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  1. I wish I was about 20 years younger. 😥
  2. TD-FridayNight

    Saying Goodbye

    Thank you Chris ....
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! ! !
  4. I did what every one of you do and that is stand up for my team and conference. What is y'all problem ? You can brag on your team and conference and I can't ? Nothing in that post was wrong and only say that Mount Airy would be back and strong again. Maybe If I start posting crap like I just read when I hear everyone else brag about their team or conference then I would never get a chance to get off here. Time to go when you get stupid remarks like this . I have seen excuses about Mount Airy on the other site but no excuse from me except it was a rebuilding year. Everyone can have a down year or two and that is what I was saying. I think you need to be sober next time you read it and if you knew anything about Mount Airy you would know every word is the truth. So expect no more responses from me so no need to answer this post, or is it you all want to be the ones that say the worst about my post. Well have at it and see who outdo the other ! ! ! Gezzz. Reread the Damn post. nothing I don't see from others ! ! ! ! ! Signing off till next year, maybe, Not much for my area to be here for anyway...................
  5. ( I've Heard The NWC Called Weak To Many Times) Only the bottom teams that are getting better in the next few years. ... South Stokes, North Stokes, and WSPrep are getting better. Watch out, the NWC may dominate in a year or so. Keep in mind I am saying just a good chance Mark my word, Mount Airy will be a force to deal with next year and back on top by the next year. It is a tradition at Mount Airy to be a Football School and they have been for off and on over 100 years. Sure they have not won as many State Championships as some, but they have dominated the conference and won more playoff games than all the conference members through all the conference realignments. Some of us have been keeping up for more years than a lot have been alive. Never count Mount Airy out......... More Conference championships even when the conference was tougher. You want to call it a week conference then after East Surry makes the State Champions game this year, it will make 3 years the (Weak) NWC has played for the State Championship and won the west. So call the NWC weak but you all are weaker ! ! The NWC plays it pretty smart like say the SMC in playing a tough non-conference along with 1 or 2 strong conference games, then uses the weaker bottom teams to glide through the season getting ready for our best representative to go deep in the playoffs. Mount Airy took out the SMC in 2017 & 2018 and MA made the State finals in 2017 and East Surry did it in 2018 and probably this year. So you can only call the bottom of the NWC weak and the top 2 greater than most teams in the last few years. Everyone else is just playing catchup so far.
  6. TD-FridayNight

    Reidsville 24, Brevard 7 (3rd Round Final)

    I can't see Reidsville sleeping on anyone after that East Surry game.
  7. 1A https://www.nchsaa.org/brackets/2019-11/2019-1a-football-state-championships 1AA https://www.nchsaa.org/brackets/2019-11/2019-1aa-football-state-championships
  8. TD-FridayNight

    Post Your 1A thru 4A Scores 11/22/19

    Hand it to MIC next week and show them what the NWC is made of. If MA had played the 1st half like the 2nd half MIC would be the ones playing BBall next week. But the young Bears will be JRs & Seniors next year. Go Cardinals , bring the State Championship back to the NWC this year. Pulling for the REDBIRDS now !
  9. TD-FridayNight

    Post Your 1A thru 4A Scores 11/22/19

    Congrats. to Mount Airy's Johnathan Smith who went over 2000 yards for the season tonight.
  10. TD-FridayNight

    Post Your 1A thru 4A Scores 11/22/19

    Great Game, MIC came to play and was better than I expected. Congrats To MIC ! East Surry vs MIC next Friday Night
  11. TD-FridayNight

    Post Your 1A thru 4A Scores 11/22/19

    Final: Mount Airy - 35 - MIC - 42, Bears Fumble MIC recover Final: Elkin - 41 - Andrews - 13
  12. TD-FridayNight

    Post Your 1A thru 4A Scores 11/22/19

    OT #2 : Mount Airy - 35 - MIC - 42, Bears Ball Final: Elkin - 41 - Andrews - 13