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    Any JV scores

    New Bern defeats Jacksonville, 48-36. Nice win for the Bears as we have several Freshman contributing on Varsity.
  2. You keep saying salty. UNC has been underdogs the last 3 games, and went 2-1. Yet, you guys were favorites today, and you got beat down by 3 scores. Almost had a chance to win your first P5 non-conference road game since 2002. Below is a link for a new State comforter from Walmart. Fitting because ya'll wet the bed today. https://www.walmart.com/ip/NCAA-NC-State-Wolfpack-Modern-Take-Bedding-Comforter-Set/55112700
  3. LOL!!!! Same MiZZ team that lost to Wyoming?? AM I RITE! Yea, there is a huge difference. One hasn't won jack crap since the 80's, nothing, natta, ZIP! WHAT ABOUT THOSE BASS FISHING TITLES THO, RIGHT!!!??? Maybe you'll notch your first P5 win of the season in a few weeks. Maybe. Hell, we should all be like State and schedule The Virginia School of the Blind along with Ball State, could get up to 6 wins quick! Mack is Back, baby. He's more worried about collecting a check? Is he poor? He should be like Dennis Smith... SHOWWWW MEEEEEEEE THE MONEYYYYYYYY. Your posts are getting weaker and weaker. Take a nap and try again tomorrow. GO HEELS!!!!
  4. He said it's expected. LOLOLOL. No one would've said nothing but hey, if you dish it out, gotta be able to take it. WVU is never easy, right, got beat last week by, what, 31? LIGHT WON'T BE COMING ON TONIGHT! BUT DON'T FRET, YOU GUYS GOT BIG BAD BALL STATE STATE NEXT WEEK! Dennis Smith Jr wants some mo moneyyyyyyy. PAY DAT MAN!!!!
  5. Sooo...we gonna start a **WVU sends the wolfies back to rawlee with a L** thread or what? That red light won't be lit up tonight after their first game against a P5 school (WVU lost by 31 last week). Luckily, they get to play (yet again) their third non P5 school (out of 4 games) next week against Ball State. CAN YOU DENY ITTTTT?? NOOOOOOOO!!!
  6. LOL! Didn’t state steal the ECU logo?
  7. Salty? LOL. People on here said they’d win 3 games this year. Boys played tough with half a dozen starters out including their C and top CB. My man acts like we were supposed to win every game. Now he’s taking about commercials. Good lord, Chris. We have enough nut jobs on HSOT and Preps, was hoping we could keep this forum clean of trolls. Go Heels!
  8. Love it when a old guy gets mad online. Gimme 2-1 against P5 teams, errday!
  9. Give me 2-1 as the underdog against those 3 teams everyday! Great start to Mack is Back 2.0! Where you been the last two weeks, big guy! Young team only gonna get better! See you later on this season!
  10. Tyler12

    Charlotte Catholic

    I don't know what that guy is talking about. But I do know one thing. Mack is Back.
  11. Man, Howell is good. Great pocket awareness for a True Frosh. Place was rocking last night.
  12. I was at the game, I can conform after yet another victory. HE....IS....BACKKKKKKKKK!
  13. Sup guys. Hope we don’t lose any recruits in front of that packed out crowd while beating yet another Power 5 school in back to back weeks as underdogs. Let’s go! Mack is BACK!
  14. He came down awkwardly on that last play.
  15. Yea I would've shut down all of social media if SC scored on that. Think there was some miscommunication on what should've been done but I like how Mack handled the situation afterwards. Coaches were kinda going nuts and Mack was telling them to calm down. What a up and down game.
  16. That interview hit me hard. You can tell the love that he has for the University and the kids. Was a little frustrated with the staff early on with how they were using Howell but man, what a roller-coaster of a game. I thought both UNC and NB would get beat by 21+ each. No idea what I've witnessed the last 24 hours but I'm not going to complain. I've got a Tenn friend that literally wants to shut down the whole program after today. What a disaster.
  17. Hey Guys. Everyone feeling OK? Grab a beer, get your girl and let's talk about it. Oh yea... MACK IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
  18. The RB averaged 11 carries a game. I think those numbers had more to do with the 10.4 ypc rather than the attempts.
  19. They did lose the QB but also returned their 1800 yd and 21 td rusher from a year ago including a lot of their O-line in addition to their leading tackler. The parents say it is a disaster with the new staff.
  20. The Pamlico parents are not very pleased right now. The loss of Nowell was big but no way should they lose that bad with the talent they returned from a title appearance just last year.
  21. Tyler12

    Week 1: Havelock at Dillon (SC)

    Game has been cancelled and will not be made up. Damn.
  22. Game has been moved up to Thursday.
  23. Tyler12

    Week 1: Havelock at Dillon (SC)

    Will be interesting to see if Havelock puts the Freshman QB out there. The Rams have a very stout D, especially the front 4. Those studs vs the duel-threat Dillon QB will be a fun match-up. The Havelock fans I've talked to say they feel much better about their team after the first few scrimmages than before. This one is going to be a slobber-knocker.
  24. Lol. I need to send you a shirt so you can wear it proudly.
  25. Mack is saying Sam will get the first team reps leading up to SC.