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  1. RaiderDebater

    Forest Hills HC

    Middle schools teams are annually talented at East Union, but it doesn’t transfer over to FH. Middle school as a whole, in my opinion, doesn’t prepare athletes for the reality of being a true student athlete. A lot of players that could help the program are academically ineligible after their first year or fall off along the way. I believe Deese can change that. Won’t be easy, but I believe he’ll be able to keep players on the field and put them in the best position to be successful.
  2. RaiderDebater

    Forest Hills HC

    From what I've gathered, Coach E42, the offense will be multiple as far as what fits FH's talent the best, which speaks to what a couple of posters above me have mentioned concerning the ability to adapt to HS kids. The base will be spread. Coach Deese had great success in his stops in the passing game based out of the spread, running game as well. They're gonna spread the field and find the best match-ups.
  3. RaiderDebater

    Forest Hills HC

    They have the athletes to run the spread. Not sure about Deese's scheme, but whatever it is, it works. He's been successful at two programs, so there's a successful pattern there.
  4. RaiderDebater

    Forest Hills HC

    Coach Jammie Deese, a Scotland County alum, has been named head coach at Forest Hills. Great pedigree coming from the Scotland County program, and a stickler for excellence. You’ll see a team that’s going to do things the right way, plays hard, and will be disciplined. Ingredients for success.
  5. RaiderDebater

    Vance 38, Richmond 7 (4AA West Final)

    Vance this year reminds me a lot of the Raider team from 2008, except Richmond's D was nowhere near Vance's. Once the offense clicked for Richmond, it was over for anyone across from them. Vance will be your 4AA state champion this Saturday, and should be the overwhelming favorite to repeat in 2020. Looking at that roster during the game, they have a ton coming back, and the wide-out that had a big last Friday is a freshman.
  6. RaiderDebater

    Vance 38, Richmond 7 (4AA West Final)

    Was telling my boys at the game last night that I was at peace with the loss. If Richmond was to lose to any team, I wanted it to be Vance. I respect their tenacity and mentality. Tell you what, if any school is looking for a HC, I’d be reaching out to Hackett by any means necessary. I could see and feel is presence from the Raider stands.
  7. RaiderDebater

    Richmond Lights

    Had MP played stiffer competition during NC, maybe the ratings would’ve swung more in their favor. We haven’t even touched on that.
  8. RaiderDebater

    Richmond Lights

    Richmond and the lights. Vance and their home field last season. Why is it that it seems nothing is conjured up until MP fans arrive? The PA and band are an advantage. I PA for my school, and the band can play up until the opposition’s snap. Just as they can play up until a kickoff. There hasn’t been one complaint about RC’s PA and lights being a competitive disadvantage until this post. PA was the same last year, and I didn’t see a post about it after MP took RC behind the woodshed, so we shouldn’t be seeing anything about the PA and lights now.
  9. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Heard it’s getting ugly out there, postgame. Can you confirm, Cougar?
  10. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    You’re absolutely right. Rea did a fantastic job. Dr. Carroll, the new principal, has years of experience with Title-1 schools, most notably leading Harding and POB. I think he’ll do a good job at Vance, too. Came from the now defunct West Learning Community Superintendent position.
  11. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    I'll take Pinecrest at home. In all-likelihood, it will probably be the winning team's last taste of victory this season, because the following week....
  12. RaiderDebater

    4A East Bracket Discussion

    I’m going with Gibbons. I think they beat Scotland this season. Their skills and size will be too much for Scotland. They will benefit from having played Richmond earlier in the season.
  13. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Olympic is going to fall victim to a weak schedule. You can’t help which conference you play in, but the SoMeck7 is one of the more weaker conferences in 4A. Hough will handle them with considerable ease.
  14. RaiderDebater

    4AA West Bracket Discussion