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  1. sportsbroadcaster1

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    No problem I probably won't see him I don't know him personally or live at Cabarrus County. You can probably reach out to him.through Twitter.
  2. sportsbroadcaster1

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    First congrats to SWG on the impressive domination win. And as other mention in here I join praying for the SWG player. As far Jody Barbee he is stepping down to be able to spend more time with his son who will be attending Mount Pleasant high school. And spending more time with his wife and daughter..
  3. sportsbroadcaster1

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    I will be broadcasting that game as well doing play by play. The station will be broadcasting all 8 games from Hickory tomorrow.
  4. sportsbroadcaster1

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    This should be a absolutely a great game. I will go Cox Mill 83-81 my the best team win. I won't be broadcasting this game however I will be broadcasting the East Lincoln vs Forest Hill. I fully anticipate this being a great game with plenty of dunks and 3 points looking shot. If you college basketball you should definitely tune into this game. If wasn't broadcasting any of the games tomorrow or attending the games in person. I would have switch between games on the NFHS network tomorrow you couldn't go wrong with any game tomorrow.
  5. sportsbroadcaster1

    Watch out Cox Mill!

    Reading this excellent analysis known what I know about Cox Mill. To me it's seems like both teams are very identical to one another. Cox Mill has 3-4 players coming of the bench who are good shooter and can give you good minutes. This is the type of a game that you truly would feel bad about one team losing this game. Regardless of who win this game whoever will win this game will more then likely win the state championship. Regardless of you pull for in this game try to every moment of this game as we could be truly be looking at least 2-4 future NBA players playing on Saturday.
  6. sportsbroadcaster1

    Watch out Cox Mill!

    I agree with you about the 7pm tip off time for the final game. Last year both the 6pm games ones started at 6:20 the other 6:40. I was doing the 6:40 game we exit the arena at around 9:15.
  7. sportsbroadcaster1

    Watch out Cox Mill!

    FYI Cox Mill just tweet out the that game is at 12 at Lenoir Rhyne University (Shuford Gymnasium. I must admit considering this game is getting so much attention and rightly so I thought that this game would be tip off at 6
  8. sportsbroadcaster1

    Fourth round games

    I am sorry to hear that I can tell you that at Vance high school tonight for the Ardrey Kell at West Charlotte game at 6:40 they turned a lot of people away due to reaching oversized capacity.
  9. sportsbroadcaster1

    Fourth round games

    I think even if Freedom doesn't bring a big fan base this game will be a sellout. I broadcasted 2 years ago by myself Hickory at Cox Mill I didn't have a run to stand up. Anyone planning to attend this game should plan to do so no later then 6:30. FYI I won't be at this game. Instead I will be in Vance high school for the game of Ardrey Kell at West Charlotte covering the game for the social media site for 485 sports and providing game analysis in ore game halftime and post game. I never been to Vance high school but Based off the articles in the Charlotte Observer I anticipate at a sellout capacity and seeing probably over 15 police officer.
  10. sportsbroadcaster1

    Fourth round games

    BTW regardless of what happen on Tuesday in the Cox Mill game we radiofreecabarrus/485 sports we are going to be broadcasting all 8 games From the western regional on the NFHS network as far games time unless something change I am party sure that the first game is at 12 the final game is set for around 7. I think you are probably right on the spilt as last year we were in Raleigh with Cox Mill.
  11. sportsbroadcaster1

    3rd Rd basketball score updates

    Hi man nice meeting you tonight. As far Cox Mill goes I totally agree with you. Mt Tabor didn't play bad yet they lost by 20. Unfortunately for them they missed 4-5 pretty good look which against Cox Mill you almost have to play perfect in order to beat them anything less than that and you will lose.
  12. sportsbroadcaster1

    3rd round Basketball action

    Cox Mill and Tabor did face one another last year in 3rd round of the playoff. The thing about Cox Mill that make them so difficult to beat is that everyone of the starters including 4 players of the bench are very good shooter. You can try to double team Wendell Moore Jr and Caleb Stone Carrawell and make someone else beat you which 9 out 10 Cox Mill will make you pay for it. You can play them man to man and even if you have the size which Tabor look like they definitely you will still probably end up getting into foul trouble. I do except this game to be a very good one I do think that Cox Mill playing at home will give them the edge over a very good Tabor team. If you are coming to the game make sure to say hello before we go on the air which is around 6:45.
  13. sportsbroadcaster1

    2nd round matchup games.

    It's all good. We definitely heard you yelling at the refs and seeing you standing up. As far the game goes it was a really good game the Chargers were tested but as you rightly mentioned they are very good.
  14. sportsbroadcaster1

    2nd round matchup games.

    Very well said. BTW Vik-Val was that you sitting next to us broadcasting the game? Wearing a blue shirt?
  15. sportsbroadcaster1

    2nd round matchup games.

    That was a great game.Concord played really well and they put up a great fight. Cox Mill is just too good. Any other team.would have probably loss tonight.