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  1. burnstweeter

    Last Post

    This is my last post on this board before it is shut down. Carolina Preps and NC Preps have joined forces...and are using the NC Preps board and the Carolina Preps design. Everyone head on over to the new ncpreps.com. It will be a good thing. @Chris Hughes thank you for your hard work on this site and I look forward to you and Dena’s combined NC Preps.
  2. burnstweeter

    Mascot name change

  3. I was today years old when I found out that a few high school football teams in North Carolina shared a field with their baseball team. You learn something new every day.
  4. burnstweeter

    2021 schedule

    Apparently that still hasn’t stopped Rolesville from looking for games...in Week 6 no less
  5. burnstweeter

    matchup 2021

    I’d like to see an old SMAC rivalry re-ignited, Burns and Freedom. Coach Hawn and Coach Devine coached and taught together at Shelby. But I don’t know if Freedom will have room in 2021. Doubt they will be in a conference with any of their county rivals, like now and I don’t see either Shelby or Crest coming off Freedom’s nonconference schedule. Don’t see Freedom’s nonconference schedule changing at all unless they get in the same conference as Crest or they get in a smaller conference.
  6. burnstweeter

    Mallard Creek

    Some of y’all are writing the guy off before he even coaches a game at Mallard Creek. Give the guy a chance.
  7. burnstweeter

    Freedom Names New Head Coach

    Great hire for the Patriots. He was in the running for the Shelby job last year which went to Wilbanks. His debut next year will be at Shelby, of all places, August 21!
  8. burnstweeter

    Hunter Huss

    This was just brought to my attention on Twitter...I have a follower from that area. Can’t blame him. Best of luck Coach McKoy.
  9. burnstweeter

    Saying Goodbye

    Thank you for everything @Chris Hughes! You will be missed!
  10. burnstweeter

    Ashbrook High School

  11. burnstweeter

    Non conference schedule

    Burns (Unofficial) August 21 Kings Mountain August 28 at Asheville September 4 at Crest September 18 Newton-Conover November 6 at North Gaston
  12. From what I hear, a great hire. Foard should have never let him get away.
  13. Nice work! The interesting thing about 30-20-20-30 around here would be East Rutherford and Chase dropping to 1A if they used those numbers.
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D0CJXJ-XVNCXerbgt5XV3pwxLI179UANSJ91dBdCS1g I forget who made these but here are some breakdowns using last years ADMs. Someone was looking for them. I knew I had saw them somewhere.
  15. burnstweeter

    East Gaston?

    That wasn’t well received on the other board