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  1. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    Championship Picks

    My State Title Picks: West Dominates 1A: Robbinsville over North Hampton 1AA: Tarboro over East Surry (Toss up) 2A: Reidsville over Northeastern (Toss Up) 2AA: Shelby over Salisbury 3A: Catholic over Southern Nash 3AA: Weddington over Lee County (Toss up) 4A: East Forysth over Cardinal Gibbons 4AA: Vance over Leesville RD
  2. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    App State

    I know this will prob not happen but Could Lance Ware throw his name into the hat ?
  3. BlueDevilsBiggestFan


    I do agree , some referee do not like some coaches because they are hard asses or something but ofc coaches are if they are losing or getting flagged but coaches shouldn't complain on every flag tho but I do agree Referee should not be Biased to one team just because they dont like someone or they know someone there etc etc When I referee and When we did our Scrimmages, 7 on 7 we are at Mooresville a lot n I was a Mooresville Alum but That didnt matter to me, If Mooresville did wrong I going to flag it or whatever so I worked to be the BEST and Fair Referee regardless if I like you or not
  4. BlueDevilsBiggestFan


    Well I feel like even older referee throw flags that shouldn't be thrown bc its doesn't affect the play but they do so i mean I agree with above because personally Most younger guys would rather coach than referee so Referee isnt for everyone because as a referee U have learn fast, u gotta pick up on things but a lot of it is depending on you learning in the games and learning from other referees but My issue is When they tell you dont do this or dont do that or whatever, but yet u see it on Fridays, Saturdays , Sundays and it trickles down and then everyone is make the mistakes Just like in Basketball there specific things u must do to be a GOOD basketball referee , U have be a floor general u cant be scared to make a call because some are, U cant be scared to call a Technical foul because some are, U have make sure u teach players what they are doing wrong and Same goes with Football but some try do what College, NFL referees do which at HS level isn't the correct way because some of these kids are NOT the next Kobe or Lebron or the next Cam Newton or whatever
  5. BlueDevilsBiggestFan


    +1 ... I was told when I referee to always make sure u see the whole play throughout , make sure your in SPOT to make a call n always keep the play in front of u if its on your side, if your trailing because the play go to far side, u watch for anything that could be illegal like cheap shot or something away from the play Big thing is those, Every referee is different - Some just do Pee-wee, some just do JV, some just do Varsity, Some do college n HS or whatever the case. Every referee has a day time job which I feel does affect how they referee the game bc if their already in bad mood or had a bad day does that come on to the field? For me , I always tried to forget everything n Reset and make sure im FOCUS on referee the game regardless of if i had a bad day or whatever! Also I do agree HS referees need to TALK more but the issue is You never work with the same crew so Some referee want to throw the flag 100 times a game n then some dont want throw a flag at all so It can be tough to work with some guys n you work with better with others like with me and Also I loved some of my referee partners in basketball and then I didnt like some of them so Same goes with any sport like
  6. BlueDevilsBiggestFan


    One of my Media friends told me : He knows the Head guy who controls all the Referee groups and He has only been here for 2 years or so and He trying his best to address and fix referees as best as he can. There are some good referees and I worked with some of those referee and There are many HS Referees that do D3/D2 College game with some very few doing D1. Even College referee misses stuff but they usually have better training and way better pay. Like I said I wish the State would pay for 1 week even for ALL referee at different Location like One in Charlotte, One in Ashesville, One in Fayetteville etc and Bring in some College referee to train and help the HS referees learn different things to look for from Holding to PI or whatever the case. They actually do have referee come from a different area , Like in Mooresville if its a Home game then the referees usually come from Inner Piedmont and Usually the referee come from Hickory and Surrounding area but Ofc people usually know about Mooresville in those areas but I do agree, Paying referee to travel a bit further would help bc I know some referee from the Inner Piedmont sometime they travel 1 Hr 30 mins to a game so | The worst referee crew we have had this year was at Home vs Page, Every time Mooresville got a 3rd and 4th down stop their was a Flag for Defensive Holding , I'm not saying all them were bad but When u let Page be on the field for the Whole 3rd Qtr becuase Mooresville had like 5 Defense Holding, 1 Face mask (Correct call) and 1 Roughing the Passer (Which was the correct call) and then they finally score after the 5th Defense holding which in the endzone so the ball was like at 2-3 yard line n Page scored. Only thing I disagree with I RARELY EVER SEE DEFENSE HOLDING CALL , I know I seen it 1 time in a STATE TITLE GAME like 2-3 years ago, Im not saying it DOESN'T get call but I NEVER SEEN IT CALL IN THE REGULAR SEASON so If your calling something in Playoffs then its needs to be called in the regular season.
  7. BlueDevilsBiggestFan


    Could just make a rule that Rugby style kicks aren't allowed or would that be Unfair? I think it would be hard to change the rule in my opinion because like stated above it would cause more issues then good
  8. It will be Leesville RD Offense vs Vance Defense I think if Leesville can score and like i said smack Vance in the mouth early, they have a shot but I fully expect Vance to be ready and win but like my post above say i think the pt spread is Close game could benefit Leesville RD but if its bigger PT spread then Vance will win
  9. Toss up but I will give the edge to Tarboro
  10. Should be a very good match up , Both are ground and pound so I think here, its really on the O-Line and D-Line but Does Catholic have anything left in the tank after the 7 OTS? I believe Catholic will win here atleast by 7 27-20 type game
  11. BlueDevilsBiggestFan

    App State

    Well Looks like App State will be looking for a New HC once again as Eli Drinkwitz is heading to the SEC in the form of Missouri
  12. I will have to Pull for East Forsyth here but should be a good one
  13. I agree but with all the hype and everything that came with that Richmond game , u gotta blocked out that crap as people are still talking about it - its a bit annoying tbh