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  1. SMC Observer

    Montgomery Central QB

    Is it a given Montgomery Central will be 2A? The combined ADM's of West and East this year would put them in 3A by about 200 students. I think it's a pretty big deal because even with Coach Brown the competition is much much tougher overall in 3A.
  2. SMC Observer

    Final CP 1A Power Rankings of 2018

    1. Tarboro 2. Murphy 3. North Stanly 4. Mitchell 5. East Surry 6. Holmes 7. Mount Airy 8. Robbinsville 9. Pamlico County 10. Rosewood
  3. SMC Observer

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    Great season for your boys, nothing for them to hang their heads about. Hope to see ya'll back here again next year.
  4. SMC Observer

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    Not as confident of that, but we'll see.
  5. SMC Observer

    Benjie Brown

    Great hire for Montgomery Central, congrats
  6. SMC Observer

    1A & 1AA Championship Winners (Polls Were Correct)

    I think Murphy guts out a win. It probably won't be pretty or flashy without #32 (or possibly #40) but I think they find a way behind the best coaching staff (imo) in 1A football.
  7. SMC Observer

    Snow Effecting The Playoffs

    Tarboro put a running clock on a Edenton team Northeastern beat by 2 scores. Tarboro would beat anybody in 2A this year with the possible exceptions of Hibriten and Shelby, those would be tossups.
  8. SMC Observer

    1A West Finals: Murphy 28, Robbinsville 6

    I agree that 2020 will be a great team barring something unexpected, but I see Coach leaving his sucessor a good team to work with when he does finally decide to step away. Who knows, he may coach another 10 years. He doesnt look or act his age and he still clearly enjoys it.
  9. SMC Observer

    1A West Finals: Murphy 28, Robbinsville 6

    He'll be back next year win or lose barring something crazy. Gentry is only 9 wins from the state wins record and not much more than that from state record for wins at one school. 2020, now that could be a different story.
  10. SMC Observer

    Murphy's McTaggert

    There is no clear video of the incident from what I understand, seriously doubt it gets overturned.
  11. SMC Observer

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    I think Murphy will still be ok on offense without them, just won't have that home run threat without #32 on the field. Hurts a lot worse on defense, #32 and #40's speed will be missed at linebacker going up against a fast Pamlico team.
  12. SMC Observer

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    Murphy's best player was ejected and one of their next best players dislocated his shoulder. So Murphy will be playing the title game with a 3rd string RB and two backup linebackers, barring something miraculous.
  13. SMC Observer

    1A State Finals: Murphy vs. Pamlico

    Pamlico got a huge boost to their chances tonight
  14. SMC Observer

    Murphy's McTaggert

    Looking very similiar to the situation Mt Airy dealt with against East TD.
  15. SMC Observer

    1A West Finals: Murphy 28, Robbinsville 6

    I think Murphy can survive by grinding it out on offense, #10, #28, #6, #2 and #24 are good players, but they lose a lot of explosiveness with #32 out, no true home run threat with him out. Where it's really going to hurt though is on defense, #32 and #40 can not be replaced on defense, not even close. Not having their speed out there at linebacker with Pamlico's speed is going to be a problem.