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  1. Boone is around 3300 feet
  2. fornow

    South Point at Burns

    Never count the Red Raiders out. Possible rematch????
  3. fornow

    Statesville vs Concord

    What in the world has happened to Concord? Has all the talent left the town or did the retirement of EZ Smith bring the program down that much?
  4. I think Shelby is the clear cut number 1. After that idk. Mtn Heritage deserves to be mentioned. And I can’t help but think that South Point and Hibriten will be there in the end too. The other schools mentioned also have a case to be made.
  5. fornow

    Pisgah vs. Tuscola

    Looks like the tide really has turned Pisgahs way. The socioeconomic changes that have happened in the county have hurt this rivalry. Canton still has the mill kids. Tuscola has lost their blue collar roots I think.
  6. I think it’s great they seek out games like this. And I may be wrong but I’d think it would be much harder on a public school budget unless the travel was subsidized by a sponsor or 3rd party.
  7. fornow

    Simmons Ratings - Week 1

    Remember week 1 is one of his worst weeks because everything is based off the previous season I believe.
  8. Burns RB had more than 10 TDs and 2000 yards himself and they have 3 OL returning. They will be very good on O. Just depends on how much they have improved on D.
  9. Thats a good list and really tough to say for sure. Who is to say that Bazzle doesnt belong on that list? or Habich? or Laws? Many years they dont have the talent that some of the guys on that list are blessed with and still make the most of it. Not saying anyone doesnt belong, those are all great coaches. Just near impossible to narrow it to 10!
  10. Needs to be moved for sure. Some good suggestions on here. I would imagine these suggestions need to be brought to the coaches association. I understand moving it to the coast-but thats not gonna fly every year to the west. I'd be all for having it at the beach, but alot wont see it that way. Gonna have to have it somewhere relatively neutral, and since the coaches association HQ is in Gboro, the best alternatives may be like WF or Elon or some place like that.
  11. One of those Shelby teams that won 4 straight. 2015 or so.
  12. I knew it was something like that.
  13. Not necessarily....I'm not exactly sure of the rule in high school but I know that there are some advantages to attempting a long field goal and/or missing it on purpose. Like if its kicked out of bounds that is where the team takes possession and if its missed short of the goal line the ball is live and may be downed or returned by the defending team. So in that aspect he is much better than doing that instead of going for it since he didnt have a punter.
  14. I believe Coach Brewer will try to establish a tough physical running game and defense. Kinda the same formula that has worked at Mitchell and Mtn. Heritage. The question is will they have enough athletes to compete with the top of that conference.
  15. fornow

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    You gotta be kidding me.