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  1. burnstweeter

    West Caldwell

  2. burnstweeter

    Top 2A teams

    Shelby needs a Week 3 game but Reidsville’s schedule is full
  3. burnstweeter

    Shelby head coaching position open

    https://www.shelbystar.com/news/20190410/wilbanks-named-new-shelby-football-coach https://sites.google.com/a/clevelandcountyschools.org/shelbyhighgoldenlions/congratulations-coach-wilbanks
  4. burnstweeter

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Wilbanks it is!
  5. burnstweeter

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Announcing Wednesday. In my opinion it was the right call not to do it at the banquet, yesterday was about celebrating last year’s state championship and giving a farewell to Ware. https://www.shelbystar.com/sports/20190408/shelby-to-announce-new-football-coach-on-wednesday
  6. burnstweeter

    Top 2A teams

    East Rutherford should be on there as well. Should battle Burns for 3rd in the SWC.
  7. burnstweeter

    Hibriten ???

    This is about as seamless and quick of a coaching transition as you will see in high school sports. Congratulations Lewis and Lackey!
  8. burnstweeter

    Hibriten ???

    That’s a pretty big deal if true. I read where there was going to be another change in Caldwell County so I guess that’s it. Great job.
  9. burnstweeter

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    The late Dale Earnhardt was known as the “Intimidator”
  10. burnstweeter

    Thoughts and prayers

    Thoughts and prayers going out!
  11. burnstweeter

    2A Head Coaching Jobs Still Open

    Happy to see Ponder get his shot! Congratulations!
  12. burnstweeter

    2A Head Coaching Jobs Still Open

    Also West Caldwell which will be 2A next year
  13. burnstweeter

    2019 Schedules

    South Point’s schedule is the same as last year (home and away flipped) except that Burns replaces Ashbrook. Also Forestview is now the week after Clover instead of the week before for some reason. It is now up on here. https://carolinapreps.com/teams/frontend/teampage/teamDetails/174
  14. burnstweeter

    2019 Schedules are Posted

    On Crest’s, Asheboro should be Ashbrook.
  15. burnstweeter

    Shelby head coaching position open

    I don’t see him leaving his Alma mater. Maybe I’m just a homer but I just don’t see it. I think their next head coach is currently on staff.