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  1. Chris Raynor

    Week 1: D.H. Conley at Northeastern

    Northeastern has a great non-conference schedule now. That should help come playoff time.
  2. Coach Charlie Dempsey from Southwest Onslow is one of the best young coaches. In his first 4 years, 2 trips to the Eastern 2A Finals. I doubt that many have done that.
  3. Phil Padgett at SW ONSLOW
  4. Heard any rumors? Who are the likely candidates and front runners??
  5. Chris Raynor

    2A East: Northeastern 40, Kinston 0

    Who wins this game between two of the best programs that haven't won a State Title.
  6. 11 State Titles between them. Everyone knows who they are with only 3 initials. SWO. WRH. Who is your pick to play for the Eastern Title?
  7. Make your pick in this 2nd round clash of the Stallions
  8. Chris Raynor

    Who represents the East in 2A?

    Well, I guess there's a reason that South Granville didn't get any votes
  9. Randleman Wheatmore Mountain Heritage Reidsville
  10. I concur. NE Clinton SWO WRH
  11. Chris Raynor

    2A East: Kinston 21, Clinton 13

    Two conference champs meeting in the second round? Same thing with SC and SWO. Max Preps ratings are not the way.
  12. Chris Raynor

    2A East: Kinston 21, Clinton 13

    Clinton by a lot. The Dark Horses are back and a force to be reckoned with.
  13. South Columbus owns a 3-1 advantage over SWO.
  14. SW Onslow opened in 1977 and has been to 12 Eastern Finals and 7 State Championship games and owns 4 State Titles.