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  1. lbedwards

    2AA State Finals: Shelby vs. North Davidson

    This game has the makings of a great matchup. Both like to air it out. Both can score quickly and in bunches. Both have stout defenses. Shelby has the tradition. ND has made deep playoff runs the last few years but have been unable to clear the last hurdle of winning a title. I don’t think either team will be intimidated. I’m not yet ready to make a prediction. I do see this being a 31-28 or 35-24 type of game.
  2. lbedwards

    Open Enrollment

    "Recruiting" is an ambiguous term. One could argue that a coach or school that has a Twitter, Facebook, IG, etc. account is recruiting. All of those platforms are a form of marketing/recruiting because the coach/school is promoting his/their brand to a significant audience beyond his/their geographic boundaries. When a coach/program tweets: "I want to thank NCSU and UNC for stopping by today on a recruiting visit," is that not a form of recruiting? So then, do we punish the coaches/schools who advertise their program? Should their be limitations on the use of social media? I'm not arguing the moral or ethical value of open enrollment; all I am stating is: this is the environment we live in. I don't think a coach has to choose between integrity and winning. Why do those things have to be mutually exclusive? Too many coach's who do not invest a quarter of the time necessary to build a program like to highlight their "virtue" as a reason for their lack of success. And those who are successful will always be targets of allegations - such as cheating. That is simply the nature of sports. More importantly that is the nature of humans. A less than successful coach is not more virtuous than a winning coach. And a winning coach does not have to be a morally bankrupt. How do others evolve if they are already behind? That's a great question. There isn't one answer for every situation; evolving is contextual. Without knowing the context it is hard to provide an answer. However, there are some universal traits common to all successful organizations such as: clarity of purpose, energy and endurance to achieve that purpose, increasing efficiency with available resources, courage to think outside the box, ever increasing development of skills (physical, mental, and emotional), generating buy-in. Too often we look for excuses instead of solutions.
  3. lbedwards

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    This! Football is athletic Darwinism and Knotts became, and remains, the top of the food chain.
  4. lbedwards

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    @704cougarsdad I also think having community and administrative support are crucial in attracting/keeping quality coaches. For some reason, mediocre schools do not want to study the data correlating a successful sports program with improved student body participation, spirit, and academic achievement. The quality of a school's athletic program is important as it provides a central rallying point for students, teachers, and community alike.
  5. lbedwards

    Open Enrollment

    @Wrigley Exactly!
  6. lbedwards

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    @704cougarsdad Why do Vance, etc. make deep runs? I think you answered the question when you said, "THEY HAVE BETTER ORGANIZATIONAL SETUP AND BETTER COACHING...period" I think that is the common denominator in every successful program regardless of classification. Talent is cyclical in most places. If you look at the best of the best in North Carolina you are going to see in every program - from the Mecklenburg powerhouses to the Shelby's and Reidsville's and Muphy's of the state - a better organizational setup and coaching.
  7. lbedwards

    2AA State Finals: Shelby vs. North Davidson

    I'm starting to see the sun here in central NC. I-85 is running smooth so hopefully main roads will be clear by this afternoon. Many rural areas of Davidson County will not be cleared until Tuesday evening at the earliest. WXII-12 out of Winston-Salem is forecasting 60% precipitation for Friday and Saturday with temps ranging from 39-52. The forecasted temperature range and precipitation percentage has changed frequently since Saturday though.
  8. lbedwards

    2A State Finals: Reidsville vs. Northeastern

    I think Reidsville brings home another state title.
  9. lbedwards

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    @704cougarsdad The elite of Charlotte do have better organizational set-up and better coaching, although I would place Lucas and Wake Forest as equals. Elite programs usually do have better set-up, organization, S&C program, etc. That's what sets them apart from the rest.
  10. lbedwards

