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  1. Chute Boxe Hero

    All Decade

    .....and as far as basketball coaches, I'll go with.... Brian Robinson-Bishop McGuiness Andre Gould-Winston Salem Prep Guy Shavers-SW Guilford Barbara Nelson-Myers Park Nicole Meyers-SE Raleigh Sherry Norris-Chapel Hill Chris East-Millbrook Perry Tyndall-Kinston Jody Barbee-Cox Mill Darlene Joyner-NW Guilford Kim Furlough-Northern Guilford Matt Sides-Forest Hills Neal Hodges-East Lincoln
  2. Wow. That's a great win for LN.
  3. Chute Boxe Hero

    NW Guilford at Ragsdale

    In the girls game, Northwest took control early. They jumped out to a 22-9 lead. Reagan Kargo was looking sharp early on. She was hot from beyond the arc and playing great defense. And once again, Megan Harkey made her presence known. She began to go about her business of shutting down the paint and blocking/altering shots. On the offensive end, she did a pretty good Tim Duncan imitation and hit a couple of nice 12 footers. The Vikes were executing their game plan and playing great defense as a whole. Ragsdale didn't wither though. They continued to scrap and attack. With around three minutes left to go in the half, Harkey came out for a breather and the Tigers took full advantage. Behind Mariah Frazier, Nyah Stallings, and Diamond Monroe, the Tigers went on a big run and cut the lead to five, 29-24, going into the locker room. Coming out of the locker room, Northwest promptly puts an end to Ragsdale's momentum. The third quarter looks like a carbon-copy of the first. Reagan Kargo continues her stellar play. Hannah Baker and Thalia Carter are playing outstanding defense. By the end of the third, it's evident that Harkey has Ragsdale completely flustered. Ragsdale would look confident attacking......but once they reached Harkey, she would either block/alter their shot or the Tigers would get anxious, lose their train of thought, and fumble the ball away. It' was like one of those dreams where you're trying to run somewhere but you just can't run. The fourth quarter is very similar. Mariah Frazier and Nyah Stallings try to will the Tigers back into it but no dice. Vikes take Round Two. Northwest is looking really, really tough right now. Next in line to try to solve the Harkey conundrum is Southeast Guilford. The Falcons are built a lot like Ragsdale. It'll be interesting, that's for sure.
  4. The Vikes came into J'town last night and took two from Los Tigres. Girls won the Clash of Titans 60-46 and the boys prevailed 81-72. I'll start off with the boys.... This game had a really weird feel to it. I think Northwest came in looking for an easy night. For the first half (and a bit of the second), the Vikings were really phoning it in. Meanwhile, Ragsdale came to play. The Tigers were scrapping, clawing, and easily out-hustling Northwest. Senior guard Jordan Jones was having a monster game. He was burying threes and dropping some nice dimes. Ragsdale was slowly gaining confidence and NW was as flat as a pancake. When the second half began, it looked like it was going to be more of the same. Ragsdale quickly ran the lead up to double-digits. And then........ With 6:30 left to go in the third, Christian Hampton finally checks in. Yep, he'd been sitting the entire game. The second he stepped on the floor, Northwest turned into a completely different team. Their intensity went up and they started forcing turnovers. Hampton gets a couple of easy buckets, then a thunderous alley-oop dunk, then an outrageous block on the other end, then cherry-picks for a few more easy deuces. Ragsdale's lead quickly evaporates and they're shook. Hampton and the Vikes continue to run things 'till the final bell. What made Northwest's performance even stranger was that Dean Reiber sat for the majority of the second half. He had a few dunks in the first half but that was about all that NW got out of him. He'll bounce back though. He's too good. Although he gets overshadowed by Hampton/Reiber, Robbie Boulton's a good player in his own right. The 6-6 senior is very crafty and versatile. He threw a couple of nice, long two-handed chest passes. Kevin Love would've definitely approved. I'd love to see Boulton end up at a Guilford or Greensboro College.
  5. Chute Boxe Hero

