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  1. Talent has been a little down but that has changed, which is evident as they're coming off a 10-win season that included making it to the 3rd round of the 4A State Playoffs in just year 1 of the Torrey Nowell era. Program is back on the rise, giddy up.
  2. Tyler12

    Looking at the 3A class

    Havelock is loaded on D. They'll need to figure out who to throw the ball to but good thing they have the 4 star RB in the backfield to take some pressure off of the rising Soph QB.
  3. Would be shocked if Mondon picks anyone other than the Dawgs.
  4. I'd like it if both UGA and Tenn were not in that top 3.
  5. He loves Dre. Would be a big-time get.
  6. Terrific player. Played on one of the best squads in SC and had 15 TD's against solid competition. Big play receiver who can make acrobatic catches while also being able to get YAC on the slants/screens which is ideal in UNC's offense. Like where we're at with Ritz, JJ and Ingram-Dawkins.
  7. Watch out for the Bears this year. Boys in year two under the new regime and return everyone on the offense but the Center. D returns a bunch of studs and will be flying around the ball this year. Kids have been putting in major work during the off-season. Look out!
  8. Salter from Texas is wanting Ritzie (from North Carolina) to go home....to Tennessee? Nah. He wants to actually stay home. Glad a majority of our recruits are home grown as I think that will pay dividends down the road in regards to Covid.
  9. National Championship or bust in the next few years.
  10. Should be fun. We all know he's a Heel, tho.
  11. Bryce Young isn't going anywhere so I'm not sure it would matter.
  12. We’ll see if y’all can keep all these guys. Will be a tall task with a majority of them being from out of state.
  13. Lol. He calls people smug but forgets Show Me The Money Dennis $$$$mith. Man, 1983 was a long time ago. “You can’t deny dat!”