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  1. GDG

    UNC basketball

    Hope so. Journalism majors. Jeez.
  2. GDG

    Collecting baseball and football cards

    I was a collector in the late 70s and early 80s. Playboy magazines only.
  3. GDG

    UNC basketball

    I am an anti Carolina anything. For me it’s about the liberal school teachings and failure to run clean programs like Dean did. Was a a Duke fan but not really a basketball fan at all anymore. I have never liked Roy Williams coaching. I was a diehard Dean Smith fan when he coached. I think Roy watches more Carolina games than coaching in the actual game. He should buy a ticket and move into the stands. He is known for taking a lot of timeouts home while his team gets further behind.
  4. GDG

    UNC basketball

    The good thing is he will not have any one and done with that record. So those scholarships will be closed next year. I haven’t seen the roster but he better hope a bunch are seniors.
  5. GDG

    UNC basketball

    0-59 against UNC home game before today. Roy stated the loss was on him when he forgot to tell the kids to foul with 3 seconds. Carolina is now 8-8 and tied for last place in the conference at 1-4. I honestly believe Williams has lived off the Carolina history while recruiting. In the era of one and done you must win the recruits constantly or be able to coach well. Some will point to Cole Anthony being out but he is only one player. This week he called his team the least talented he ever had. Even if that were true you should refrain from saying that to the media. Some message boards think he lost this team with his coaching style and they are not responding.
  6. GDG

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    Why would they schedule two on the same day. Was it a mistake scheduling and he was fulfilling his commitment? Or did they send the non starters to the other site? How many kids came out for Robbinsville this year?
  7. The article did not say if he was suspended, no action, or let go. Any word on his employment?
  8. GDG

    Fred T Foard Wrestling

    When he was at Newton-Conover Middle he was the best middle school coach for football and wrestling they ever had. He encouraged kids to play both but he also coached both programs. He did not lose a wrestling match for for seven or eight years. Rarely a football game loss. Former Marine with a strong policy on conduct, dress code, and behavior. I saw his standards of operation policies (SOP) for his players. Strict and detailed.
  9. Does Davidson Day wave tuition for some athletes. My customer said her three kids each had $17,500.00 tuition when we spoke two years ago.
  10. There has been bad blood and issues during Newton and West Lincoln games for the last six years. I saw the news report but no audio so I assumed it was a rivalry issue and not within the same program. No matter how bad parents act you cannot let yourself get to that point. Let the officials and police handle it or resign. The level of maturity of teachers/coaches is at an all time low in this area. Three teachers sex with students at Fred T Foard, this assault, another female teacher having sex with a student, and last week the principal at Hickory High was arrested for drunk driving. Couple years ago the assistant principal of Bunker Hill came to the HS graduation late, hit a couple cars, and was drunk getting a DUI. I’m not even going to get into all the stuff the last principal at Lincolnton did for years to boy students. Disgusting. I think this is just the ones getting caught with the problem much deeper.
  11. GDG

    Shelby 78, Chase 2

    Yes it’s hard to believe. I remember for four years in the late 2000s when Newton, Fred T Foard, St. Stephens, Bunker Hill, and Hickory were all five in the same conference with tremendous talent. All of those teams had D1 girls who were offered scholarships to well known schools. Some continued to play while others went the academic route. Even girls on private school squads were offered D1 scholarships out of Catawba County. A few years back Newton had eight varsity girls. St. Stephens had no JV and ten Varsity with half those sophomores and freshmen.
  12. Saw that western title game of West Rowan vs TC Robeson. Both were very good. Great game. Think it was at East Burke High.
  13. Benji Brown aint never returning to Tville. You go/stay where people appreciate you. Thomasville, Lexington, Cummings, Lincolnton. Pick your poison. Small town inner city issues.
  14. GDG

    Fred T Foard Wrestling

    That was a coach call. Some coaches protect wrestlers records or don’t want their kids embarrassed by some stud which will take the confidence out of a kid who has aspirations of being a champion but finds out he doesn't get out of the first period with a two time state champ and National champ. Looking at the line up pretty sure not all of the starters hit the mat. Scores are always deceiving. Trackwrestling gives a little more insight. Avery has come a long way the last couple years. They need more bodies to return to the times when they dominated the classification. The roster is very lean at 18 kids. I would say someone is doing a great job at Avery. Winning will get more kids out.
  15. GDG

    Shelby 78, Chase 2

    There is a serious issue with girls basketball participation. The quality of players on teams is an all time low. AAU travel teams have taken a big hit on commitment. A score like that does not surprise me anymore when I hear of 10 girls coming out for both JV and varsity.