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  1. wncbowhunter

    Wrestling Update

    Congratulations to Avery. Good to see the WHC continue to represent wrestling at a high level. Go Mountaineers
  2. wncbowhunter

    Saying Goodbye

    Thanks for the work you have put into this site. Good luck in your next adventure and don’t be a stranger.
  3. Was at the game and would like to say the Mitchell Co. LEO's and school staff did a great job getting the situation under control very quickly. Crazy situation all around but was handled without any other incidents. As for the actual incident, I will not speak to that. No need to say more than has already been said. Crazy Crazy night. Go Mountaineers
  4. Happens to alot of kids in all sports. So many kids are trying to specialize in 1 sport. They are playing there chosen sport 12 months a year for years with most starting in grade school. Travel sports while a great opportunity for a child to be "seen" is also helping to burn those kids out. I have had several folks that have played baseball or basketball say they loved the game and playing travel ball but by the time they were juniors and seniors they didn't enjoy the game as much. Go Mountaineers
  5. wncbowhunter

    Jefferson Boaz Passes for 466 yards

    See new Tweets 1 Joel Bryant HSOT @jbryanthsot · 9h Jefferson Boaz has set the NCHSAA State Championship Record for touchdown passes in the game with 7. The previous record was 5. Boaz has scored 8 total touchdowns, which ties T.J. Logan's record of 8. 1 13 24 Joel Bryant HSOT @jbryanthsot Boaz has also broken the NCHSAA State Championship Record for passing yards with 466. The previous record was 426. So, unless he manages to throw a pass for -40 yards, I think we're in good shape there.
  6. wncbowhunter

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    I would as well, BUT I also picked Tarboro against ES and well.......see how that turned out. Go Mountaineers
  7. wncbowhunter

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    I expected ES to be able to move the ball, but didn't expect ES to handle the Tarboro run game the way they did. I will take my crow medium well please. One of the most impressive offensive shows I have seen. Boaz and the group of receivers are tough to handle. Also credit to the offensive line for protecting Boaz. Congratulations to the East Surry team, coaches and fans. Not trying to take away from last night but just an interesting stat to me anyway. Want to win a state title, beat Mitchell in the playoffs. 5 straight years Mitchell has lost to the state champs. Go Mountaineers
  8. Congrats to the Knights Go Mountaineers
  9. Sure looks like it will be 8-0. Go Mountaineers
  10. wncbowhunter

    Players from the West

    His brother still helps coach at Avery. Good people. Go Mountaineers
  11. wncbowhunter

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    Would like to take a second and say I appreciate the Mitchell seniors. While Pitman and McKinney get most of the headlines and they deserve all they have gotten I don't want the rest of the class to be forgotten. Garrison Phillips had a tremendous season. Then the guys on the line. Alot of times they don't get the credit they deserve. For those seniors who didn't get a lot of minutes thank you for your dedication to the program. 3 regional finals in 4 years is quite an accomplishment. So Thank you guys. Go Mountaineers
  12. wncbowhunter

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    While Gosnell is key, don't overlook Steven's and the younger Gosnell. Both had great games last night. Also props to Washington on defense. Go Mountaineers
  13. wncbowhunter

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    Mitchell had 252 yards on 50 attempts. But man ES can score very quickly. Saturday will be another interesting matchup with contrasting styles. Go Mountaineers
  14. wncbowhunter

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    Yeah, but just one of many plays throughout a game that can change the outcome in a game like last night. While it will be talked about in Mitchell County for a LOOOONG time. Who knows the outcome if called a td. Take nothing from ES they have a VERY HIGH POWERED offense. Kids from both sides gave it their all. Mitchell had a GREAT gameplan and executed it very well. But in the end ES is playing on Saturday. Go Mountaineers
  15. wncbowhunter

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    Interesting matchup for sure. One that most have been expecting. Mitchell tried to crash the party but came up just short. Congrats again to ES. Having said that, can ES slow the T from Tarboro? Can Tarboro contain Boaz, Gosnell, Gosnell and the many other weapons? As Rick has said many times... To Be The Man, You Have To Beat The Man......Wooooo. So I will stick with the champs until someone an dethrone them. Tarboro 42 East Surry 28 But then again, what do I know....l Go Mountaineers