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  1. I like what Chadwick is doing to prepare for the playoffs, but this could also potentially backfire and have MP traveling more in November. Sends a great message to his players, though. That should motivate them to turn it on from the very beginning. Their conference schedule leaves a lot to be desired, so having challenging games in every non-conference game leading into conference will have them battle tested for the playoffs. I couldn’t imagine playing a cupcake non-conference and conference schedule and then having to prepare for the gauntlet that the 4AA West is. Good for MP.
  2. The very first post literally mentioned MP’s JV and the playoffs, what do you mean? People in this thread were just saying that, as it pertains to the JV reference in the original post, strong JV seasons aren’t always an indicator of a great season in the next year. Catholic mentioned how they believed that the record of MP’s JV didn’t match what they saw on the field. Records are HIGHLY subjective and can mask what’s really on the roster until it’s time to play. That’s all Catholic, I believe, was saying, and then you went on to mention how MPs JVs have been undefeated for consecutive seasons, which, once again, doesn’t directly correlate to success on varsity. MP, since 2004, has only 8 winning seasons, that’s 50% of the time. That’s decent at best, and shows you that JVs always don’t improve once they reach varsity....unless some aid comes in from outside the district, which is the case with MP the last several seasons. That’s why I’m saying that MP isn’t a program, they’re a team that has one helluva coach and can get kids to come play for him because what’s naturally in that district isn’t going to be a perennial state championship contender on an annual-basis. History at MP has shown that. This is the most successful MP has been in its history, a very long history. I just think that MP fans should be a little more realistic about what’s happening there because it’s not sustainable the way it’s being operated. If Chadwick leaves, it will not be the same.
  3. Are we really harping on JV teams going undefeated that aren’t even eligible for the playoffs?
  4. Absolutely. This will be their best chance for a while to win it this season, but the 4AA West is so stacked.
  5. MP is the Gonzaga of the 4AA until it can win the big games.
  6. There were a few years where Richmond was down that their JVs went undefeated, and it didn’t translate to varsity. MP steadily having to replenish their varsity with transfers, I believe, is an indicator that their in-house talent isn’t talented enough or isn’t being developed enough. A team that has to continue to bring players in is not a program. It’s an unstable way of running a team. Look at Hough. Nothing to show for it.
  7. RaiderDebater

    West Charlotte Hires

    This is a great hire by new AD Harris. Coach Greiner will do good things at WC.
  8. Goes to show how much recruiting players to varsity and not developing on JV may hurt the program in the future.
  9. The Calipari Method. Hough Wildcats.
  10. Butler’s also brought in coaches with championship pedigrees as well. That’s going to improve that team as well.
  11. RaiderDebater

    Will Shipley

    Notre Dame is the Dallas Cowboys of college football. It’s high time they temper expectations and narrow their scope. They were practically on Weddington’s staff roster as much as they were there, and came away empty-handed. They should focus on recruiting harder closer to home. Hard to go into Clemson’s backyard (UNC is on the rise as well) and come away with the state’s #1 player.
  12. RaiderDebater


    Backstory of LJ? He was all Vance’d up, and then *poof.*
  13. RaiderDebater

    The 2020 HS football season

    Football aside, school as a whole will probably look different in the fall. Football is secondary right now.
  14. RaiderDebater

    The 2020 HS football season

    Gaston County ate all of those words this evening. Not a good look for them.
  15. RaiderDebater

    The 2020 HS football season

    So Cooper wants to keep the economy closed and kids uneducated because he feels that’s the only way to have a chance to win the election in November? The Swett guy doesn’t sound too bad right about now.