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  1. Tarheel#1


    No clue man, on the team page it has him just at Hendersonville
  2. Tarheel#1


    I’ve watched Hendersonville play a couple games throughout the years and never really seen anything that makes me say they are poorly coached, like I would really know anyway. I have seen plenty of teams in our state that have plenty of kids that can play football but perform poorly year after year. The older I get the more I feel the pre-season and pre-game preparation is what really wins games on Friday night. To be honest who really knows what goes on in the weight room and training programs off season, I know I don’t. I’m just saying it seems unfair for us as spectators to judge a mans job without knowing exactly what it involves or the details of his actual job discription. We can assume we know but the truth is we probably have no idea. That being said I do enjoy others opinions, just not to the point of judging a man outside of his character, especially if I don’t know him. I wasn’t trying to single anybody out just making sure we didn’t bash anybody. Hope no offense was taken from anybody.
  3. Tarheel#1

    Who takes over the Hayesville Program?

    I’ll be honest I’ve never seen them play, but was wondering with all the depth of knowledgeable coaches in the SMC if any rumors had started yet. I love this website because a lot of times the coaching rumors seem to come true. Notice I said a lot not ALL.
  4. All of you SMC folks what are your thoughts?
  5. Tarheel#1


    Wow I wasn’t meaning for this to become a coach bashing session, just wanted to know the kids name. If I’m not mistaken he’s the same guy that was coaching at Hendersonville when they played Murphy so close a couple years ago at Hendersonville(2016). Saying things like teams don’t deserve to win games discredits the other teams players/coaches. It doesn’t show much support if your a fan of one of those teams. On a side note, I’m not in a position to question any program, there are a lot of things that happen inside a program that we don’t know IMO. Please don’t turn my thread into a coach bashing session.
  6. Tarheel#1

    Rosman is in need of a new Coach

  7. Tarheel#1

    What do you miss?

    Awesome post man!! I know it sounds gross but i'm sure others will remember the distinct smell of the locker room and weight-room.
  8. Tarheel#1


    Anyway you could message me his name?
  9. Tarheel#1

    What do you miss?

    YES!!! LOL Run DMC. I remember walking off the field for the last time knowing I would never play for my school or with my brothers again.
  10. Tarheel#1

    What do you miss?

    Yeah i understand what your saying
  11. Tarheel#1


    All good man just wondering
  12. Tarheel#1

    Rosman is in need of a new Coach

    I think any team can run the spread. the spread is not really a scheme its more a formation. I've noticed people always assume spread teams like to throw the football, that's not always the case. I've seen plenty of dangerous spread running teams that run it 80% of the time. I also wish people would stop putting categories on player like "mountain boys" its not like we don't know what you mean. if your going to have the courage to get on here and talk about a man and his way of living, have the courage to say it to his face. IMO
  13. Tarheel#1


    Thanks for your input, it always makes me curious when somebody joins to make one comment. It just seems like they have other intentions. You can always send me a message if that is the case.
  14. Tarheel#1

    What do you miss?

    LOL, My fault man but this is what its all about. I love how this sport stirs so many emotions up, its what keeps all of us still talking about it many years later. And i completely agree with you the family support was very special.
  15. Tarheel#1

    What do you miss?

    I've never really thought of this but i can remember it like it was yesterday, thanks for this.