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  1. Welp....ER made like a banana and split tonight. The Lady Cats cruised 71-38 while the boys fell 55-40. The girls got after CC from the get-go. Their full court pressure made everything an adventure for the Bears. It also didn't help CC that they missed a ton of free throws. Brecken Snotherly had a great game. Amiyah Brooks had a very good game. As great as the girls played, the guys played equally as poorly. Bad defense, no rebounding, a few techs......it was not a clinic by any means. On the other side of the coin, CC played a magnificent game. They played at a great pace and were fundamentally solid. CC played ten times better than they did at PG. Lucas Skettich was outstanding running the point. He played a great, great game. Michael Moore also had a very nice game. One more thing.....CC's Addie Fields sang a beautiful National Anthem. One of the best renditions I've heard in quite a while.
  2. Hopefully,. Reidsville brings home the hardware. Gonna try to catch this one.
  3. Chute Boxe Hero

    Smith at Eastern Guilford

    I finally got around to watching the highlights of Millbrook-Smith. That's a powerful frontcourt Millbrook's got. They could be the favorites to win it all. You're right about Tate from EG. I still can't get over how quick he is. He had the crowd going crazy. I still think Eastern is the odds-on favorite to win their conference as well. I've seen Asheboro. That'll be a fun game. Asheboro's good....but I don't think they're on EG's level. Williams and Southern Guilford could potentially give EG a tough game......but I don't think they will.
  4. Chute Boxe Hero

    Top 20 (or so) Records (Boys)

    4A Millbrook 7-0 Lumberton 5-1 North Meck 5-0 Ardrey Kell 5-1 Vance 5-0 Hoggard 4-1 Pinecrest 5-0 Hillside 4-1 Richmond 4-0 Enloe 4-1 NW Guilford 4-0 Hickory Ridge 4-1 Pine Forest 6-1 Myers Park 3-1 Hough 6-1 Apex Friendship 3-1 Page 6-1 Middle Creek 3-1 Harding 5-1 Knightdale 5-2 Other Notables: South Central 3-0, West Charlotte 3-2, Indy 2-4
  5. Chute Boxe Hero

    Top 20 (or so) Records (Boys)

    3A Dudley 6-0 Southern Wayne 5-1 Vance County 5-0 Cleveland 4-1 Westover 5-0 SW Guilford 4-1 South Johnston 5-0 Topsail 4-1 Northwood 5-0 Catholic 4-1 Orange 4-0 Fike 4-1 AL Brown 4-0 Asheboro 4-1 Freedom 4-0 Chapel Hill 4-1 Mt. Tabor 4-0 Ben L. Smith 4-1 Cox Mill 6-1 Other Notables: Williams 2-1, Southern Durham 2-1
  6. Chute Boxe Hero

    Top 20 (or so) Records (Boys)

    2A West Stanly 6-0 Hendersonville 6-1 West Caldwell 5-0 Central Davidson 4-1 South Granville 4-0 Newton-Conover 3-1 Farmville Central 4-0 Dixon 3-1 Washington 4-0 Lexington 3-1 Forest Hills 4-0 Croatan 3-1 North Surry 3-0 JF Webb 3-1 Morehead 3-0 South Point 3-1 St. Paul's 3-0 RS Central 4-2 Hibriten 3-0 Kinston 3-0 Other Notables: Mountain Heritage 1-0
  7. As of 12-8-2019...... 1A Chatham Charter 10-0 Carolina International 6-2 Voyager Academy 8-1 Wilson Prep 4-1 Bishop McGuiness 6-1 Mount Airy 3-1 Perquimans 5-0 Union Academy 3-1 Lincoln Charter 5-0 CS of Davidson 3-1 Camden County 5-0 East Carteret 3-1 Princeton 4-0 Christ the King 3-1 Louisburg 4-0 Bessemer City 3-1 North Stokes 4-0 East Columbus 5-2 Cherryville 5-1 Columbia 5-2 River Mill 8-3 Other Notables: Winston Salem Prep 2-1, Henderson Collegiate 4-6
  8. Chute Boxe Hero

    Top 20 (or so) records (Girls)

    4A Hopewell 8-0 Ragsdale 4-0 Millbrook 7-0 Hoggard 4-0 Providence 6-0 Laney 4-0 Mallard Creek 6-0 Knightdale 6-1 Rolesville 6-0 Lumberton 5-1 South Central 5-0 North Meck 5-1 Apex Friendship 5-0 Jordan 5-1 South Caldwell 5-0 Green Level 4-1 Glenn 5-0 South Meck 4-1 SE Raleigh 5-0 Olympic 4-1 NW Guilford 4-1 Garner 6-2 Other Notables: West Forsyth 3-2
  9. Chute Boxe Hero

    Top 20 (or so) records (Girls)

    3A Harnett Central 7-0 Northern Nash 4-0 Topsail 6-0 SE Guilford 4-0 East Rowan 6-0 East Chapel Hill 4-0 Swansboro 6-0 EE Smith 6-1 Weddington 6-0 Cuthbertson 6-1 SW Randolph 5-0 Westover 5-1 Parkland 5-0 Carson 5-1 Freedom 4-0 Person 4-1 North Buncombe 4-0 Piedmont 4-1 Erwin 4-0 Southern Wayne 4-1 Smithfield-Selma 4-1
  10. Chute Boxe Hero

