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  1. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Predictions

    This would be a signature win for the North Meck program.
  2. RaiderDebater

    Vance Playoff game moved to West Meck

    I’m speaking to the condition of the field since that is what’s mainly being repaired at Berry. That seems to be a trending theme for the west side of Charlotte, or inner-city schools as a whole.
  3. RaiderDebater

    Vance Playoff game moved to West Meck

    Y’all must’ve never been to Harding. A lot of alumni are highly upset about the lack of attention their facilities are receiving.
  4. RaiderDebater

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    Monroe plays in the toughest conference in 3A. They’re literally a conference runner-up or champion in most other leagues. I’ll take the upset.
  5. RaiderDebater

    Marvin Ridge at MT Tabor

    Tabor by 10. Playing at Tabor is annually one of the toughest places in the state to pull out a win. MR will contend, but it won’t be enough. Look out for them next season, though.
  6. RaiderDebater

    Cox Mill vs Sun Valley

    Sun Valley has the tendency to turn it up a notch when the playoffs start, and they’re more battle-tested, IMO. I’m taking SV.
  7. RaiderDebater

    Playoff Format Adjustment

    As analytical as MaxPreps claims to be, is there not any way to account for a bad nonconfernce record and weak conference champion? For example, there is absolutely no way Ardrey Kell should receive a bye, and Vance have to play in the first round just because they lost to MC, and ran through everyone else. I’m sure that there are other examples around the state similar to this one, but that’s not sensible in my eyes. Computers are fine, but the human element has to step in at some point, especially when this happens. Similar to South Caldwell from last season.
  8. RaiderDebater

    South Central vs DH Conley

    Sounds like you're placing all the blame on Conley. Both sides were wrong, and they both deserve equal blame, and I hope that both are disqualified from the playoffs. It has no place in football.
  9. RaiderDebater

    South Central vs DH Conley

    Administration from both schools also should’ve been way more proactive. It’s their job to protect the safety of all souls in campus. I agree with you.
  10. RaiderDebater


    Just here to fire up the grill.
  11. RaiderDebater

    South Central vs DH Conley

    It’s not that simple. That should never happen, regardless of the outcome of a game.
  12. RaiderDebater


    He’s got a point. It’s something week-to-week that gives this thread new life.
  13. RaiderDebater

    Hough Football coach uses racial slur

    And it’s whats not being done with Jenkins that allows things like LKN to continue to happen. What’s the big deal? They’re only words? No harm meant by it.
  14. RaiderDebater

    Hough Football coach uses racial slur

    Don’t belittle that word. It’s not only a word. It was a word constructed to be an inhibitor to the progress of an entire people. What you said sounds great, but History says otherwise. There’s a lot behind that word. For the sake of Chris’ platform, I won’t go there, here. Privilege allows you to oversimply a very complex term.
  15. RaiderDebater

    Hough Football coach uses racial slur

    One game suspension and sensitivity training classes.