coaching. Great players don’t always make great coaches. Her replacement won the conference the first time in years and has a 23 game winning streak.
  5. Welcome back 98. What took you so long after I called for you? Who you got in the lead for the job?
  6. Shelby has never went wrong hiring from within. Looks like most people think they will do it again. I think Hollifield will get the AD job if he wants it. Who knows, maybe Devine comes back to SHELBY which is basically a family hire.
  7. I hear 98Champion has been in therapy since the rumor started. He’s terrified they will go back to the wing t.
  8. GDG

    State Dual Title Winners

    Newton had 8 qualifiers this year. In 2014 when my son last wrestled they qualified 12 kids. That’s the record for N-C that should never be broken. Parkland holds the record for most ever as every kid qualified with 14 and the won both titles that year.
  9. Some will say it doesn’t matter who is the next coach. Yes Shelby will be at the top of the contenders but Ware elevated the program to another level. His offense hasn’t been replicated by other NC high schools. Does the AD job go with the head coach?
  10. GDG

    4A Regionals

    Mallard Creek has potential to be a power in wrestling. Need more kids coming out to compete for starting roles.
  11. He didn’t mention it but you know the answer. You always do.
  12. If the Lions go with a coach who runs the ball they are fools. There are not even many 4A schools with as much skill position talent.
  13. Still would retain his state retirement years. Make more money. Chance to climb to a position coach and coordinator position. There is nothing to lose for a guy who has had more success than any active coach. This would be great for App State instate recruiting. I see no fail for App State. As a fan of the Mountaineers with four kids who graduated I would love to see him climb the ladder and one day take over. Its a rumor but I thought he would take a South Carolina big pay job in 2017. He’s been on lots of radars for Upstate SC schools. The man is legend. IF the rumor is true the SHELBY vacancy will be the most sought after job ever in the state.
  14. Is he staying or going? App State is the rumor.
  15. GDG

    4A Regionals

    I saw that. Kind of surprised Lake Norman finished ahead of Hough.