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  1. Mustang sally

    Rolesville Jamboree

    still looking for 2 teams
  2. Mustang sally

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Still looking for two teams
  3. Mustang sally

    North Forsyth coaching search

    Congrats to him and good luck
  4. Mustang sally

    T.W. Andrews head coaching position

    Look I stated this a few years ago schools like Andrews, Thomasville, Lexington, Parkland, North Forsyth , Carver, Cummings, Graham, Albemarle, Anson County ect ect have become more difficult to have a winning record. 15-20 years ago these schools were either deep playoff teams or state championship contenders. We all know what is happening or what the cause is but I do not see things changing. And yes you might have these teams have a good year now again but they are never going to be what they were
  5. Mustang sally

    Rolesville Jamboree

    So far RJ Renyolds and Sanderson
  6. Mustang sally

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Still room for teams
  7. Mustang sally

    Rolesville Jamboree

    Still room for teams
  8. Mustang sally

    East Gaston

    Question who applied??? I mean if Tommy Knotts, Chris Norman, Alan Brown, Hal Capps or someone like that was in the pool I would say yea perhaps. But I am guessing not. You got a program that has struggled since 1972, you have a guy who wants to try and change that.
  9. Mustang sally

    East Gaston

    I know Coach Lippard and have coached against him. I know what everyone is looking at winning % and whatnot but the guy is a good coach and better person. Maybe this is the right coach for EG .
  10. Mustang sally

    Why so slow?

    Looks Like 31 coaching changes with North Surry being added. A far cry from a couple years ago
  11. Mustang sally

    East Gaston

    SP Red I agree with everything you have said as far as building a program goes. And we all know that Southpoint is the best "program" in Gaston County. I coached at North Gaston from 1998-2001 since 1998 EG has had 6 coaches with Lloyd being the most successful of the Lot and he had 1 really good year. Even back then EG was never looked at as a threat . My question is will the middle school and midget leagues work with the new coach?
  12. Mustang sally

    East Gaston

    The thing about EG is whatever" it "is EG does not have "it". I do not know why I do not know how I just know they have not had it. Now in saying that I feel that any program can have success whatever that means. And EG is no different I just wonder if they have fixed their press box situation it was an awful set up. I have not coached in or lived in Gaston County since 2000 but as far as I can remember EG has always struggled
  13. Mustang sally

    East Gaston

    Devine would be a home run hire but i am sure John knows the issues at EG
  14. Mustang sally

    East Gaston

    So lets look at the people in the area that have been a head coach. Who is the guy that was at Hickory , Freedom and West Charlotte
  15. Rolesville HS is looking to fill its 7 on 7 schedule if you have a opening contact Martin Samek at sammyk30@yahoo.com