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  1. We are also way closer to Momma Grimes than any of the other schools he is considering. Rumor is, UGA wont be in his top 3, and they have been considered the favorite...
  2. I like where we are at with Tony Grimes too!!!!!
  3. I guess it took so long for you to find a response because the Dial Up isn’t working too well for you...join us in the 21st century man. If being Smug is calling you out for all your BS, and the board applauding me for it...I’ll be that haha. You keep being a has been who lives in the past.
  4. You are the biggest idiot I have ever had the pleasure of reading on the internet. Stop getting your “information” from N.C. State fan sites. The so-called violations you are talking about are from coaches being with their families. Just so you know, you’re allowed to recruit via phone calls, and have in person contact with high school coaches. If you don’t know what you’re taking about, just shut your mouth. Everyone on these boards already thinks you’re an idiot, and you just prove them right with every post you make.
  5. coachE42


    Just announced a huge addition to that staff. Coach Stone from MC looks to be on board according to Butler's Twitter.
  6. coachE42

    Mallard Creek

    I don’t think I would replace either of the coordinators. I get trying to put your touches on things, but Stone and Hellams are both accomplished coordinators. If he lets both of them go, after losing Littlejohn and Mallard Creek “struggles”, he may find himself on a hot seat.
  7. coachE42

    Mallard Creek

    Looks like Hellams is still at MC as of now. Twitter bio still lists him as OC for Mallard Creek.
  8. 2003...played against that team. Don’t forget Michael Byrd who was the QB and went to Western I believe.
  9. Don’t count out Jay Bateman. He is a fan favorite in Chapel Hill. I’m not saying it will be him, but people love him, including big time donors. FWIW, I love Healy as well.
  10. I forgot you were one of those fans that cheer for multiple teams. You can’t say “My Vols” and then post something about App State beating UNC. Be careful what you wish for, remember that you get Mack and the Heels again once Mack has established himself back at Carolina.
  11. You can’t even entertain this dude anymore. He is a typical State fan who tries to find every excuse for why their program is a doormat. The guy lives a sad sad existence...he doesn’t even have a high school to cheer for anymore because they decided having him as a fan was too much so they closed the doors. Probably should do the same thing to his school in Rawlee.
  12. coachE42

    Mooresville HC Change?

    Gotcha. Hopefully the hire they make is the right hire for the entire community.
  13. coachE42

    Mooresville HC Change?

    Did they not mesh with Wells or did he not want to retain them?
  14. coachE42

    Mooresville HC Change?

    Could Hellams come back? I think Tripp Stone would be an interesting candidate as well. He has familiarity with the area and the teams Mooresville would play. Could Mooresville entice a head coach from WSFC or Greensboro? Will definitely be interesting. Did Thad bring any assistants with him that may leave, or is the assistant staff remaining?
  15. The Havelock to Chapel Hill train keeps rolling. Welcome to the Hill Kamarro Edmonds. Another 4 ⭐️ recruit for Mack Brown!!!