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  1. hhs_redscare0206

    WNC Picks first round

    They didn't even score 28 points total in the last game....what makes you think they will win by that margin?
  2. hhs_redscare0206

    WNC Picks first round

    Brevard by 28 huh???? interesting lol
  3. I think we will be fine. As long as the defense comes to play like they have all year and we can sustain drives and not have PENALTIES, then I think this group will be in good shape.
  4. Just played this group two weeks ago in a defensive slugfest. I don't think either team played well on offense at all. That could have something to do with the defenses on both sides. What I do know is it was a winnable game for both teams, but Brevard handled business and was able to pull out the 20-14 win. Hopefully my cats can get it together and play some good football this time of year. Going to be a tough out going to Brevard to play but I think my Bearcats can go there, play well and win. Hopefully the weather is decent also lol.
  5. hhs_redscare0206

    Hendo @ Smoky Mountain

    I hope you are right. I don't know what Smoky does schematically but I think that if my bearcats just play ball, they will be fine. I am sure in the next month or so we will be speaking again seeing as how NCHSAA always finds a way to put Hendersonville against Mountain Heritage in Novemeber lol.
  6. hhs_redscare0206

    Hendo @ Smoky Mountain

    Lol, talk about highway robbery. I didn't know you guys even knew the word kick lol. When was the last time you guys "kicked" aside from kickoff haha. All joking aside, yea he is special. He got 20 carries last week and went over 200. He can tote the rock for sure. Glad he is in red and white with the good guys. Good luck to you guys as well. I know your kids are probably jacked up for this one. Fans too. Where is the game this week?
  7. After a bit of a slow start Friday, my bearcats used a huge run to close the game out after being down 12-6 early in the first. It was good to see the JV kids getting to play. Hopefully, offensively we can keep the trend rolling. Looking at Maxpreps, the team had 340 rushing yards. That is not bad for a program that is consider finesse or a passing team. One kid ended the night with 20 carries for 203. He is just a Sophomore. That bodes well for the future. As far as the Smoky Mtn game goes, they are rolling it looks like. That was a big time win at Pisgah. Not an easy place to play, let alone win. Going to their place will probably be a tough out. If the offense can continue click and the defense does it's normal job, I think my Cats will be fine. We shall see
  8. hhs_redscare0206

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    This thread will be 9 pages by Friday lol
  9. hhs_redscare0206

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    Right....good luck tonight.
  10. hhs_redscare0206

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    Exactly. Early in the year....they made it like us losing to you guys was the worst loss you could ever have....here you guys are now...still undefeated....With a chance at conference in my eyes. Congrats by the way. That is just a way for people to brag about their team winning when they don't have anyone on the schedule non conference wise that is a tough draw.
  11. hhs_redscare0206

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    Strength of schedule definitely matters. You can act like it doesn't but it definitely matters. WHO YOU PLAY means a lot. If it didn't then playoffs wouldn't be determined by maxpreps
  12. hhs_redscare0206

    Franklin @ Hendo

    Dang that sucks for now. They will be better for it in the long haul but as of now, that hurts.
  13. hhs_redscare0206

    Franklin @ Hendo

    I see Franklin is not having the best year to start. Have they changed coaches, philosophies, personnel etc? They are usually very competitive but seem to be struggling right now. I know that my bearcats need to get it going and fast. Offensively it just isn't as crisp as it usually tends to be. Not sure what the reason for it is, but whatever it is, I hope they got it figured out over the bye. Defensively, the team is nasty!!!!! Playing well and holding teams down, just have to to get the offense clicking. Good news is we played a fairly tough non conference schedule and split, had a bye and now we are on to the games that mean the most....conference. Hopefully my bearcats will come out ready to play some good football in front of the homecoming crowd!!!!
  14. hhs_redscare0206

    Hendo at Polk County

    Guess we will find out tomorrow.