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  1. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    I'll take Pinecrest at home. In all-likelihood, it will probably be the winning team's last taste of victory this season, because the following week....
  2. RaiderDebater

    4A East Bracket Discussion

    I’m going with Gibbons. I think they beat Scotland this season. Their skills and size will be too much for Scotland. They will benefit from having played Richmond earlier in the season.
  3. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Olympic is going to fall victim to a weak schedule. You can’t help which conference you play in, but the SoMeck7 is one of the more weaker conferences in 4A. Hough will handle them with considerable ease.
  4. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

  5. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    If Adrey Kell takes care of its business in the 1st round, look out. AK has improved drastically since the beginning of the season. They’ll be the stiffest competition MP has faced all season.
  6. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    Besides the one Raider player ejected for the altercation, no Raider left the bench. Multiple coaches at the game (even some that are Anson alumni) also expressed that no Raider players left the sideline. I've also seen video of the incident. No, and I repeat, NO Raider left the sidelines. The coaches immediately got in front of the players. I know that Anson being DQ'd is demoralizing, because they are a force on the 2A level this year, but casting untrue aspersions just because this has come up is not fair to the Raider program. This never came up until Anson was DQ'd, so the validity of your remarks are highly questionable. My father was a Bowman grad, and they're my favorite team right behind the Raiders, but facts are facts. Let's also dead the narrative that Richmond is above reproach because they're not. If they left the sideline, you better believe that they wouldn't be in the playoffs as well.
  7. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    Oh, no. I’m saying that it wasn’t fair to the kids because they thought the total opposite about their season than what the reality actually was. They deserve to be penalized for their actions, I’m just not with them not being told about it is all.
  8. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    Fact still remains that they didn’t leave the sideline, nonetheless. You can’t excuse half your team leaving the sideline, regardless.
  9. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    Not at all. Richmond shoulders some blame as well.
  10. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    I was there. I didn’t see any Raider players leave the bench.
  11. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    Maybe, but you can’t allow a team to believe that they’re playoff-bound all year and then drop the load on them right before senior night. Tough situation, but there were lots of people wondering how Anson went unscathed, and this whole time they were already done-in. Not fair to those kids.
  12. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    From what I’ve gathered, it’s been decided since September, but the team is just finding out about it. Strange situation. This isn’t on the NCHSAA. They’ve ruled for close to 2 moths now.
  13. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    Yeah, FH is out.
  14. RaiderDebater

    Social Media Troubles

    I don't believe that a one-sentence resignation letter with numerous grammatical errors is contrite. He went on camera and came up with every excuse in the book as to why it was alright for him to use the word. I love Chappelle and his work, but this isn't an example of cancel culture. When you work with children, sorry, you're held to a higher standard. I played for Paul Hoggard, and we couldn't even curse in practice. He told us that we'd be the skinniest football team in America if we did that when he took over after Coach Emory (RIP). Adults should set the tone, correct when there is a severe lapse in judgement (players using the word around him), and project what you want your players to do and become by being that man. The coach's letter was a formality. He didn't mean one word of it based on his actions while being interviewed. He still doesn't get it.
  15. RaiderDebater

    Anson Out

    Sure. Goes back to their altercation with Richmond Senior. Approx. half the team left the sideline from Anson. No one left from Richmond. Really unfortunate. Gotta wonder why the decision wasn’t made sooner?