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    @Wrigley You make a fair point. Richmond did dominate in the 1990's but not as one would expect when looking through the history of the 4A play-offs during that era. RC won the title in 1990 then again in 1997 and 1998. Three out of 10 years RC brought home the non-subdivided 4A crown. I think we can place Crest (Cleveland County) on that list of dominant 4A programs of the 1990's as they won the title in 1994 and 1996. One could also argue that West Charlotte (Mecklenburg) also dominated the 1990's as they had three appearances in the title game with one title (1991, 1993, 1995-State Champs). We could also place Douglas Byrd (Cumberland County) in that conversation as they were state runner-up in three consecutive seasons (1995-1996-1997), but we only designate dominance based off of titles won, not titles played for. In that same ten year span, seven counties sent representatives to the 4A title game - Cumberland, Forsyth, Durham, Cleveland, Mecklenburg, Buncombe, and Onslow. As a point of reference, consider the diversity of participants in the 1990 play-off bracket: of the 32 teams in the field, 18 counties sent a participant. The East was comprised of Onlsow, Wake, Roberson, Vance, Nash, Craven, Cumberland, Durham, New Hanover, Wilson, and Johnston counties. The West was made up of Mecklenburg, Catawba, Forsyth, Burke, Guilford, Buncombe, and Haywood counties. In highlighting this, I agree Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools did have more schools than any other district in the state. That is to be expected when that is the metropolitan region of the state. In the 1990 bracket, CMS only sent 5 programs to their field. It was a different time with an non-subdivided 4A bracket spread across the state. Additionally, the 1990's 4A bracket had teams from Pasquotank, Hoke, Pitt, Orange, Rowan, Scotland, Cleveland, Alamance, McDowell, Gaston, Alexander, Anson, Lee, and Harnett counties. Due to population shifts, North Carolina has become a triumvirate of Char-Meck, The Triangle, and the Triad. As a result, I doubt we will ever see the diversity of the 1990's 4A bracket again. The 4AA bracket will be CMS-WCPSS dominant with a team(s) from the Guilford-Forsyth-Richmond-New Hanover counties sprinkled in. So as to not get lost in this conversation, I want to be unequivocally clear: This does not take anything away from an individual school's accomplishment; it does, however, provide context to the 4AA situation. This does not mean Mallard Creek, Butler, Vance, Wake Forest are any less of an elite program. It simply means that based on raw numbers (i.e. population, schools, etc) CMS and WCPSS will have better odds of sending a 4AA championship representative every year.
  11. lbedwards

    Open Enrollment

    We can moan and groan about open enrollment all we want. The reality is for the districts that have it: the open enrollment toothpaste is not going back in the tube. Therefore, elite programs will leverage the process in their favor. Other programs will use it as a scapegoat for lack of success. The world is changing whether we acknowledge it, like it, hate it, despise it, or embrace it.
  12. lbedwards

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    This 👆! SINLOA (Safety In Numbers, Law Of Averages). This is an acronym a former employer drilled into my head many years ago meaning - when you have more numbers in your favor (Safety in Numbers), you are able to predict outcomes with far greater accuracy (Law of Averages). Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools will always be in the West. Wake County schools will always be in the East. The Triad is the region that experiences the East-West split most dramatically. One year Page is the East representative in the State Title game (2015). The next year they come out of the West regional (2016). One year they are 4AA (2017), the next 4A (2018). The elite of the CMS district (MC, Butler, Vance, etc.) do not experience that fluctuation of 4A to 4AA. Therefore, based on SINLOA, the CMS district will always have odds in their favor to send a representative to the 4AA title game. Just as Wake County will always have better odds of sending a 4AA East representative. In fact, this year year's 4AA West bracket had 8 of the 12 qualifiers from CMS (1 from Guilford, 2 from Forsyth, and 1 from Richmond). Similarly, the 4AA East had 10 of the 12 representatives hail from Wake County (1 from New Hanover, 1 from Moore). Thus, one could predict with reasonable accuracy that a CMS school and a WCPSS school would play for the 4AA title. To be clear, this does not take anything away from an individual school's accomplishment; it does, however, provide context to the 4AA situation. This does not mean Mallard Creek, Butler, Vance, Wake Forest are any less of an elite program. It simply means that based on raw numbers (i.e. population, schools, etc) CMS and WCPSS will have better odds of sending a 4AA championship representative every year.
  13. lbedwards

    4A State Championships: East Forsyth vs. Scotland County

    What a game of great contrast. On the one hand, there is Scotland. This year has to be one of the best, if not the best, coaching job Bailey and staff has had. Heading into the play-offs at 5-5, questions surround the program, chief among them: Do the Scots even deserve to be in the play-offs at all? They have answered that question decisively, stringing together 4 straight road victories with a point differential of 88-52. Teams that catch fire late in the year like that are tough to beat. The Scots are in their fourth state title game since 2011. EF, on the other hand, has rolled through their three play-off opponents, outscoring them 115-27. They are the heavy favorites from what I've observed and with that favored status comes the pressure to perform. The Eagles have an opportunity to silence some of their doubters. They are in their first state title game since 1992. How does EF handle that pressure? What happens if they are unable to put Scotland away early? I would like to see EF bring a title home to the Triad. However, Scotland is tough to bet against. I think the Scots win it.
  14. lbedwards

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    This has the makings of a quality match-up. In the end though, I think Wake Forest wins and completes the three-peat.
  15. lbedwards

    2AA East: North Davidson 24, Ledford 7

    At the half ... ND 10, LHS 0 Ledford’s offense is sputtering. Defense is keeping them in it. ND is playing well, penalties are killing them though.