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  1. GDG

    South Fork 2A

    I only know the abilities of a dozen kids. Have no knowledge of most JV kids moving up. Three really solid no quit linemen, the most talented running back in the conference, and two very solid receivers. No doubt Newton could run the ball. I hope they don’t continue to sling it around. Looked very messy last year with a inexperienced QB. Kid didn’t want to play the position from what I hear and would have been a solid receiver or wing. The numbers are still low according to a parents count. If they make the playoffs Newton will go down to small 2A. Final year of the Discovery School across the street for participation in sports which puts them less than 800 students. They will have a new DC I was told back in the spring. You have to go back to 2011 or 2012 since the program played average or better defense. Many kids will have to see considerable time on both sides of the ball. The whole season is dependent on the defensive effort. As NC2B stated Newton must maintain drives on the ground and stop the big play attempts. Even cutting the total game plays by a dozen will keep Newton in a lot of games.
  2. GDG

    cream of the crop Hibriten Gone

    They will go 11-0. They will win big. Not as big as last year but no threats ahead. I’m curious if they will keep that Godzilla sized kid at fullback this year. A Offensive lime sized fullback is a handful. I could see more points to be had from teams who can throw the ball some against Hibriten. Other than that they have reloaded.
  3. GDG

    South Fork 2A

    I was looking forward to seeing North Lincoln’s freshman run the ball. That’s a shame.
  4. GDG

    Uwharrie Charter.......

    Don’t hold your breathe. The state legislators are all about Charter schools and giving them the edge in anything they need to be successful. These other classification coaches and board members have not supported 1A in their fight at all. If it doesn’t effect them they could care less. So much for that coaching brotherhood.
  5. GDG

    Uwharrie Charter.......

    Pretty amazing how Uwharrie Academy is new to the scene yet have went to state title appearances in a couple sports. They seem to be getting instant success from the county. I would be pissed if I was a 1A school.
  6. GDG

    Flashback: Tuscola vs. Pisgah rivalry

    Hard to believe a county of 60,000 can put 12,000 to 14,000 in the stands but a metro of Charlotte with close to one million cannot put 1500 on the bleachers. If it’s early in the season this year I want to go.
  7. Nobody can question what that old fart and his staff has done in short time on the recruiting trail. I’m no Carolina fan but I am amazed at the new kids coming in. Does that mean more wins? Not necessarily now but in the future yes. When you can get kids destined for Michigan State and Auburn it says you are selling Carolina as a destination even without the fancy facilities kids get big eyed about.
  8. GDG

    Albemarle closing?

    Place is a dung hole of rowdy kids. Thank goodness they let kids transfer and opened Graystone Academy for the sake of the kids. Close it down and spread the turmoil across the area. The time for closure was years ago.
  9. GDG

    South Fork 2A

    This year the finish in conference is tough to get a handle on. I was very impressed with the coaching last year at NL, WL, and Bandys. North Lincoln- good kids who want to succeed. Has the best coach in the conference who keeps it real from day one with the kids. No inflating egos for Bazzle. It’s one week at a time. Creates a culture that doesn’t bring the kids down if they have a Friday night loss. Got a very good running back who will do well in the option. Kids play hard on defense. This team is the front runner. West Lincoln- have heard little about West but they had lots of kids who contributed last year. Great year in 2018. Lost some talent on offense and not sure it’s getting replaced. Not a title contender. Lower end may be explicated. Bandys- Incredible work done by Eanas the coach who came from Patton. Put in an offense I loved. Trashed the opponents in conference. The stud brutal runner has graduated. That’s a huge hole but they have kids returning who ran the ball well. Their numbers were waaaaay up last year. They have plenty of talent and they have been fueled by a long coming coaching change. Expect a contention for a top spot. I like them to compete with North Lincoln. Maiden- the weapons are not there for competing for a conference title but let’s not forget its Maiden. As always they will be solid. I know a number of people will refer to their JV team. I don’t put much into JV success unless the varsity is great. One of my favorite coaches in the conference on Friday night. He’s a very good in play game adjustment coach and always in the game till the end. Newton-Conover- they will have the best offensive line in the conference. They will have the best running back in the conference. They will have the best two receivers in the conference. That all means they will finish middle of the conference. Defense wins games. East Lincoln- I got nothing. Even guys around that area have not heard a peep. Lincolnton- New Coach in Joe Glass. Talent is down. Numbers are down from former years. School is in turmoil after the arrest of the principal for sexual relations with at least one male student and nude pictures of 6 school boys. Lincolnton will get new admin leadership which may or may not be athletics inclined. Did not have talent last year to compete. Lack getting kids who were the trench guys and tacklers. I see a couple more wins just in a change of Joe Glass. Lake Norman- Football is not priority. They play it but it’s low on the list of desires. Expect much the same results. Last place.
  10. GDG

    Culture change

    Additives to meats and box products. Snacks were not in our house when growing up. Unbelievable amount of eating out. And then their is the chemicals bought in stores to make one bigger. Kids are getting steroids even at 15 years old from the streets.
  11. GDG

    South Fork 2A

    Lincolnton has serious issues more pressing than football right now. That principal is a disgusting man if all is true. Jeez we keep hearing of these teachers and administrators almost daily. Hopefully the next school leader is on board with raising the bar on academics and sports. Kids are not safe anywhere it seems.
  12. GDG

    Shelby Golden Lions (Because I'm a nice guy)

    Grafenwoehr Training Area in eastern Bavaria and also Holensfel. Being of German ancestry you would think I would know a little about the culture but only my grandfather came here from the old country as he would say. He passed when I was 5. Not sure of spelling on the other place. I may be way off.
  13. GDG

    Williams continues to impress

    Link is not working. I need to see the kid soon.
  14. GDG

    South Davidson

    Too rural. Too many outdoor loves to be successful. Much like Fred T Foard and Bunker Hill but much less kids to field a team. Had a coach that quit a couple months into his employment. Didn’t even get to spring practice before leaving. Have not finished seasons before. Can’t pull together a JV squad. This is not a rebuild. This is a drop the football program and focus on soccer. Or checkers. Nice place to settle down or better yet retire. Not a place where male sports dreams come true.
  15. GDG

    South Robeson HS closing

    They have a severe problem of getting along with each other. Being the wrong part of the county will get you hurt. Not sure how you repair a county that has bad leadership for a century. The worse for the school system is yet to come. You cannot tax your way out of lack of school funds beyond state allotments when your base is dirt poor.