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  1. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    No idea who painted the sign last night. Regardless I hate it for the young man who originally drew and hand painted the sign while he was in high school. Don't see any way to get it back to original without damage. Go Mountaineers
  2. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Regardless of the game that is a Really Cool picture. Could see a little of the sky through the trees but nothing like that. Go Mountaineers
  3. wncbowhunter

    WNC Picks, Week 9

    Defense is very impressive. Big, Long, and fast. One of the better defensive units I have seen in a long long time. Go Mountaineers
  4. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Wasn't a big fan of the pregame stuff, but that's just me. Not going to lay blame on anyone player or staff just saying not a fan. Go Mountaineers
  5. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell excuse thread

    As I mentioned earlier today, I can only blame the ole mule in the pasture. No excuses for the game. For the past few games I have thought if Mitchell would have done this or that the outcome would have been different. BUT tonight not sure if anything would have changed the outcome. Congrats Cougars Go Mountaineers
  6. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    First, congrats to Heritage. Really great high school game to watch. Heritage D was as advertised. Heard Heritage had like 295 on the ground and 330 or so total. Go Mountaineers
  7. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Thanks. Man
  8. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Game day has arrived. There are/will be lots of excited and nervous young men who walk the halls of both schools today. There will be talk of the game in most, if not all, stores in the 2 counties today. Trash talk among friends will peak. Excitement will continue to build as the crowd builds. One side or the other, players. coaches, and fans will be extremely happy by the time the game ends. The other will be disappointed, some will be upset, some making outlandish excuses, others blaming players, coaches, refs, the ole mule out in the pasture, a chicken perched on a fence, anything they can to justify the travesty they just witnessed. But through it all let's all remember these are 15-18 year old young men playing a game that will all too soon just be a memory. Good luck to all involved and safe travels to the fans. Hopefully NO one gets injured and parents and fans conduct themselves in a manner that those on the field can look up to. Go Mountaineers......beat the green
  9. wncbowhunter

    Franklin @ Hendo

    The Franklin JV team was impressive. Really quick rb. Accurate QB. Huge wr. I agree they should be improved over the next couple of years. Go Mountaineers
  10. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Hey how did I get into this, but thanks for the offer. I can always use a rag to check my oil with. Either color is fine. Go Mountaineers
  11. wncbowhunter

    WHC week 8

    That a boy, MCM.
  12. wncbowhunter

    WHC week 8

    Disclaimer: not excuse or one sided comments ahead. Speaking of officials, last night at Owen was a blast. Never seen a crew talk as much as this one. Flag, 5 minute conversation. False start, 5 minute conversation. Late hit on qb, while he still had the ball. Owen called for holding. 5 minute conversation, then marked off 5 yards from the spot. Just before play starts, whistle. 5 minute conversation, moved back 6 yards. 11 yard penalty? Conversation, oh well let’s play. Players run out of bounds, keep clock running. I know I wouldn’t do better, but man it was a comedy of errors. Again it affected both teams. go Mountaineers
  13. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I will not try and justify who Mitchell has beaten this season, (seasons past, well they are past so just looking at the current squad) the schedule has been well......yeah we get it. I do think Owen had the most talent of any team Mitchell has faced. Trash talk aside as with most seasons this has the making of a really good game. I agree with you 66(don’t make me do it again please) this should be a defensive game. Mitchell obviously hasn’t faced a defense like this in quite some time, no way this year. Like most every game with 2 talented teams line play and turnovers will be key. Both teams have really talented playmakers, but will they have time to show this? As others have said the mental part of this game is HUGH. heritage experts to win and I feel the past few years Mitchell has hoped to win. Will this season be any different, should find out in a hurry. May change my mind later in the week, but for now I will go: Mitchell 21 Heritage 22 For those other Mitchell fans, yes I am a Mitchell fan but until the Mountaineers do it on the field the green team gets the benefit of my doubt. ( Just remember I thought the Owen game would be close, so what do I know) Go Mountaineers
  14. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Surely 66 can’t consider beating Mitchell a good win the past few years. Obviously, Mitchell is the single most overrated team in the history of NCHSAA. Still trying to decide if I will even travel over to that hole Friday night. Not sure why I would just to watch heritage beat a lowly team like Mitchell. Oh who am I kidding, no bad luck I will be there, as I have been for the past 30 years or so. Just glad these 2 programs can talk junk about 2 teams that have a combined 1 loss. No matter who each has played. Too many years of 1-5 combined wins when they play. Go Mountaineers
  15. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage