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  1. coachE42

    Power Echols commits to UNC

    I’m pretty sure Clemson ain’t calling. He was ready to commit and flew his dad in from Arizona and they pulled his invitation to a game. That’s why I said he ain’t going to Clemson.
  2. coachE42

    Power Echols commits to UNC

    I told people weeks ago Clemson was not the leader and they laughed at me. I knew he was coming to UNC. Mack is Back
  3. Graham High School used to have amazing BBQ. They smoked it on site, haven't been to a game there in a while, but the BBQ was amazing.
  4. coachE42

    UNC basketball

    Their record will hurt with recruiting?!? Did you do any research before you posted that, or did you just post it because you thought it was true? Hasn't hurt at all on the recruiting trail as we have the most recruits selected to the McDonald's All American Game. This season is an anomaly and won't happen again any time soon. All the haters should enjoy it while they can.
  5. coachE42

    Ashbrook High School

    Maybe we can get back on topic and @Chris Hughes can give us some names to be on the lookout for in terms of this job.
  6. coachE42

    East Gaston?

    Chris, Any interest in this job? Usually you have a list out by now, but I would imagine this list might be significantly shorter than others.
  7. The Head Football Coaching Job was also just posted on the Gaston County Schools website.
  8. coachE42

    East Gaston?

    I know the JV team seemed to have success last year, but what kind of job is this long term? Are there athletes in the middle schools? How is the youth program in that area? What kind of situation would the new coach be walking into?
  9. Yeah, I knew you were really high on him and was surprised to see it as well.
  10. @work7 I am not sure if you know the answer to this, but you suggested that UNC should have gone after Trott who ended up at ECU. It was announced that ECU and Trott are parting ways...any idea why? I can't find anything, and thought you may know.
  11. In your post, you use insults. Dude, I don't know whats in the water you are drinking, but it is clearly deteriorating your brain cells at an accelerated pace.
  12. Idiot. Once again your words prove what we all know to be true!!!
  13. Once again proving how much of an absolute idiot you really are. Becoming more regular in basketball. Interesting since we have been to multiple final 4s and won a national title with the last 4-5 years. You keep living in your fantasy world, the people living in the real world will continue to call you out on your hypocrisy and idiotic statements every single time.
  14. coachE42

    Sun Valley

    @Chris Hughes any updates on who may be a candidate here?!?
  15. coachE42

    Forest Hills HC

    They are a sleeping giant in Union County. I know Weddington gets all the publicity, but with the right coach in place, they are absolutely dangerous. I hope he gets the ship sailing in the right direction and gets that side of the county excited about football again.