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  1. RaiderDebater

    HSOT set to expand...

    Maybe bullying was too severe, but talking down on a damn good product and those that produce that product isn’t warranted. Charlotte is going to be amazed by the coverage that HSOT provides.
  2. RaiderDebater

    HSOT set to expand...

    And they live-stream games with commentary. Who else is doing that? The internet bullying at times on the forums is tired. Stay classy.
  3. RaiderDebater

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    2003 Richmond was DEEP. “Wide left” against Indy. Best game I’ve been to in my life. Memorial Stadium was practically sold out. And this was the original Memorial, too.
  4. RaiderDebater

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    Richmond Senior, 1997 & 1998
  5. I stand corrected. Castellano did not have a full slate.
  6. And what you make in Richmond County is comparable to 100K in SC because the area is so underdeveloped. Castellano made 77K there, but was also a History teacher, full-time.
  7. That’s one of my biggest peeves. People that count other people’s pockets.
  8. RaiderDebater

    Where does Vance turn?

    I hope so. Would be a shame for them to fall off.
  9. RaiderDebater

    Where does Vance turn?

    Forgot that part. I don't put too much into coaching gossip, to be honest, and there's nothing wrong with a vision statement for a team. In life, you're going to work with people that you may not be fans of, but you also don't want to gain the reputation of being a chatty coach, especially when it comes to your head coach. Coach Greiner will be fine. You have to believe that HR was a learning experience for him. Going from Harding to HR is a world of a difference in a many ways, and I believe that he will be better for going through this. I'm a believer in Greiner.
  10. RaiderDebater

    Where does Vance turn?

    Not being liked in the county by other coaches is irrelevant. The fight was unfortunate. I can't speak on the illegal practice. I do, though, know Coach Greiner, and he'll bounce back. He's a damn good coach and leader of young men.
  11. Oh, absolutely. As with coaching, if you as an administrator (I can only speak for high school) are not meeting expectations for an extended period of time, then a change needs to be made. Education is a results-driven business. It is a business, make no mistake about it. Its just as cut-throat as coaching.
  12. Amen, brotha.
  13. If the program is bringing in revenue to warrant the salary, then by all means. As far as administration goes, there is a lot that goes into being an administrator. A coach is responsible for his players, an administrator is responsible for all lives in the building, at all times. Their pay is warranted.
  14. RaiderDebater

    Hickory Ridge Coach steps down

    Refer to Pg. 3 on the Vance thread.
  15. RaiderDebater

    Where does Vance turn?

    The administration also has to understand they type of guy they’re going to get. If his methods won him a championship, why change? Especially if he’s done nothing wrong. Bad move by HR.