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  1. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Well whoever goes in there , Rule #1 is to lower the dirtiness during games (late hits and such)
  2. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Early Thoughts on NPC

    1. Statesville 2. West Rowan 3. Carson 4. South Iredell 5. East Rowan 6. North Iredell Not much changing this year in the NPC, Statesville is the Favorite to win ..... Carson could be the sleeper in the conference with new leadership could bring some energy and live to help them maybe sneak up on some teams. NI could win a few game but With low #s and all idk how many they will get. WR will be down but they are always tough and they do returns a few key men but big key they have to replace is the QB position. SI will be down but cant not doubt a Scott Miller team n I think they will win some but I dont see them winning the conference unless something happens. East Rowan: Got a lot of heart and all and I think can improve but they did lose some very good player so they will have reload.
  3. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Early Thought On I-Meck Conference

    1. Mallard Creek: Should be the pre season fav once again - they returns a lot of talent and Mallard Creek has some good looking athletes and I would like to see how they do under NEW OC in Robert Hellams Previous from Mooresville! He did a good job at Mooresville and I think his High power Passing offense with a mix of running will help the Creek and should be a FUN offense to watch this season 2A: Vance: Losing their HC will be a big blow to the Cougs but Depending on who the Next HC will be they will have many great athletes to work with and with Vance doing well the past few season , I think their success with continue 2B: Hough : They return a Solid core but New comer in Darius Oceans will make the Huskies Offense that make better in his ability to move out of the pocket and extend plays and I think this could fun Huskie team to watch ** Note: I give the edge to Vance** 4. West Charlotte: WC may loss some but with the success of HC Josh Harris and also having a young QB who will be better in time as he learns . I think WC could finish as high as 4th. WC is always athletic and does well with teams that match up well with them. 5. Lake Norman: LKN will improve under 2nd year HC in Jonathan Oliphant , the Culture and atmosphere he has created at the LAKE is 2nd to none, I expect the Wildcats to improve and At least win more than 3 games this season! 6A : Mooresville : Mooresville losing a TON of starter and many other changes in the off- season will change how the Devils will look this season. Mr. Wells is very confident the Blue Devils will do well and I love the ideas and everything he has in mind but losing 20 or so starters is very tough to over came in a Brutal conference. Mooresville main issue will be Size in my opinion. Mooresville does have TALENT left and They could finish high as 4th but Many Un-Knowns still for the Blue Devils Remain. 6B : North Meck: Loss a ton of talent and Will be in same boat in Mooresville as they lack in some key areas but NM is always scrappy and athletic so cant over look the Vikings but I think NM as a whole will be down this season but I think still compete for 4-5-6 spot. NM will have rely on their RUN game and hopefully thing will work in their favor 6C : Hopewell: Hopewell has a lot of promise but Can it come into affect, EXECUTION will BE Key here and can they win the Battles they need to. they revamped their Non conference schedule to help them and I Think there are some winnable games for the Titans if everything fall into place correctly **Note: Sorry if i already did something like this i didnt see it under my forums list on my profile**
  4. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Where does Vance turn?

    I like all the names above
  5. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Brand leaves Vance

    Big loss for Vance but a Big pick up for Irmo and I wish coach Brand the best of luck in SC!
  6. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Well if u knew who it was then u would know what i meant by Everyone wanted him - just the job didnt want out so thats why he still looking
  7. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Playoff scores

    For the First time in Program History - BOTH Mooresville Softball and Baseball will be in the 4A Western Regional Final (Semi) and Mooresville will Face Reagan (Baseball) and Softball will face South Caldwell
  8. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Spring Practice in the air...

    Who going be the top team to watch in the Triad? How will Grimsley Be? Is West Forsyth or East Forysth going to be the Big dog? Is Page still at the same level? Any of the Southwest Guildford or SE Guilford or any of them going be needed to be watched?
  9. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    I’ll just say - It’s someone who everyone wanted recently
  10. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    I already know someone who is interested in this job
  11. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Kings Mountain

    Kings Mtn will be getting Turf for this upcoming football season!
  12. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Catawba Valley Athletic Conference 2A

    1. Maiden : Should still a very solid team and they should be a pre season fav 2. North Lincoln : NL has some solid returning as well n under 2nd year HC they can’t be over looked 3. Bandy ; I think they drop off a tad but should still have a good season 4. Lincolnton : Under Joe Glass I think we will see a much improvement from the wolves but still think be a year or 2 our from being where they need to be 5. East Lincoln : Idk what they got back but they been down past few season so can they Right the ship 6. Newton Conover: Returning a solid core and they will be a dark horse in my opinion so I think they do well this year 7. West Lincoln : Idk if they can maintain their success but never count the Rebels out 8. LNC : Under a New coach and in a tough conference idk how much they improve
  13. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    I may get to see them this year as they face Mt Pleasant
  14. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Tuscola appeal to be heard tomorrow

    SC does 2 year realignment as well but many year nothing changes n sometimes 1-2 team leave but also SC uses a Point System for their playoffs n Many time in SC u face a Similar Conference opponent bc I believe some of playoff stuff is already Pre-Determined like location n such
  15. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    NCHSAA opens door for home schoolers to compete in public schools.

    I dig this rule bc this give Homeschool kids more options to go play