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  1. Chute Boxe Hero

    Who’s who among the 3A

    In the boys game, I think it's going to be either Cox Mill or SW Guilford. I'm not sure there's anyone in the East that can challenge those two. IMO, Hillside has the best chance. In the girls game.......I really don't know. I think there are quite a few teams out there that have that potential. I'm not sure that there is a clear-cut favorite. In the East, I like Jacksonville and EE Smith. I'll have to think about this one a little longer.........
  2. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Boys)

    In PAC-7 action tonight..... Randleman blows out ER 82-42. Trinity knocks off JM 63-53. TWA blows out PG 92-64. On Wednesday, Trinity travels to Randleman while TWA travels to Wheatmore.
  3. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    Wheatmore beat JM 53-38. Play #1 seed Randleman at Randleman on Wednesday.
  4. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    They lost another important piece tonight. Rolled ankle with around a minute left to go in game. PG's had the worst luck with injuries these past couple of weeks....
  5. Just got in...... PG split a pair. Girls beat ER 60-40 and the guys lost to TW Andrews 92-64. Girls game was real interesting for a half. ER played a pretty good first half and actually led by four at the break. Then, PG came out and just straight took over. They put the fullcourt pressure on and ER started to wither. PG also got hot from beyond the arc. Kaitlyn Sexton, Madison Dark, Edi Austin, and Mikayla McClain all hit threes during this stretch. Malea Garrison had a good game as usual. Aniyah King had a good, good game for ER. As for the guys game........well......it was rough. TWA got too many easy buckets. That's it in a nutshell. Too many easy buckets. Daylin Locklear had another nice game as usual. He was about the only bright spot out there. I do think Johnathon Foust will be a good player for PG over the next couple of years. Hopefully, PG can squeak in to the "Big Dance".
  6. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    Looks like Avery could be one of the favorites to win 1A. I see where they played Heritage to within eight last time out. Not too shabby.
  7. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Boys)

    Looks like the Freedom girls have gotten back to form. I do wonder if the Freedom boys can contend with the two heavyweights. I see where they played Greensboro Day to within six. That's not a bad sign.
  8. Chute Boxe Hero

    2A Boys West-East Teams to Watch (02/16/19)

    I see that Wilkes Central is riding a 12 game win streak. I hate it for them that Shumate's no longer there. They might have been a sound championship contender had he stayed.
  9. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Boys)

    Northwest 1A: This should be a very fun tournament to watch. Especially when they get to the semis. Winston-Salem Prep is the favorite here due to their quickness and athleticism. However, it will be more of a challenge for them than in recent memory. Bishop, East Surry, and North Stokes are capable of beating them. Their guards have to play great games and take care of the rock for that to happen though. Every one of those teams possess outstanding individual players. Bishop probably has the best combo of size/skill to challenge Prep out of the three. North Stokes has a warrior of a point guard named Zack Chesnet. Yadkin Valley 1A: Once again....hate to admit, but I haven't seen any of these teams play all year. Looks like North Rowan's the favorite. They ran the table. They're also riding a 14 game winning streak. Looks like they'll face either Albemarle or North Stanly in the semis then possibly South Stanly in the finals. I do know that North Stanly has a good, tough point guard in Bryson Childress. This kid has an extreme level of confidence. One of my favorite moments over the summer was him talking trash to Jeff McInnis while playing against Team Charlotte. Central Tar Heel 1A: This is an odd bird. I've seen Chatham Central, Chatham Charter, and River Mill.....but that's it. Chatham Charter's had themselves one nice year. Jordan Hamilton's averaging a double-double. River Mill probably has the best player in the conference in forward Chase Mebane. It looks like any of these four (Central, Charter, Research Triangle, or Raleigh Charter) could win it. I don't know. Maybe a Central Tar Heel expert could chime in.
  10. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Boys)

    Western Piedmont 2A: Should come down to West Stokes and Walkertown. Both share the regular-season title. I haven't seen West all year but I do know they have a pretty good ballplayer in Issac Spainhour. Walkertown, of course, has one of the best players in the state.....Mr. Jalen Cone. Skilled, quick, fluid. I do have to say that I don't like the Dennis Smith, Jr. comparisons though....... PAC-7 2A: So.......is anyone going to stop Mr. Rains from dominating the paint? Probably not. Wheatmore's the favorite here. They will likely face the winner of Randleman/Trinity in the finals. That will be a very intense game. So will the final for that matter. I don't know who matches up better with Wheatmore. Randleman has the better all-around athleticism. However, Trinity has Connor Stanley....who probably matches up better with Rains than anyone in the conference. Trinity also knows Wheatmore like the back of their hand. Randleman did sweep the Bulldogs in the regular season. I hope Providence Grove can dig deep, make a run, and win this thing. It'll be really difficult without the services of Mr. Taylor though. Mid-State 2A: Not sure what happens here. It will come down to either Reidsville, Cummings, or Carrboro. Reidsville and Cummings share the regular-season title. What's interesting is that Carrboro split with Reidsville but got swept by Cummings. The Rams and the Cavs split. Reidsville and Cummings both possess very good, talented ballplayers (Breon Pass and Auldon Edwards, respectively). Haven't seen Carrboro this year....but...if they're anything like last year's bunch, they have a good mix of shooters and athleticism. Deandre Burnette, in particular, is a very good athlete.
  11. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Boys)

