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  1. We had a good responses but the time did not work for most of the coaches. Therefore, I am hosting a zoom clinic Wednesday April 8th 1:30-2:20. We will discuss how to bridge the gap between middle and high school football. This clinic will be open to high school and middle school coaches. For more Information please contact me at bjt8121@gmail.com or d/m @CoachBTown8121 on Twitter.
  2. @btango Thank you, it was a mistake. I will be live at 11:00 am.
  3. Hey coaches, I am taking a leap here and I will host a zoom clinic about vertical Alignment with your middle school and high School programs. 11:00 am Monday. email bjt8121@gmail.com or DM me @CoachBTown8121 on twitter for meeting ID and Password. The title of the clinic will be called, "Bridging The Gap Between High School and Middle School". I have coached JV at New Bern High, Scotland High, and Jacksonville High. Currently I am a teacher and Head Football Coach at West Craven Middle School.
  4. bjt8121

    Richlands HC

    I think this is great hire. Prior head coaching experience. Coach both sides of the ball and verse in the weight room. Small town guy. I think he will fit in and get things rolling.
  5. bjt8121

    Havelock Head Coaching Job

    This situation is puzzling, The rumor is a coordinator from the Charlotte area. Young guy with a ton of experience and from a football family. If you know NC football than it is obvious who I am speaking about.
  6. Then why did they call in Bubba for a interview then?
  7. Well if its not Bubba Williams then the New Bern Faithful will be disappointed
  8. Any updates? This is a big time job in the east and there is zero talk. All major message boards are pretty quiet over this.