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  1. coachE42

    East Gaston

    I do know he has taken over some programs that weren’t great when he got there. He is an air raid guy and his offenses put up points. Chris will have more insight.
  2. coachE42

    Why so slow?

    Cuthbertson is starting interviews next week from what I understand.
  3. coachE42

    Cuthbertson Now Open

    After a meeting with players this morning, David Johnson has resigned as Head Football Coach at Cuthbertson High School. I will let Chris talk about potential replacements, but just adding to the openings for this year.
  4. coachE42

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Agreed btango. Bowick would have been a huge get, but there is another pretty good receiver visiting this weekend that is pretty familiar with Bly and Roseman-Sinclair.
  5. coachE42

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Nobody knows Mack and nobody wants to play for a 60+ year old head coach. I’m sure someone will find some reason why Mack has nothing to do with this. Before anyone chimes in, yes I know Dre Bly was a Coach at Myers Park, but Mack is a closer.
  6. coachE42

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    It wasn’t just academics. Was sorting out some personal/off the field issues. Hopefully the kid is healthy mentally and physically.
  7. coachE42

    East Gaston

    I don't know that's entirely accurate. JM Robinson was awful when he took that job. Turned it around and produced a winning product. Took the EG job, but with the dynamics of where that school is located, I could certainly understand not wanting a child to go through that school. If the administration is willing to give him time to operate, and he is willing to see a total rebuild through, he could be very successful. I know he is a great coach, who instills discipline, and is very good at recruiting the hallways.
  8. coachE42

    Central Academy Opening

    I think they have to apply to go there. The plan was to try and get back to Varsity competition ASAP, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  9. coachE42

    Central Academy Opening

    Not very good. If I remember correctly, they basically cancelled the remainder of the season 2 years ago because they ran out of healthy bodies. I think they only played a JV schedule this year. Seems to be a tough situation to walk in to and try and turn around.
  10. coachE42

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    Walt Bell wasn't even allowed to call plays. The only person to blame for the sh*tshow that was FSU is Willie Taggert. He is also to blame for the loss of Sam Howell, considering the first time he traveled to meet the young man was a month ago. College Football is a business, when coaches leave, players often leave as well. Sounds like someone is a little upset that a young man made a decision that he thought was best for himself and his family. The fact that people get on these message boards and bash young men is embarrassing.
  11. I see nothing wrong with small town friendly wagers, but I find it absolutely immoral to be wagering alcohol on a game involving prep athletes. Then again, it goes to show how much influence the bozo that owns that winery has in Pilot Mountain. Yet, there are still morons who think he had no say in what happened before the season started. Bet whatever you want, but alcohol products should be nowhere near a high school football contest.
  12. On paper, the answer is yes. You seem to have a slight obsession with all things East Surry right now. Could that be because you aren't really a basketball fan, and that is the sport your Bears are currently playing?
  13. coachE42

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    I don’t think they are miles away from hot names. Kingsbury is a big name, and there are one, maybe 2 schools in the ACC who could beat out the real USC for a football coach, and none of them are in this state. Bateman is widely regarded as one of the top up-and coming DCs in america. Held Oklahoma to 28 points this year. For a 2-9 team last year, these are absolute Homerun hires.
  14. coachE42

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Seems as though Mack has hired an OC from the SEC. Phil Longo, but I’m sure to all the UNC haters, he sucks and his offenses aren’t very good
  15. coachE42

    3AA West Finals: Weddington 45, Mt. Tabor 12

    The Albright show huh? He showing how to score 0 points thru almost 3 quarters. Mt Tabor getting taken to the woodshed. Cockiness never works out when playing Weddington.