    Mid-State 3A: Speaking of awesome years.......how about Eastern Alamance?! Still sitting unblemished at 24-0. The Eagles are a tough, athletic bunch with a powerful big man to boot. I give EA a 90% chance of winning this thing. Biggest challenge, IMO, will come from Person, Western Alamance, and Northern Guilford. I've seen all three and I think WA matches up the best. WA has a very good guard by the name of Gavion Taylor. Person has a beast of a guard in Dre Newman. McMichael's another team to keep an eye on. They could possibly knock off Northern in the opening round. However, I don't think they match up too well with EA. Big Eight 3A: One of the best teams in the state resides in this conference. I'm talking about Hillside. These Hornets are deep, tough, athletic, and are unafraid to let it fly. Only loss on the year was to conference foe Northwood. I still can't believe that one. Hillside avenged that loss last week. Hillside also has a beast of a guard named Traylon Warren. I think their biggest challenge will either come from arch-rival Southern Durham or Chapel Hill. SD is also tall and athletic and possesses one of the best basketball players in North Carolina....Ricky Council IV. Chapel Hill has the very intriguing, 6-11 David Elien. Elien has a steady supporting cast flanking him. I forgot to mention earlier in the season that I had seen Northwood. Northwood has two very good players. I was already familiar with guard Aaron Ross. I had watched him quite a bit over the summer at various events. Ross is extremely strong with the ball in his hands. He's also not shy about attacking the rim. The guy I wasn't familiar with was junior Jalen Mcafee-Marion. The 6-4 guard/forward combo had a decent skill set on him. Wouldn't mind seeing him in one of those summer events. Central Carolina 2A: So..........is anyone going to hold Mr. Fulks to under 40 points this week? Anyone? Good gracious, has that guy had a year. And so did his teammates. North won the CC outright. Only conference loss was a 20 point head scratcher to Thomasville. Fulks and Co. will probably meet the winner of Lexington/Salisbury in the final. Both of these teams split the regular season. Both teams gave ND quite a scare during the regular season. Lexington has a good player named Derrick Dearmon who I can't believe I haven't watched yet. Also, Ledford/T'ville and Salisbury/West Davidson could be great opening round games. Salisbury and WD had a doozy in Tyro a couple weeks ago.
  12. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Boys)

