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  1. Tyler12

    UNC basketball

    Yes sir! The men just beat Johns Hopkins this past weekend and the women beat #3 Maryland! GO Heels!
  2. Tyler12

    UNC basketball

    The 2 Final Fours the past 4 years makes this year a little easier to digest. After the football season we experienced -- it's kinda nice to watch without suffering any near heart attacks. I'm not just a UNC Basketball fan so I'm going to enjoy the baseball and lacrosse (men & women) seasons for the Heels. Congrats on the win last night, great game.
  3. Tyler12

    UNC basketball

    Can you tell me all the kids that return next year? Also, please explain your rebounding and second chance comment. UNC is 7th in the entire country in offensive rebounds.
  4. Tyler12

    King of Rose

    This was done several weeks ago. Family was homesick and word was he applied for a few local HC jobs, didn't get it, didn't get on the Havelock staff and next best option was to join his old Havelock teammate at Rose.
  5. DeAndre Boykins and Tymir Brown as well. That would give UNC 9 of the top 22 kids in the State and 6 of the top 14. Kamarro Edmonds is a slight South Carolina lean but I think we can we can get him in Chapel Hill. We've done pretty well getting kids from Havelock.
  6. Would be big. He sees what Sam is doing and wants to catch those bombs again from him.
  7. Tyler12

    Richlands HC

    Will take a little while to get applications in and go through the interview process. Chris Miller from the JD News should have some news in the coming weeks.
  8. Tyler12

    JBB returning to NC?

    He's burned enough bridges in NC.
  9. Tyler12

    JBB returning to NC?

    All the Havelock coaches are coming back home!
  10. First game is on the road against Dillon. Hoping the best for Wooten and the Rams other than week 2.
  11. The principle and the county said no and the Touchdown club is having a bigger meltdown for everyone to see. Crazy.
  12. Tyler12

    UNC basketball

    Yea, it really hurt badly back in 2001 when Carolina went 8-20 and signed a class the following year led by Sean May and Raymond Felton and ended up cutting down the nets in St Louis a few years later. With the struggles of the current team -- Carolina just signed 4 of the best high school players in the country. But go on.
  13. Tyler12

    UNC basketball

    The good thing for next year is that Platek, KJ Smith and transfers from Charleston Southern and William & Mary will be replaced with McDonald's All Americans mixed in with Garrison Brooks (maybe Bacot) and the two guards that have been banged up this year. Roy will finally have multiple big men which he has always had during his Championship runs.
  14. Tyler12

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    Welcome to Chapel Thrill, Power! Big-time get!
  15. The Havelock TD Club is petitioning for King to come back to the school as an assistant but the current admin is not in agreement. Wow. All I can say is that Coach Wooten deserves a lot better.
  16. Tyler12

    Most poupluar schools in NC

    If you're gonna mention Havelock, better mention the other Craven County team that has 3 titles since 07.
  17. My man even brought over the "unccheat" over to the Thomasville HC search thread. Seek help for that ABC syndrome, please.
  18. Feeling frisky today, WM. But all your "UNCCheat" rants are class act, top notch. Good luck getting your first title since 1983.
  19. Lol. Where in the world did you get that he's a UNC fan? I appreciate you thinking only UNC fans know you're an ignoramus. It really solidifies the persona of a dumbass!
  20. Good Afternoon! I love to talk a little smack on the side, all in good fun. But I'll take 2 Final Fours in Basketball and a very successful first year back for Mack with a bowl win in the last 4 years. Could be worse, I could be a fan of a team that just won 4 games in football and last title in basketball being in wait for it, 1983. Go Heels!
  21. With all due respect, it's a high school football forum. Is smack talk not allowed? Appreciate the advice, however. I'll keep on having fun on here, if you don't mind. Go Heels!
  22. 3 guards are injured and another one was just in a automobile accident two days ago- -- that kinda year. But, 2 Final Fours, 2 Natty title games and a Title in the last 4 years, I'll take it! Aren't you a Wake Forest fan? How's that Danny Manning fella doing over in Winston Salem? They gonna extend him after another losing season?
  23. Tyler12

    Laney's new HC

    Wonder if King is interviewing.