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  1. wncbowhunter

    Mitchell @ Erwin

    I think you nailed it. Outside speed and short crossing routes in the passing game could spell trouble. Go Mountaineers
  2. wncbowhunter

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 23rd)

    Would somebody please pick Erwin. I know I picked Mitchell as well but that may just be a homer pick. Anytime you travel to Erwin to play it is always a tough place to get a win. If I was laying odds I would have Erwin as a favorite. I know Mitchell returns alot but they also have to replace key players on both sides of the ball. Mitchell has historically had trouble with athletic teams who can pass the ball. That describes Erwin. Oh well, good luck to all WHC teams this week go forth and represent the conference well. Go Mountaineers
  3. wncbowhunter

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 23rd)

    Ashe by 17 Owen by 16 Carver by 12 Mitchell by 2 Heritage by 20 Polk by 27
  4. wncbowhunter

    SMC week 1

    Andrew's Polk Hayesville Murphy Robbinsville Enka Swain
  5. While Joey has done an outstanding job, He is pushing 50. Think he graduated from MItchell, you all are welcome, in 1989. Which would put in in the 48-49 year range. Go Mountaineers
  6. As great as both young men are, their size will hurt their chances of playing qb at the next level. Could see Pitman as a defensive back and Randolph as a point guard. He can light up a scoreboard.
  7. Thanks for the work Chris. Like the idea of one board. I normally scroll to the topics at the bottom of the page anyway. Like to read conversations about all divisions.
  8. I really appreciate the fact you have listed so many small, 1a-2aa coaches. I would imagine it can be harder to keep a smaller school at a top level due to the limited number of athletes the coaches have to pick from. Most times list like these overlook the small schools and focus on the larger schools who consistently produce D-1 athletes. Cant imagine trying to get the list down to 10. Thanks for your work and the site in general. Go Mountaineers
  9. wncbowhunter

    Hardest Hit

    Not 1a at the time but back in the late 80’s Mitchell had a young man by the name of Jonathan Atkins. He hit a return man from Owen on the opening kickoff at Owen that was just nasty. Clean but a total decleater. Still to this day haven’t seen anything to top it. He had many big hits in his time in purple but that was the best I saw. His son was a key player on the 15 Mitchell team that lost to WRH in the state finals.
  10. wncbowhunter

    WHC 2019

    I would go: 1. Heritage, until someone can knock them off they are still in first. Randolph is poised for a big year. Even with the loss of Vernelson the line should be solid. This year Mitchell has the ability to do overtake Heritage, but I have thought that the past couple of years as well. Until Mitchell can come out and not lose in the 1st quarter this game will remain the same. Heritage has come out the past few years and just taken it to Mitchell early In the game and Mitchell hasn't been able to come back. (Come on purple, make it happen). Should be another game this season. Heritage could face Reidsville deep in the playoffs again. 2. Mitchell, see above. Pitman and McKinney could put up big numbers. Can Mitchell replace the linebackers and a couple of key linemen? If everyone stays healthy Mitchell should be a serious 1a contender out off the west, along with Murphy and Robbinsville. 3. Owen, will definitely be improved. Would not be suprised if they upset one of the top 2. I dont expect it but it could happen. 4. Polk, Polk is Polk and will play hard every play and can play with anyone on a given night. 5. Avery, can they replace do everything McCallum(spelling?)? 6. Madison, honestly I have no idea about them. I could be way way off.
  11. wncbowhunter

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    While it would be a great 2a conference, travel for Avery and Mitchell to join any 1a conference would be a nightmare. Those Monday and Tuesday night trips to Andrews or Allegheny for a volleyball game would be murder on the kids over a season. I agree with you it would be nice not to have the split conference but logistically for a couple of teams it is next to impossible. Sooner or later it is coming though. Will be interesting 8f the state goes to 5 classifications to see how it shakes out.
  12. wncbowhunter

    Top 1A teams

    SMC, this is just an honest question, not intended to be an accusation in any way. Has Murphy, the town and community seen an increase in new jobs, employment and new residence from the casino? I wish Mitchell county could attract some kind of new business to increase the flow of cash into the county. Nothing to keep the kids here once they graduate. Move away to college and never return. While the overall population has remained relatively stable, it it retirement aged folks. Not saying there is anything wrong with that but the overall number of students continue to drop. Heard only 2/3 the number of children registered for kindergarten as last year. Number seems to drop every year. Mitchell high opened in the late 70's as a 3a school with well over 1000 students (1300 or so, best I remember) now down under 500. Go Mountaineers.
  13. wncbowhunter

    Top 1A teams

    SMC, no doubt that Murphy Dominated the 4th. I have the same concerns about the Mitchell defense this upcoming year as well. Replacing the linebackers will be critical. If they do the defense should be ok. Offense should be really really good. Mitchell still looking for a punter but Mitchell opponents should get used to starting at the 20. Kaden could be the best kicker in WNC this season, kid has a next level leg. Not only kicks the ball deep but gets great hang time as well. Question remains can Mitchell get over the hump. The past 4 or 5 years starting with the loss to WRH in the finals, Mitchell has been the second or 3rd best team in the state, but cannot get over the hump. Have lost to the eventual state champ ever year. All in all it has been a great time to be a Mountaineer considering the overall past results of the school. While they have had some really good teams this has been the most consistent run.
  14. wncbowhunter

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    Thanks for the update, Prayers for this young man and his family
  15. wncbowhunter

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    Any word on the injured player from SW?