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  1. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Dorian Davis of Shelby what’s going on here

    A former Shelby lion who went to JMU but re-opened his recruitment due to His DB coach was fired and he hasn't liked the atmoshphere around JMU
  2. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    I knew this bc if ur ever in Kannpolis - there is small portion that is ROWAN CO
  3. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Dorian Davis of Shelby what’s going on here

    Looks like he has some options to pick from
  4. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Baseball scores

    Mooresville won over Hough 8-2! BIG WIN FOR THE BLUE DEVILS!
  5. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Page HS

  6. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    I disagree; I was at Mooresville when Coach Hal Capps was there n He never forced anyone to prayer or they had their own choice if they wanted to be there or not , Capps is a Religious person but He was a Fair and Great man and There maybe some didn’t agree with it but Seeing it on a daily basis , It brought our Community, Team, School better together bc Weather ur Jewish , Christian, Or whatever u still give “God” the glory (Note:God in “ “ mean any religion) so I think it has it positives and negatives but I do believe it is a Positive message to Make our players Better men , Better in their Faith and Making the right decisions just my 2 cents
  7. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

  8. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    Cox Mill HC stepped down today after the loss to take a New Job so will be interesting who get the job next yr
  9. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    I give Cox mill the Edge as i feel they have played a tougher Schedule but SWG does have some solid win but not as strong as Cox mill. Cox mill by 3-10 pts
  10. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Village Christian

  11. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Fourth round games

    I think there will be a good crowd on hand but i was there for Concord and Cox Mill game in 3rd round n that gym wasn't even full so idk if their will be or not but i would say NO
  12. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Fourth round games

    Where did u hear this , WC will host AK at VANCE For their playoff game unless thats for the girl game
  13. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Village Christian

    Looks like Village Christian is under investigation for a recruiting violation by telling the player they are offering free tuition
  14. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Baseball scores

    Mooresville won 11-4 over AC this past Wed. North Iredell won over Watagua 9-1 Bandys won over West Iredell 12-0 Vance won over West Meck 20-7 Hopewell lost to Indy 6-3
  15. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    West Caldwell

    I feel bad for the kids and This hurt any development time u have currently and it could affect Spring ball as well bc ur rushing to fit everything in n make adjust n etc to get it right before the season starts n all that