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  1. GDG

    Who’s Who among 3A

    But there are rules against such shenanigans. 7 on 7 events must be the actual recruitment days now.
  2. GDG

    West Caldwell

    I’d say it definitely was a kindness by Biggerstaff to help the school thru this madness. Now it’s time for the community to come together and rid the county of school board members and a superintendent who failed them.
  3. GDG

    Briggs retires from Cherokee

    That’s going to hurt the Braves. Watched a few videos and he was quite the motivator. He did a heck of a job at Cherokee.
  4. GDG

    West Caldwell

    School boards shift teachers to other schools all the time to accomplish goals. You have to ask yourself why not the effort at West Caldwell? I’ve seen 12 teacher and principal in a small system in one year. Can Caldwell County not think out of the box? When you sign a contract they don’t guarantee a school, only a job.
  5. I doubt they become a playoff factor but a winning season can be had. The kids who made the difference are playing for other schools in the county. I saw them play three years straight and they had no beef and quality on both lines. It’s another program without physical players. Working on the trench kids would be my first goal. Best wishes to Holman. Lexington’s rebuild will take time.
  6. Even a new coach will not stop the Golden Kitty Kats from rolling the 2A or 2AA. Only question is if they finish without a blemish which might be tough with the schedule they have.
  7. GDG

    West Caldwell

    I’m sure Biggerstaff is a quality guy but let’s face it, this was a position filled without quality applicants. Reeks of desperation when you hire someone who will not be long term at his age and out of the game for a long time. And I find it hard to believe he is coming back to teach and recruit the halls. Best of luck Warriors and Biggerstaff. Certainly a uphill battle given the bleeding of transfers.
  8. GDG

    4th and goal

    Ethan Horton AL Brown. QB roll right and mow over defenders.
  9. GDG

    4th and goal

    Must have never seen Tyler Bray run the ball.
  10. GDG

    Top 2A teams

    From what I have seen of the kids who played in blowout games, Hibriten will be a top four western team in 2019.
  11. GDG

    Top 2A teams

    And why will they be improved other than their schedule gets weaker than past years? Seriously. I’ve heard this for 10 years and they have not been a factor.
  12. GDG

    TW Andrews head coaching opening

    I have a friend who feels they have talent in most sports. He says they lack big guys coming out for the line play. Wrestling had a great run. Don’t know what transpired the last five years there. He’s says they have not committed to quality coaches who want to work the halls and just wait for those who show up on the first day of practice. Any coach who does that is lazy.
  13. Hope they hire someone who uses all the skill players available. Not some simpleton who connot think out of their little box. I really tire of coaches who are unwilling to change. And it’s a bunch of them out there.
  14. GDG

    Hibriten ???

    No teaching and those salaries are not jobs to pass on. I’d love a job like that.
  15. What!s the hold up here?