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  1. Word is UNC just flipped Gosnell from State
  2. Cardinal Gibbons won't win their conference so they won't be a 2 seed Jack Britt won't win their conference so they won't be a 3 seed New Bern will win their conference over South Central, and will be either a 1, 2 or 3 seed depending on how South View finishes and if Scotland loses to Richmond or goes West.
  3. Tyler12

    Tarboro vs Pamlico

    Oh they wouldn’t have won but it would’ve been a little closer. Tarboro is on another level.
  4. Tyler12

    Tarboro vs Pamlico

    The QB not playing was a major blow to the Hurricane offense. He was the straw that stirred the drink.
  5. What in the Dave Doeren is going on in Chestnut Hill right now? All that NC talent everyone was talking about last year and that QB people on here were raving about in Hockman.
  6. Tyler12


    New Bern over Eastern Wayne, 55-14.
  7. Tyler12

    JV Scores Week 9

    New Bern up 35-0 at half over Eastern Wayne They've outscored their opponents 96-0 the last 6 quarters while having 12 of their best JV players on the varsity roster.
  8. On their website, they have a SOS formula next to W/L, so I figured it would take it into account.
  9. We will see. As of right now, South View has beaten 0 teams with a winning record.
  10. It wouldn't automatically make them a #1. New Bern will win the 4A portion of their split conference and most likely will report a 10-1 record, regardless what Conley does. New Bern is only concerned with South Central, as they are 4A. Then, you have to go by the Maxprep rankings in regards to who you put at #1, New Bern or Southview. Right now, New Bern would get it. If SC beats Richmond, they will get it.
  11. You can't drop losses anymore.