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  1. GDG

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    Buyer Beware
  2. GDG

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    Welcome to CarolinaPreps Banana Hammer.
  3. GDG

    Hyatt steps down at Piedmont

    Isn’t Jamie Belk still coaching wrestling at Piedmont? One heck of a coach. Top ten in NC.
  4. GDG

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Nope. Most likely at Freedom, North Lincoln, or Bandys. You come up here and call a game I’ll buy you a big fat cowboy T-bone steak. Might even kick in a brewsky.
  5. GDG

    Hyatt steps down at Piedmont

    Don’t know about football parents but their wrestling parents were complete azzes a few years back. Losses were something they did not take well and screamed their displeasure. It’s in the water.
  6. GDG

    West Caldwell

    Well said @lbedwards. You’re hired.
  7. GDG

    Maiden Boom Devils!

    Take the Dirty Ankle route like those Burns people like.
  8. GDG

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Pizza? Lord up here they get whole meals catered in. The way you promote those Caribbean County teams (deliberate spelling) you should get a filet magnon and a gourmet vegetable melody with a bottle of vintage wine. Step it up Mt. Pleasant. I tried to listen to a broadcast this year but in this midget town apparently they don’t get radio, sure have spotty telly phone as well. I got good inner webs though.
  9. GDG

    Former Mooresville Coach

    If you get significant salaries compared to other schools you would be ignorant to think expectations are less than big. He had to know what he was facing before he took the position or he still had his North Carolina rose colored glasses on.
  10. I heard a rumor CMS would like to shut down middle school football. Is it not true a prominent car dealership owner subsidized the middle school football program to the tune of $500,000. If so will the end of that donation fell the sport at that grade level? Do they not also have a pay to play fee?
  11. GDG

    Who represents the East in 2A?

    Definitely not Kinston. Weak sauce schedule.
  12. GDG

    West Caldwell

    Yeah. He's done in Caldwell for sure.
  13. GDG

    West Caldwell

    Chris states: From an administrative perspective, I get it why they wanted to make a change. Football is a huge deal to the school, it is a business that pays the bills and drives morale, and they felt they needed to go in a different direction. I don't fault them for it at all, head coaches have to know that when they enter a situation at any school, they can be let go for performance based issues. ........................................... But this school has a long history in the last 15 years of packing up a one and two year coach. No coach is going to have instant results at West Caldwell. Holman deserved more from a school who uproots and moves across the state. That's a financial impact for a coach. This is not a private sector growth of business evaluation. You get a product for 11 weeks. I feel WC failed themselves and Holman just like many other coaches before him.
  14. GDG

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Come on guys. He would never miss a MP gig. They have him set in stone for the blue and yeller. He already has stated they feed him well in the press box. Free Radio and free wings. I bet they even crank the heat up for him. Look for the guy giving Coach Jones a hug before the game.
  15. GDG

    First Flight at North Davidson

    I could see having set times and dates. I could name many reasons. One would be ability to scout a half by coaches at a close venue. It also sets the year long expectations of getting referees scheduled after their day job. Even a half hour shifts possibilities of having a full crew if a guy works till late afternoon. Agents have hired people committed to a time slot.