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  1. fornow

    Spring practice

    I still hold out hope that the season will be saved. It’s over 4 months away. There has got to be a way to get out of this in 16 weeks! Now I do think that spring is done and some of the summer may be as well.
  2. fornow

    NC coaches clinic

    Just depends on how quickly the curve is flattened.
  3. fornow

    Spring practice

    Everything is shut down. It all depends on how quickly we are able to overcome this thing. I'd say spring practice is not going to happen. Maybe some summer workouts will be able to take place. Again it just depends on our ability to flatten the curve. I do think that the Governor closing schools until May 15 is a realistic date. Eventually we are going to come out of this. The question is just when.
  4. fornow

    Way too early local football predictions

    The South Fork should be really competitive. Newton Conover returns a ton of talent. West Lincoln had a great year this year. North Lincoln has some really good players returning. Maiden is always very competitive. If I had to say right now I'd say-1. NL . 2. NC . 3. WL . 4. EL . 5. Maiden . 6. Bandys . 7 Lincolnton . 8. LNC. But that is just a guess, this is a really hard conference to predict. NW 3/4a-I'd say same old candidates-Watauga until someone knocks them off. AC and Freedom trying to catch them. I know Watauga lost alot so maybe this is the year someone catches them. Until it happens I say...1. Watuaga 2. AC 3. Freedom 4.Hickory 5 S. Caldwell 6 St Stephens 7 McDowell Northwestern Foothills, I agree its not close. Hibriten and then everyone else. I couldnt even manage a guess on the rest of the league. Draughn had a good year last year. West Iredell probably has the next most athletes. So it will be interesting to see what happens here.
  5. fornow

    Bandys football

    Live near the beach?
  6. fornow

    JBB returning to NC?

    He went to West Ashley near Charleston
  7. fornow

    JBB returning to NC?

    Wow. Could be a big hire for someone!
  8. Anybody heard anything since the application deadline passed?
  9. Which description? Avery or Madison?
  10. fornow

    SC Job Board

    Its at schsl.org, click on bulletin board. Then go to job openings.
  11. fornow

    Ashbrook High School

    We (myself included) continue to say that Ashbrook could be a sleeping giant if the right guy gets the job. However, the right guy never seems to get the job evidently. What is missing? What do they need to get over the hump?
  12. fornow

    East Gaston?

    The job is posted on the Gaston County Schools job board.
  13. I know the SMC is a little different as far as how JV/varsity is organized. But how many kids did Rodman have on the team this year?
  14. I think he had a good first year at NC and a poor second year. Then he resigned. Idk if he was forced out or chose to resign