    On to the fellas....... Metro 4A: This one could be interesting. I'd probably make NW Guilford the favorite here......but they're not invincible. Both Ragsdale and HP Central own victories over the Vikes. No team is safe here. Every team has a chance. Grimsley-Page will be a great opening round game. HP Central and Ragsdale likewise should be very good. Good tournament with some outstanding players in it. One guy is a serious candidate for Guilford County POY (NWG's Christian Hampton) and another is a good darkhorse candidate for that same title (HPC's Dhieu Deng). Central Piedmont 4A: Davie's probably the favorite here. They ran the table. Only loss on the year was to NW Guilford. Big man Owen McCormack's tough to deal with on the perimeter. The War Eagles will more than likely face the winner of RJ Reynolds and East Forsyth. Both these guys having pretty good years. Both split with each other. I love RJR's brand of tough, old-school basketball. EF always patient and will make you work on defense. Piedmont Triad 3A: Can anyone come close to challenging SW Guilford? Even in this brutal conference? That team is one of the greatest shows in North Carolina. They'll probably run everyone off the court this week as well. The Dudley-Smith opening round game will be very good. Out of those two, Smith gave SWG the far better challenge. However, the Eagles are without the services of Silas Mason at the moment. No Mason.....no challenge Southwest. Mount Tabor and Parkland will meet in the other semi. Both squads are led by very good point guards. Both teams split during regular season. Saw both play SWG. Tabor matched up a lot better with the Cowboys than Parkland did. Mid-Piedmont 3A: What a year the Williams Bulldogs have had. They ran the table in a fairly tough conference. They also possess one of the best backcourts in the Piedmont (Nasir Johnson/Kennedy Miles). They're the favorite here. Biggest challenge will be from the winner of the semis between Southern Guilford and Eastern Guilford. That will be a fun game that could go either way. Williams will more than likely face Asheboro in the semis. Asheboro's a good team but they've struggled mightily against the top three. The Blue Comets do have the advantage of playing that game at home though.
  13. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    Mid-State 2A: Can anyone take out those Unicorns?? They're still sitting unblemished at 27-0. They quite possibly could be the most mysterious team in the entire state. They don't play in a very tough conference though. They'll probably face Reidsville in the finals and beat them. Northwest 1A: Either East Surry or Mount Airy will win this thing. Bishop could beat Mount Airy in the semis. However, I don't see Bishop beating MA and ES back-to-back. If they do that, I'll have to give them mad props. Yadkin Valley 1A: Hate to admit that I haven't seen any of these squads. Looks like it'll come down to Albemarle and Gray Stone Day. Congrats to Albemarle on running the table. GS Day's other conference loss came at the hands of North Moore (who finished fifth). North Rowan and South Davidson might be able to put up good fights in the semis. Central Tar Heel 1A (Charter Tar Heel 1A?): I've only seen Chatham Central, River Mill, and Chatham Charter out of here. Chatham Central's a good ball club. They pass very well. If they go East, they could make a pretty good run. They should win this conference tourney. Will probably face Raleigh Charter in the finals.
  14. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    Big Eight 3A: Hillside's the favorite here. They ran the table in the regular-season. Should handle the winner of Northwood-Chapel Hill. I know CH maybe could give them a fairly tough game......can't say the same for Northwood. More than likely, the Hornets will face the winner of Orange and Southern Durham in the finals. Orange swept SD by a combined total of 13 points. I haven't seen Orange but I have seen SD. A Hillside-SD game would be a fun matchup. Central Carolina 2A: This one could be the best of the whole bunch. Three teams, IMO, are favorites: Salisbury, Ledford, and East Davidson. However, West Davidson, South Rowan, North Davidson, and Lexington are all capable of throwing a wrench into those teams's plans. Each one of these teams are led by very good players. Salisbury won this brutal conference. Their only two losses came to Ledford and ED. ED beat Ledford twice. PAC-7 2A: How about the job that Coach Varner has done with Randleman! If you had told me before the season that Randleman would win this conference, I would've laughed loudly in your face. Not only did the Tigers do just that but they beat TW Andrews twice along the way. I think these two will meet once again in the finals. Now, I still think Providence Grove can make a good run. If they get past ER (which they should), they'll have to face TWA in the semis. That's a tough matchup. Doable.....but tough. I also think that the opening round game between Jordan Matthews and Wheatmore could be a good one. Wheatmore does own a win over Randleman. That potential semi could be rather interesting. Western Piedmont 2A: Haven't seen hardly any of these teams. However, I have seen Forbush twice. They're very good. I'm not surprised they ran the table. They'll probably face Surry Central in the finals. SC seems pretty tough themselves. I don't know if West Stokes is capable of pulling an upset or not.
  15. Chute Boxe Hero

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    Just thought I'd give some brief opinions on each of the tournaments in my area. I'll start with the ladies...... Metro 4A: Might as well give the trophy to NW Guilford. Ragsdale and HP Central are talented teams but neither one have proven to be a challenge to the Vikes thus far. Now, the Tigers did beat NW in the HAECO championship. However, the Vikes were without star Cayla King for that one. Ragsdale has blown out Central twice so they'll probably be the challenger in the finals. Best game of the tourney will more than likely be the opener between Grimsley and Page. One of the best rivalries in the state. Central Piedmont 4A: West Forsyth's a fairly heavy favorite here. They'll more than likely see Glenn in the finals. Glenn will probably give them a decent game. WF point guard Callie Scheier is one my favorite players to watch in all of the state. Piedmont Triad 3A: I'm expecting a Dudley-Tabor final here. Last meeting was real close between the two. Dudley is riding a 14 game win streak. However, the level of opposition in their conference isn't exactly the strongest. I see Tabor handling either SW Guilford or Parkland in the semis. Mid-Piedmont 3A: The semis/finals of this one should be very good. SE Guilford's the favorite here but SW Randolph/Asheboro/Eastern Guilford are capable of giving them a pretty good challenge. What makes this one even more interesting is that the bottom three (Williams/S Alamance/S Guilford) are capable of pulling a first-round upset depending on the matchup. A potential Asheboro/SWR semifinal will be worth watching. Mid-State 3A: This one might be even better. There are honestly four to five teams that could win this thing. Person won this conference but they're not a lock by any means. The Rockets will have to get past the winner of Rockingham/W Alamance in the semis. Then, more than likely face the winner of N Guilford/E Alamance. Person split the season series with both EA and NG. Also, watch out for NE Guilford. They're an athletic team that is capable of pulling an upset or two. The Rams handed Person their other loss.