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  1. wncbowhunter

    Top 1A teams

    SMC, this is just an honest question, not intended to be an accusation in any way. Has Murphy, the town and community seen an increase in new jobs, employment and new residence from the casino? I wish Mitchell county could attract some kind of new business to increase the flow of cash into the county. Nothing to keep the kids here once they graduate. Move away to college and never return. While the overall population has remained relatively stable, it it retirement aged folks. Not saying there is anything wrong with that but the overall number of students continue to drop. Heard only 2/3 the number of children registered for kindergarten as last year. Number seems to drop every year. Mitchell high opened in the late 70's as a 3a school with well over 1000 students (1300 or so, best I remember) now down under 500. Go Mountaineers.
  2. wncbowhunter

    Top 1A teams

    SMC, no doubt that Murphy Dominated the 4th. I have the same concerns about the Mitchell defense this upcoming year as well. Replacing the linebackers will be critical. If they do the defense should be ok. Offense should be really really good. Mitchell still looking for a punter but Mitchell opponents should get used to starting at the 20. Kaden could be the best kicker in WNC this season, kid has a next level leg. Not only kicks the ball deep but gets great hang time as well. Question remains can Mitchell get over the hump. The past 4 or 5 years starting with the loss to WRH in the finals, Mitchell has been the second or 3rd best team in the state, but cannot get over the hump. Have lost to the eventual state champ ever year. All in all it has been a great time to be a Mountaineer considering the overall past results of the school. While they have had some really good teams this has been the most consistent run.
  3. wncbowhunter

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    Thanks for the update, Prayers for this young man and his family
  4. wncbowhunter

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    Any word on the injured player from SW?
  5. wncbowhunter

    2nd round matchup games.

    Double post
  6. wncbowhunter

    2nd round matchup games.

    Yeah this was a great game. Great crowd and atmosphere, just what a high school game should be. Heart breaker for Mitchell as they had a 3 go in and come with 1 sec left that would have won the game. Credit to Avery, they made the plays to win when they had too. Both teams left all they had on the floor. Just a shame they had to play in the second round. Good luck to Avery moving on. Go represent the WHC well. Mitchell girls should be very good next season. Maybe not title challenger but very good. Return every player with no seniors on this seasons roster. Go Mountaineers
  7. wncbowhunter

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    Avery girls are very good ball team. They have good size with two girls who can score in the paint and rebound very well. They have a very good wing who is one of the top 1a scorers in the state and a pt. guard who will play at the next level. Only issue deep in the playoffs could be depth. Lots of really good teams at the 1a level this season. I think East Surry is the favorite, but Avery, Murphy, Mt. Airy ( I know E.S. has beaten them twice) or Cherokee could potentially pull off the upset. Heritage will be a contender in both men's and women's playoffs. Both teams are very talented. Hopefully Mitchell will have the opportunity to play both this week in the conference tournament. Will have to beat Avery tomorrow night. Avery crushed Mitchell a couple weeks ago. Good luck to all WHC teams in the playoffs.
  8. wncbowhunter

    1a dual team wrestling playoffs

    Thanks for the updates.
  9. wncbowhunter

    Robbinsville Wrestling

    Avery and Robbinsville if they meet will be a dandy. Would love to see this one. But no way can I get there in time.
  10. wncbowhunter

    nchsaa max preps adjusted rankings

    Do I understand correctly that this season 1a and 4a are going back to 64 teams instead of 48? Thanks
  11. wncbowhunter

    Way too early WHC predictions...

    Yeah, not so much so.
  12. wncbowhunter

    Way too early WHC predictions...

    1. UGH...Until someone beats them Heritage. 2. To steal from MCM. This should/could be the Mountaineers best season to date, barring injuries and other schools recruiting our studs. 3. Owen, they won't stay down for much longer. 3a. Polk. Playoff run should build confidence 5. Can Avery replace McCallum (not sure of spelling), if so they could be improved. 6. Madison. On a side note, anyone know who is replacing RS Central on the Mitchell schedule?
  13. wncbowhunter

    Final CP 1A Power Rankings of 2018

    End of the year ranking have to be some of the toughest. Great job by Chris the entire year, but at the end I think SMC nailed it. But I also agree that you have to reward those that played longer. GO MOUNTAINEERS
  14. wncbowhunter

    X-mas Tourneys

    Mitchell is in the same tournament as well as Polk. Possiblity of starting conference play early.
  15. wncbowhunter

    Tarboro -V- ????

    I look at it like this. They have played in 7 of the last 11 state title games. This is both in 1aa and 2a. So it is obvious to me they can play at those levels. Most times schools who play for state titles are or would be very competitive at a minimum of 2 may 3 levels up. So at that Tarboro would be looking at 2aa or 3a depending upon the year you are looking at. Many of there fans seem to think this season was one of the most talented teams they have had. So based on that I would agree with Paul. Yep they can play with alot of larger schools. At this time no 1aa or 1a schools are even close.