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  1. He’ll be back. Meds take a while to get regulated.
  2. For West its two weeks to basketball and Fred T Foard two weeks to wrestling practice.
  3. After the debacle last week with Freedom I hear Schmo is on suicide watch.
  4. Why Chris. Don’t you know? The Baby Cougs are playing.
  5. Anybody want to do a meet up for Thursday night’s game?
  6. That’s about 50 down. If that’s the case there is hope for many good western 2AA teams. Hope the Shelby poster is correct. I’d love to see the most dominate two programs in NC battle it out.
  7. It’s possible but much more likely they will be well over the cut line. I wish they would. I would like to see a Shelby vs Reidsville game in the western bracket. These two would completely dominate the bracket in little 2A. Too many good western teams have dreaded seeing a future game with them coming. Only Hibriten has separate them from a Independence High like streak of championships.
  8. Good lord how the mighty have fallen. Especially Concord. I think it speaks to how taking the youth programs for granted effects the later results. Football turned into hanging out at Concord Mills Mall on Friday night.
  9. Never count out Maiden as they have proven over decades. They do more with less thru hard work and determination. Nobody knows this more than Coach Nick Bazzle of North Lincoln. He has had some exciting games while at Newton-Conover. The record he has achieved at North Lincoln is impressive. Look at the records of North before he arrived. 2-9. Complete turn around. The kids believe in him and he believes in them. I applaud the administration of North Lincoln to convince Bazzle to return home and take over the program. He grew up in the district before they had a school although he played at East Lincoln. Bazzle has demonstrated the option is still one of the best offenses for high school football. I’m also impressed with Maiden’s coach. His in game adjustments are solid. They have a lot of locals who have been assistant coaches that are passionate about Blue Devil football. I expect a good crowd for this game.
  10. I would not be surprised in the least if South Point finished 6-5 and went to the third round IF they draw a playoff bracket side not to include Shelby. If you look at losses outside of Clover they have kept games close. Beat by one score to Crest. A couple points to #3 Burns. 2AA west is tough this year. Shelby, Hibriten, Burns, SP, and, North Lincoln all will make for exciting games.
  11. Nice dream but a dream like young lads have if you know what I mean.
  12. GDG


    Only thing we would miss is that set of bloomers on his head.
  13. You bring the blitz and Kings Mtn has an issue. Even that QB cannot overcome heavy pressure. A five man front should be used more regardless of the spread offense.
  14. GDG

    Davie at West Forsyth

    Once upon a time this was ............. It ain’t once upon a time. West Forsyth is a contender this year. This is your kids school district Chris. You get out there and cheer those high class Forsyth County boys on to victory.