    Top 20 (or so) records (Girls)

    2A RS Central 6-0 Croatan 4-1 East Bladen 5-0 Bunker Hill 4-1 West Wilkes 5-0 Central Davidson 4-1 Salisbury 4-0 NCSSM 8-2 Kinston 4-0 Farmville Central 3-1 South Lenoir 4-0 Forbush 3-1 North Lincoln 4-0 Newton-Conover 3-1 Providence Grove 6-1 Smoky Mountain 3-1 Midway 5-1 North Davidson 3-1 West Bladen 4-1 Shelby 3-0 Oak Grove 4-1 East Rutherford 3-0 Other Notables: TW Andrews 3-1, Randleman 2-0, Mountain Heritage 2-3
  11. Here's the top 20 (or so) records as of 12-8-2019........ 1A Langtree Charter Academy 7-0 Chatham Charter 6-2 Clover Garden 7-0 CS of Davidson 4-1 Blue Ridge 6-0 Wilson Prep 4-1 Mt. Airy 5-0 Pamlico 4-1 Bishop McGuinness 5-0 Lincoln Charter 4-1 Vance Charter 5-0 Uwharrie Charter 4-1 Perquimans 5-0 Bradford Prep 5-1 Gray Stone Day 4-0 Rosman 3-1 Alleghany 4-0 Winston Salem Prep 4-2 Princeton 3-0 Murphy 2-0 Other Notables: East Surry 1-0, Cherokee 1-2
  12. Hats off to East Forsyth. Ty Lyles was magnificent tonight.
  13. Chute Boxe Hero

    Smith at Eastern Guilford

    Almost forgot.....I saw the girls game. Not much needs to be said. I'll just put it in perspective. EG won 73-20. The night before, EG lost to Northwest Guilford 66-8. Yep. Kayla Swain, De'ja Buskey, and Kayla Reynolds all had great games for EG.
  14. Went back to the bar last night and got a double shot of Eastern this time. Unfortunately, I had to leave the bar a little earlier than I wanted to. I missed the entire fourth quarter. Smith won the game 76-68 so I'm guessing that they dominated that quarter. When I left, EG's Kadyn Dawkins had just hit an And 1 to put EG up 53-52. However, there were plenty of interesting happenings in those first three quarters. Biggest problem for EG was that they couldn't stop former Wildcat Nic McMullen inside. McMullen ended up with 25 and 17. Scary thing is......EG played pretty good defense on him. It's hard to slow down a 6-8 guy with a physique straight out of a comic book. If he gets the ball within seven feet of the basket, he's tough to stop. Despite the loss, I think EG might have exposed Smith a little. Dawkins and Barry Tate didn't have much trouble beating Smith off the dribble and penetrating their defense. The Golden Eagles had to switch to a smaller, quicker lineup early on because of this. Smith's going to be there in the end though. They took a pretty good punch from EG and survived. McMullen and Silas Mason are a gruesome twosome. They also have two/three other guys who look to be at least 6-5. In addition to veterans Jordan Williams and Khalid Hinds, they also also have some good young guards. Freshman Kobe George showed off a few moves last night. Isaiah Moore has the makings to be an amazing defender. I'm curious/excited to see how far Smith can go. Hopefully, one of these days, Silas Mason can turn off the cruise control and just take over a game. He's got more than enough potential to do that.
  15. "Hey bartender! Gimme a double shot of Northwest Guilford!" I just couldn't pass up the chance to see some gravity-defying dunks from Christian Hampton. And he didn't disappoint. You're not going to believe this....but he opened the game with a dunk in the exact same manner as the night before. Literally the exact same play off the tip. Hampton also flushed home a pass from darn near halfcourt and added a windmill later for good measure. He also saved the night for the Vikes......but more on that later. I'll get the easy stuff out of the way. The Northwest girls had a 45-4 lead at the break and cruised 66-8. I don't think there was anyone who didn't have a good game for the Vikes. Just a fabulous effort all the way around. EG is probably summed up best as being a year away from being a year away. Northwest played a much, much better first half than they did last night. Dean Reiber was en fuego from beyond the arc. He hit at least five threes. Hampton added a few threes of his own. The NW full court pressure was bothering EG a bit. Towards the end of the third quarter, the Vikes held a 53-31 lead and looked to be in total control. Well, what if I told you that the final score of last night's game was 62-60? Yep, EG proceeded to embark on an epic comeback. The main catalysts for the Cats were Kamell Smith and a freshman named Barry Tate. Smith hit some great jump shots during this stretch. However, it was the 5-1* Tate that stole the show. Good heavens is this kid quick. Hardly anyone could stay in front of him. He made several outstanding drives to the cup that had the EG crowd hype. Meanwhile, NW went flatter than a junkyard tire. EG got to within one with a couple of minutes left. They just missed a couple of shots inside and had a couple of turnovers at the worst time. EG fouled Hampton and Hampton hit four consecutive free throws to seal the victory. Just like last night though, NW had a role player who stepped up big. Senior Robbie Boulton had an outstanding game. He made a ton of hustle plays. He also had a huge, huge block towards the end of the game. *That's what Tate's listed at on MaxPreps. I don't think he's that short.