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  1. dr. no deal

    TW Andrews head coaching opening

    going the distance right on point. when Andrews was rolling, they could play with anybody at any level. when that stadium was packed, it was some atmosphere.
  2. Whats up at the beach?
  3. dr. no deal

    Passing of a Legend ...

    It was always good to see Coach Miller. he had some great teams at Hanover. It was fun going down for the jamboree. it was really big back then. new and innovative. i think coach was a driving force behind the scenes, but i dont know. i know he was a good coach; hard nosed and knowledgeable. loved the kids, thats always most important. They can tell if you dont. They had some cool uniforms. all different combinations. really cool. rest in peace coach. you done good.
  4. http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/04/22/3801618/miami-joins-alabama-in-quest-for.html?sp=/99/103/124/ DE end picking up offers. marshall offered by furman, miam and ecu offer jr qb reid herring
  5. dr. no deal


    nothing official in the triangel; just wondering.
  6. dr. no deal


    what is happening at enloe with the cummings crew?
  7. no doubt, but he will be good if he gets the support from the top.
  8. congratulations Coach Paris. They got it right this time.
  9. Rocky Mount was the blackbirds and fike was the cyclones
  10. dr. no deal

    Laney Football

    thanks man. sorry. i cant tweet much on my rotory dial phone! thanks for the link. and i just got back on this site. changed alot since i was here last. looks really good.
  11. dr. no deal

    Laney Football

    I was wondering. I hadn't seen anything. Seemed mighty quiet. I am just out of the loop I guess. Was there an article in the paper?
  12. What is going on down there?
  13. If he gets Jay to come it will be on.
  14. Great place to coach. Good opportunity. Lexington was tough, but coach did a good job with em. good luck man.
  15. Whats up with the open slots? People usually lining up to get in. Good scrimmage day. Good facilities. Good teams.