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  1. Bullzye

    Southern Lee HC position

    While there is validity in your initial point, your second statement yields counter-intuitive speculation that kinda refutes the first. Lee County should have never built a second H.S.- I've always said this and distinctly recall us sharing our congruent thoughts on it. Sadly - in order for anything like that to happen now though, it will need to be initiated and driven by political influences exclusive of (or above) the BOE. Until then, I kinda feel sorry for whoever gets this job.
  2. Looks about right to me.
  3. Mark Barnes is getting it done in Sumpter. Mark Morris ain't doing too bad at Carolina Forest.
  4. Congratulations to Coach Tapley. Hope he’s ready for this.
  5. Bullzye


    Wow. That's about all there is to say.
  6. Bullzye

    Is your password working?

    Mine worked!
  7. Bullzye

    Lee Co. Coaching Search

    Now Mr. Singletary, don't geaux and jump the gun. We'll all kneaux for sure by Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning. Then we can correct and/or complete these strange spells. Just sayin ...
  8. Bullzye

    Eastern Randolph

    It was never a chess game, Kasparov ... he will. CRA was just keeping it warm for him - til he was ready to come home.
  9. Bullzye

    Lee Co. Coaching Search

    A little surprised by this pending hire. But, what do I kneaux? Looking forward to seeing how this works out.
  10. Bullzye


    Seems weird, don't it? But - as I stated last week ... What do I know?
  11. Bullzye


    I'm seriously thinking neither will happen. By the same respect - IF one does, I believe the other is unlikely. But, what do I know anyway, right?
  12. Forgot the "g" there, Rainman. Best wishes to Bobby - great coach and a fine man. Given your listing Chris, I ultimately see #13 emerging as the CCS preferred route - especially at this point in the year.
  13. IF you only knew. It's not so much about the process - from the job posting, application receipts/ratings, and interviews - process. It's more about the process taking place after all of that. Make sense? Probably not. Oh well ... I tried.
  14. Bullzye


    Yeah, that's an understatement. Hmmm ... I wonder why?