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  1. Football Pride

    Asheville Job

    Any news on the Asheville job? I have heard names, but don't know if any truth to the rumors.
  2. Football Pride

    New Forum Board

    I appreciate the site and the job you do Chris Hughes. I am not putting it down by any means. You devote a lot of time into the site and that says a lot. I was just saying I like the previous site better.
  3. Football Pride

    New Forum Board

    Is it just me or did everyone else like the old forum board that was separated by 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A. I don't like the way it is now. I appreciate what everyone does on here, just making a statement.
  4. Football Pride

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Any news on this job?
  5. Football Pride

    Greiner Resigns at Hickory Ridge

    Has anyone heard a reason as to why?
  6. Football Pride

    West Caldwell

    This is just a temporary fix. He will be like a band aid and next year they will try to get a job opened and fill it long term. A lot of qualified people applied but no interviews where given. Just amazes me it took this long to put a band aid on.
  7. Football Pride

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    Who is the new coach?
  8. I think Coach Hawn the Defensive Coordinator is going to be the guy who gets the job.
  9. Football Pride

    West Caldwell

    I am hearing Hibriten's Head Coach is going to Chesnee High School in South Carolina.
  10. Football Pride

    West Lincoln

    Any news on this job?
  11. I think it comes down to Coach Emory or Coach Devine.
  12. Didn't even post the job or do interviews. Looks like they got there YES man.
  13. Football Pride

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    Question is how long does Glass stay here. He has jumped around a lot.
  14. Football Pride

    Eastern Guilford head coaching job

    Must be going to Lincolnton!!!
  15. Football Pride

    East Gaston

    John Devine???