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  1. coachE42

    Congrats to Coach Jamie Baker

    Jamie Baker is a heck of a human being first. A great coach and will do great things with the middle school kids he trains to become Chargers. Congrats Bake!!
  2. coachE42

    Cuthbertson Now Open

    Work, what was the deal with them winning their conference but having a losing record recently? Was it last season?
  3. coachE42

    Shelby head coaching position open

    I don't think Shane Laws would leave AC Reynolds, but it would be an absolute Grand Slam of a hire. None of those coaches would be bad choices, but it would be fun to see Aaron Brand walking the sidelines of Shelby. I think a lot of this is just fun speculation, because I feel like the new HC is already on the staff.
  4. coachE42

    Cuthbertson Now Open

    Cuthbertson has hired Trey Kavanaugh as the next HC of the program. Comes from Ardrey Kell and is the grandson of former App State HC and HOFer Jerry Moore.
  5. coachE42

    A.L. Brown’s Terry Berryman passes away

    Prayers for his family and the entire AL Brown Community.
  6. coachE42

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Mack is so bad at this recruiting thing after being out of the game so long. He is so out of tune with today’s game that he managed to secure another 4* recruit today! Loving the excitement that is building in Chapel Hill.
  7. coachE42

    Malik McGowan

    Congrats to this young man for committing to The University of North Carolina today. Huge (literally) pickup for Mack Brown and the Heels.
  8. coachE42

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    According to his bio, the principal is a former college football player. Why in the world would he not be pushing football at his Alma Mater. Seems as though he also graduated from Foard. This situation is just mind blowing, and it really is a disservice to the kids in that school.
  9. coachE42

    Cuthbertson Now Open

    No question they will be 4a unless the county does another realignment. Marvin Ridge will join them in 4a. Both schools well over 1700 kids this year.
  10. coachE42

    Head Coaches

    That is awesome. I also work in Union County, and totally understand why it is important to take your time in deciding which opportunity is right for you. I do think with the new leadership downtown, the "Good Ol Boy" network has been broken up a little, but politics and education go hand in hand unfortunately. Good luck in the pursuit of your ultimate career goals.
  11. coachE42

    Head Coaches

    Raider, do you currently work in Union County? If so, what options are you looking at in terms of schools to break in at?
  12. coachE42

    East Gaston

    I do know he has taken over some programs that weren’t great when he got there. He is an air raid guy and his offenses put up points. Chris will have more insight.
  13. coachE42

    Why so slow?

    Cuthbertson is starting interviews next week from what I understand.
  14. coachE42

    Cuthbertson Now Open

    After a meeting with players this morning, David Johnson has resigned as Head Football Coach at Cuthbertson High School. I will let Chris talk about potential replacements, but just adding to the openings for this year.
  15. coachE42

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Agreed btango. Bowick would have been a huge get, but there is another pretty good receiver visiting this weekend that is pretty familiar with Bly and Roseman-Sinclair.