    All Decade

    As far as men's basketball, here's the short, short list.(for me)... Kam, Keyshaun, and Kobe Langley-SW Guilford Wendell Moore-Cox Mill Kennedy Meeks-West Charlotte Isaiah Hicks-Webb Brandon Ingram-Kinston Lamont Robinson-Eastern Alamance Aaron Toomey-Bishop McGuiness Mike Hughes-Winston Salem Prep Alex Hunter-Leesville Road Tyler Maye-Farmville Central James Millikan-Jordan Matthews Imajee Dodd-Greene Central Dayron Sharpe/Shykeim Phillips-South Central Themus Fulks-North Davidson Terrell Leach-SW Guilford Jeremy Harris-NEG/Page Ian Boyd-Apex Kenny Dye-Northside-Jax I've got some more in mind but I have to jog my memory a little harder...
  6. I had to ask. When I played at ER, WA was still in our conference. However, that was during the early 90's.
  7. It never fails. It always seems like all of the good games are on the same day.😡 I'd love to see North Forsyth/West Stokes and Davie/Lexington. I'm also very interested in seeing how the EG/WA game plays out. That's going to be a tough "next-day matchup" for WA. Reidsville/McMichael should be pretty intense.
  8. Chute Boxe Hero

    All Decade

    You did say women right? I nominate the following for basketball...... Paris Kea-Page Cierra Burdick-Butler Alyiah Mazick/DD Rogers-Myers Park Elissa Cunane-Northern Guilford Bayley Plummer-East Davidson Nyjanique Langley-North Pitt Liz Kitley/Cayla King-NW Guilford Mylia Garner-Jordan Matthews Callie Scheier-West Forsyth Abrea Harris-Harding Shaylen Burnett-Southern Alamance Megan Buckland-Bishop McGuiness I'm going to think about this some more. I know I'm forgetting some that I want to list.
  9. Chute Boxe Hero

    Northern Guilford at Western Alamance

    These Mid-State races are hot right now. On the boys side, there's a four-way tie for first place.
  10. Alright.......NW Guilford/Ragsdale Round two over in Jamestown tonight.
  11. Chute Boxe Hero

    Northern Guilford at Western Alamance

    The boys game was a little bit of a grinder (but still good). Both teams had a hard time figuring each other out (which led to a low-scoring first half). However, WA was able to find a few things that worked in the second. Their biggest success came when the ball was in Gavion Taylor's hands. Taylor had some good success in beating his man off the dribble and getting to the cup for easy buckets. Taylor also had a great block towards the end. Shane Peterson also had a very nice game for the Warriors. He did a little bit of everything. The biggest play he made though won't show up in the box score. Towards the very end, WA inbounded the ball to Peterson under their own goal. Peterson was quickly trapped. He made a hesitation then executed a fast, powerful, step-through to get away from the double-team. It was awesome to watch. Meanwhile, NG never really figured WA out. In the middle of the fourth, it looked like Nolan Hodge was going to take over but that soon faded out. NG had a fairly rough night from the field which also hurt. They got good looks but they didn't go down. Hodge and Adonijah Whitley had the best games for the Nighthawks.
  12. Well......they made like a tree and split last night. NG girls won 70-62 while the WA boys prevailed 53-46. T'was a very good double-dip. The girls game was great. It had a very fast pace to it. Both of those teams are in superb condition. NG got some big buckets at opportune times. In the first half, Laurel Zlotkowski hit back-to-back threes to give NG a little breathing room. In the fourth quarter, Jaydn Newsome hit a couple of big buckets inside. Jayla Harris had a nice game overall. 90's alternative band Bush once wrote, "It's just the little things that kill". That lyric summed up WA's night. A missed rebound here.....a missed assignment there. It also didn't help that they left quite a few points on the table via the charity stripe. Lydia Stucker and Kayla Farrish had the best games for the Warriors. The best part of last night's game was not the game itself. It was seeing Coach Furlough patrolling the sidelines once again.
  13. Glenn, which years were you at Western?
  14. Chute Boxe Hero

