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  1. Chute Boxe Hero

    2019-2020 2A Preseason Top 20 West-East Boys Basketball

    Watch out for Lexington as well. Forgot about them first time around. They've got a good center who could be the X-factor in most games. Also forgot about Morehead and McMichael being 2A now. I'm gonna keep a close eye on those two. I saw Morehead over the summer and thought they looked pretty good. Morehead's got a point forward that's around 6-5 who could end up being one of the more underrated players in the area.
  2. Chute Boxe Hero

    Players to watch

    Some others that escaped my mind earlier..... Kennedy Miles-Williams Ricky Council IV-Southern Durham Julius Reese-Glenn Camian Shell-Parkland Tyler Young-Dudley Kadyn Dawkins-Eastern Guilford Nic McMullen-Smith Alec Holt/Derrick Dearmon-Lexington Lars Nilsson-SE Guilford TJ McMaster-Southern Guilford Dequandre Newman-Person Auldon Edwards-Cummings Gavion Taylor-Western Alamance Jamarion Dalton-North Davidson Johnathon Foust-Providence Grove Kuel Mading-HP Central Jake Ledbetter-Bishop McGuiness Anthony Sellars-WS Prep Jefferson Boaz-East Surry Jonas Aidoo/Holden Buchanan-Voyager Academy Nahiem Lilly-Randleman
  3. Chute Boxe Hero

    Players to watch

    From my neck of the woods..... Silas Mason-Smith Breon Pass-Reidsville Ahmil Flowers-Grimsley Jaden Ellis-Page Kamell Smith-Eastern Guilford Christian Hampton/Dean Reiber-NW Guilford These are some of the main, main ones. I'll add lots of others later.
  4. Chute Boxe Hero

    2019-2020 2A Preseason Top 20 West-East Boys Basketball

    From my area, I'm keeping an eye on Randleman, Reidsville, and Atkins. North Forsyth could be interesting now that they're 2A.
  5. Chute Boxe Hero

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Timberwolves. Very interesting non-conference schedule (two games in particular).
  6. Chute Boxe Hero

    1st games matchups

    SE Guilford at Scotland
  7. Chute Boxe Hero

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    SW does it. They win 88-58. I can't give a synopsis as I'm not at the game. Picked the worst day of the year to have car trouble.😠
  8. Chute Boxe Hero

    Jordan High (Durham)

    They named a new coach today. It's none other than Mr. "Ball Don't Lie" himself. As a Carolina fan, I'm loving this. Wonder how many techs he'll be hit with this season........
  9. Chute Boxe Hero

    Fourth round games

    Did you ever make it to Hinkle Fieldhouse?
  10. Chute Boxe Hero

    North Stanly vs Bishop McGuinness. Who you got?

    Yep. Those were definitely head-scratchers.
  11. Chute Boxe Hero

    North Stanly vs Bishop McGuinness. Who you got?

    I hate that the North-Bishop game is the exact same time as West Charlotte-RJ Reynolds. That's gonna be a tough decision. I've been stunned by RJR's run.
  12. Chute Boxe Hero

    Fourth round games

    Wow. I envy you, btango. Bailey was the man back then. I can't even begin to imagine 40 grand at a high school game. I shudder to think how big his following would have been had the internet existed during those times........
  13. Chute Boxe Hero

    Watch out Cox Mill!

    Absolutely....... I'm expecting one unbelievable game. I don't know what to think about that 12:00 start. That'll be like watching Metallica then following it up with three local bands. Yes, those are the same Langley brothers from their 4A state title team. They played at Wesleyan last season. I believe they returned to SW because Keith Gatlin left Wesleyan (could be wrong on this). This game will be real interesting if both teams decide to turn it into a track meet. I know Cox Mill is comfortable playing like this. However, I don't know if I would advise doing this against Southwest. Those guys can strike quicker than lightning. It's not uncommon for the Cowboys to have multiple 10-0 or 14-0 runs during a game. The most impressive thing about Southwest (to me) is that even their guys that are deep on the bench can come in and give you a few decent minutes. One of the things I'm most curious about is how will the Cowboys try to defend Wendell Moore (and Carrawel). They have three/four guys with good length/athleticism that they can try on either of those guys. Each of those Southwest players bring something a little different to the table. I'm also interested in seeing how Cox Mill's backcourt handles the defensive pressure of the Langley's. I think Cline and Morgan are up to the challenge. They're both good, tough veteran guards. However, this will probably be their stiffest test by far. Langley's are no joke when it comes to defense. Keyshaun Langley, in particular, amazes me. I have never seen someone that can seamlessly blend in to a game, sometimes going virtually unnoticed, and put up gaudy stat-lines. He truly is the definition of "Silent Assassin". Another thing that's interesting is that both Wendell Moore and the Langley's know each other's games inside and out. Those guys have played with each other on CP3 for more than a few summers now. I believe that if SW wants to win, they'll have to do these things..........defend the perimeter (CM's got tons of shooters), keep Wendell Moore off the boards, and keep Carrawell from getting in a good groove. Both teams must get excellent production from their benches.
  14. Chute Boxe Hero

    North Stanly vs Bishop McGuinness. Who you got?

    What a great, great game last night! Came down to the last few seconds. Carson Lowder got an outstanding look......just couldn't get it to fall. There were a few things that had a huge influence on Bishop's victory. First thing was the first-half play of Cam Caroway. Caroway was white-hot from the field during this period. He hit at least four threes and had a couple of other baskets. Bishop as a whole shot the three-ball well last night. Secondly, the second half play of Andrew Budzinski. Andrew B had two awesome breakaway dunks. He also hit a few baskets inside and played some tough defense on the interior. That guy is one powerful leaper. Last, but certainly not least, was the play of one Mac Mcalhaney. This guy had one amazing game last night. He hit the big free throws down the stretch. More importantly, he played some outstanding defense on Childress. I was shocked with how well he played. With the North defenders shadowed over Ledbetter for most of the game, Mac stepped up big time. Childress was typical Childress though. He hit some tough, tough threes. I thought North got some pretty good minutes out of freshman Koby Poole last night. Also thought Carson Lowder played a decent game as well. I was very intrigued by North's big man, Nalik Veasley. He stands about 6-7 and has a strong, strong frame. Got a good touch at the line. I was a little puzzled by his game though. There were a few times when I wanted him to violently attack the rim. However, he preferred to be a passer in quite a few of those situations. His motor seemed to run hot/cold as well. He's got good potential regardless. If he really works on his game, he could be a sleeper down the road. I wonder if Pfeiffer's looking at him.
  15. Chute Boxe Hero

    North Stanly vs Bishop McGuinness. Who you got?

    I don't know. This game could come down to the very last basket. Biggest question for me is.....can N Stanly match Bishop's size on the interior and on the wings? On the other side of the coin.....how will Bishop defend Childress? Childress will get his. That guy seems to thrive in adverse conditions. I'll take Bishop by the skin of their teeth.