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  1. coachE42

    Mooresville HC Change?

    Who might Mooresville go after? How is coaching pay compared to other districts? Can they attract assistants? Supportive admin?
  2. coachE42

    Mooresville HC Change?

    It’s official. Wells moving on to become HC at his Alma Mater.
  3. I also really like our incoming freshmen backs, as well as what I saw from josh Henderson in limited carries last year. You never turn down a back like Pryor, Henderson, or Edmonds, but I don’t think RB will break us in this cycle.
  4. Welcome Tymir Brown to the Heels. CB from Jacksonville High School!
  5. If he wanted to play for the best program, he would have went to Clemson. He made the right decision for him, and any adult that comes on the board and throws shade at a decision a high school student-athlete makes is an embarrassment to themselves.
  6. I agree...just won’t be at QB...at least not in year 1.
  7. We are removing him for multiple reasons. Sam Howell is the 1st reason. Criswell is the 2nd reason. His height is 3rd reason. 4th reason is the fact that he is too good to sit behind people and wait to get on the field. He can make an immediate impact at multiple other positions, so there is no way he sits to wait to play QB. If you go on just stats alone, then Jefferson Boaz should play QB before Hood or Drake Maye, but that isn't going to happen either.
  8. coachE42

    Cabarrus County Jobs

    Eric Morman confirmed as the new HC at Northwest Cabarrus.
  9. Yes, he posted it on his Instagram. He will be in a competition with Criswell once Sam leaves. Criswell is a 4star Elite 11 kid as well from Arkansas.
  10. He has signed a 1 year extension that will run through 2024. He agreed with Bubba that he will sign 1 year extensions instead of long term extensions. I could see him coaching for 5-6 more years.
  11. Word on the street is that the DC from Sun Valley got that job, but nothing announced I don't think.
  12. Any idea when the teaching positions will be known?
  13. coachE42

    Lexington Job Open

    Who was the candidate on staff that got passed over? It seems like they have an AD who wants all the control, and like Chris said probably just wants to be the HC himself. Doesn't sound like a situation with an easy fix, unless you replace all of the administration.
  14. I agree, but you aren't doing your due diligence if you don't at least make the call.