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  1. We're hosting some 7 on 7s at Green Hope this summer. These will be pretty informal teaching sessions. These are NOT tournaments in any way, shape or form. We had a team that had to drop out of our June 19th session. If you are interested in coming over and getting some work done, contact Jason Furrie jfurrie@wcpss.net or David Green cgreen5@wcpss.net . On the 19th we have Green Hope, Cedar Ridge and Granville Central. We will start at 5 pm and everyone will get three 30 minute "games". Again--these are designed to give us all a chance to teach and get some work in. We're not interested in underwear olympics, but rather working on things that will make us better during the season.
  2. Congratulations to Coach Brewer! As others have said, first class guy and a great coach.
  3. CoachG

    Who’s Who among 3A

    Don't overlook Williams. I hear the talent may be the best they've had over there since the Sam Story days.
  4. Buck's got his work cut out for him with a lot of the top returning talent now at a nearby school.....Baker's a good one, however
  5. CoachG

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    IMG is allowed to legally recruit players, correct?
  6. CoachG

    Ashley football

    Heard they made a hire....look down the titles on this page for a clue as to who--at least according to what I was told
  7. CoachG

    enrollment of Wake County schools

    Green Hope, Green Level, Panther Creek, and Apex are all very close to one another (and Apex Friendship for that matter). Each has it's own attendance zone. This is the case throughout Wake County. The Middle School attendance zones don't match the high school zones. One middle school may feed several high schools--it may send a majority of it's students to a particular high school, but it will feed several. For example, when I coached at Leesville, we drew most of our students from Leesville Middle, which was physically attached to our building. However, we had students from as many as 13 different middle schools. At Green Hope, we get most of ours from Davis Drive, but we will have students come in from a number of middle schools. They are opening a new middle school in this area next year and are re-drawing the attendance zones for the middle schools as well as the high schools. The high school the student attends is based on the high school attendance zone in which he lives. He can not choose to attend Green Hope, Green Level, Panther Creek or Apex. We don't get to recruit. We don't get to visit the players. The first date we are allowed contact in Wake County with rising freshmen is May 15th and the schools will have a rising freshman night sometime after that. Now, the schools host curriculum fairs that will be attended by rising freshmen, but they already have their school assignment at that point. The rules are a little different for the magnet schools--they are allowed to visit the middle schools to "sell" the magnet program since students have to apply for those. None of the schools you mention are magnet schools. So, bottom line--they attend according to residence and we don't get to recruit.
  8. Green Hope High School in Cary, NC, is looking for hard working, energetic and dedicated assistant coaches on both sides of the ball. Primary needs are linebackers (possible Def Line) and TE/Heavyback . We have definite CTE openings in both Business and Marketing and anticipate teaching positions in all other areas in the upcoming weeks. Green Hope is an outstanding school academically, and candidates will have to be strong in the classroom. Wake County is among the highest in the state for teacher pay and coaching supplements have increased significantly over the last couple of years. If interested, send resume to head coach David Green at cgreen5@wcpss.net
  9. Green Hope High School in Cary is looking for a Week 1 game in 2019 ONLY. If interested, contact AD Colin Fegeley cfegeley@wcpss.net
  10. For those of you who don't know, Green Sea has NEVER been any type of power in SC before. Their history has been filled with losing seasons and constant coaching changes. That Coach Kiefer has accomplished this at Green Sea is amazing.
  11. A 10 month salary and a $5000 stipend sounds more like the norm in NC rather than a low-paying exception. I know there are places that do a lot better than that, but I'm guessing most are at that level or below.
  12. CoachG

    Who has the Best Football Field

    Like all Wake County schools, the stadium seating itself is nothing spectacular (although our AD has done quite a bit to dress up the stadium itself), but the field itself is immaculate.
  13. Have you worked at one job all your life? Would you turn down a huge pay increase and better working conditions? He gave Page 10 years and 3 titles. They were extremely well coached, talented or not. Talent needs coaching to win titles. Now, get over it and act like an adult living in the real world.
  14. Leesville Road 2005-2010 David Green Head Coach (currently Green Hope) Chad Smothers Leesville Road Jason McGeorge Heritage Joe Kilby Cedar Ridge and Apex Jeremy Fullbright Athens Drive Jimmy Williams West Johnston (Jimmy, of course, had been head coach at East Wake before joining the staff at LR