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  1. sportsbroadcaster1

    2019 NCHSAA Basketball Regionals moving

    I am suprise that the NCHSAA didn't reach out to Davidson college as well to UNC Charlotte to see about hosting the regional in this particular location. My main concern with hosting it in Hickory as it was in Greensboro is that since the arena are relatively small fans wont be able to stay in and watch all 4 games.
  2. sportsbroadcaster1

    2019 NCHSAA Basketball Regionals moving

    Looking forward to seeing how big are the press box and media room area.
  3. sportsbroadcaster1

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving everyone best of luck to all the teams that will be playing tomorrow night.
  4. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    It wasn't a sad night for me personally. It's one thing if I had lived in MP, graduated from MP had a son who played for MP or any other Cabarrus county school which I didn't. Did I wish to see coach Mike Johns win the state I sure would. Not because I was a MP homer but instead because I am a fan of coach Johns. Do I wish to see Cabarrus count teams do well I do but trust me when I say this I want everyone to do well regardless if it a Cabarrus county team or not. Now If you listen to my broadcast from last night which I appreciate if you did you would have clearly notice that I was very fair to SP and said a lot of good things about them. Now As far MP season look at my post from July when I posted in here that MP will struggled this year. And have a similar year to the 2016 team. Now I should mention finishing 6-6 winning your conference is not a bad season and the Tigers will probably bounce back next season but only time will tell. Now I can tell you that chance are for the next 3 weeks I will probably not be broadcasting a game that involve Cabarrus county teams when I know where I will be I will post on the site in the game thread.
  5. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    @SPRaiders78 It was great meeting you prior to the game tonight. Congratulations to you guys on the window. You guys tonight were the better team your offense as a broadcaster might be boring to watch. But for a defense opponent it's absolutely a nightmare to try to play against you guys. As far MP this season basically went like I predicted back in July. I except MP to have a pretty good season next year but only time will tell. Now even though MP lost tonight my broadcasting season and as well for the rest of us at radiofreecabarrus it hasn't ended. At the very least we will broadcasting football until the 4th round.
  6. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    I will in the parking lot parked in a yellow Suzuki aerio .I plan to be there at around 5:30 but maybe even earlier that as it's a 1 hour drive for me from southern CLT to MP. Looking forward to meet you.
  7. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    I don't know if you can buy tickets in advance maybe Footballdad happen to know that. I do believe that the tickets booth probably open around 5:35 but I could be wrong. Your best bet is to reach out to MPTigerPride on twitter.
  8. sportsbroadcaster1

    Preparing for next game under wet conditions

    I never played on a football team however I did played soccer as goalkeeper for 14 years. Playing and practicing in bad field condition due to rain was something that I got to use it. I don't believe that I ever had a game postponed or moved to a different location because of bad field condition.
  9. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Field condition should be in good shape tomorrow mainly because it's has stopped raining in the last couple plus the sun will be out tomorrow. Now I do believe since both teams are run first type of offense both teams are probably looking forward to this cold weather. For anyone heading to the game tomorrow please dress warm and plan to arrive early probably around 5:30-5:45 to get a good parking spot. The gate will open at 6 Redradiers πŸ―πŸ…πŸˆπŸˆ
  10. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Let me know on Friday if you plan to get to MP around 5:30-5:50 if you get there during that time we can talk for a bit longer then inside the press box.
  11. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    SRadiers78 which are the key players on offense and on defense that I should keep an eye. Also if you get to MP on Friday at around 5:40 you will see me in the parking lot..
  12. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Have a good game if I am able to I will tweet score update from the game. As far buying me food there is no need to. I've been to Cabarrus county where they don't have any food or drink at the press box and trust me I still had a good time. Hopefully on Friday night we will see a high scoring game total score above 48 points or a epic 7-0 game. If my voice is very weak after the game it will mean that was a great game.
  13. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Trust me next week if MP is not playing and I am broadcasting a non Cabarrus county team I will definitely promote that game in here. I'm not affiliated with any particular school in here. Will you be at the game on Friday night?
  14. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    First of all I am doing the MP game. But you are confusing between the Cox Mill and MP press box. At Cox Mill they have wings not at MP. They have pepperoni pizza at the MP press box which I never eat. In the past even in the playoff games I've done other games beside the MP game. Finally if you have listen to my broadcast against West Stanly you would have notice that I was very fair to both teams. Regardless of who will make a big play on Friday night I guarantee you 100% that I will mention it and and give praise regardless if it MP or SP. Finally I should mention that even if MP lose on Friday my football broadcasting will continue next Friday.
  15. sportsbroadcaster1

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    MP 42 London Honeycutt he is very strong. His nickname that I gave him is the guy who can run over a plane and lift up a ford track😁😁