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  1. TitanNation79

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    Here’s a follow-up story on the Brewer hiring including some info on the staff members coming into the program. https://www.mcdowellnews.com/sports/back-in-the-game-new-titan-head-coach-happy-to/article_8891b31c-8e1f-11e9-849e-af25d676cb00.html
  2. TitanNation79

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    Not sure who it is yet...but I do know it’s not Lunsford.
  3. TitanNation79

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    Hate to burst the bubble but Derrick Minor is not coming to McDowell. The second place guy isn’t going to take an assistants job at the place he lost out at. I am hearing Brewer will have a couple guys coming with him to go along with those on the previous staff.
  4. TitanNation79

    Morgan leaving McDowell

  5. Apologize for getting this out there after everyone’s bed time...but the McDowell County Board of Education approves former Avery County coach Darrell Brewer as the new head coach at McDowell. https://www.mcdowellnews.com/news/school-board-confirms-new-titan-head-coach/article_7e262c6a-8bf3-11e9-b458-af7c0c12119e.html Expect a more detailed story on this hire later this week.
  6. TitanNation79

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    A lot of interesting chatter brewing around with the School Board meeting being tonight.
  7. TitanNation79

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    I hope you’re correct because I want to see the program get to a respectable level...but I’ll say this. Whoever that may be better pack a lot of patience in their suitcase and know how to exercise it. It will not be an easy job that’s done overnight.
  8. TitanNation79

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    We went outside three years ago...how did that work?
  9. TitanNation79

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    McDowell had its chance three years ago to get Matt Reel, so unless someone in Marion backs up the Brinks Truck, I don’t see it happening at this juncture. I haven’t heard much locally in recent days. My guess is that some interviews have possibly taken place already and who knows, maybe they have the choice already locked in. With testing about to begin it will have to be after graduation before something is made offfical. The system monthly board meetings generally fall on the second week of the month. So maybe we get some news around that timeframe.
  10. TitanNation79

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Any hints on who?
  11. TitanNation79

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Breaking News on this Friday morning, Andy Morgan resigns at McDowell to take assistant position at AC Reynolds. https://www.mcdowellnews.com/sports/morgan-steps-down-as-titans-head-football-coach/article_0daee304-78b7-11e9-83de-1b2d9ffb8084.html
  12. TitanNation79

    3AA West: A.C. Reynolds 22, Sun Valley 14

    Don’t like the weather trends for Friday night games in Western North Carolina...this is a game that weather could impact more than others.
  13. TitanNation79

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    Was monitoring this score while in Mooresville. Looked like Freedom’s lack of a kicking game caught up and then it all spiraled downward in the fourth quarter.
  14. TitanNation79

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    That don’t surprise me...fits the narrative of the past three years.
  15. TitanNation79

    12 McDowell at 5 Mooresville

    Talked to Dan a few days ago, he’s doing well. Good chance he will be in the press box covering the game for the local paper in Marion. He does a great job and is a busy man these days, probably why he don’t frequent the boards as much as he used to.