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  1. fornow

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    One of those Shelby teams that won 4 straight. 2015 or so.
  2. fornow

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    I knew it was something like that.
  3. fornow

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    Not necessarily....I'm not exactly sure of the rule in high school but I know that there are some advantages to attempting a long field goal and/or missing it on purpose. Like if its kicked out of bounds that is where the team takes possession and if its missed short of the goal line the ball is live and may be downed or returned by the defending team. So in that aspect he is much better than doing that instead of going for it since he didnt have a punter.
  4. fornow

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    I believe Coach Brewer will try to establish a tough physical running game and defense. Kinda the same formula that has worked at Mitchell and Mtn. Heritage. The question is will they have enough athletes to compete with the top of that conference.
  5. fornow

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    You gotta be kidding me.
  6. fornow

    Losing Record = Job Security?

    LOL Dexter Coakley played at App State in the early 90s. Not 60s or 70s
  7. fornow

    Greiner Resigns at Hickory Ridge

    All assistants are free and clear if there was an illegal practice or practice during the dead period. If this in indeed the case, he was the HC. Its his responsibility to make sure that the rules are followed and practices are held legally. Thats on the HC, not the assistants. No soldier has ever been court martialed for following orders. I would bet the penalty for violating this rule is a fine.
  8. fornow

    How will the 3A mountains teams do?

    Its actually a pretty tough drive from Boone to the Asheville area. Especially on a bus. Boone is much more accessible from the Hickory/Morganton/Charlotte area.
  9. fornow

    Brand leaves Vance

    Amazing how many NC coaches are jumping the border.
  10. fornow

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Makes sense. In the article the Principal said they had already contacted some alumni in the coaching profession. How many McDowell graduates are into coaching HS football?
  11. fornow

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    If everyone wanted him why is he still looking for a job? Seriously, sounds like they have someone in mind. The article says they want to move quickly and that they have already contacted some former players in the coaching profession.
  12. fornow

    South Meck Football Coach....forced out..

    So, the principal and the AD are retiring at the end of the year??? Did I read that right? Seems like an odd move.
  13. fornow

    Point System

    This is a very good discussion, and I have enjoyed reading the different ideas that have been thrown around. Lets remember, the purpose of high school sports is to give high school kids the chance to play a sport. No playoff system is perfect, I have never seen a playoff system where some team did not feel left out, or shafted. With all that in mind, I am in favor of a large playoff bracket like we have in NC. Why?? 1. It gives more kids a chance to play another game-most of which wont ever play their sport again. 2. As others have mentioned, we have seen several lower seeded teams advancing deep into the bracket. We dont need to just admit 1 team per conference to the playoffs bc there are several 2 and 3 finishing teams, who if they get hot at the right time are good enough to make a run.
  14. fornow

    Point System

    I agree btango, margin of victory has to factor into the standing somehow, and capping it at 21 or so would stop a team up 42 from trying to punch another in late to make sure they gained more points on their standings.
  15. fornow

    Point System

    It is my understanding that the maxpreps ranking heavily weigh strength of schedule into their calculations. What is taken out to get the adjusted rankings the NCHSAA uses is margin of victory.