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  1. SMC Observer

    Murphy at Swain

    I really hope that fumble inside the Swain 15 doesn't come back to bite Murphy.
  2. SMC Observer

    (6-1) Murphy at (7-0) Swain County

    Better Robbinsville teams have lost at the Hill. Murphy is hurting with injuries though, couple starters out for probably the rest of the season, so you may be right.
  3. SMC Observer

    WNC Rankings Week 8

    I'd have Christ School #2, they have the best win of any team in the mountains this year with their road win over Providence Day last week.
  4. SMC Observer

    Robbinsville v Hayesville

    Was your best player on defense last night at least. Had 3 different people at the game say as much.
  5. SMC Observer

    Robbinsville v Hayesville

    Maybe, maybe not. Dogs are a young team (only 3 seniors start on either side of the ball) and it's a long time yet till November. Knights will probably have to be a good bit better than Murphy to win at the Hill, time will tell. 'Dogs are getting 4 or 5 kids back in the next two weeks, including a couple starters. So we'll see how they look in November.
  6. SMC Observer

    Robbinsville v Hayesville

    He's a baller, no doubt, always has been.
  7. SMC Observer

    Robbinsville v Hayesville

    Pretty bad when your best player is a freshman. I'll be highly surprised if he finishes his career at Hayesville to be completely honest
  8. I agree with that, it probably wasn't a fair comparison. Mount Airy was not as strong last year as some thought. Their fans only focused on the big name skill people they brought back or had come out but neglected the fact that the Bears had lost a lot of their lines to graduation, as well as a really good all around QB in Holder. If North Stanly had not went east I think they would've won the west no matter how healthy Mount Airy was, just my opinion. East Surry might have beat MA with Greene playing as well, it was certainly a possibility considering how close the first game was.
  9. Trinity is definitely better than North Georgia
  10. It's better for the league when Hayesville are competitive, so I hope you're right. But when the Jackets barely beat an awful North Georgia team at home (that Andrews beat by 5 TD's) I remain highly skeptical that it won't get ugly against Robbinsville.
  11. East Surry is a Gosnell injury away from going heavy favorite in the 1AA west to maybe on par with a team like Mitchell. So I wouldn't get too cocky, you never know what can happen. I've seen plenty of good teams season's derailed by losing their star player or having an injury crisis. I saw Murphy go from the title favorite in 2014 to just one of the contenders after their stud tailback (ESPN 3 star before injury) tore his ACL and MCL week three of the season. Same thing essentially happened to Mount Airy last year losing Greene in the olayoffs and East Surry benefitted from it.
  12. You're probably recalling the 2013 Murphy team, they had the most skill position speed of any Murphy team this decade. That team lost a couple games they shouldn't have in the regular season but they spent a lot of the year banged up, finally got healthy in the playoffs. The 2011 team was the team that wasn't very deep, they had Seth Curtis at QB, best football player Murphy's had in a long time and he pretty much carried that team to a title. Murphy only brought back 2 starters off their 2010 team, if that gives you any idea the kind of performance he put in. The win Murphy had at Albemarle in 2011 might be Gentry's best, they had no business winning that game on talent. The fastest Murphy team in the last decade as far as overall team speed was probably the 2010 Murphy team. And they did that with their best 10th grader (and one of their best players in general) Jayvon McCullough transferring to North Forsyth to play basketball before the season started. He would've been immense on the 2011 and 2012 teams but that's neither here nor there.
  13. I get your point and compared to the eastern teams and some of the piedmont teams, yeah. But Murphy has had some athletic and fast teams over the years. With that said this year's Murphy team and last year's Murphy team don't really have the speed of some of the previous editions.
  14. Swain up. I think you can make an argument for any of Murphy, Robbinsville and Swain for that 5th spot. I think they're all close this year and homefield will probably be the difference when they play one another. As far as Polk's win over Hendersonville being better than Swain or Robbinsville's over Smoky I don't think I agree, they're about even in terms of quality of win.
  15. Looks good, I'd have Polk 8th personally but it's a minor quibble.