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  1. The RB averaged 11 carries a game. I think those numbers had more to do with the 10.4 ypc rather than the attempts.
  2. They did lose the QB but also returned their 1800 yd and 21 td rusher from a year ago including a lot of their O-line in addition to their leading tackler. The parents say it is a disaster with the new staff.
  3. The Pamlico parents are not very pleased right now. The loss of Nowell was big but no way should they lose that bad with the talent they returned from a title appearance just last year.
  4. Tyler12

    Week 1: Havelock at Dillon (SC)

    Game has been cancelled and will not be made up. Damn.
  5. Game has been moved up to Thursday.
  6. Tyler12

    Week 1: Havelock at Dillon (SC)

    Will be interesting to see if Havelock puts the Freshman QB out there. The Rams have a very stout D, especially the front 4. Those studs vs the duel-threat Dillon QB will be a fun match-up. The Havelock fans I've talked to say they feel much better about their team after the first few scrimmages than before. This one is going to be a slobber-knocker.
  7. Lol. I need to send you a shirt so you can wear it proudly.
  8. Mack is saying Sam will get the first team reps leading up to SC.
  9. Lol. I gotta get up with you and Nepsy the next time I go over there. I stopped by in 2017 and walked on the field at night. We don't see many facilities like that down this way.
  10. Lol. Write a letter to the editor. He is mad, ONLINE!
  11. Let that hate flow thru ya. Don’t let that blood pressure go up.
  12. Say it one more time when Evans commits.
  13. Nice to add another from the East. Looking forward to watching him play!
  14. Crap-shoot between Conley, SC and Rose for 1st. Rose lost their QB, RB and WR. Conley lost their big-time WR but bring back their QB. SC lost a lot as well but they're well coached. New Bern may have something to say but will take a couple of lumps early against both Havelock and Jacksonville. Hopefully they can learn from those games and improve in time for conference play.
  15. Tyler12

    Top RBs in the State

    Was just about to name him before I saw your post. Kid is a beast.