    MLK Classic at SE Guilford

    Here's a team-by-team breakdown..... Reidsville-The Rams looked like they were a little hungover from Saturday. Pass played more like a mere mortal last night. However, he and the Rams did what they had to do to get the W. Their fullcourt pressure made all the difference. It kept WF off-balance and over-thinking. Their quickness also bothered WF a bit. Par for the course, Pass and Auldon Edwards had nice games. West Forsyth-First time seeing these guys. Very patient and deliberate on offense. I don't know if they usually play that way or if they just didn't want to get into a track meet with the Rams. WF did fairly well on the inside. Sophomore Bralen Morris had a decent little game. He's around 6-4 and can do a little of everything. He showed off some great body control on a couple of shots. I'm not gonna lie.....this team perplexes me. They're now 1-16 but they didn't strike me as a team that was that bad. WF has some skilled guys. They did, however, have some of the worst body language I've ever seen. It looked like they came in here knowing they were going to lose. West Forsyth (girls)-What a performance last night. The Titans handled SE's vaunted fullcourt pressure fairly well. Shakira Baskerville and Maddie Scheier were outstanding. Their play and shooting enabled the Titans to go toe-to-toe. WF also got some threes from Brooke Schafer and some good steady interior play from Caroline Johnson. SE had a little problem with Johnson's size. That doesn't bode well for them on Friday. The clock just decided to strike midnight when the overtime period began. Two of their main players fouled out and SE took full advantage. Yes, there's another Scheier running the point for WF. She is a right-handed carbon-copy of her older sister. She's also very fun to watch (like her older sister). I don't know what it is about these Scheier's but their combination of skills and intelligence astounds me. SE Guilford-Took some good shots last night. Like a champ, though, they withstood those combos and was able to counter-punch. They were able to force some turnovers and turn them into transition buckets. Big-time players make big-time plays and that's just what Raven Preston did. She hit big shot after big shot after big shot. She was also everywhere on defense. I've never realized just how good of a player she is until last night. She never runs out of gas either. She and Kennedi Simmons went to work in OT. Dudley (girls)-Looked decent. Did what they had to do. Hustled really well. I loved watching their center, Quinzia Fulmore. Fulmore's 6-3 and can run the floor really well. She's also got some good length and had a few blocks/altered shots. Dudley will be one of the main players in their conference. East Forsyth-First time seeing them. Interesting team. Their point guard, Monay Galloway, was really fun to watch. She's got a good handle and can change directions on a dime. She also sets up her teammates well and will hit you with an unexpected runner occasionally. East has some pretty decent size, hardworkers on the interior, and a couple of decent shooters. I don't think they have what it takes to challenge Glenn and West though. Grimsley (boys)-Played a good game last night. It never once seemed like they were in danger at any point in time. Ahmil Flowers was his usual self. He hit an array of shots and threw down some nice dunks. I really enjoyed the play of Travis Shaw. Shaw dropped off some great dimes last night. He really caught Person off-guard with his slick interior passing. Shaw was always communicating with his teammates and helping them up/encouraging them. I can easily see why he's a fan favorite. Grimsley also got some good, good interior play from Daniel Cooper and some good shooting from Ronan Martinek-Jenne. Person-Tough game for the Rockets. They got into some foul trouble early on and it seemed to throw them off a bit. It also seemed like they were a little intimidated by the presence of Mount Shaw. Dre Newman's always fun to watch. He's a powerful guard with a nice array of skills. Person also got a good game from their point guard #5. The most intriguing player in the Rockets arsenal was a freshman with the last name of Outlaw. If you saw this kid walking down the street, you would not think he's a freshman in high school. He looks more like a college freshman. I don't know if he's related to former Rocket start Tyrone Outlaw or not. He didn't do too much last night. However, if his game catches up with his frame, watch out.
  15. Chute Boxe Hero

    2A Boys Teams to Watch

    Those top three teams in the East are very strong. A bit of a drop off after that. I've still got to see West Stokes. Looks like they put up a pretty good fight against Tabor tonight. In the West, keep an eye on Salisbury. They're not bad. That CCC race is shaping up to be a good one.