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  1. SMC Observer

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    He'll have to play there in the NFL. May end up more of a special teamer at that level but I think there's a chance he could develop at LB.
  2. SMC Observer

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    Echols seems faster, certainly quicker but I think you're selling Muse a little short, Muse is faster than some people realize... Did you watch him run down Dobbins in the open field Saturday?
  3. Anderson and Garland later than that, Anderson's senior year was '03 and Garland '04. Garland has SMC record for career receptions, Pickens the SMC record for career receiving yards. Randy Mosteller from Hayesville is 4th on the career SMC rushing list
  4. SMC Observer

    Sain to Chirst School.

    They've been after him, don't think he'll go there, no reason to when you already have SEC and ACC offers on the table.
  5. SMC Observer

    Sain to Chirst School.

    Not a lineman, skill player. He isn't going there for football (basketball) but it will hurt the football team because he was primed for a big leap in football next season had he stuck around. If/when he goes he'll be the second Murphy kid in the last two years to go there. Clapsaddle went there last year for baseball.
  6. SMC Observer

    Sain to Chirst School.

    Well Swain won't be the only SMC team to lose a player to Christ School next year from the sounds of it...
  7. SMC Observer

    Jefferson Boaz Passes for 466 yards

    If you're talking about Thomas he was 6'6, very tall but definitely more common than a 6'7 or 6'8 QB. He ended up moving to tight end in the pros. And not to be pedantic but I'm not sure Boaz is a legit 6'8, he's listed as 6'7 multiple places.
  8. SMC Observer

    1A West Bracket Discussion

    No, Robbinsville rolls
  9. SMC Observer

    1A West Bracket Discussion

    It will be tough for Elkin again next year in the west with Murphy bringing back 16 starters off a young team and Robbinsville also bringing quite a bit back.
  10. SMC Observer

    10-0 Robbinsville at 9-1 Murphy

    Murphy's current sophomores and juniors won the SMC on JV's in 2017 and 2018. I know JV results dont guarantee varsity success but those classes have a lot of talent. Murphy returns more contributors than anyone in the conference next season, 'Dogs are only starting 3 seniors on either side of the ball. The only two that will be truly difficult to replace are Murray at RB and Stalcup at DT, so I'd be careful with those predictions of crowning Robbinsville just yet. If Murray was coming back I don't think anyone in the west 1A or 1AA beats Murphy next season, but since he isn't and the game is at Big Oaks next year it will be probably be a tossup assuming Murphy finds another solution in the backfield to go with Wood and Rathburn, otherwise Robbinsville may be favored next year. There are two very talented in house skill options for Murphy that haven't played the last two years but word is one of them may play his senior year next season. There's also the possibility of a transfer, which may happen if you take the kid at his word. I'll remain skeptical though on both of those fronts until I see new faces at the practice field next summer. Even if neither of those things happens I fully expect Abling and Allen to make big jumps next season as this is their first and second year of playing football, both have the talent to develop into impact skill players next season, Abling just needs more experience and Allen just needs more maturation physically (i.e. too skinny, needs weight room). 'Dogs also have a new kid from Georgia, Caleb Hyde. Hyde is a 6'3 sophomore, has only been at Murphy for a little over a month and has never played football before but he has talent and from all accounts is a very hard worker, he could develop into a weapon at TE next year.
  11. SMC Observer

    10-0 Robbinsville at 9-1 Murphy

    Home field is really important in these big games, we all saw that last year when Robbinsville gave Murphy a really tough game at Big Oaks but got manhandled at the Hill. It was big in the Murphy - Mitchell game last year too, Mitchell had a great homefield advantage with their crowd and that energy, even the field itself was a nice home team perk. No disrespect when I say this, but I'm not sure that game goes down like that had it been at The Hill. Anyway my point is when two good teams meet up home field can sometimes be the difference. If Robbinsville is in fact better than Murphy this year (and they may well be) home field can even things up unless there is a big gap. I thought Robbinsville had a little more talent than Murphy in '09 but 'Dogs had home field and that was the difference in my opinion
  12. SMC Observer

    Robbinsville ,Murphy ,Swain

    Mitchell and Swain would be a fun game if Mitchell goes 1AA. I hope Mitchell stays small though because if not its pretty much a given that Robbinsville or Murphy will represent the west for the small 1A title. I mean no disrespect to Elkin, Thomas Jefferson, etc. but that's just the truth of the matter.
  13. SMC Observer


    Hard for 'Dogs to shut out weak teams because Gentry has too much class, everyone plays in those type of games for Murphy.
  14. It's a big accomplishment, not many 1A teams have had that many FBS scholarship recruits at once. The last one I can recall was South Stanly in '08, they actually had five: Terry Shankle (UNC), Justin Taylor (VA Tech), Detric Allen (ECU), Desi Brown (ECU) and Cody Melton (Air Force).
  15. Stevens is a preferred walk on. The younger Gosnell already has an offer from NC State, so you're still right that it's four D1 players: S. Gosnell, Boaz, Washington and B. Gosnell