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  1. Chute Boxe Hero

    Teams that use to be good

    Two that I haven't seen mentioned yet are Williams and Western Guilford. Up until the late 2000's, Williams was a powerful program. They were a thorn in ER's side in the mid 2000's. WG was also a solid program for a long time. Won a state title in '77. In 2003 (Toney Baker's junior year) I watched the Hornets outlast Ragsdale 43-42. Sometime right after that, the program just dropped off a cliff. The program whose fall from grace shocks me the most is Cummings. I never envisioned that program being a weak afterthought. They were "The Show" in my neck of the woods back in the late 80's/early 90's.
  2. Went to this one thinking it would be a good game. Thought wrong. The Falcons made EG look like a JV team last night. Just obliterated the Wildcats in the trenches. On offense, they ran the ball at will. On defense, they had Smith fighting for his life. The Southeast secondary was excellent. Justin Fleming had an impressive pick-six. Jaden Fairley ran for a few touchdowns (including a magnificent long run down the left sideline to begin the second half). He's fun to watch. He hides behind that offensive line and when the defense spots him it's usually too late. He's got good power for his size also. To my surprise, SE has two other running backs that can scoot as well. I also have to mention that the Falcon special teams did an outstanding job of containing Coleman on kickoff returns. Once Zion Fleming gets his timing down with his receivers, Southeast is going to be a tough, tough out.
  3. Chute Boxe Hero

    Dudley at MT Tabor

  4. Chute Boxe Hero

    Dudley at MT Tabor

    Me as well. Great win for Tabor.
  5. Chute Boxe Hero

    Sports Specilization Myths

    Good read. I've never been a fan of specialization. I know I couldn't have done that when I was a kid. I enjoyed too many sports.
  6. Chute Boxe Hero

    Dudley at MT Tabor

    If you love defense, this'll be the game to see. I wouldn't be surprised if neither team made it to double-digits. Dudley's offense is a smidge better so I'll take them. The X-factor in this one (IMO) could be Mekhi Wall. If Tabor's smart, they won't kick it to him. He's faster than lightning.
  7. Chute Boxe Hero

    3A Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 7

    SE Guilford got Fleming back last night. It'll be interesting to see how well they do moving forward. They have a showdown with EG at Forest Oaks next Friday.
  8. Chute Boxe Hero

    East Forsyth at Glenn

    I saw Glenn when they took on HP Central a few weeks ago. While Central isn't the greatest measuring stick, a few things stood out. Glenn has some really good athletes and size in spots, especially on defense. They have two huge, agile guys on the defensive front named Jahvaree Ritzie and Desmond Morgan. They also have a guy named Raneiria Dilworth who is one of the best linebackers I've seen all year. This man can cover some ground in an instant. Danier Napper's pretty good too. Glenn was interesting on offense. They played two QB's. They also have former HPC running back Monterious Godfrey and former SWG QB Devin Flowers in the fold. Flowers is particularly interesting because they have converted him to a wide receiver. He was a playmaker at QB for SWG. The QB's also have a good-sized target to throw to in Aronson Cook. I think this game will be an intense, hard-fought affair as usual. Glenn's D will be a good test for EF. However, I don't see the Glenn offense having much success against the EF defense. They don't have the potent rushing attack that Grimsley/West Forsyth possess. I also think last night's game told more about Reagan than it did Glenn.
  9. Chute Boxe Hero

    2A Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 6

    Well, ER took care of business last night. The ball is in Randleman's court....
  10. Chute Boxe Hero

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    I want to see a replay of Conrad's kick. That looked mighty good from where I was sitting. That was one HELL of a ball game. G'moni Wilson was flat awesome tonight. I knew he was fast but he brought an extra gear with him to K'vegas. When he hits a hole, he HITS a hole. I still can't believe Jacez Gorham ran him down on that long run right before the last touchdown. Looked like Darrell Green running down Eric Dickerson back in the day. When watching WF on offense, I was wondering, "Where the %$#@$# was this against Tabor?" The Titans looked ten times better on O tonight. Jalen Ferguson had a nice game at QB. His first TD throw to Wilson was beautiful. Hit him perfectly in stride. Midway through the third, I thought EF was done for. Marshall went out with a shoulder injury and I thought that was it. However, Javon McAlister's kickoff return TD was a huge momentum boost for the Eagles. During the comeback, Joe Ritchens, Robbin Smith, and Chris Chaplin stepped up big time in Marshall's absence. Chaplin's long TD run off the catch in the flat was magnificent. He flew down that left sideline. What ultimately doomed East was fumbles and poor tackling. The first fumble gave WF momentum which led to the first TD drive. The 80 yard TD run off the fumble was a KILLER. The backup QB for EF pulled a Cam Newton and forgot to fall on the football. A WF defender leisurely scooped it up in front of him and took it the distance. EF fans wanted to vomit. I lost track of the number of times I said "Wrap up!" out loud. EF had so many missed tackles. On Zahier Dillard's long TD run, East hit him and had him stopped right at the LOS. Big props to West though. They played a good, physical game. It looked like they were going to self-destruct at the end but they pulled it together in the nick of time. With Glenn upsetting Reagan, it looks like the Titans are firmly entrenched in the catbird seat.
  11. Chute Boxe Hero

    Players to watch

    Any ideas on who to watch with regards to the girls? I have a few.... This is assuming none of these ladies have transferred..... Jacee Busick, Glenn Mariah Frazier, Ragsdale Malea Garrison, Providence Grove Emily Hege, North Davidson Asia Pearly, NE Guilford Raven Preston, SE Guilford Malaya Cowles, Wilkes Central These are the ones that immediately come to mind. I'll add more as we inch towards the beginning....
  12. Chute Boxe Hero

    Players to watch

    Sounds like everyone transferred to The Burlington School. They are loaded to the gills.
  13. Chute Boxe Hero

    2A Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 6

    Oh yeah......I forgot all about those guys. Hopefully they won't crash the party.....
  14. Chute Boxe Hero

    3A Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 6

    If Mount Tabor can find their mojo on offense, they might be a sleeper. That defense of theirs is going to keep them in a lot of ball games.