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  1. Mustang sally

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    Keep up the good work there Chris
  2. Mustang sally

    Happy Birthday old Wise One

    In some cultures like the Eskimo culture once you get to 42 they ship you out on the Klondike and let the polar bears get to you. Happy Birthday Chris
  3. Mustang sally

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    Tough place to win historically. Good luck to East Gaston on their search for a new head coach
  4. Mustang sally

    3AA East: Cleveland 40, D.H. Conley 35

    As long as no one plants a flag on the others field this should be a good one
  5. Mustang sally

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    Who are the 6
  6. Mustang sally

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    Not only did Mike Propst coach at Lincolnton back in the day he is from Cat Square NC. A true Lincoln county boy
  7. Mustang sally

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    Mike Propst
  8. Mustang sally

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    Lincolnton has a great tradition and has one of the best venues to play at in the entire state. I have coached against them years ago but remember nothing but class from the players/coaches/fans. I would expect a ton of heavy hitters will apply for this job because of this and you have a chance to win. I would say that this is "one of those jobs" that coaches will want
  9. Mustang sally

    Hyatt steps down at Piedmont

    And we are off
  10. Mustang sally

    4A favorite

    Put the mortgage on East Forsyth
  11. Mustang sally

    West Caldwell

    Ok Since 2000 West Caldwell is 74-145. That is not just a program having a couple of down years that's a program in crisis . From an outside view this might be a tougher job than many might think and might take someone a half a decade to fix if it can be fixed at all. In that time frame 2000-2018 West Caldwell has had 4 (0-11) seasons and 3(1-10) seasons, that's tough to overcome. Now can it be fixed? Perhaps but let me tell you something about rebuilding programs it takes time and it takes backing from an administration, if you don't have that you are pi$$ing up a rope .
  12. Mustang sally

    Latest 4A/4AA playoff projections

    UMMM East Forsyth may ROLL
  13. Mustang sally

    Hickory at Alexander Central

    Coach Stone one of the best coaches ever
  14. Mustang sally

    ADM's are out!

    Who will Asheville Jump
  15. Mustang sally

    ADM's are out!

    Here is what the playoff in Big 3A are going to be 1 NW Cabarrus 11-0 16 Ashbrook 5-6 8 Cox Mill 8-3 9 Parkland 10-1 5 South Iredell 6-5* 12 Marvin Ridge 6-5* 4 Mt Tabor 7-4 13 Asheville 7-4 3 AC Renyolds 10-1 14 SW Guilford 8-3* 6 Weddington 10-1 10 Central Cabarrus 8-3 7 Erwin 9-1 11 Sun Valley 9-2* 2 Watauga 11-0 15 AL Brown 6-5 * Projected