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  1. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    I totally agree. Networking and getting your name and face out there is paramount. We have to also put the work in to make ourselves qualified for the positions, and once we have that opportunity, don't take it for granted and be the best HC, administrator you can be. The landscape of opportunities for these positions will present themselves more when more minorities are in the position to impact change.
  2. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    My QB at Richmond Senior.
  3. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    Would be good to connect with you! And I agree, UCPS seems to be headed in a more progressive direction.
  4. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    I do. I’m at the high school level. I’m in a situation right now where I want to have a couple more years of good testing data and experience before I matriculate into a leadership position. The location I’m at right now has a principal that grows his leaders from the inside, and desires an administration that remsembles the student demographics as closely as possible, which bodes well for me if I continue to do what I do. In terms of schools to break-in at, I want to make sure that I do my research on the district first, and then zero-in on schools that I feel the most comfortable working in. You want to be sure that you just don’t jump at an opening because it’s open. You could find yourself unhappy, your work will show it, and you may never have the opportunity to gain a leadership position again, because word of mouth is paramount on that level. I, personally, know what type of school fits my philosophy, and once I know the district better, it’ll allow me to narrow my focus, whether it be elementary, middle, or secondary. I believe it’s important rtant to have experience at all 3 levels in some capacity. Hope that answers your question!
  5. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    A lot of Crumps, you gotta be specific. And I graduated in 2008, but graduation years don’t matter down there. If you’re a Raider, you pretty much know who came through there to a degree.
  6. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    Yes, sir. https://www.apmreports.org/story/2017/08/28/why-so-few-black-male-teachers
  7. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    You may be joking, but it’s true. Takes a very dumb decision, one that you know you have absolutely zero business doing, to not have a long career in teaching. But I’m trying to break-in in Union County myself, and potentially be the first black principal at my alma-mater, Richmond Senior.... one day. I try to encourage black males interested in education to become certified in anything BUT PE. It’ll give them more leverage when applying. There seems to be a PE major on every corner. But a black male teacher certified in a core subject is like striking gold, especially in rural districts. I’m the first black male Social Studies teacher at my school in recent memory, also have been charged with creating an African-American Studies curriculum for the school. If you’re a black male in education, you can go far, you’re right. It’s the unwritten Rooney Rule. It’s not based a matter of a meritocracy, but as public schools’ demographic continue to brown, and private and charter schools continue to draw away white students from public schools more and more, it’s going to be imperative that teachers and administration become more identifiable to students. I love, love, love what I do. I’m blessed beyond measure.
  8. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    NF, I’m right there with you. I was also one of those Teach For America teachers lol. TFA, black, and a male? Yeah, rare! I was placed at Harding for the first three years of my career, and everything you said is 100% truth. What’s even more rarified air is black, school leadership. I’ll be completing my M.Ed in December, and will hopefully matriculate into leadership within the next 2-3 years. That plays a part as well, in my opinion. Keep fighting the good fight!
  9. RaiderDebater

    Head Coaches

    Correct. Only 2% of teachers are black males.
  10. RaiderDebater

    Power Echols LB 2021

    Subtract West Meck, and you’re good.
  11. RaiderDebater

    Power Echols LB 2021

    Subtract West Meck, and you’re good.
  12. RaiderDebater

    New Bern coaching search

    I hope that Coach Castellano is doing well. Haven’t heard much from him since leaving Richmond.
  13. RaiderDebater

    4AA West: Vance 21, Myers Park 13

    I’m going with Myers Park.
  14. RaiderDebater

    4A East Finals: Scotland 28, Seventy-First 0

    I’ll take Scotland. The irony if Scotland wins it all this year...
  15. RaiderDebater

    4AA West: Vance 21, Myers Park 13

    Said at the game last night that the kid is a cheat code. If he stays healthy, he’s a ligitimate NFL talent. Damn shame that Carolina didn’t offer him. He literally said that he would’ve gone there had he been offered.