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  1. truf b nown

    Very Early Favs in Basketball

    Hendo has ran off five in a row, after losing the season opener to Asheville Cougars without the football players due to playoffs. They avenged that loss 3 days later. Should be a good season. Sophomore Freshman back court should only get better. Ben and Kalin are dominant at their positions, Sawyer provides toughness and tenacity.
  2. Its obvious you don't have a life they lost that still doesn't change how I feel about my Cats. Congrats Cougars hope they can win it all.
  3. With our Youth program up and running "Pede" we will are on the upswing as well, for years our kids have ran all over WNC trying to find a team. Even though we had the athlete they were behind on fundamentals and team gel. It's like in College Basketball the one and dones hardly ever win a championship they don't have time to learn each other coaches or kids. Sometimes all the talent in the world can't win no matter who the coach is. As I said we always had the athletes when you have god giving talent it's harder to trust the next man to do his job, you revert back to me instead of the team mentality playing together at a young stage will instill that trust. Like in a relationship it takes time to trust. As I said our Youth program has netted great dividends. We aren't as down as you think, this freshmen class will win it all when it is all said and done.
  4. You are a Hater If every opinion you have Is negatIve, you talk as If you going to get a ring.Guess you have become accustomed to bottom feeding so long you been Catfishing yourself, you are really a Owen fan posing as a Cougar fan. Take off the costume dude be who you are no matter how bad It feels.
  5. Go see your team play, oh IT will be over before IT get started.
  6. Only thing different is Cole may not play. Hunt didn't play last game. We got back a few linemen, that didn't play the first game. Collington didnt play either by the way so no big lost. Guess that Coach that doesn't know anything will have to scheme a good game plan for us, worked pretty good last week. If by chance we should win I think CP might shut down. Cause a lot of their posters MIA should we lose God willing I'll wake up Saturday and carry on with my life as usual. This forum doesn't make me or break me. Cheer for your team or get your POM POM'S out for another team what ever wets your pants. T.H.U.G (The Hate U Give) Stampede is unreal. You must have a kid on the team this year. Because you never let it go. Y'all played the best you could play we played our worst the outcome was still the same. If it's that hurt get some Preparation H to ease the pain. This was 10 minutes of my life wasted on you that I can't get back.
  7. Sure he Isn't the only kid doingjust happens to be at a school that has zero tolerance. We will be playing our 4th String RB he brings s load. so we will line them up and see how It goes. It Is what It Is. You guys are so focused on us you probaly didn't make your own game. Quit nut riding lil squirrel.
  8. truf b nown

    1st round scores

    Hendo 21 - 0
  9. truf b nown


    Thomas Jefferson his receiver led the state in receiving 2 years in a row, when he left the kid transferred to ER. Greenville High he was O.C. Byrnes High School so I think he might know a little bit about football.
  10. truf b nown


    Could you tell me where else he coached at. If i'm not mistaken BJ brought him in, because he had more knowledge about the offense they run now.
  11. truf b nown


    Seems to me guys were waiting for a chance to bash Hendo's program, remember when you digging one grave better dig two. As far as # 10 goes he's been triple covered, pretty much the last seven games. We are ok with our coaches if we win we got more athletes, if we lose we can't coach. Been that way even when BJ coached. The year we lost to Thomasville MY personal opinion if Cedric doesn't get injured we win it all. Hope you bashers feel real good about yourself. Take #10 all day every day and twice on Fridays
  12. truf b nown

    Hendersonville at Brevard

    #4 is a freshman that just wanted to play football, he was put in a compromising position. His mom lived in Greensboro and thought it would be best if he stayed here and went to school. So she was going to move back, she provided a rent lease agreement. She would be living with a relative, she signed a guardianship paper. She had an older daughter that was having issues with other girls in henderson county. So the move didn't work out and she took the older daughter other siblings back to Greensboro, left the boy here with the relative. Posted a picture of her taking the other kids to school in GREENSBORO and the kid was suspended. I have earned a great deal of respect for the kid, he has since showed up to school everyday, hasn't been in any trouble. A lot of people don't know how dangerous the streets are to an angry 14 year old kid, sometimes sports is the only thing that not only keep them in school, but saves their life.
  13. truf b nown

    Hendo @ Franklin

    14-14 3rd Qtr.
  14. In the second half of the 1st meeting Hendo seem to be holding Heritage in check, they never punted but they did not convert that many 4th downs. I don't think we will have as many flags, seeing as we will have down the road refs.that are use the our speed, hopefully they let us play.