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  1. burnstweeter

    Shelby Small 2A

    I wouldn’t count out Crest in 3A, who just defeated Huss, who just defeated KM. They have a chance to win the Big South outright, if they beat KM November 8. Or could be a three way tie atop the Big South, if KM beats Crest.
  2. There was an ambulance from Shelby Rescue. It is required at all games. Upper Cleveland Rescue covers Burns and Crest home games. The medical staff was just not prompt in attending to him. Finally they called EMS.
  3. We don’t fumble early in the game when it looked like we were gonna tie the game and botch the snap on the punt and it could be a completely different ballgame. Penalties also took us out of our game, and our passing game was nonexistent. Also we could not stop the run in the third quarter, Shelby milked the clock with Phillips. We were lucky to keep it close honestly in the first half. Shelby made some big plays. Congratulations Lions. Dorian Starnes is going to be OK. Thank goodness. He lay motionless on the field. Had no feeling in his legs. He was knocked out cold. He posted on his Snapchat last night he is on his way home from the hospital. Shelby Rescue, don’t EVEN get me started, they made an absolute fool of themselves. Took forever for them to get a stretcher and didn’t even get an ambulance til another trip. They didn’t have any urgency. Took their own sweet time getting it down there to him. They were booed by both sides. Finally EMS showed up. Delay took longer than it should have. It was an absolute disgrace by them. Both teams prayed for Starnes. It was scary but glad he is going to be OK. On to East Gaston. Not too happy with how the schedule worked out with this 3-game conference road trip. But we are the new guys.
  4. Shelby might win but it should be closer than that
  5. burnstweeter

    High stadium elevation

    So the highest I have been to is Tuscola in 2009, followed by Pisgah in 1993 and 1994, AC Reynolds for baseball in 2017, Franklin in 2011, McDowell in 1999 (Legion baseball), Wilkes Central for basketball (1996 Christmas tournament), Hibriten (2016), Freedom (1995, 1997, 2011, 2013), RS (many times), East Rutherford (many times including tonight). I guess I will count McDowell, Wilkes Central and AC Reynolds even though I was there for other sports.
  6. burnstweeter

    Hibriten field

    They must spend so much on the playing surface that they don’t have any money left to upgrade the visitors side. That’s my only complaint about that place. They were very good to my girlfriend who had a lot of health problems and passed away in August of last year.
  7. burnstweeter

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    Even the students. We say the Lord’s Prayer when we lose as well.
  8. burnstweeter

    Repeat Conference Games???

    Cherryville and Bessemer City have done it as well, open with a nonconference game and end with a conference game, but they are not currently doing it since Christ the King joined the conference.
  9. burnstweeter

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    It’s a huge win because this game was probably for second place in the conference. But you never know, it’s why you play the game. We rush the field after every win, we say the Lord’s Prayer after every game.
  10. burnstweeter

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    Our kicker isn’t too bad either, and also #44 Dorian Starnes made a touchdown and game-saving tackle early in the third quarter that no one talks about
  11. burnstweeter

    South Point at Burns

    I just said this game could be for a first round home playoff game. I never said anything about winning the conference. South Point came to play...instant classic in Lawndale. I actually thought our defense got tired too. So it came down to whichever team scored last. Glad we came out on top. Pryor and Benfield came through at the end for the Dogs and Benfield was able to atone for his earlier missed extra point which to be fair it was a high snap. Sure going to miss him next year. I’d like to see him nominated for Shelby Star player of the week. Do not want to see y’all again in the playoffs.
  12. burnstweeter

    South Point at Burns

    I need to give Wiener Works and Blackwoods a try sometime. Love Loves and Swoogers.
  13. burnstweeter

    South Point at Burns

    This game may be for a first round home playoff game. Looking forward to it. GO BULLDOGS!
  14. burnstweeter

    South Point at Burns

    Better get there by 5, if you wait till 5:15 you will be waiting a while. Goes without saying Jans is also an option.
  15. burnstweeter

    My Realignment Proposal

    Potentially, Burns would be in a 3A conference with Shelby, South Point, Stuart Cramer, North Gaston, Hunter Huss, East Gaston and RS Central. Very similar to what we are now in. It would be East Lincoln, Foard, Hibriten, Bunker Hill, West Caldwell, North Lincoln, North Iredell and West Iredell in another league. But there would definitely be even more split conferences if we we went to six classifications.