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  1. fornow

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    So have they made a hire? Bc AK has a job listing on maxpreps for an OC. I would imagine that they wouldnt be advertising for an OC without having hired a new HC. But ya never know.
  2. fornow

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Be interesting to see what happens. I'm betting on Coach Wilbanks, but ya just never know.
  3. fornow

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

    From what I've read on here its not a stick around long term kind of job due to the low pay from the county. Maybe that kinda job in terms of athletes, but almost everyone is going to want to make more money as they go forward and sounds like this isnt the place for that.
  4. fornow

    2A Head Coaching Jobs Still Open

    Who are the coaches at those schools?
  5. fornow

    West Lincoln

    It may come down to who has a teaching position to make a hire first. It sounds like on another thread that Coach Minor is interested in the W Caldwell job. If that’s the case whichever school hires the position first may get him.
  6. fornow

    East Gaston

    I think Coach Lippard will do a good job at reenergizing this program. What little I have seen of him, he seems to be a really smart offensive mind. I think he will get kids out and I think he will score alot of points. I would say however, he is gonna need a really strong defensive coordinator. I dont know that he has had that at his previous stops and they struggled mightily on that side of the ball.
  7. fornow

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    The admin does not seem to care about football. I think they want to be a wrestling school.
  8. fornow

    East Gaston

    I took Chris comment that this hire would not open a head coaching job right now to mean that the hire was a former head coach who is now currently an assistant somewhere. But maybe I took that the wrong way. As mentioned earlier Matt Beam has some ties to the area and if Coach Joyce hasnt left and opened a teaching job maybe he allows EG to hire a coach without a teaching position. I dont know, just speculating.
  9. fornow

    East Gaston

    Jason Lippard?
  10. fornow

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    Any word on this job?
  11. fornow

    East Gaston

    Any word on this job?
  12. fornow


    IDK where the paper got its news from, but if you look at this years ADM there are a handful of 3a school with less than 976 students-E. Rowan 968, Burns 944, W. Caldwell 912, Morehead 863
  13. fornow

    East Gaston

    I would think that with all the quality teams in the area there would be several young assistants at area programs looking to cut their teeth but I guess that depends on how bad of shape they perceive it to be and whether or not they think the admin cares about or will support the program.
  14. fornow

    Bye Weeks

    Plus the extra bye week to give teams down east time to make up their games, then throw in a forfeit or two for a couple teams and its no wonder why some teams were rusty.
  15. fornow

    3AA West: Weddington 42, Watauga 14

    Isnt Weddington a passing team? Huge advantage for the Pioneers to be at home on the frozen turf if they are.