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  1. SMC Observer

    Hardest Hit

    I'm really not 100% sure about the best individual hit/tackle I've seen, but Devon "Tookie" Reese from Murphy's senior year in 2010 was like a biggest hits mixtape, he maimed several people that season and they were clean and legal hits/tackles. Even the Robbinsville faithful couldn't help but ew and awe at the decleater he delivered at Big Oaks that year.
  2. SMC Observer

    1A costal plains preseason predictions

    The Tarboro fan on NCP said Edgecombe County was open enrollment. No idea if that's true but that's what he said So for example even if you lived in Pinetops (SWE district) you could attend Tarboro High or vice versa if you wanted. As long as you are a resident of Edgecombe County you can attend any of the high schools in the county.
  3. SMC Observer

    SMC Schedule

    Andrews and Hayesville both have the opportunity for a winning regular season record with those schedules and the talent they return/move up from JV.
  4. SMC Observer

    Rylee Anderson chasing greatness

    He will break the record if he stays healthy but he's not as good as Odom was. Don't get me wrong, Anderson is a good back in his own right, but Odom was bigger, faster and stronger, Kurt was a special player.
  5. SMC Observer

    Top 1A teams

    Actually it's another WHC school from what I was told. I bet he will be at Mitchell this year though, seems to have been rumored he would go to this other school for a couple years now and obviously it's never happened.
  6. SMC Observer

    Top 1A teams

    A friend talked to the kid's dad this week, he told him he's definitely moving to Murphy this summer. His son is the best rising 9th grade skill kid in the conference imo. Even though he will just be a freshman he would probably still be a contributor on varsity if he moves here. We'll see. I consider all of it conjecture unless/until I see him and the kid from Georgia walking down the hill on a Friday in August.
  7. SMC Observer

    Rosman Tigers new non con.

    If Rosman keeps that schedule for a couple of years there will be a couple possible wins there but I don't see one this year. No matter who comes in to coach they're probably looking at a rebuilding year. For the Tigers sake I hope they've got more talent coming up from middle school or some talented kids walking the halls that didnt play the last year or two that come out.
  8. SMC Observer

    Stack steps down at Rosman

    The Rosman crowd seem to think Pursley and Essenburg are on the list. Essenburg certainly seems like an obvious candidate since he was going to join Stack's staff anyway. Pursley would obviously be a great hire if it's true he's interested.
  9. SMC Observer

    Rosman Tigers new non con.

    There isn't a for sure win there. For a team that quite honestly wasn't very good, Rosman lost a lot to graduation and their JV team wasn't very good either. The good news for the Tigers (if it's true that they're interested) is that they have a chance to hire a really good coach between Pursley and Essenburg. It's even possible that they get both (Essenburg had planned to join Stack's staff). Either of those two will get the most out of whatever they have to work with but the reality is that Rosman was weak and looks to be weak again in the Jimmy and Joe department. Even the best coaches need players and I don't see much talent there right now.
  10. SMC Observer

    Top 1A teams

    No, Murphy won't accept out of state students or out of county students. They would accept them when I was in school because there were two kids in my grade that lived right across the Georgia line, neither played football though. But even back then I don't recall anybody from Tennessee ever going to Murphy. I can't remember their reason for stopping it but I know they grandfathered in the families that had kids already in the system.
  11. SMC Observer

    Top 1A teams

    Bowhunter check your private messages, I shot you a line.
  12. SMC Observer

    Top 1A teams

    I don't think you get a lot of transfers, I know you don't. Im just saying that the transfers you have gotten recently were big time impact players. Murphy has had few families that transferred in during that time frame that made an impact but most of them were legit moves or in the case of Posey and Clapsaddle families they already lived here. And my bad for not recognizing that you were joking, hard to tell online sometimes lol.
  13. SMC Observer

    Top 1A teams

    Yes, the casino brought around 1,000 jobs to the county but it's not just the casino. There was an article in the Cherokee Scout a couple weeks ago about how there are more jobs within like a 25 mile radius than there are people to fill them. There's a lot of people willing and wanting to move to this area for work but the problem the county is running into is that there isnt enough affordable housing opportunities here for a lot of these people, so many of them aren't able to move. This issue will have to be addressed if the county wants to sustain growth. Murphy was hit pretty hard during the recession like most small towns and would have been in bad shape without the casino coming in. Murphy is experiencing their current dip in enrollment in large part because the age group in high school and the age group about to enter into high school are the ones that experienced the most movers during the economic recession. Im honestly surprised it hasn't had more of an effect on Murphy's athletic program but judging by what Murphy has at the middle school level a down year or two may finally be coming. But once the kids that are currently in elementary school are in high school I expect the enrollment to rebound back (when factoring in the early college) and hold relatively steady for the foreseeable future.
  14. SMC Observer

    Top 1A teams

    Most transfers don't happen, it's usually just speculation that comes to nothing. Like I said on the other site Robbinsville has had more impact in conference transfers over the last 10 years than Murphy has by far with McCoy and Bradley. The kid I'm discussing moving here is from relatively far away (Flowery Branch, GA) and the family is buying a home here. That's nothing at all like a charter school or how they operate. The other possible transfer is a rising 9th grader from within the conference that may be moving here this summer. But notice I said move here, not "go to school" here.
  15. SMC Observer

    Top 1A teams

    If Mitchell and Murphy meet up again this year it's hard to say what might happen. Right now on paper Mitchell are the favorites in small 1A with what they bring back. But there's a couple things that could shake down at Murphy that could potentially change that. 1) there are a couple skill kids that were studs on Murphy's undefeated 2017 JV team that didn't play football last year, that would start and make a real impact this year if they come back out. I expect at least one of them to play this year. 2) 'Dogs could be getting an impact transfer from Georgia. The family was closing on a house here last week, so he should be here this summer. The kid is a rising 11th grader and mainly played WR at his last school but also played QB and looks good passing the ball on film. If the kid does come he will definitely be in the mix at QB (and if he doesn't win the QB job) WR and FS. He's got good height (6'3) and is a good looking athlete from what I can tell. On film he kinda reminds me of Nelson, the starting QB/FS for Murphy last year. If he is that level of player he will be a big addition. Apart from those two things Murphy may be getting an additional transfer this summer. No guarantee but it's more than just talk apparently. We'll see how things shake out over the next couple of months but if the aforementioned things come to pass Murphy will reload a little better than some thought.