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  1. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    Don't lie u probably got a falcon shirt on rn
  2. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    So why is ur name Grey/Green&Gold , i think u forgot Light Blue and White
  3. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    I was at Statesville game tonight i didnt get to meet ya come on mane
  4. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Mooresville at Lake Norman *Rivalry Week*

    With the Win - Mooresville extends their lead to 3 in the series and Mooresville has now outscore the Wildcats (533 to 330). Congrats on the 17-14 win over Arched-Rival in Lake Norman!
  5. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Robinson (1-6) at Concord (0-7)

    Good win here for Concord
  6. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    WOW i didnt expect this but i knew West would win but i would thought been 35-14 or so
  7. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Dudley at MT Tabor

    Looks to be 21-20 FINAL
  8. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    NW Cabarrus at Central Cabarrus

    Withouth Lawings the team is Avg, No disrespect to the other player but He helps sets up that run game bc he is a run threat as well and They have a good RB core but Lawings is the difference marker and he is their leader on that team, He makes NWC better!
  9. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    NW Cabarrus at Central Cabarrus

    I knew that game was going to be a good one n close!!
  10. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    NW Cabarrus at Central Cabarrus

  11. As Expected - Statesville stays perfect and wins over North Iredell. Statesville had the game win at the half time strike. Statesville is now 8-0 (2-0)
  12. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Independence High vandalism

    Mooresville and LKN use to go at it Mooresville students planted a Tree into lake norman field one year with cement and another year put Horse $#!+ near the entrance of the football field and another time pour paint on the side walks , while LKN as done some stuff but I hear more of the Mooresville side of it then LKN but I am sure LKN had something to do with our Field getting torn up that one year when someone try to CUT out the Mooresville M on the football field
  13. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Robinson (1-6) at Concord (0-7)

    I looked at the map, I just dont think JM get much back , NWC losses 1 area but gains another but how will that affect NWC so will see what happens like u say
  14. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Independence High vandalism

    Yeah it would be child abuse
  15. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Teams that use to be good

    ik Butler is still a Solid program but I think Butler is worthy of a Mention as they aren't the Butler of ole